Tuesday, 30 June 2009

More answers

Ok, we continue:

Sofi said;
Did you always used the belting techinue with singing until some of the more head voice-y songs in Nightwish or did you start out singing differently and develop into a belting style?

- I have used the technique before but developed it much more with Nightwish since the songs demand that of me.

Did you always want to do a job involving singing and what kind of jobs did you look into before joining bands?
- I have always wanted to work as a singer but have had different other jobs while chasing that dream.

If you could invite any five people at all, alive or dead, to go to your house for a dinner party, who would you choose and why?

Marilyn Monroe- such a beautiful woman.
Madonna- to get some tips on how to become such a great artist;=)
God - I would love to ask what the meaning of our world and life is.
Paulo Coelho - since he write so amazing books and seem to have much wisdom that I would love to listen to.
Andrea Bocelli - such a voice! I would love to have him singing for me and maybe with me by the dinner table;=)

Bonome said:
1 - What do you most like when came to Brazil? What you do not like?

- I liked the people who are very friendly and warm. I didnt like the thuderstorms in the djungle.

2 - You do some concerts and of course make many travel by plane. Are you afraid to travel by plane? If you have, as you overcome?

- No, I am not afraid but of course I can be worried if there are news about plane crashes etc since I fly so much.

3 - Have you ever thought about act in a movie?

- Well, I actually have been thinking that I would love to work with TV or movies someday. It would be so much fun to do a comedy or be a host of childrens TV.

4 - You get many gift of fans, and obviously not all fit in your home. What do you do with them? You have a place to store them?

- I save them all and some is placed on my piano.

5 - I already read comments in some forums that say you have no voice to sing metal (this is not my opinion, I love their voice). What do you respond to these people?

- Well, thats up to everyones taste to say what they like. I really dont care since I was chosen by the boys to sing in Nightwish and that is all that matters to me;=)

Margit said;
I just have thought about if there is any gig together with PAIN planned, maybe at any festival?

- No, there is not gonna be any gig with them. But the album is of course out there to listen to;=)

Heavy metal hamster said;
when you started singing, did u ever though of becoming so important and big in this genre? i really think that your job is amazing.

- No, I didnt. Since I have never even listened that much to metal it was never anything I could ever imagine;=) But I do feel very very blessed to be able to sing and hopefully inspire someone out there to go after their dreams too;=)

Falyssa said;
1. What did you think of Oklahoma City and the reaction of the crowd? I was in the crowd and I loved the performance :)

- I really loved it and the crowd was super!

2. You've mentioned that you liked vampire novels, have you read anything by Lynsay Sands?

- No, I havent. But I will look her up. Thanks for the tip;=)

3. Have you gotten the chance to listen to Metallica at all? I know that you said you liked Slipknot and In Flames.

- I have listened to some of their songs and we played before them last year in two shows and then I watched half their shows. They are good at playing;=)

4. A friend of mine will only agree to get married if her boyfriend proposes in front of Nightwish, what do you think of that?

- Oh, what a cute thing;=) That would truly be so wonderful;=) Tell him to do that and let me know when;=)

Michael said;
Good evening Anette. Did you participate in the 1st April joke? Who did it? You sitting on the camel, Nuclear Blast's Choir...:-D Who did this great joke?

- No, I didnt know anything about it. I think Ewo was behind that one;=)

Paulina said:
1. What did You remember from Poland gig?

- It was a great gig and great audience! Sold out;=)

2. With who from the band You have the best relationship?

- Emppu is my kindred spirit. We have gotten along so good since day one. He is a funny and very warm and caring person.

3. Which Nightwish (old) song You would like to sing live?

- Some from Once album;=)

4 Did You saw my portraits of You I've posted yesterday? And did You like it? ;)

- Oh, I havent seen them but I promise to look at them. Thanks;=)

Elmas said;
I only have one question which is linked to something you said in one of your blog entries today. You told us there will soon be some merchandise on your website; how did you take the decision to start keeping merch in here, and will there be Nightwish-themed products or just "Anette Olzon brand" things?

- It will be my things. I think its a great idea and it came from people around me who thought that it could be great to have it. There arent that many girly things in the merchandise today so my things will be more for girls since I think metal and music shouldnt be so hung up on things for men only.

