Sunday, 24 May 2009

Thoughts before sleeping....

Saw a great performance today on TV with a guy who here in Sweden is a famous comedian/tv personality. He did a monolog for 1 h 45 min about mainly the 90s. He made me laugh so much but also there were some really serious things he talked about.

He talked about when he was a kid. Up until 14 years of age, he was a bed-wetter and therefore he got beaten and mocked in school and had to lock himself in to the toilet for the whole day to get away from the mocking kids after they hang him in his arms to a tree and beat him everywhere...

I get so sad and so very, very angry when I hear these things! I remember school as a hard and scary place myself and now when I am a mum myself, I worry about these things. It´s so hard cause these things will always be there, but my dream is that no kid or adult should need to be afraid going to school/work or even home. Wars, mocking, cruelty, violence and pain are the things I hate the most in the world;=(

let´s try and make it a better place!!
good night to all of you, now I´ll go to bed and read a good book;=)

RISK and packing

Good evening everyone;=)

I have been playing a game called RISK tonight. I don´t know if you have played it but it´s so fun. The only bad thing is that it takes a couple of hours... I didn´t win today but I will get my revenge soon;=)

Then it was time to bath my two cats. They don´t like it but they are gonna live at a cat hotel for this week so I want them to smell good. I love my cats and I always miss them when on tour or vacation but I know they have a good time at the hotel;=) I am gonna get another cat this summer. This time I am thinking of a sort that´s called Maine Coon. They get so big but they are very good with kids etc and I like their look;=) Here is a photo of a kitten so you know what I talk about. But I want a red one or black;=)

Now it´s time for some packing and paying the monthly bills so that´s done before I leave tomorrow. Boring things but necessary...
Sleep well and hugs!

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Tomorrow I fly to a much warmer place;=)

I am so longing to just lie by the pool and have a nice good book to read. No stress, just swimming and having a nice relaxed time;=)

I will be away for a week and I need this time to just relax before the summer starts with the festivals. Being at home never relaxes me since I always find so many things to do. And my family need to be with me a bit exclusive and this place will be perfect!

I will eat good food too;=) And exercise of course.

I bought a big nice sun hat to protect my pale face so I dont get to many wrinkles...haha! Or a red red nose which I always get in the sun. It´s like Rudolf the raindeer when it gets burned and I dont want to look like that for the first festival in Tampere 7th of June.

Today I have just been lazy since I woke up with migraine and I couldn´t do anything. So I have watched some TV and now it´s time for dinner. Tonights menu is oven baked vegetables, cheese-filled vego schnitzel and a cold sauce;=) Yummie!!

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Answers to your questions;=)

Good morning/God morgon (swedish)!

I took a longer sleep today since I have been up sooooo early every morning now and I needed the rest. Now I am ready to take a moment and answer the questions you all have written in the comment sections. Here we go!

Anonymous asked what I think of Tuomas as a song writer:
- I think, like you, that he is a genius. He is truly so gifted and I enjoy singing his songs;=)

Anonymous asked who my webmaster is:
- Its a guy from Denmark called Dimi, who also have made the web site for the band Europe.

Noelia asked if I am gonna change or update my look for the summer festivals:
- At the moment I have taken of the extensions to rest the hair for some weeks but I will put on new ones again and this time it will be blond but a little more closer to my own ratty blond colour;=) Clothes will be more summery, not so dark. Have gotten me some new dresses too;=)

Ahasverus asked if I sometimes use my "head voice":
- Yes, I do. I mix all the techniques when I sing and use the one that feels best for the song I am singing.

Miriam asked what Nightwish song is the hardest to sing:
- If I have a bad voice day almost all of them are hard to sing since I need to sing so high in them. The songs have been made in a high pitch and of course especially the ones that Tarja have been singing before. But some are also harder to sing because of the feeling in them. Emotionally. If I am gonna pick one or two now I say Ghost love Scores beginning, since it is the head voice I am a bit insecure of and then Escapist, since it is so high in the chorus and lots of words;=)

Becky asked if I have a favourite brand in shoes:
- I have a few;=) I love shoes. It´s totally crazy but I could buy shoes every day;=) My favourites in my closet are a pair of Louis Vuitton which I have had in the European tour. They are so cool and comfortable for being 13 cm high. I also love Christian Louboutin, Dior, Gucci and our swedish brand, Acne.

Lissy asked if I can find my way in Nightwish better now than a year ago:
- Yes, I can. Up until our long break in the winter time, I have constantly had so much pressure on myself and I just had to let it go. I am Anette, not Tarja, and I do as good as I can. I sing the way I do and I am the way I am and some people will love it and others not;=) But I am singing and having much more fun on stage now. Its my life, my job, and I love it!

