Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Music talk again...long post...

I have read all of your comments and first of all thank you;=)

When I sang in Alyson Avenue, which is a female-fronted band just like Nightwish but even more so since its only my voice there, we got so many "real" hard rockers and metal heads who said female-fronted was shit and it should only be males singing rock etc... Even long before it´s been like this, even bands like Heart had big problems to get some respect in their days.

And how come so many people think it´s ok to bring opera or classical singing into metal but wouldn´t accept for instance Britney or Avril Lavigne to sing metal??

What´s the difference between having a singer from another genre like pop or jazz singing metal or a classical singer?

And look at Chris Cornell and Timbaland...then that wouldn´t be ok to do either?? since Chris is a rocker and Timbaland "pop"?

Can you imagine what the opera/classical people say about those classical singers who sing in a "metalband"?? Oh my god...that cant be done...opera is sooooo special and metal is not music... I have myself heard these things being said in the Music university and among classically trained people.

And like when I started taking vocal lessons at 15 years of age... You MUST sing opera or classical!! Rock voice will kill your voice!!!


I sang in a local christmas show just a couple of years ago and I was the only one not opera or classicaly trained. And when we rehearsed the conductor said after I had sang a little more rocky song: Well, THATS´s also one way to sing....and looked as if he had swallowed a really bad lemon...;=)

It´s one thing that we all have different tastes in music... we should have that and that´s just fine, but when it comes to "rules" and such narrow-mindness that we can see not only in metal but other genres too, I think it´s sad for the music.

Music should be joy, breaking borders, getting people closer, making people feel, embrasing and talking to hearts and souls and most of all, fill the world with different sounds.. like I have said before when I talked about differencies in people, I dont want to hear just ONE repetitive sound every single day, I want different sounds floating around.

Colourfullness in music too;=)

And here is just an example of crossing borders:
Nightwish in a remix of DJ Orchidea...great great mix and I would love to dance to it on the dance floor;=) techno is perfect on the dance floor;=)


  1. Hi Anette good evening!

    Very great !

    and thanks so much for you!



  2. sorry for the double post:

    I love this Remix!! it's very beautiful



  3. Hey Anette! Good Evening. I agree with every word you said.Music is joy.But many people think that only pop music exist or rock or metal or soul etc. There are different styles of music and from every genre , you can find one song or two that you will like. =)

  4. First Anette,

    i really share your opinion if it's about that music shall bring people together no matter if black white yellow green or purple. all in all we are just flesh and blood and actually just one big family and shouldn't make even the difference what kind of music they do because music is something where finally shall peace reign. And now if I have a private party and put on my pc where I have every kind of stuff on and just open my remix folder( where even Nw mixes is into) it'S just fun.

    I like the bybye beautiful mix and even amaranth

  5. Good evening Anette!

    I have not much to add really since I posted my thoughts on this matter earlier and You nailed it everything that most of us here meant to say. :D

    BTW.. I love the BBB remix. I think it's fantastic and very well made. I think an artist should feel honored and proud when his/her music is an inspiration to different artists and help create new styles in music but most importantly support breaking, not only muscial, but also cultural and social boundaries. We have so much pointless conflicts on this world already. Let's support freedom through music as it reaches every corner of the world.

    As I said before: Free music. Free world.

    The same thing goes to singers. There's many vocalists who can sing many different styles and are good at it. For example, Steve Balsamo. I don't think many people know him, which is a shame but he is amazing and he sing pop, rock, musical, jazz and classics. Who says that he has to stick to one genrge because he records acoustic oriented albums. That's the beauty of the music. There's so many thing that can be done with it, so many things that can blend together, fascinate and inspire!
    So, Anette, please don't let anyone make You think that You aren't good enough for something because You are. You're a very versatile singer who is capable to do with the voice many awesome things. I'm friends with a voice coach so I know what I'm talking about ;))) People of course are entitled to their own opinions but often don't much about singing so they just blurt out words mindlessly.

    Anyway, I thinkt his post is way longer than intended but it's all good. Good discussion is always needed.

    Thank You for the post and have a lovely evening.


  6. I totally agree with you Anette
    Close mindedness is horrible, but rampant in teh music world

    These days, since so much has been done with music already, it's important to cross these borders to stand out. Nightwish did it back in the late 90's, as did bands like Tristania, Theatre of Tragedy, Lacuna Coil, and Within Temptation.

    And you know what? They are some of the biggest bands around today...well, Nightwish, Lacuna Coil,and Within Temptation are anyway =D

    Metal is a genre that is so flexible that anything can be put into it, and if done right it can come out great. Music these days is about taking risks, which is the only way to get your name out there and be successful. If you want to get off the ground, you have to have an original idea.

    The world is just not ready for some of the music that's out there these days, but their time will come, when bands like Stolen Babies, Animal Alpha, and Diablo Swing Orchestra will be applauded even more than they are now for their originality.

    I hope that day comes soon =D.

    And then, people always worry that theses bands with their original ideas start going "too mainstream". That's what they said about Dark Passion Play for Nightwish, and even so far as Comalies and Karmacode for Lacuna Coil. Those three albums happen to be some of my favorite of all time!

    There will always be someone who hates what you do, but you can't let it get you down. People just need to keep making the music that they love.

  7. Hello Anette

    Well, i love every word you wrote, it is important to have variation in music we listen, i agree with that. I mean, i look at myself, altough i am an nightwish fan, i can't listen all the day long the same songs over and over again.I listen pop, jazz, r'n'b music too, and it is very good to hear something new everytime.
    About the thing with peoples wich sings other genres than what their voices are made for, it is kinda relative. for example i cannot imagine you singing opera now since your voice was more trained on rocky style and i'm totally against those fights "rock is the real music, pop sucks" and stupid things like that , it's really annoying to hear things like that everyday. Nowdays, peoples kinda choose to listen rock music just to be more special, to prove to the others that they have more unique tastes, that's really disturbing.

