Sunday, 30 August 2009

This weekend in photos... here;=)

I bought some new things to plant in my balcony boxes too, but will plant them and take photos tomorrow. Now sunday and relaxtion;=)


...and today we are going to one of the highlights during the late summer for me. Its called the big "Garden party" and it is in Sofiero. Maybe you remember that I have put some photos from there a while ago. Its an old castle and a big big park where they are famous for their garden and big outdoor concerts during the summer.

In the Garden party they show beautiful garden flowers, decorations etc and sell home made honey, apples and more... its truly a super nice event and today, we are going;=)

Yesterday, my son and his team won all the 3 games they played;=) He was so happy and I think he got 1 inch taller from it;=)

In the evening, we went to my sisters place and just had some tea, cake and talked. I love sitting with her and just talk about this and that;=)

Now, time to go! Enjoy your sunday;=)

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Saturday morning;=)

Hope you all slept well! I slept so good and when I woke up the song I started yesterday just filled my head;=) so, today after all the things I need to do in the daytime, I need to sit down by the piano again.

I cant tell you how I love to do songs again. Its been so many years just singing others songs and that is so fine, but there still is something in me as an artist that wants to come out. A creativity inside that needs to be let outside;=) And with all the touring these 2 years I havent had any feeling of that flow but now with the easier and more normal life, it comes to me. Its a nice feeling;=)

Now, breakfast and then taking my son to football tournament. He is playing in the A-team for the first time so very very excited;=)

See you later! Enjoy the day;=)

Friday, 28 August 2009

My friday...

...has been filled with going to the gym, taking a walk in the city and the stores, shopping food, cooking, sitting by the piano composing and now I am having a movie night;=) First I am watching "A shopoholics confession"..hihi...and then later it will be "The girl with the dragon tattoo". I think it is a good mix...first comedy and then, a thriller....can a friday evening be better???

Hope your day and evening is and will be a nice one too;=)

Here is tonights song for you, enjoy! (since I read that the other song You was something Amy Lee didnt want published I changed the song)

About the solo album;=)

Hi everyone and thanks for the happy comments, that gets me warm inside;=)

The album is of course just in the startings but I will contribute doing the songs together with the guys and I will start that immediately. Anders is thinking on his side and me here... Then we meet and try out the ideas and we´ll see what it will be like. But yeah, rocky it will be for sure. Not metal, but rock;=)

And about Nightwish, you all know I love that band and of course this is not a solo career, but an album. I cant sit and do nothing for maybe 1.5- 2 years. None of the guys can either. Marco has Tarot and several other bands and projects, Emppu Brother Firetribe and projects, Tuomas bands and projects and Jukka his merch company. So, I need something too. And I dont want another band, cause I have Nightwish. Then a solo will be just perfect. I can decide when and what I will tour or perform, all in the aspect of when Nightwish will do something new. We dont know that. Its all in Tuomas hands and he is the creator. We are the instruments.

I hope people can stop thinking that the singer CANT do anything else but the instrumentalists can. I have the same right as my fellow band members to do anything on the side when NW is not playing or touring.

I am for sure excited and I know I have my part to play with the songs and the album and I have already started thinking of songs and lyrics. It was a long time since I did songs, but I will soon be back in business;=)

The person I met yesterday.... a very famous and incredibly talented songwriter;=) He has done so many hit songs and has been working with Madonna, Celine Dion, Janet Jackson, Jessica Simpson and many many more. He is also one of the jury members in Swedish Idols and a show called Made in Sweden.

Some of the songs he has done are:
"Get together" - Madonna
”Play” – Jennifer Lopez
”Let me love you tonight” – Carlos Santana
”Sorry for love” – Céline Dion
”Naked” – Celine Dion
”Have you ever been in love” – Céline Dion
”Aint gonna look the other way” – Céline Dion
”My heart goes out to you” – Belinda Carlisle
”Only for you” – Ronan Keating
”Even If I’m gone” – Ronan Keating
”Believe” – Carola
”Regnet som faller” – Carola
”All nite (don’t stop)” – Janet Jackson
”Slo love” – Janet Jackson
”Irresistible” – Jessica Simpson
”What you believe in” – Take That
”Here we go” – Robyn
”Where did our love go” – Robyn
”Good thang” – Robyn
”Happy” – Legacy of Sound

He is a true Cannibal Corpse lover and rock lover;=) At the moment he has done some albums and one of the bands he is doing at the moment are called Apollo Drive. I really liked the songs he played and the first single Time is a bit heavier and I like it! Here it is:

Me and Petri came to his big house and had a meeting with him and his two co-writer team. It was a really fun and crazy moment;=) Anders is a really funny guy and I laughed all the time;=)

We were there to talk about a collaboration to make songs for a solo album for me, now when I have a break from Nightwish. I am looking forward to do songs now and I believe this will be great;=)

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Back home...