Jenny asked if I have some favourite exercises when practising singing:
- I practise my softer voice the most (neutral or head voice) since I use my belting, curbing and the harder styles so much on stage. When belting and singing like that, the first voice that will get tired and not work, is the neutral. So its necessary for me to exercise it daily on tour and soften the harder voice up so I dont have to push my voice to much. I also try and get higher up in my tone now and therefore practise some in the flute register. It also helps before a gig to do some of those exercises, since then every other high note feels low;=)

Arianna asked what my favourite food is:
- I love vegetarian food and love soy sausages;=) I also am addicted to bean salad, I eat that every day. I also love green or red tea and drink that all day long.

Jenny asked if I use all the neutral styles when practising singing:
- I mainly use on stage the metal neutral and neutral but when I practise I try them all.

Jenny and Sparkling lily asked what my favourite clothes store is:
- Here in my home town Helsingborg I shop a lot at Zebra, Cenino, Evy and Cirkus. I go to Copenhagen often too and then its the danish designers, Designers Remix collection and Malene Birger. Designers remix are the ones I will use a lot in the future since we have a little deal together. The white dress from Paris is theirs among many others I have worn. Many clothes I also go to Stockholm to buy and then I shop at PUB, Acne, Top shop and NK. The brands I have used for the last European tour is mainly Designers remix collection, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Acne and Tiger. I love the cleaner style in clothes and I like shorter dresses;=)

Dina asked if I have ever thought of going to Croatia for vacation:
- That is something I wanna do. I have loved to be there and its so nice country so why not;=)

Jenny asked me about my vocal range:
- I really dont know my range anymore since its been so long since we checked it. But I am a soprano and if I would use the classical singing more I would be lyrical I think. I have a very wide range and can use both very low notes and high notes. In my belting I can come very high up and in the head voice I am working on it to get higher.

Tom asked if I was nervous during my first Nightwish concert:
- Yes, I was. It was horrible...;=) But the guys were as nervous as me so we all helped each other with the pep talk before going on stage.

Niki asked where I came up with the Hep Hep:
- I never ever thought of that, it just happened. And in the beginning I think it was just hey, hey, hey... ;=)

COBH asked if it was hard to go from Alyson to Nightwish:
- It was of course a totally different music style and higher songs to sing, but no it really wasn´t a big difference other than that;=)

The little mermaid asked where she can buy Alyson Avenue CDs:
- They will both be re-released in the end of may so keep your eyes open in here for news where to get them.

Babsy_NW asked if there will be a video with The Rasmus:
- Yes, there will be. The song is set to come out in september/october if everything goes well.

Iwenna asked how I have been so good in emotionally interpreting the songs I sing:
- I have always been singing like that. When I sang in Copenhagen at the Musical Conservatory I was told that I have sad vowels. That I sound melancholy in my voice. Maybe thats what makes me a good story-teller when singing? I really dont know, I just sing;=)

Masterchief asked if I look forward to the last show in Hartwall Arena:
- Yes I do;=) It will be so nice!

Masterchief asked what my favourite gig was in the DPP tour:
- So many that its hard to say one in perticular.... I loved being in Rock am Ring since it was around 70 000 people there;=) I also loved last years big gig in Switzerland and I always love Paris gigs. They are so good at screaming and singing there!

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Back from the movies...

...and yeah, I have to confess....I fell asleep during the movie...;=)

Well, what can I say? The first A night at the museum was really good! I liked it and I had me some nice laughs watching that one. But I didn´t find the sequal as entertaining as the first. The effects are for sure cool and amazing. And fun to see all the historic figures come alive, but was quite long and lame. But of course the kids in the audience loved it and I gues the movie is made for them first of all so I can´t say anything more about it. And nice to sleep for a while...

Since our US tour which ended a week ago I still have a bit of jet-lag and my body can just decide to shut down in such a short while that I sometimes just pass out. It´s amazing that it always is so hard to fly back from US. This direction, going from west to east, is hardest for me and I hope I soon can be back in normal routines again;=)

I have been tossing my hair trying to upload some photos from my cell phone to the web but I can´t get it working!! But I promise to keep on trying and as soon as I get it working you´ll get to see what photos I have taken this weekend. For now, I hope it´s ok to just enjoy a nice view that I can see from my window;=)
I will answer questions from the comments tomorrow;=)
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Movie time;=)

Hi all and thanks so much for all your nice comments, I will answer them as soon as possible. I will also write more later tonight but now it´s time to go the cinema and watch A night at the museum 2

See you little later!

Rainy saturday;=(

Good morning everyone!

I don´t know how the weather is where you are but here in Sweden it´s so dreadful...raining, windy and totally grey...

I thought I should write some small anecdotes here from my life and experience as a singer in different kinda bands and other things I have done and today I will start by telling you all about my very first talent show I sang in.