    Take care :D Bear hug and see ya at Artmania Festival :D

  8. It´s really great you, like a metal singer have this opinion!
    Yeah, music is a join, of course! It´s what´s make all be like one, but I think some kind of things could be separated.
    And, this is a great remix! I like a lot eletronic music!
    Anette, a question:
    I saw you are a very 'open mind' person, and I´d like to know...
    What pop (or something) singers do u like?
    Singers like Britney, Rihanna, Beyonce...?
    Could you tell me?

  9. Sorry for posting again, but i forgot to add something =D

    As for singers, they should be able to choose what they love to sing, sing in whatever style they want, and so on. They should sing whatever works for them and for the music that they are making, and the sky is the limit.

    And Rock, Classical, Jazz, and Soul and every other type of singing takes a lot of skill to do it well, but many people don't appreciate it. "Anyone can sing in a rock voice," they say, "but how many people can sing classical?"

    Sure classical takes a lot of skill and not every person can do it. If you think about it, every person sings along to rock music, but how many can sing it as well as the original singer? Not many. It also takes skills some people don't have.

    Hell, I try to sing along to Nightwish all the time. Singing along to Tarja stuff is hopeless for me, because my voice isn't fit for that style, but it's hard for me even to keep up with your voice in the song on DDP because you sing so powerfully and so well that very few people can sing it like that.

    But when I'm singing to myself alone (I do it alone so i don't hurt other peoples' ears XD), i try to do my own variations on the song. I can sing Nemo well enough because I adapt it to my voice.

    Every type of singing is legitimate. No one style is harder than the other, and all require so much hard work, skill, and pure talent.

  10. Jag tror faktiskt att det mest handlar om att man inte vill blanda in folk i stilarna. Ett Britney fans vill inte att hon ska sjunga metal för hxn vill inte liknas vid "en av de dära emo typerna" och tvärtom. Det handlar om klassindelning av människor som alltid funnits och alltid kommer finnas. Man söker sig till en stil och vill då inte att den "fördärvas". Det är bra att mixa och så javisst. Men i slutändan skulle allt kanske smäla samman, och det kanske inte är bra ändå. Man måste få ha något "som inte alla andra har"

    Hoppas mina åsiket inte gryndar förmycket på grälet jag hade om exakt detta tidigare idag XD
    Kramar ifrån skåne och Nessi.

  11. I totally agree with you Anette. I mean, I love Britney *and* metal, as well as a lot of other styles, so that Fantasmic thing totally made me smile! And I agree with the whole mixing's so great to have different audiences beng merged. And it can create a really unique and awesome sound.

    Thanks, as usual, for the inspirational and knowledgable words.

    Have a lovely evening. :=)

  12. In the end music is just personal taste. Sometimes I prefer watching musicians that show off a bit on stage with great skills over Pop-Dance-Acts. It's just, that guitar solo was awesome - moment, that I don't get when watching Britney. On the other hand there are those people who say guitar solos are crap, useless and boring, so what do i know.... Obviously those people want to be enterntained in a different way. I love a lot of different genres, but Britney and Timbaland do absolutley nothing for me. There is nothing really interesting going on in their music for me and I don't care for dance-shows, just not my thing. But I do like some Madonna und Kylie Minogue albums. :)

  13. And that's why I admire you so much :D I hope people will open a lil bit more their minds after reading your post.. you just said everything :)

    I love music so much, but I guess I wouldn't be able to listen to the same genre every single day. All kinds of music have their good and bad things. We should just enjoy it and stop wasting your time labelling it :)

    I'm really glad you are such a open-minded prson ^^

  14. I´m in the same way with you that people can like many genres in music. I listen mainly heavy/metal/rock, but then I like Indica, PMMP, Indochine (this is excellent band, we found it randomly from CD-shop in Paris :D) and many other bands too, which are not metal and such like.
    If my favourite band is Nightwish and I like much other metal bands, many people think that I can´t listen anything else :O
    Sometimes if I tell I like some band (which is not metal or near it) some people wondering how can I like these kind of music. It sounds that I can´t be so good fan of Nightwish or other metal if I like some band, which is not near of this.

    I know many people who don´t listen anything else than metal etc. but then I know people who listen many many other genres music :)
    I understand these both ways, but I don´t understand if someone listen only metal and if something isn´t metal, it´s wrong music even if he/she like it, but can´t admit it ;)

  15. Hi Anette,
    I think I'm going be the one who has a slightly different opinion about what you wrote. It's not a criticism towards you in any way, more like an observation about what you said.
    I don't really think Britney Spears is a good artist who could be compared to many rock musicians and artist with the capital A. But this is only my opinion, someone might disagree.

    That's not the point anyway. I absolutely agree with your point, that in the metal scene there shouldn't be such a narrow minded mentality . I'm just wondering if these things you said here may not cause a not so positive reactions among people still attached to the old Nightwish sound (if you know what I mean) .I got your point and I agree but many people can twist words so I'm not sure if I would have told these things so openly making comparisons between classical and pop-rock approach ;) .
    I hope you don't take my words negatively because that's not my intention. As I said it's just an observation about what some people may thing. You probably don't care about what they might think however I wanted to share this thought ;)

    That BBB remix is not bad but could have been better in my opinion, there are many trance artists who can do interesting things ;)

  16. I totally agree with you Anette
    Love the remix :D

    And I also listen to different styles of music. But some people think that because I am like metal music, I can't like other music. And I do like other music :D
    I like music because I think it is good music, not because it is metal or anything. But some people don't understand that...

    People just need to keep making the music that they love. And listen to the music they like :D

    Thank you for the post and have a lovely evening.:D

  17. It really gets to me that as so called 'metalheads' we are meant to be accepting and openminded. And then they start getting all elitist because something looks too commercial or poppy. Music is such an amazing thing so you should just enjoy it. Stop putting labels on things.