Bastet-bastet said:
1) Did improve your vocal skills during the NW tour in anyway? It sounds like yes, even though your voice had been already great. And have you got any plans about working on it, for example during the break before new album recording?

- Yes, in that way that I sing so much now and I also have done some more exercises to improve the technique. I think I will work on it since I think its so fun to find new ways to use it and I hope I can go to my vocal teacher to work some more with my head voice for the next album.

2) Has Tuomas already discussed new songs and your vocals on it with you? I know the songs are secret, I'm just interested in the fact.))

- No, he still keeps it in his own little secret head;=)

Natalia Peres said:
I have one question! =)
How do you feel with various fans of the world making a coments in his blog??

- I think its a great opportunity to be able to "talk" to people around the world. Internet in the most positive way;=)

HellGate said;
When you're on tour, do you enjoy spending the spare time you have altogether or do you (I mean ALL of you :)) usually like to stay on your own when you're not playing or traveling? :)

- We usually spend the time on our separate rooms if we have a hotel and in the bus we usually watch movies together.

What do you like (and, if there's something negative about them, what don't you like :)) of each one of your bandmates? :)

- I like them all for who they are. They are all very different and nice in their own different ways;=)

What country did you like more while on tour? :)

- I really liked Japan.

Originalcherry said;¨
1)if you had the time to, What kind of music would you like to sing (in a band or in a solo career) ? Would it sound metal, pop, jazz or something ?

- I have always wanted to sing acoustic softer music so that would be great;=)

2) isn't it too hard to be far from your family and friends during tours ? do you manage to see them sometimes during tours ?

- Yes, it is. I do miss them so much when I am away.

3) I had so much fun when you asked us in paris to sing "frère jacques" :D , do you know other french songs ?

- No, thats the only one;=) But I do love that one and it is so great when everyone sings along in France;=)

Angela said:
Can I ask about what brand was your dress and your shoes that you wore in Debrecen, Hungary?

- The dress is Dolce & Gabbana and the shoes I dont remember and I cant find any photo where I can see them.

Eskoplja said:
1.If you are not a singer , what would you do?

- I would love to work with clothes or be a coach.

2.Which NW song do you love the best and which one do you love to preform live?

- There are so many beautiful songs but I do love Meadows of Heaven and Eva. Live I love to sing Dead boys poem and GLS.

3.I saw that you love to read about Vampires.
Have you watched "True Blood"?

- No, I havent but I have bought the first book and will start reading it after Marked that I am reading at the moment;=)

Lily said:
Me and all your fans from Curitiba - Brazil, would like to know if you still keep any gifts from the brazilian audience, especially the flag that we threw on the stage for you!

- I do have some gifts here and some, like the flag are at King Foo office.

Pakiederm said:
Hi Anette! That little "twist" you do on GLS "the same moonlight waters" did you come up with that idea or was it Tuomas? I think I´ve got a clue, you tried that one on rehersals and Tuomas found it genius AND SO DO I!!!!

- I actually came up with it myself. I just sang it and he has not said anything about that;=)

Jooleah said;
Hey Anette! I just have one question. :)
--What would be your top 5 favorite Disney movies?

- Beauty and the beast
Brother bear
Monsters Inc
Toy Story

Peace of art said;
I was wondering if there is any kind of Sweden tradition you like to follow. Like eating an specific food in a specific day, an historic holiday, whatever etc.
- Well, midsummer has always been strawberries and newly picked potatoes for me;=) And christmas is the same with its traditional foods.

Melissanq said;
-What would you do if there was a Zombie invasion?
(I'm sorry for this! They made me!)

- Oh, kill them all??? haha! No, I think I would be very very afraid...;=(

And as for a serious question...hmm...

-Does it bother you or the guys too much when pictures are taken at indoor gigs with flash?

- No, it doesnt bother me at all.

Sorrow princess said;:
-Are other NW members(Tuomas,Marco,Emppu,Jukka)your best friends?

- they are all my friends;=) Emppu is the closest one to me and Tuomas is a great and warm friend who has a great spirit;=)

Simon said;
1. Whats youre favriote movie of all time.

- Hard one...but it must be Gladiator.

2. Whats youre favriote album of all time.

- Thriller with Michael Jackson

3. And whats youre favriote food.

- Thai food;=)

Julie said;
1)what kind of involvment except singing you will have or you want to have on the next nightwish album?