I was 12 or 13 years old and there was an add for a local talent show in the bigger village close by where we lived and since I loved to sing and my dream was to be a singer I wanted to participate. Before this I had been on stage a couple of times together with my mum and her band so I had been on stage but never ever alone like this.
I decided to sing a very well-known song: sometimes when we touch which is such a beautiful and nice song to sing. There was a band playing so it was totally live. I was so incredibly nervous and I can still remember the feeling that I didn´t know where to look and my legs shaking so much I thought I was gonna fall down on stage. I got the advice to look at a point above the audiences head instead of looking directly into their eyes, so I saw a big painting in the back of the hall and that was where I started to stare;;=) Oh my god, I just stood there and stared at that painting, concentrating to sing the song as perfect as I could. After half the song I felt that I had the courage to look down a little bit on the audience and just turned my eyes down and slowly started to look at the first line of people....

That was a big mistake! After just some seconds my eyes fell upon my big sister and she was sitting there crying her eyes out! I got so stressed since I didn´t understand why she was crying and almost lost my concentration on my performance so, as fast as a cat, I turned the look up to that painting again and didn´t look down at anyone the whole remaining of the song;=)
(my sister told me afterwards that the reason she cried was because she was so proud of her little sister;=)

So the tip of today is: when performing and being nervous, look above the audience. Just above the peoples heads so that for them, it looks like you are looking at them, but the fact is you aren´t;=)

Friday, 22 May 2009

Friday snacks and some more vocal talk

These are my snack of the evening. I normally dont eat chips or cheese doodles but today I decided to get me some new snacks I havent tried. These are the ones for the evening, Favoritmix from OLW. And they are very good, I can recommend them. Yummie!

Thanks for all the super nice comments and I will try and answer all your questions you have.
Here comes some more regarding singing and what I do. In Nigthwish I do use my belting voice mostly but yes, I have also started to use my head voice or neutral as it also can be called. This technique is not the one I am most used to use so it is for me a voice style I need to practise more and I do. I use a CD from a danish vocal coach called Cathrine Sadolin who I think is explaining things so good and for me this really works. In Ghost love score I use the metal neutral singing style in the beginning.

Beautiful sceneries;=)

Hi all!

Today its been a kinda cloudy day here and even so I have had an outdoor day. Me and some friends with our kids went to a very famous castle and park, Sofiero, that we are so proud to have here in my city. I live in Helsingborg, which is in the south of Sweden and it´s a city that are so beautiful in the summer time. It´s an ocean city and if you take the boat over to Denmark you are there in 20 minutes. So the continent is close;=)

The place we visited today is known for its flowers, rhododendron, and they also have big concerts there in the summer where families and people go, bringing their picknick basket with grilled chicken, beers and other nice foods and sit on a blanket out in the evening sun and just listening to the music. So if you ever visit Helsingborg, I suggest you visit this lovely place.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Singing technique questions and thanks;=)

Hi everyone and good evening!
Its raining here in south of Sweden tonight after having been a wonderful warm and nice day all day. I like rain but of course it´s nicer with sunlight;=)

Thanks so much for all the comments and all your nice and warming welcomes to me opening this blog. I get so warm inside knowing you all are interested and caring about me and the band. Thanks so much!

I will try and answer questions etc as much and fast as possible and today I will start by some singing technique questions I got. It will take more than one blog post to talk about singing but let´s take it in some steps now and then.

Its hard to go in to exactly what I do when I sing since some things are "by nature" and just comes naturally but of course a lot of things are what I have learned earlier in vocal lessons and also during my career as the singer in Nightwish where my voice is needed to be able to sing many high pitched songs for 1,5 hour many nights a week.

First of all, what I use most when I sing is a technique called "belting". For you who dont know what kinda vocal sound types normally are talked about there are different sounds and techniques to use when singing. This technique is a way to come very high up by pushing the vocal chords together, slamming them against each other, so that no air at all can leak through. If any air leaks through it can make the voice soar and aching. I do this technique also by thinking that I lift my upper lift upwards, kinda showing my teeth and a good sound to practise for it is to imitate an evil witch. You know the evil laughter;=)
Also imitating a car like: öhrn, öhrn, öhrn... as a car accelerating forward. These things make me lift the lip and close the chords. Of course there are so many more things to do to make this technique perfect but thats a easier way to explain what I do. I hope you understand a little bit about it now;=)

This was just a start and I´ll talk more about singing so throw me more questions and of course, about other things too.
See you all later!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Welcome to my blog;=)

Hi and very very welcome to my very own blog;=)

I have been thinking about starting this for a while to keep you posted about my work and also sometimes how I feel and what´s up here in Sweden. Exactly how the blog will turn out I dont know yet, we will see along the way but of course some blogs about when we are out on gigs and tours and my own little side projects too. Since I also am a bit crazy about clothes and exercising I guess these things also can come up now and then. I wont tell you anything about my personal life since it is something I have protected and decided long ago to keep to myself and this decision is based on me being a very private person even if I am a "celebrity" in a way.

I hope this blog still can be interesting since Nightwish fans and my fans can follow me during my travel in the music and life of NIghtwish;=)

Take care and see you soon again!