    If you dont want people harrassing you or making fun of you then stop doing it to others. There's nothing wrong with pop music or any other kind of music. It's good to listen to a whole range of things.

    Just wish everyone could be more openminded and accepting.

    All my love and support.

    Love Kellie xxx

  18. oMG Anette! You shocked me! But.. you know.. You have an enlightment effect on my mind.. I've always listened to pop music and metal music but only in private, because people sometimes can be so cruel.. I don't care if people laugh behind my shoulders but I get so nervous when they tell me that I haven't good music tastes.. And you know.. The fact I listen to many kind of music has always been a secret.. Do you think I'm wrong? Please, tell me your opinion..

  19. Hey Anette!

    Yes, I have to agree..I also like different styles of music and I think every kind of music is great in its own way..

    Good night :)
    Kisses xx


    P.S.: Thanks for posting this's so cool..I have it on my ipod now :)

  20. I also agree with all, Anette!Very nicely said! Another great example is the song 'In and Out of Love' in which Sharon from Within Temptation sings.Many fans were surprised but it's such a beautiful piece of music :)

  21. Excellent posting again, Anette! :) I have read writings from those who, for instance, say that Nightwish is "no longer metal" and that's because of a new vocalist?! >:-/ So I've asked how on earth does classical singing make music more metal than rock / pop voice.

    I love it when music crosses borders in an interesting and beautiful way. I don't know whether you know Mari Boine's music or if you like that kind... I remember I was at her concert when I was 19 and had just moved to North-Norway, and the way she mixed old traditional Sami music to traditional African rhythms was such a big experience for me! I was quite narrow-minded by then, but she is one of those who "opened my ears" a little bit more. :D And for me, it's the same thing when our Western music genres meet, it's like two different "cultures" meeting, and that's nothing to be afraid of. ;D

  22. Intolerance. I think it's one of the biggest illness of our times. It's like a cycle of infection, when people see others saying sh*t about the music/singer/band they like the most, their first reaction is to go and insult the other with all the possible dirty words. And you know... it's not too complicated, it's all about respect and tolerance.

    and another example of crossing borders... Sharon den Adel from Within Temptation singing for Armin Van Buuren, a DJ and producer of Trance music... and the song is absolutely great, even though for those that reject or don't use to listen to techno/trance...
    (if you haven't heard it yet, you should listen it, it's called "In and Out Of Love")

    Thank you very much for giving us this little spot in the web to express freely our thoughts =D!

    Good night ^^

  23. dina ord är alltid så bra och man får sig en tankeställare varje gång man läser dina poster... men nu till ämnet... jag lyssnar inte så mycket på annat än metal men jag respekterar alla musikgenrer även om jag inte gillar alla låtarna. jag känner att jag blir mer och mer "öppen" mot andras åsikter mot musik. min far lyssnar på dansband och jag har faktiskt börjat lyssna på några av dom. min mor lyssnar på rock och även där har jag börjat lyssna på mer rock. innan så lyssnade jag mycket på både Pink och Avril Lavigne och det var inget fel med dom... men just nu så lyssnar jag på band som Arch Enemy och Amon Amarth så det är en stor skillnad mellan dom.

    Du ska göra som du vill med din röst och om du vill sjunga mer "opera" så gör det för att du vill det och inte för att någon tvingar dig.

    Jag bara skriver på... hoppas att du förstod något av det:)

    Ha en fortsatt trevlig kväll


  24. Camyla: I like Britney, Beyoncé, Gwen Stefani, Rihanna, Madonna, Justin Timbalake and many more;=)

  25. Hi Anette! long time since last time I posted here... too much work is not good for the soul hehe xP

    About music divesity, here are my two cents: Well, I agree with you that crossing the pre-determinated borders shouln't be taken as eresy. Very interesting things can come out from that. But, everybody singing everything? I think that would be more like a chaos, don't you think?
    I guess that, in the end of the day, it all comes to tastes, respecting other people's as well as your own, 'cause sometimes people are afraid of telling what they like because of what others may say.
    And, of course, not judge someone by what they're listening or singing.

    Hope I make myself clear.

    Have a good day!

    PS: Do you realise that you are making us THINK???????... and very often by the way, hehe. Thanks for that.

  26. Ps. jag älskar remixen på den Nightwish låten!

    Ha det så bra!


  27. Thanks for the entry, Anette, and I agree with you!
    I have been one of those who commented at the previous Britney - Fantasmic issue, that it seemed so wrong to me. I must clarify though, that I didn't mean that these two GENRES shouldn't be connected. Of course everyone has the right to pick two or more completely different genres as their favorites or to like songs of each and every genre out there! I, for example, love listening to rock/metal bands AND classical music and liking one of them doesn't stop me from enjoying the other one.
    It was actually Britney's image I was complaining about. I think she does have quite a successful career, she really was on top for a quite long period of time and, even though I personally can't approach her music too much, I think there is a reason why so many people like her. But the truth is that nowadays there's so much bad publicity about her, I'm sure not everything is true, but exaggerated, but she's still in great controversy.
    About the rest of your post, I of course agree. I think people should try to find what's beautiful in every genre and artist so that they can enrich their horizons, tastes, versatility in likings and maybe even tolerance. I would actually be really excited to hear some pop/r'n'b/soul artists sing rock-oriented songs and I do have some favorite singers between them too, like Beyonce, Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey etc. I love them as much as I love Montserrat Caballe, Anna Moffo, you or Floor Jansen. It would be just as interesting as hearing rock singers performing some really big all-time hits from mainstream/more commercial music.
    And the remix is pretty awesome too. :)