- I hope I can have some more involvement in the arrangements, the choirs and singing arrangements. Would be nice to do some music or lyrics but we´ll see since Tuomas is the best one in that field;=)

2) What famous people you would like to talk with?

- It would be nice to meet Andrea Bocelli since I love his voice and are amazed by his talent. Also would be nice to talk to some of the world leaders to get them to maybe stop some of the wars around the world and try to get us to live in peace.

Leinikki said;
You once wrote or said, I don't remember it right, that you have a personal coach not only for singing but for pneumatic things too. He/she helps to bear the fame that came with Nightwish and things like that, I guess.

Was there any serious problem related to this when you began singing in the band? I mean besides the fact that you replaced a so called icon, was it hard to face the negative criticism or you just didn't care about it, and you were concentrating on the fans who like you? Did this coach help you in this?

- I have studied coaching myself for a while and I like how a coach works to get the person to reach its goals and use their best in life. I took my coach to adjust better to the way of being a singer in a world-famous band and to be able to deal with the business and the whole touring thing and of course, dealing with negative comments too. It is a big thing to stand in front of so many people as I have done coming from much smaller shows and also to have newspapers writing about me etc. I also use my coach to see what I want to do in my life. My future goals and what is most important to me. Its something I can recommend to everyone. Its not a shrink, we dont talk about why I am what I am, we only work ahead, forward and now. Its very very interesting;=)

Supersonic machine said:
If it's okay this is my question: Anette, i was wondering all the time i know you..you dye your hair so often, you were black, brown, gold, white and some tones of that. How do you hair feel itself after all of this? i thought after these bleaching or colouring hair start falling down and become weak or something?Or maybe you know something to keep it healthy?

- Well, of course the hair takes some damage. Mostly of bleaching and since I dyed my hair so fast from black to blonde, it has taken some damage. But I take care of it by now resting it, not dying it so much and using good masks and conditioners.

Stop for questions

Ok, time to stop asking questions, I have gotten so many now. Thanks everyone. I am answering the first ones very soon.

Answer to the questions;=)

Ok, here we go:

Anna said:

1. Did the hypnotherapy work?

- I dont know...maybe a little bit. I will see in some time I guess if it worked or not.

2. Which NW song have you not done that you would love to have go at performing live (I think you'd do great with Stargazers, my very fave NW song!)?

- Well, there are some nice from DPP still that I want to do. And maybe the cover song Where were you last night;=) Since its an old swedish song I listened to when I was younger...

Ryan said:
What annoys you most in fans?

- Nothing annoys me with the fans as long as they are nice;=)

Do you mind if I throw you a letter at Hartwall? ;).

- No, do so. Or give it to the guards to give it to me. Dont want to get it in the head;=)

Where would you're favourite place be for Nightwish to have a gig?

- Wembley arena;=) Or on a high mountain somewhere;=)

Have you ever considered writing a autobiography?

- Well, not yet...but I am sure there might be one in the future if I have something interesting to tell about my life;=)

Jenny said:
I have notice that your style today is a bit different that end of 2007. I know it's normal because me myself wear different kind of clothes today but my quiestion is that do you feel that at the begin you were searching for your own NW-style and now you have find that "Anette in Nightwish"-style which you use in stage? :) Or do you wear same kind of style in your freetime?

And I meant more those club-shows in winter ect. not these summerfestival where artists can dress more "casual" without looking out of place. :)

- Well, I never tried to be someone else, it has always been me. But I started with a little more goth-rock style but since I want changes I have developed my style to other directions. I am a chameleon and I love to try different things and since I love clothes I find so many beautiful things in the world. I also check out different designers and find nice things that I wanna wear.

Mooshi said;
1. Is there any one song that you would say describes your life or a particular moment in your life?

- No, there are so many songs from my life that has been special and important but I do still cherish my first song I won a talent show with: Jackson fives "Rockin´ Robin;=)

2. What advice would you give to someone that wants to sing as a career?

- NEVER sign any contract or deal without a lawyer looking at it.
Always be yourself, wear what clothes you want to. Be careful who you work with. Dont trust anyone but yourself. Get yourself a good manager and see to that you get paid for everything, dont let anyone try to rip you off. Have fun!!!

