Friday, 31 July 2009

Time for bed...

...cause I am so tired...and tomorrow will be a cool day;=) me and my son are leaving for a mum-son weekend trip and it will be a blast. So, early bird will wake us up and then we drive to where we are going;=) I will of course take photos and let you know about our day when I have time.
Sleep well all of you and hugs!

"Angelic Perception lies entirely in the inner eye of the beholder ."
We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another. ~Luciano de Crescenzo

Afternoon coffee;=)

So, we painted the first round and then went and bought some more paint since we decided to add one more colour and I also got an idea of doing some writing on the wall in the kitchen=)

Went to see my mum and her husband and took with us some really yummie bakeries;=) They were sooooo good!

We played Bob the builder game;=) My mum won all three times!!

My mum has some really nice tomato and berry plants. And lovely flowers;=)


like hell...we are fixing and making the wall look good but it takes its time to measure everything etc...but I will post photos as we progress...;=)

Enjoy the day!

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Todays song;=)

So, I am sitting singing and playing guitar and I just love to sing this song;=)


(video borrowed from

Good morning!

Sitting here checking the computer, drinking coffee and have eaten strawberry protein pancakes today...they were also delicious;=)

Its gonna be bad rainy weather all day today so we are going to go on a long ride and take my son and my bfs family to a kids place with lots of activities. Its good that those kinda houses exists for the bad and rainy days so the kids can have fun still;=)

Then if I have time I will go and try and get the paint for the wall I am gonna paint at home. Someone asked about the colours and this is my plan: we have white walls in the living room except for one which is black. To add some colour and make it a little more warm in the room I want to just paint some lines in different sizes, some thicker and some thinner in the colours fuchsia, silver metallic and then some other. So a small little colour vibe in all the black.

We have lots of things to fix in the apartment so the coming weeks whenever we have time off will be fixing. I will tell you about all I do. Its fun to have some creative things to do at home and I love fixing and seeing how nice it looks afterwards.

I will do a round of answering questions soon again but I cant promise I have time this week since I am leaving for a weekend trip with my son. Its my only off-weekend this summer so perfect time to go and do some mum-son activities;=)

Now soon time to leave, but see you later. Enjoy the day;=)

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Home finally...

after some food shopping, looking at some colours to paint in the living room, carpets etc...puh...and then went with my son and ate at a nice restaurant The Tivoli;=) Its the only live music place with bigger concerts etc here and its really a nice and relaxed place to hang around.

Now so full off food and tired so soon to bed. But found two photos from late yesterday evening when we took a walk down to the harbour and beach;=)

Enjoy and sleep well!

Protein pancakes

Hi everyone and hope you had a good sleep like I did;=)

I started the day with a long jogging trip, 45 minutes long and now we are eating protein pancakes. Here´s the recipe:

1,25 dl oatmeal
1 whole egg and 3 whites
1,5 dl whey protein (we used chocolate flavour)
3 table spoons cottage cheese
1 table spoon vanilla sugar
some nuts
1 banana

Mix everything with a hand mixer and fry slowly;=)

Soooo yummie!!

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

New toys;=)

So, I didnt only buy vitamins, I got myself some nice new exercising toys;=) I bought a fitness clock that monitors the heart rate and tells how many calories I have burned etc. I took a jogging trip and it worked really well. I know, I have been a bit ill but I am not the person to take it easy for long...I do get restless.

And I also got myself a new pair of weights for my weight exercise and these are a bit heavier.

For those of you who want me to talk about singing etc, here´s todays tip:

Exercising the heart is important for a singer. Aerobic exercising where you use the heart and lungs like jogging is really good. We have a famous opera singer in Sweden, Malena Ernman and she exercises a lot and she says she needs to, to be able to sing opera every night and I do agree with her. Singing long shows takes it turns and the times when I have been ill on stage or out of order with the food and exercising has made those shows so hard and so bad for my breathing. Especially since I have astma I need to be in good shape and this whole tour we have done has taken my body down and now I want to get back to where I was before we started;=)
Now time for a great nice smoothie;=) Sleep well and enjoy the rest of the evening.

So sweet...

...all of you are;=) All the nice comments in the last post makes me happy and warm;=)

Thanks and I do hope you all know that I am happy you are here;=)

I just came back from a little ride and I went and bought myself lots of nice vitamines and fish oil pills etc since I feel that my body need some extras now when I am a vegetarian. Thanks to everyone who helped me with that;=) My mood has been totally weird and I do believe it is the lack of some essential things in the body but now I will be full of happiness soon again..

Its weird that the hormones and the body are so dependent on the things we put inside about a complex body and mind...

I got some really nice photos sent to me today from Seinäjoki and I want to share some of them here. Credits and copyright: Tiia Santavirta


from the bed today. I still dont feel totally fine but cant lie down either so have been out checking some new furniture to my living room and had a coffee.

Someone said in the comment section: Why dont you write about music or NW anymore, have you forgotten you are NW singer?