  28. Moonsorrow 84: Thanks for caring;=) But the post wasnt about Nightwish old/new era, its about narrow-mindness in music in general. I just took some examples. Take care;=)

  29. Hi Anette :)
    You're right, music in general does seem to be quite a male orientated thing. I hadn't noticed because I go to an all-girls school, but recently I had to do work experience at a mixed school (one with both girls and boys). I want to do something with singing or music as a job, so I was working in the music department there, and in the A Level class, there was one girl and about 8 guys. I know this was the choice of the students, but a lot of the bands I like are all-guy bands too simply because there aren't many bands out there with women.
    I, personally, don't care about genres of music. Yeah there are bands I don't listen to, but it's not because they're a particular style of music. This is why I like a lot of different types of bands. I also like bands where different styles of music are mixed, Nightwish being one, but also (since I know you like them) PAIN because they mix metal and electronic music. Another band I like in their last album mixed elements of guitar-pop (britpop), hip hop and world music, and it was great!
    I always like to hear your views on these things too, thanks for taking the time to talk to us :)
    Best wishes from England xxx

  30. I truely agree with you! Music is to open your bounderies and expand your knowledge. I like music where there is a combination between hard guitars and a good beat mixed with clasical influences.
    Music is the perfect way to comine a lot of influences. So music can evoluate! and without evoluation the world will be bored I guess.

    Tast of music is something different. Not everyone loves metal for example. But I think you need to listen to everything once in your life. Some people say classical is boring, but have never listend to it. But if you listen to classical music and you open yourself for it you can find very beautiful pieces. And this is so for al kind of styles.
    And with the styles of music, In my opinion you have to create a new style for every band these days. Because there are so many different combinations between styles.

    But anyway I think this post is a little larger then I first want it to be, but I hope my way of thinking can complete yours.

    Have a good night!

    PS: About the remix, I liked it also. And I'm not so into that style of music. But thanks for sharing.

  31. Thanks you so much for the post, Anette.

    It seems that some people, instead of getting together, isolate from the world or isolate the others just because of their music taste.
    I just wish people stop being so hostile with music. I can't stand to one genre of music every day, too.

    By the way, the remix of BBB is awesome. Dance music are good for sunny days.

    Greetings from a fan from Brazil.
    Take care.

  32. I agree with you 100%, Anette! =)
    It's so nice that you have that opinion! I'm glad that you're an open minded person =D.
    Like Madonna said: 'Music makes the people come together' ... it doesn't matter if it's pop, rock or metal after all it's all about the MUSIC =).


  33. Oh, that´s cool!!!
    It´s really great to read this!
    Of all that ones you said, I just don´t like Gwen Stefani, but that´s okay! :P
    Thanks for answer me!!! ;)
    Love you!
    Many kisses!

  34. hei anette,
    i think the reason why many people who listening to metal don't like pop is the way of the production.
    many pop-bands/singers really can't sing. it's all done with the PC - and Metal is more ... well let's say "real" music - that's my oppinion^^
    but i also like some pop songs XD

    but i don't like that remix version - sound boring - original is better XD

  35. have a nice day dear Anette. This song is good.

  36. Well, I think that yes,
    people are very narrow-minded when it comes
    to music and the sound of it.
    I don't think it would be a problem if
    someone were to do a croos-over like that,
    but you can't expect people not
    to comment about it. People have certain
    ideas about how they think a certain genre
    should sound. And they don't like
    anything that doesn't fit in with that.
    You pretty much said that your
    conductor thought your voice was too different
    for that type of music and look at you!
    You're singing how you want
    and it sounds amazing! But that's just another
    example of how people aren't open-minded.
    If it's different they won't try it.
    They may get used to it,
    but sometimes you can't expect
    them to love it right away.

    And I like the BBB remix, but you
    should listen totheir Amaranth remix. I heard
    it a couple months ago, and I love it.

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  37. Oh, you said everything! What annoys me the most is this thing people have against one person listening, or making, more than one kind of music. Why is that so wrong?
    Music is all about what you said, and bringing people together. It's about taste and emotions, not boring rules.

    That's why I love you and Nightwish, the way you all are!
    Thank you once more :)

    Mônica, from Brazil.

  38. I love this remix, its sounds very nice!
    I really want to see you dance on that :D

    I have no idea why the music industrie always wants you to stick with the same gengre...
    I've heard from singers in interviews that they where told to not change there style, cuz they would lose there contract.. What sh*t is that?! If an artist wants to give a new touch in his or her music, why would that be off limits? I just don't get that.
    A lot of people in this world don't like changes i guess..
    It's not only with music, it's with everything. For example; clothes.
    If someone likes to dress in black doesn't meen he or she is a gothic.

    I really hope this thoughts will get out of the world! And I think it can with people like you Anette. People who are open for everything.

    To me, music is my life! I can't live without it.. If I don't hear it every day I would go nuts!! I did had to be without music for one day and it made me irritable. I was glad to be home, the first thing I did was playing a cd on my stereo :D
    I love sounds of flowing melodies, the rythm that moves my body.. With a lot of songs, you can feel the message behind it that gives me an emotional feeling of feeling free..
    Like the whole world is in my hands..
    Oh God, I love that feeling!!

    People who don't wanne listen to different styles of music, they can't feel what the songs hold inside, they don't get that message..
    I think it's really sad for them, cuz they miss a lot!

    I'm gonna watch a movie now.
    Enjoy your evening Anette!

    Sweet Kisses

  39. I'm sorry,but what you say doesn't really make sense.
    Metal is the opposite of pop,in everything,the music and the popularity.Pop music has nothing in common with metal music,artistically.Also,metal is about being original,when pop is mainly about being commercial.