3. If you had to describe your life to someone using only your clothes, what would the outfit look like?

- Lots of colours;=)

Margit said;
1. What does the tattoo on your underarm mean?

- I guess you mean "Leave me alone"? Well, I dont want to go into the meaning of my tattoos since every tattoo for me is special and only I know the meaning. I did it for a reason but I want to keep that to myself;=)

2. Do you want more tattoo's?

Yes, I do.

3. Why have you your own website, blog, and as you said today, merchandise? I only worry that you could leave the band maybe.

- Its important to have your own brand even if you are the singer in a band. I think the boys should have their own sites too. Even if we are a band, we are also individual musicians with our own side projects apart from Nightwish. I wont leave Nightwish since I love to sing in the band;=)

NIghtwishfan said:
Will you perform "Ghost Love Score" and "Ever dream" on M´Era Luna Festival in Hildesheim Germany on the 8th of August? Its my biggest biggest wish ;) so, it would be great.

- I dont know the set list since Tuomas usually send it to us a couple of days before the gig will be played. So, lets see what he wants to play that evening;=)

Lissi said;
1. What have you done before a very important exam? (Because I have tomorrow my final exams :( And I'm very very scared)

- Oh, studied like hell!!! hihi...It will be just fine;=) Just get a good sleep so your brain is fresh;=)

2. Can you play some instruments?

- I have played oboe for 8 years and I can play a little piano and flute.

3. What is your favourite word? ;)

- Love

Isa Nightwish said:
-Can you visit pleas my forum of You? (http://anetteolzon.forumactif.com)

- It looks beautiful. Thanks and keep up the good job;=)

-There Will Be What in your maechandise?'

- Thats a secret and I cant tell anything yet;=)

Juju said:
you guys have in mind to do some new cover song in you shows? or play an old one? please, tell me yes.

- No, we havent talked about anything like that. In Hartwall there might be some secrets.

The little mermaid said;
1. You spoke before that your sisters daughter liked Nightwish before Tarja be fired.. What she are thinking now, when her AUNT is "new" singer of Nightwish? :D
Maybe it´s really strange for her :D
And does she listen Nightwish still?
(Answer if you want answer that, maybe this is too close to family question?)

- I dont know what she feels about it, but I hope she like it still;=)

2. Are you ever watched Swedish-Finland ice hockey tournament with Nightwish boys? It would be so interesting session. :D
If you are, how it was going? If you don´t, it must create someday!

- We all havent watched a game together but I am sure we would fight and scream since we all love our different countries;=)

Katrin said;

1. When you started that blog you said that you had no idea yet how it will turn out and now, more than one month later - how do you feel about it? (I think you enjoy writing it nearly as much as we do reading it) =)

- I really enjoy having my blog;=) I have always loved to write novels, letters and my dream is to write books. So for me, this is a very creative and great way to both be able to write and interact with nice people;=)

2. Looking back from you first day at Nightwish until now, what do you think is your biggest personal achievement of which you are really proud?

- I think I am most proud of having been able to do all those shows when I have had no voice, been so ill or tired or home-sick;=) I feel stronger now than before I started the tour.

3. If you could choose any country to live in (house etc. would be provided and no job-strings attached, a Nightwish free world let's say =) ) where would you want to live?

- Some country like Greece or Cyprus. Having a horse farm or just sunbath all the time;=)

4. Is singing outdoors at festivals more enjoyable or easier for the vocal cords than indoors and warm venues? Do you prefer one above the other?

- I like the outdoor venues since it is easier to breathe there;=)

5. Did becoming a vegetarian made you feel better in regards to your health/condition and what did Jukka say to find a fellow vegetarian?

- Yes, I feel better actually. Might take some more time to see how good it is for my health but for now it feels very good;=) And I think Jukka is happy that I am a vegetarian;=)

6. Do you think you will be a little emotional at the last concert in Helsinki or relieved that touring is finally over for now after the last three years? (Either way I am looking forward to that concert, I am flying over just to see Nightwish live at their final concert)

- I am actually a bit sad already that its over...strange as it sounds;=) Because with the last months when its been an easier program of gigs, it has been very good and we all have been more relaxed and having fun. So, I will be sad for sure...