I am NW singer but this is MY blog, not Nightwish blog... and this blog is about what I like and want to write about which is clothes, my music taste etc;=)

So, sure, I can write about NW and music when I feel like it... but my life is not only about NW, you know;=)

Tonight its time for my son to graduate from his swimming school and my mum will join us;=) Its great to learn how to swim and for me as a parent, a nice and good safety feeling whenever we are by the water. When I was a kid I lived with my dad in the summers up in the middle of Sweden and attended the swimming school for many weeks. We took lots of little badges like the silver fish, the gold fish, the frog etc;=) I loved the water and was lying in there all day till my lips were totally blue and I was shaking of cold...My dad had to drag me up from the sea..

I still love to swim but with aging I want the water to be warmer and cleaner than when I was younger;=)

Here is a photo of me from my young swimming days;=)

Monday, 27 July 2009

Todays inspiration

Shoes Chloé, Bracelet Lulu Guinness , Leather jacket Helmut Lang, Tee E.vil, Tie-dye leggings Charley 5.0 and bag Stella McCartney.


So, I am ill...;=( And I cant do the things I wanted today, like hosting my sons birthday party for his friends...that sucks! But I am ill and I need to rest, so today its dvd-day and just taking pills and resting.

I am glad I have the Medium box with me;=) That sure helps!

Lots of hugs to all of you and hope you all have a great and sunny day;=)

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Cleaning done...

...and now I am waiting for my son to come home. Then we need to go and get some food. I dont have anything at home today since I came home late yesterday so I guess we will go and grab some chinese food;=)

I would love to eat this salad today...its strawberries, watermelon, feta cheese and mint;=) Sounds delicious!


According to a dream lexicon, dreaming that myself or anyone else is ill is exactly the opposite meaning. It means health and a long good life;=) Yeah! Thats exactly what I feel;=) Life is good and will get better and better and better and better and....;=)

Todays song;=)

Is one of my absolute favourites. The band is called Oh Laura and from Sweden. They play great songs and the singer is fabolous;=) Enjoy!

(video borrowed from

Tired today...

slept so deep this night and had really weird dreams... its the second time I dream that I have a really bad cough with some terrible slime balls coming up and the worst part is that the slime balls are like stuck in my throat and I have to really work hard to get them up...?? I dont know what my mind wants to tell me but its weird that I dream it so often as two nights in a row... any dream tellers out there??? ;=)

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Finally home...

and I am so tired and beat up so I will go to bed and watch Medium and then get a long nice sleep;=)

Tomorrow its cleaning day so I need to be rested;=)

Sleep well and see you all tomorrow!!

Make-up tip

I need to share some really good products I bought this week that I have fallen in love with.

They are from Smashbox and the first one is a cream that you use as a rouge that activates from your skin chemistry and the other one is a lip-plumper/gloss with the same technique. They are my new favourites and I can really recommend them;=)

Kiitos Seinäjoki;=)

Thanks so much to all you brave finnish people who crossed the rain and stood there yesterday listening to us;=) I felt so sorry for all of you and I wish you had gotten sun on you instead...but swedish and finnish summer weather unfortunately is like that;=( Still, kiitoksia and lots of hugs for coming!!!

Me and Mimi totally forgot to take before-show outfit unfortunately I only have a very sweaty, gloomy after-show photo where I also have taken the high boots down to get the sweat out...but I know you can find better photos in the internet;=)

Dress from Yuki, leggings Urban outfitters and boots from Willow;=)

The trip to Seinäjoki...

was long and included train, flight, cab, train and walking...took us all day to get there and that was why I didnt have time to post anything yesterday... today the same trip back and at the moment I am in the lounge in Helsinki waiting for my flight...

Thursday, 23 July 2009

I went out;=)

The rain has stopped and I needed some water and drinks so I took a walk in the festival and listened to a band called Eldkvarn, checked the tivoli carousels and looked at people;=) Lots and lots of people outside and the festival will last till saturday so I still can go there when I come home late saturday evening;=)

Now time to pack for tomorrow, early morning as always and tomorrow we play in Seinäjoki in Finland;=) Sleep well and sweet dreams;=)

I like these;=)

My best friend Linda would look soooo good in this:=) Linda, if you read this, dont you agree???

These and lots more of nice goth/rock clothes can be found in Odium clothing. Enjoy!!

Ok, I will stay home...

since its raining cats and dogs out there now;=( But a nice warm bath is on and some candles lit and Katatonia playing;=) Its not bad at all...

Warm hugs to you!

While I try and decide...

about what to do, I drink one favourite drink;=) O´boy and milk...yummie!!!
When I was a kid I took O´boy and sour milk and ate as breakfast...weird but it was really good;=)

Now when I am a vegetarian I get more weird cravings than ever...usually I get desperate need for fanta or orange juice...? And now chocolate you think I have some mineral or vitamine loss? I think the body tells us what we need so I just drink and eat whatever it says;=)

My day

So far my day has been tired and relaxed just my cat Kulan here;=)

Went down to my best friend Linda and had a nice coffee with her and the girls at Idas Hårdesign;=) Very nice to have a girlie chit-chat..

Now I cant decide weather I shall go down to the big festival we have in the city today with lots of artists playing or take a bath and wash my hair in the nice cocoa smelling schampoo and conditioner from Bumble and Bumble... the decision is hard since I wanna hear the music but the rainy clouds are hanging all over the town...;=(