    On the other hand,metal has many similarities with classical music.Many people say that metal is the normal evolution of classical and pro-classical music.Especially when it comes to symphonic metal.
    Don't forget that symphonic metal,originally made by Therion,is about symphonic elements,which are:orchestral parts,classical influences and classical voices.
    That's why all symphonic metal bands have classical singers,because this is just how is supposed to be heard.

    And i don't think that people who like classical music despise it's use in metal,because i've met many classically trained people who like metal.For example,my music teacher loves Nightwish :)
    Also,Therion have performed at the Miscolc Opera Festival,but also in Buchurest with an orchestra nd classical choir for the royalty.

  40. I agree with you so much! I do like a lot of different music. I listen to Nightwish, After Forever and that kind of music. But I also love Katie Melua, OneRepublic, Justin Timberlake and Beth Hart.
    So it's great to hear that you have this opinion about music.

  41. Hey Anette :)

    My opinions on pop are from a weird point of view. I'm NOT a musician per se, but I don't like listening to something written by a songwriting team. Case in point: Avril Lavigne. I was 15 when 'Complicated' was massive on the radio and requested the CD for my birthday, which I did end up getting. I was turned off when reading the liner notes and the songwrtiing credits read, at least for most of them Avril Lavigne, and Hit Music. Which is a songwriting team. I have nothing but respect for pop artists/rap/country/ reggae/whatever, but I prefer songs written by the people who performed them, not some random group hired by the record company to create 'the next big thing' I'm fine with an outside person guesting on the album/song, but not a nameless, faceless entity.

    Sorry for the rambleyness, and I'm NOT trying to offend ANYONE.

  42. As some who loves Nightwish and Mariah Carey I know what you're saying :D.

    I honestly don't care about fusing music. I love rap, rock, pop, metal, ethnic, some country...whatevers good.

    I'd like to introduce you to some music I enjoy. For the moment, it's this song by a band called HURT. The song is called "Wars" and it just has such a powerful meaning:

    I hope you enjoy it :D

  43. Hello Anette :)

    Hmm...your opinion is a bit strange for me...but absoutely right :)

    I also like only metal, but I support that there are many people who don't like metal, but pop, or techno, ect. If they don't quip me, I don't quip them...I also think the "music conflitcs" are very stupid things, but people who likes techno or pop don't support me or my friends very often, and we should leave them alone, but we can't do that...and a conflict is ready unfortunately... But of course there are some cases, when we begin the it'S a difficult thing, but we can stop it, if we want it...

    As a result, pepole should stop the "music conflicts" and support that, there are some people who don't like that music that they like...

    But I finish my thougths now :)

    Have a good night!
    Jani :)

  44. Dear Anette.
    In a way i agree with you.. but I think too you're tired of hearing "oh tarja voice was better on that song" and blablabli blablabla...

    yes, people that said " oh anette pop voice on nightwish, this was not metal anymore! " i'd like to answer them : "and opera voice is it metal voice perhaps???" refering to tarja.

    but the thing that disturb me is the way your repeat that you're not tarja, you don't want to take classical singing lessons, you don't want an opera voice ect... hey girl, taking classical singing lessons doesn't mean that you've neccesary to become an opera singer... it is just the "basics" if I would say like that... this is a good thing for someone who start singing like me (and god knows that i'm needing it !!) or experimented singer too, because it is good for the voice!
    anyway, i personally accept you in nightwish (i won't be there, writting on your blog if i didn't like you :) ) but i have to say that i don't like this kind of post... don't take this as an "insult" or anything like that, because for me, tarja is gone now, you're the new nightwish singer, there will be always people saying bad things about you... people have to deal with it now, or they don't listen nightwish anymore. mamy fans gone when tarja was fired but alot of new ones come!

    i hope you will understand what i mean (and i know that i write very bad in english)

  45. Also,i can't accept that "music is just music".
    For example,clothes are clothes anyway but that doesn't mean that i'm going to wear peach.
    MUsic is a matter of taste,like food or everything.Many people love only metal music,but becuase it's according to their taste,and not just because all other genres "aren't metal".They don't like other genres because they don't SOOUND like metal,which is what they like.
    And you'll have to search really hard to find a metalhead who,according to this categorization,likes ALL kinds of metal.

  46. Good evening or even Good Night already, Anette!))

    Thanks for such an interesting post, there's really a lot to talk about here)
    First of all, this famous singing style question...sometimes it seems to me that this fight between classical singers vs variety (I mean a good pop music))and rock ones is as old as the Earth %) the first ones are sure that only their style is right and proper, the 2nd ones don't want to study classical singing because they think it's boring and veeeery old and etc.. It disappoints a lot, seems that no-one is gonna respect each other and his choice. It's like a scheme - if I say that you're bad and stupid it will make me look wiser and better... ((

    Then music.. it's almost the same situation. I know a lot of people who really and seriously think that pop music is unfair, that it's all about the money and it's not an art at all and etc. And there are those who consider metal music a noisy booom-booom blast without any idea behind it, and that, e.g., jazz is your stupid spirituals and stuff like that..
    I won't say that these people are wrong, it's their choice of course, but what's important is that they deprive themselves of pleasures they can get by being more open-minded, but instead of it thet limittheir horizons and refuseto see the beauty in something different ))

    And yes, now we're living in a 21st century when you really need to invent smth to amaze and attract people, so mixing music styles and genres is a good and interesting choice, I think. Take Linkin Park themselves and their collaboration with Jay-Z as example. Both are great in what they do and, what's important, they respect each other's style, and perhaps that makes their co-tracks so impressive ))

    Talking about BBB-remix, it's just awesome, I wanna lock it on repeat and dance the whole night long)) the whole Orkidea's "Metaverse" is great)

    oooh sorry for such a long pose, I needed to share my thoughts)) even if they're almost the same as Your, Anette XDD


  47. Somehow this reminds me of the famous Echo-Awards interview where this guy argued with Tuomas about Metal or Pop :) Still best Nightwish interview ever :)

  48. Mimi: I have taken classical lessons and I have nothing against classical had nothing to do with that if you read the post and understand what I say you will see that. Maybe its your english skills that make it hard. And this had NOTHING to do with Tarja/Anette either. If you and other people could understand that in my world, which is a big world with lots of inputs, I hear and listen to what people say and one thing that I love is to make people think and maybe see things differently. Like I have said before, I want more peace and friendliness in the world and one way of getting that is to try and stop the narrowmindness in our world. And that includes music, faith, believes etc...And my way of trying to make people stop the hating and bashing others is to talk about things. Make people think about what they are doing and that we need to open up. Sleep well;=)

  49. Anette, I totally agree with you. And this endless talk about what is good music sounds very strange to me, good music is any song that touches you in some way.