Feathertail said;
1. where have you bought the trousers on that photo? http://kuva1.kuvablogi.com/iso/img816268.jpg

- I bought them in New York. They also have them in LA at Melrose Avenue.

2. Do you have a second forename, that you like, or don't like?

- Yes, I do and I have never liked it...so dont wanna tell what it is;=)

3. Have you ever been in the Black Forest or at the source of the Danube? ;-)

- No, I havent.

4. What's you favourite Nightwish song on stage?

- It differs,..but I do love to sing Dead Boys Poem and Sleeping sun.

Janna said;
How many Dark passion play albums you have sold,over million?

- I have no idea.

Sonadorita said:
1. So, Hartwall will be the last show of the long DPP tour. What are you going to do afterwards? Will you go on holidays or start working on the next album right away? Any plans yet? :)

- I have made no plans at all...do you have a job for me??? haha! take care!

2. What do you prefer - shows in huge arenas with 10.000+ people or in little clubs with a few hundred visistors?

- Both in different ways... small venues can be so fun and you can get the people to rock out really good and then big venues can be amazing when you see the whole ocean of people doing the hep-heps. Its so great both things!

3. Which one of the seven deadly sins do you think applies the most to you?

- Oh...what a hard question...hmmm...I had to look in wikipedia to see what they are and I really cant say that I feel any applies that much to me. Maybe a little of the extravagance since I love shopping nice and beautiful things?

Yoann said;
was it a joke to say "rest in piece" concerning Michael Jackson ?
Or did you just mispell "peace" ?

- Oh, this is what happens when I have to write in a foreign language. It was a mispelling. I am so sorry for that...;=(

Moesko said:
please could you tell me where you bought the dress which you wore at gampel open air last year? here's a pic: )
i'm sure i can't find it anywhere 'cause you wore it quite long ago, but it would be great to check out the website of the brand: ) and if you'd ever sell this one, i think you'll have someone to buy it; ) i hope you're not too fed up by these questions about your dresses: >

- That is a dress from a brand called Nümph and you can find them here: http://www.numph.dk/

one more question about clothes, which is your favourite outfit you've ever worn on stage?: )

- Oh, so many good ones that I cant choose;=)

and you've mentioned somewhere that you would like to perform the duet with the rasmus, will it happen this summer?

- No, I dont have anything planned with them this summer.

Carpe diem said:
do you read all comments on your blog? And what do you think about the thoughts in the comments, especially in posts like this "Why do things go wrong?" or "Thoughts before sleeping"?

- I try to read every single one;=) I love reading what you all write, especially the thoughts-comments. I love hearing your thoughts and thats why I write those things. I do believe communication is the key to love and piece.

The little mermaid said;
Where you will buy your clothes, which you will buy soon?
I liked some clothes, what you were wearing in 2007!
(or I like still now your clothes and liked before too, but in 2007 some kind what I could wear too ;D)

- I have bought so much clothes that I dont think I will buy so much now. But I have ordered a couple of cool leather pants that I hope will be here soon;=)

Mallory said;:
Just one little question : i'll see you in hartwall in september, could you tell us some secret things that should drive us crazy so we could not wait anymore ?

- No, I cant tell anything..it would be a shame to spoil anything dont you agree? But for sure, there will be nice things to wait for;=)

Enchanted lullaby;
1. What are you favorite movies, besides Jackass!

- I love vampire movies;=)

2. What are your favorite shows on T.V. besides Desperate Housewives and what
do you do about missing them
while your on tour and coming back
and not knowing whats going on in them?

- I love three and a half men, Veronica Mars, Nip/Tuck and Friends. I buy the DVD-boxes of the shows to be able to watch them when I am home;=)

3. What's your favorite song at the moment?

- Anthem with Kamelot

4. What's the craziest thing to happen to
you on stage, with Nightwish?

- Oh, it would probably be to fall down from the stage...hehe!

5. Hope this isn't rude, but will you
ever agin want your hair back darker?
BEAUTIFUL BLONDE! I love it either way.

- I really dont think so..I feel that it takes to much to get back to blonde after being black-haired. But I cant say never, since I am a chameleont;=)

faetqw said:
I will ask about The Poet and the Pendulum's soprano part. I think it was you :P Am i right?

- No, it is a boy soprano from London that did that;=)

Lautaro said:
1- did you like it when you were here in Buenos Aires?