    And let me say something, I have a small blog with (mainly fashion matters) starting with a friend, I've just posted some pictures of you there to show your mixed style wich I LOVE. I borrowed some pics from here if you don't mind, but I wrote it there with you weblink, (the blog)


  50. "to make people stop the hating and bashing others is to talk about things. "

    I'm sorry again,but your words don't apply to other artists' fans?Accusing others isn't included in the "hating and bashing"?

    And i am perfectly sure you know what i'm talking about.You are an adult woman,think about your own words and actions.

  51. Yeah sure, my english is really bad... don't practice it since a long time. I thought you were really pissed off with people saying bad things about you because It is the way I feel when I read some comments on youtube for exemple.
    I know, it's youtube but...

    It is really funny (or not) to see people talking and making some discuss like they just have THE truth... the pseudo "nightwish drama" it is the fans that made it (if you can called them fans...) and i'm sick and tired of that... it is just music! why don't they just enjoying concerts and the music of the band instead of created discuss like this...

    i think there is too full of hatred and cruelty in this world, music must be a moment of joy, when you're relaxing with a good cd of your favorite band.
    so sleep well too.

  52. I don't even think about genres when I listen to music. The only thing that I do is just enjoy the music. Doesn't matter what it is.
    If I like it, it's okay :)

  53. oh my god, need really some english lessons with my singing lessons... =/

  54. Hi Anette!
    I agree with you that music should be joy. I don't know why people have to make such fuss about who is singing what... I mean if the person who is singing REALLY can't sing then try to explain to him or her that he or she can't sing well.But there is no need to yell and be disgusted or think badly about the person. And what is wrong if woman sings in a rock band or in your case in metal band... I don't understand people who think that music is for men(to sing) and we women should only listen to it... What would happen if the singer from the band Lordi would sing Eva??? I would like to hear that... :D
    I personally like almost all kinds of music and it doesn't really matter to me if pop singer is singing opera or rock singer is singing metal as long as it is good... I like your singing and when fans of Tarja say that you can't sing old songs I disagree because you sing Ever Dream, The Siren, Sleeping Sun and Nemo better(in my opinion). I know that they are just being stubborn... I admit that Tarja was very good singer and her problem was that when she sang her accent made the song strange(when singing live)... And if people still have troubles excepting rock or pop singers singing metal... Well metal has developed from rock(ok hard rock) so there are some things that are similar(guitars,drums...).
    Oh well I give up... :D
    BTW that remix is cool... :D

    Hugs and kisses from Ana

  55. Mimi: Yeah, I so agree with you;=) There is way to much cruelty and hatred but I also feel that in here we have a great nice friendly and good way of expressing our feelings and I really appreciate that;=) Thanks again and have a good rest now;=) See ya tomorrow!

    V_kar: I have no idea of what you are implying and I think you will just come up with ways of turning my words whatever I write;=) Good night and sleep well;=)

  56. Really,what turning?You are very specific with what you say,but talking about others and not about ourselves is a pretty easy thing to do.

    What i say is that when we want to be kind,we should consider to be kind with everyone,and not just with people who are friendly to us too.Someone's ability to solve everything in a good way is shown in difficult situations,and not just in some normal discussion,where all are friendly anyway.

    Have a good sleep too...Sweet dreams :)

    ps.I am not trying to start a fight with you(it's not kind and descent to do that in your own page),i just want to make a discussion,speaking like adults.

  57. guys, sorry, but I can't understand, why have all this "just music" talk turned into another Tarja vs Anette discussion? I really can't see the reason for it even despite of this provocative classical vs rock singers talk. Their case is not the 1st one in the world, this situation is pretty wide-spread nowadays, so there's no need to flame the war between these 2 girls again, especially when there's no reasons for it.

    Sorry, Anette, but I couldn't resist.

  58. >>That's why all symphonic metal bands have classical singers,because this is just how is supposed to be heard.>>

    And who has decided that is how it's supposed to be heard? :D

    Look, if every song-maker and every artist think that way, "this is how is supposed to be heard and it can't be changed", then there would never be anything new. Why should a form of art be so categorized?

  59. Hello there, Anette!

    Well, firstly, I totally agree with you. If I wanted to write my thought on this certain music matter, I would probably had to use days. But I think that your words were very nice and I agree with what you said. :)

    Though I do not understand why people started to comment on this post the way they did, I only have to say one single thing about it : I love Nightwish. And I know why I love you guys. I have reasons to love every single member of this band. Your music is so close to me that when I listen to it I feel absolutely great. I kinda feel like "home" by listening to Nightwish. Ok I started to ramble and talk too much so I will stop now.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Nettie! :-)


  60. Dear Anette,

    Each and everyone of us is really selfish and that is something that will probably never be really changed, because it is in our human nature. We all try really hard to believe that we can be good human beings and that this world needs to be changed, but yet we are the ones to destroy it. We use chemical stuff and such that destroys our planet. People cry when they see someone (on television for example) kill an animal, while eating meat or wearing leather. Also, in general people will not cry over a dead ant but will cry over a dead dog. Are they not both a living soul, only in a different body? Do they not both have the right to be here (on earth)? No one wants to be threated badly or getting criticized by what the person likes, is, does or stands for, yet we all do it to others at some point in our lives.

    It is kind of like that in the music industry as well. At some point everyone can sing any music genre, good and false. Not everyone who can actually sing notes will be good in all those different genres. There is one or maybe two genres that suits someone's being most. Also, I think it has something to do with the so-called "X-factor". You either have it or you do not. Some people can do a lot of things and the majority of people will like it, while others can not even pull a silly face without being criticized by others. People always need to find a reason to complain. Wheter that is about someone else, the weather, a music genre, etc. Things are never good enough.

    When is it really good? People who do not have much more than a spear to hunt down animals and a sod hut to live in seem to be happier and more caring about their fellow man than those who do not have to catch their own food, are in good health, have clothes, etc. When they buy a new television, they want a bigger one. When they get their monthly salary, they do not find it enough and want to have more. When they have dark hair, they want it blonde. It is always about more, more and even more (and different). But you know what will happen to all of us? The people, like you, who try to change the world and those who "make a mess of it"? We will all die and end up under the ground. And eventually, everyone will forget about us and the things we have or have not done.

    Right, I just realise that I have created one big comment filled with darkness. There are good things in life too, though! ;-) And human beings do have brighter sides. It is just... a very complicated subject to think, write or talk about. Also, I hope you, Anette and those who have also read this comment, do not take it as a personal attack, because it was not meant as one. I have tried to briefly express some of my thoughts and feelings on this, but it is hard. Especially for me, because I tend to write quite bigger texts than this. ;-)


  61. I think you are very right :/ All of this nonsense about what is better and what is what is just pointless. It seems to me that some of it still goes on with the new and old Nightwish comparisons T_T

    I made some videos titled "Why Hate Anette Olzon?"-lol it is in your defense please dont worry! And "Are YOU a real Nightwish fan?" I would be very honored if you could watch them and share your opinion :) From what I read, you and I agree on alot of things. Thank you for your time!

    -Desirae P.S. Greetings from The United States

  62. I totally agree with u Annete.....Once I was that "headbanger tr000 from hell" xD but when the time was passing by I could see that music is not a cage....we made the music that cage!, and we lock ourselves within it! We must tastes the different types of beats and rhytms! Of course, Rock is a genre that I listen with more often,sure!....but I can "kill" myself dancing in a club too... and by the way this remix is so fuc**** awesome!
    hugs from Brazil!

  63. Bless you Anette...If the world was full of people like you, this could be a better place...hope you have a nice day..Cheers from Mexico City, and one great fan of yours..

  64. Anette, you are 100% right. I have so many problems because of what kind of music I enjoy, because people don't seem to understand that music is supposed to make us happy. For me, music is my life. I play music so much, and the rest of the time I have music playing because music brings joy to my life. One thing that bothers me most about society is how they judge people based off of what kind of music they like. I'm constantly judged by people because I love Metal, but they don't understand that I listen to everything. I enjoy Classical, Classic Rock, Opera, The Blues, and so many other genres.

    But that's the thing about music. You can't get everyone to understand that music is just sound that people find beautiful. But just because you get critiqued by people doesn't mean people don't love you, you will always have the support of your fans, because we thing your voice is beautiful and we wouldn't want it any other way.

    - Jake

  65. Hi,Anette!

    I totally agree with you,exactly like on the previous post.Music is about feelings,and shouldn`t have labels.Some people tend to be close-minded to other music genres but it`s not right.Any music genre has it`s highs and lows,and two genres can be combined very well.For example when Symphonic Metal first came out critics thought it's weird to do metal music with an orchestra but finally the last effect was awesome ;)
    And of course the remix is great =)

    Hugs And Kisses,

  66. Dear Anette,

    I just totally agree with you in that point, like most of people reading your blog : music (and art in general) is just the openest thing that exists in this world and make our life beautiful ! I'm sure everyone would be happier if people just listen to the music they like and don't search for the music they don't like just to say "this music is shit". But, once again, people just can't understand.

    Moreover, after having read some of the comments here, I just wanted to say you that I'm really, really sorry for you that some people can't understand that what you say is not ALWAYS about Nightwish, Tarja/Anette, fans of Tarja, fans of Anette, fan of the "old Nightwish", fans of the "new Nightwish" (those expressions should have never been for me, Nightwish is Nightwish) and this "Pseudo-Nightwish Drama" (I liked this expression which was said in the comments because it totally represents the thing : this is a drama that have never really existed). I'm so sad that some people can't understand that what you say is not ALWAYS about those things... Once again, it shows that, sometimes, people just want to understand what they want to understand, just want to say what they want to say, and don't care about the other things... Well, we have to deal with this.

    Buuuut... I'm also very glad that so much people can understand and have a great discussion and interesants point of view ! I really like those blogs from you, it's very cool to see what you and other thinks about one thing or another.


    PS : Sorry for my english... Once again... =)

  67. (a respnse to Elvenes)

    You asked me who decided that classical and symphonic music is supposed to be heard by classical voices.First of all i never said that someone decided it.
    Classical music has ALWAYS been performed by classical singer.That is because this is how this music started.So,all symphonic pieces from now on were composed for classical voices to sing.
    That is because,according to the "laws" of aesthetics and art,that kind of voices are suitable and heard best in sympohnic music.In other words,it is sympohnic music's element,just like growls are the element of extreme metal.
    Proof for this,is that all choirs that sing classical pieces are formed by classically trained singers,and that all choral parts of songs(either metal or anything) are sung by classical singers.

    Not because of some stupid stereotype,but just because that kind of vocals are element of symphonic music.