- yes, I really loved Buenos Aires. Very beautiful and nice city!

2- you preffer hair extentions single sticked one by one to your hair or hair courtains?

- I use one by ones glued on.

3- are you allways in that happy mood?

- Not always, but I try to live life in a positive way. The times I am very sad is when I get hurt by someone I thought I could trust.

4- do you think that I can get some of those "pastile" good swedish pills for the voice? here in argentina?

- I actually buy those pills in America. They are called "cold-eeze"

Yotapong said;
When you told your friends and parents that you are the new singer in a heavy metal band, what was their reaction?

1) you are total crazy
2) YAY
3) OMG ;)

- Haha, well...I think they were mostly the number 1: you are totally crazy!

Mantheus said;
1. what did u think when the drunk person jumped onto the stage at graspop?

- How come he could get up there when there are so many guards? and that he looked totally drunk;=)

2. What do u actually here onstage when you perform?

- I have in-ears so I only hear the music and myself. I dont hear the audience that much;=(

3. Also if you know, how come emmpu got rid of that guitar with a harem girl?

- I dont know, but it could be that he didnt feel comfortable playing it maybe? I will ask him.

Question time

Ok,guys... I can answer some questions again... but I will only answer the questions that come now since last time it was to many;=) I need to do it like this otherwise all my days would be filled with answering questions.

So from now on and half an hour more, you can hit me with questions;=)

Hit it, folks!


Hi and thanks everyone for the tips for my allergies. The main problem is not the throat, its the nose and eyes. Just bought some eye drops but it doesnt help that much. And I am soooo tired..so I will go and sleep some more. And I have had nature medicine to help before but this time I go to the doctor. They will take deeper tests of what it is but they cant do that in the middle of the season, since I then have to be without medicines for a week and cant do that with the shows.

My worst concern is that it has something to do with either my cats or my new apartment. Since it started when we moved here;=(

I can also inform you that there soon will be my own merchandise sold on the web site and I just saw the things and it looks great;=) I will write more as soon as they are ready to be sold there;=)

Now, a little rest..back little later. Hugs for now!

Fashion week by Berns

I would love to be in Stockholm now and go to all the nice fashion shows that are held at Fashion week by Berns. But I have to follow it via internet instead;=)

And then in august when I will be in Stockholm for some days it is Stockholm fashion week, so maybe I can go and see some stuff then instead.

Good morning

Well, good morning to you all;=)

I took a little longer sleep today... I have such bad allergies at the moment and I had to take strong pills yesterday because of the headache so I didnt wake up. Today I called my allergy doctor to get an appointment for better medicines cause now it starts to get really bad. My eyes are totally red and no medicines work properly now. Its nice with summer but also for allergic people, a hard time...

Today I am gonna do my exercise soon and then to pick up my son who had a sleep-over at a friends house. Then check some things to the apartment. I need to be able to open the balcony door without the cats to get out, so some kinda net-door arrangement is needed.

Jenny wanted to find a little similar dress as the one I had in the last gig but little cheaper so I started searching the net and found these ones:

They are all from asos and the first one costs 89,32 Euro and the other one in the last 3 pictures cost 103,36 euros.

If you order over 75 pounds its also free shipping. This site has so many nice and good prices clothes. I love many of their dresses;=)

Monday, 29 June 2009

Helsingborg by night;=)

So I took a little evening stroll in the harbour and it was so warm and nice tonight. Its truly a hot summer now here and with that of course lovely evenings to enjoy outdoors.

Enjoy my beautiful city by night and thanks for all the nice comments today;=)

Graspop and two swedish girls...;=)

Ok, as I told you before..me and Mimi drove through 3 countries to get to the festival yesterday...and we were already late to the signing session so when we came to the festival spot we really wanted to find the main stage...
we asked many people that worked there and everyone said: go there...go there..and just pointed us to different directions... and it all turned out that they led us completely wrong way...which ended up in me missing the signing session and letting people down. It was very frustrating....

But we had some fun during the way...it was to bad I didnt video shoot when Mimi was driving backwards for 1 km...haha! That was a funny moment;=)

And another really great moment was when we were going back to Düsseldorf in the night and stopped at a truckstop somewhere along the highway and ate some food and Mimi said to me: do you know which country we are in now? And I didnt...and then she asked the waitress who was like: WHAT??? Its Holland of course! And then the other waitress came out and asked really loud: WHO WAS IT THAT ASKED IN WHAT COUNTRY WE ARE??? haha..and we were like: not us...;=) Oh, I just loved that!
Swedish girls on tour...;=)

Enjoy the video!


Emppus gift;=)

So people, I am finally home and now I can upload the birthday video with Emppu. As usual, he is a funny boy and we had ourselves a little laugh in it. Enjoy;=) And sorry for the video turning in the middle...I dont know why I did that...


Backstage photos;=)

So,I didnt have so much time to take some photos but here are some. I also have a video with Emppu and one with me and Mimi which I will upload later today when I have arrived home. Now its time to fly again;=)

Yesterdays outfit

Here is what I had on yesterday at Graspop Festival

Dress from Designers remix collection
Boots from Willow

The long day,=)

Hi guys;=)

Sorry for no posting since yesterday morning but it was a very busy day yesterday travelling to Belgium. We went through 5 countries in 24 hours,=) That´s quite a trip!

I started off by taking the boat between Sweden and Denmark, then train to Copenhagen aiport where I met Mimi. We then flew to Germany, rented a car and drove through Germany to Netherlands and then to Belgium.

Luckily we had our great GPS with us. Her name is Swedish Ingrid;=)
But the people working at the festival were harder to get help from. So we drove around and around in the festival area trying to get to the main stage and it took us 20 minutes...so unfortunately I missed the whole signing session and I am so sorry for that;=( We tried our best..

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Morning preparations

Good morning everyone!

I have been up quite some time to make myself ready to leave for the airport.

I first exercised half an hour and then a nice shower;=) I want to share my morning routine with you in the bathroom, when going to a gig. Here we go:

First I clean my face with two great cleansers:
Pre-cleanse and special cleansing gel, both from Dermalogica.
Then to avoid tired and puffy eyes, I take some Depuffing gel from Benefit

Then I moist the face with Kanebos Sensai Cellular Performance emulsion II
For the eyes and around the lips I use Dermalogicas multivitamin power firm
I use a foundation from Dior which is called Nude no 010

Sleeping time...

So, dear ones...its time to go to bed... I have a long busy day tomorrow since its time for another gig;=) Jippie!

Sleep well, dream nice dreams and see you all tomorrow;=)

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Clothes tomorrow...

So, I have gotten the dress I wore in first show in Paris this European tour (the white one in the post Once there was) in black instead and I think I want to wear that tomorrow.

My only decision now is what shoes to wear?

Do you like me having classy shoes or the high lazed up boots I had some festival ago?

The more classy look or the more "rocky" look?

Tell me what you prefer;=)

A secret gift;=)

So, I have gotten a gift for our little guitar player Emppu;=) He will get it tomorrow when we meet at the festival. Before that I cant tell you what it is....

But it´s something nice and sweet..schhhhh;=)

Once there was

Once there was a girl with golden hair
She was born with a voice and she loved to use it
As she grew older she tried many different ways to use the voice
But every time she felt that she just wanted so scream, to rock

The teachers said: you should sing opera, your voice is such a strong voice!
But she just shook her head and continued to use her voice as she was born to

She listened to many singers, tried to do as they did.
Sometimes she felt good, sometimes not so good

She sang in many bands, many choirs, did many recordings and she dreamed of being that girl
that could sing every day, all the time for ever more...

Then one day, just like Cinderella, she got her dream
She got a job in a big world-known band
She was so happy
She sang every day
She sang out of joy
She loved to make the people happy
She loved to make herself happy

Then many people said: you should sing more opera!
You should sing more classic
You should stop that screaming

But still she just shook her head and sang just like she had always done.
Like she was born to do, like she loved to do and in the way she knew she was happy;=)

(photo by James van Nguyen)

Tonights song;=)

Ok, while I am cooking food I am playing this lovely song. Anathema with One last goodbye.


(video borrowed from youtube.com)

By the beach

So when we went to pick up my new glasses in the city, we met my girl friend and her friends and they asked if we wanted to join them and take a sandwich by the beach. Of course we wanted that;=) It isnt the best weather today but still hot and enough sun to sit and enjoy some tea.