    To return to the original topic Anette posted,i don't think that just because music is just music,we should listen to everything that is music.I know for sure that if i ask someone who says that he/she enoys ALL kinds of music,if he/she likes Death metal,for example,or some Africal folk music,he/she will say no.

    Music is just like everything else that involves taste.I enjoy food,but i only eat what i like,not just because of a stereotype,but because of what i like.
    And i believe metal and all underground forms of music are just that;the fact that you listen it only because you like it and not just because it's the common thing to do.

  68. Det är så dumt med alla de här genre indelningarna verkligen!
    Folks som inte kan acceptera andra genrer etc är bara så oerhört instängda människor. Visst det är helt okej att inte gilla något och förklara varför, men man får ju ändå acceptera den andres smak.
    Jag tycker det är coolt att Britney använde "Fantasmic" till sin show. Visserligen tror jag inte att det var för att hon själv gillar musiken, utan mer för att elda upp den finska publiken ;) Men kul ändå och häftigt att hon vågar ta den risken.
    Äsch, det är bara löjligt och jag bara ignorerar människor som vill få igång ett bråk bara för att jag inte lyssnar på den genren etc.

  69. I actually agree with you. Music is fully interpretational and so means different things to different people. There is passion and emotion to be found in all types of music and people should respect that.
    That said, I do think this webcomic is pretty funny on the subject of techno!

  70. I agree with you Anette.
    I listen mainly metal, rock and dance. Metal and rock music is something I listen all the time. Dance music (or techno or what it is =D) is something I listen when I'm not in the mood of metal.
    For example, I never go to rock bars because there's no dancefloor. I go instead to that kind of bars where I can dance. So in my case, dance music brings me together with people. ;)
    And I have been listening some religious music in church concerts because the music sounds great, even though I'm not a religious person.

    I like music because it's so colorful and not just full of one genre. And for me, it's important that music wakes up some feelings in me.

    I must say Anette, rock really hasn't killed your voice =)

  71. Hi from Belgium^^ i love this remix and i love Dj Orchidea. kiss you Nettie <3

  72. well agreed.
    i'm not really a fan of techno, trance, rap and hip hop but there are songs from those genres that can actually make you move to it.

    and i personally hate people who don't give a chance to listen to other genres.not even a few songs. and later claimed they are universal listeners. this pretty much piss me off.

  73. I think everything is possible when we talk about music. I can imagine heavy metal 'flirting' with pop music, with jazz, with soul. Why not? To make this a reality, it's just necessary that someone in this world takes the first step. This is what I think. And I don't see nothing wrong in doing this, cause music is magic, feeling, multiple possibilities, junction of many ideas. Michael Jackson, for example, did a very fantastic work when combined rock and soul elements with pop elements. The results are well known and I really like! So, let's the music flows and follows its curse! The result is a world repletes of amazing compositions! ;-)

    Talking about the voices... As I said before, every combination is possible. Hard rock with female voices, heavy metal with classical voices, classical music with popular voices. It's just a matter of trying!

    And, Anette... Rock REALLY hasn't killed your voice! You sound great! :O

  74. Hi Anette, I tottaly agree with you! I like you are an open-minded person!
    I usually listen rock and metal music, but I have nothing against other genres...=)
    Everyone has their own taste and it must be appreciated!
    If someone doesn't like pop, jazz, classic or something else they doesn't need to humiliate people who love that!
    Remix is not bad!

    Hugs from Cratia!

  75. I agree - the remix is very nice, it sounds so fresh and dynamic in the single =)
    I like opera singers in metal (like Tarja and my dear singer Ina =)), but also other genres voices... like you ;)

  76. I don't know. I think that all styles of music can be beautiful but it doesn't mean that I like all the music from those styles. Everyone is allowed to have their own opinion...they should just keep their opinion as that though and not stick it in people's faces and act like it is fact or truth.

  77. You've a really great opnion about the music.

    Remember that music has no boundaries.



  78. hi anette, good song the of bye bye beautiful remix. but good anette We simply wanted to say was that I wanted to know if you are interested in the lyrics of a song he wrote for his new album and take out another guitarist for the band as they hear better with two guitars and the album's songs are dark passion play emppu with two guitars and can not touch the two labes to good if you are interested in your group or your call you know my number bye

  79. A very interesting post. =) I also find genre snobs very irritating. Some people are so fixated on a genre-like metalheads for example-that anything that deviates from it is considered crap. Its the same with people who will only enjoy music if it is non-mainstream, so they reject anything once it becomes popular, and mock people who enjoy it. Like Evanescence for example. I lot of people who are symphonic metal fans mock Evanescence and make fun of people who like them, which I find unfair. Enjoying music shouldn't have boundries or limits, its how the music makes you feel. It's the same with people who only listen to mainstream music. Most of my friends do, and while I respect their taste, I think it's unfortunate when people don't expand their horizons a little bit to see what else is out there.
    On the other hand, I do believe that there are many mainstream artists who do not have much talent. This may be a strong opinion, and I know it's subjective and goes according to taste, but I do wonder how there are some singers that become immensely popular without much talent, and yet there are so many much more talented individuals who never get discovered. Singers like Britney SPears, Avril Lavigne, Hilary Duff, Miley Cyrus, The Jonas Brothers..there is no substance to their music. And I'm not putting down people who enjoy their music, I just think that so many are transfixed on these singers who really lack any authentic talent.
    Mixing genres is a really great thing, but the person has to have the talent to do it successfully. If Avril Lavigne sang a metal song, I really don't think she would do it justice.

  80. Oh, I love your opinions, my dear :) They are full of light and optimism. If you looked in the Mirror of Erised, I bet you would see a six miliards of people, all happy, loving and smiling. A paradise. You truly want the world to be happy.

  81. well sed
    i love country jazz and music that dates back to the 30s and i'm 17
    but i also love metal, rock etc i say like what you like :)