So we bought a nice sub, mine with eggsalad in it and then some tea and water.

One of the girls had a beautiful ring with a cross that I really want!! But unfortunately she hadnt bought it somewhere. She had made it herself in a class. Now I really, really want to find one just like that...so if anyone knows where to buy one, please please let me know.


My son got a new video game yesterday, Ghostbusters;=)

We bought the movies a week ago and he loved them and so do I. I still remember the wave that came when the movies came;=) The song was such a hit and I still love it;=)

The game is really good, my son says its fun. And the graphics are really good. We bought it to our PS3. I think I need to play it one day too;=)

(video borrowed from youtube.com)

Shy cat;=)

Ok, I have tried to get a great photo of my other cat, Kulan, every day now to put here so you can see her too, but she is impossible to get a shot at... She moves all the time, looks away or just runs away...God!
But today I got one quite good one...;=)

So here she is, the sister to Gremlins - Kulan. 11 years old both of them and still playing around with mouses;=)


First of all, thanks so much for the lovely words in my last entry. I want you all to know that I truly want all the best for all of you, everday and every hour. I do believe that with compassion we can change the world.

Yesterday, I bought myself a smaller computer so that I can carry it with me easier than the bigger Power Macbook I use normally. With this smaller one I can also surf everywhere in Sweden so my blog can be filled easier even when I am not at my home;=) Great, ha?

And I really wanted a pink PC and I found one...;=) Its a Samsung and its really small;=)

Friday, 26 June 2009

Friday cosy;=)

So, its time to have my "own" cosy time after having cleaned the house totally and put my son to bed. Now its my time and I love to pamper myself with some lighted candles, my favourite tea - Kusmi green tea, paint my nails with a new nice colour and then watch some tv. At the moment its Minority report with Tom Cruise... a great movie;=)

I hope you all have a nice and cosy evening, no matter where you are.

Today I light my candles especially for Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett who both tragically past away yesterday.

I also light the candles for all those who arent feeling so well, both in spirit and in body. For those who have a hard time, who are lonely, who seek for love, who aim for closeness, who have been hurt, who are afraid, who are without food, who needs comfort... I think of you...

From me to all of you - an angel...
Good night, sweet dreams...


I can tell you that I am a big flower lover;=)

I love the look of beautiful flowers and in my place I dont like having planted flowers, I want fresh roses and lillies and I buy it every week. Today I got some apricot roses for the bathroom, pink ones for the bedroom and some purple/pink flowers which I dont know the name of but they smell lovely.

The afternoon

So, my hunt for wallpapers didnt go so well...
I found two great wallpapers but they would take 10 days to get delivered...;=( But I will go out tomorrow again to see if someone else has anything that looks anything like those two. The ones I found were from Designers Guild and perfect...

On our hunt we did some other errands and we ate some food. I ate a great salad, my son ate McDonalds and wanted me to show you the cup he got. Its from Ice age 3;=)
He also got the biggest ice-cream...;=)

I found a big dark closet I really am thinking of buying. It is perfect with shelves and glass doors.

Todays clothes

Ok, I am on my way out in the warm and sunny weather.

Today I wear denim trouser suit from Top Shop, Body from Monki, black old blouse (dont remember the brand), belt from Top Shop and shoes from Dolce & Gabbana.

And no make-up today either;=)

Have a great day everyone!

Gotland or Astrid

So I have 1,5 week in the beginning of august when we dont have any gigs and I feel that I want to do something fun then. I have never been to the island Gotland here in Sweden so that could really be something to visit. They have a well-known middle-age week theme at that same time so I really need to check if there is any hotels etc to go there then;=)

But then there is also the other alternative that I wanna go again and that is to Astrid Lindgrens värld. Its the place where all the figures from our famous author lives. Pippi Longstocking, Emil etc. And I have been there 3 times and its a great place for both adults and children;=)

Hard decisions...


I have had this creativity urge in my body some days now and I just feel I need to get it out... I wanna put some new wallpaper up on my wall...I wanna paint a big painting...I wanna fix things...God, I am restless...

I really need to go out and buy some wallpaper...but I dont know how to put them up...hmmm..need to search the internet for tips...
Is anyone out there a great wallpaper-fixer???? Give me tips then so I know what to think about and how to put them up;=)