...and everything has been so great today. I will tell you about my meeting tomorrow cause now I am to tired.

Sleep well!

Off to Stockholm;=)

Will be back home late so dont know if I have any time to write today, but I will be back tomorrow if so is the case. Enjoy this thursday with happy smiles and positive thoughts. And wish me luck for my important meeting;=)

Hugs and love!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Inspirational people...

Let me tell you about a man that goes to my gym and works out. He has no legs and no arms, only fake ones. Still he and his assistant goes to the gym and he walks fast on the tread mill, work out in the gym section in the machines... He looks so happy and are a truly inspirational person to me. Today he stood next to me and we talked a bit and he just glows positivism... Wow!

I once worked for many years at an office here in town and a girl was working with me. There I sat sometimes, complaining about headache, my period and you name it...I was around 21 years old and she was the same age.
One day she says: hey, since we work so closely I feel I want to ask you to help me with something. I say yes and she continues: You know, I have a serious heart condition and only have 25 % heart capacity so IF something would happen, I have these medicines in my purse...
I just stare at her...this girl walked around in the stairs, around the hallways etc....and NEVER ever complained or said anything about feeling ill...Never! And there I was, so healthy and just complaining about those "little" things... I felt so stupid;=)

Of course everyone has their own problems and bad days and of course its ok to complain sometimes but some people are for me, so brave and so strong and I must say that I look up to them;=)

More old DPP tour photos;=)

This time its some from our US tour with Paradise Lost;=)


Spa day today;=)

So, just back from the gym and I tell you, 8 days of exercising in a row takes its turn today;=) Tomorrow I am going to Stockholm for an interesting and important meeting so it will be my resting day and my body needs it now. I am soar everywhere;=)

In an hour its time for another time at the spa, this time its a facial and a muscular massage. I look so forward since I didnt sleep well this night. So I will sleep for sure;=)

Enjoy the day!

Long busy day yesterday;=)

Sorry for my absence yesterday but it was a busy busy day filled with things to do..

Took my son to school, then to the gym for 1,5 hour. Ate lunch, picked up my son and went to an ear specialist with him since he has problems hearing with the left ear. Went well, he had lots and lots of wax that the doctor needed to vacuum out. Then ear drops for one week and next week back to do the hearing test.

In the afternoon we went to IKEA to get lots of little things like curtains, curtain holders, candles etc. And also looked at some clothes cupboards, commode and shoes shells to put all my stage clothes in. Will order them and get them delivered since it will be quite some things to get home.
The big closet looks like this

And the drawer look like this

The curtains to the living room look like this and are velvet:

The day before we picked up a new fuchsia coloured carpet to the living room and it made such a big difference to get some colour in there=) It feels so much warmer and cosier now and I love it!

Monday, 24 August 2009

Answering private comments...

Ok, this is what we have decided to do about ev. private personal comments that I want to answer:

I wont answer every personal comment, that is impossible for me and I do need to limit myself. But those I feel I really need or want to answer I will answer via email that you will get through my management. Since the people there have lots of other things to do, it can take some time for the answers.

What I answer and why, is all up to me and I hope you can respect and understand this. Having an email here wont do, since I am sorry to say, there would be to much haters and others I dont wanna bother with;=)

“If ever there is tomorrow when we're not together.. there is something you must always remember. you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. but the most important thing is, even if we're apart.. i'll always be with you.”
(Said by Winnie the pooh)

Back from the gym

today I really pushed myself when jogging. I want to get faster when running my 5 km and today I pushed my limit a little bit. Have read that if you wanna be faster, you should bend a bit forward and that helped;=)

My chiropractor cracked me again and I have a really stressed and locked neck and back but we think that with the less stress from touring, exercising more, getting that nail bed and massage now and then will help me to get free from it in some time. It feels so much better already after 4 treatments and I feel less tired too;=)

Now time for some woked veggies, sesame nuggets and then a shower.

Breakfast time;=)

Sitting eating my breakfast ready to go to my chiropractor. I have changed from the protein pancakes to protein oatmeal now;=)

Easy to do: do the oatmeal like its said in the package (oatmeal, water and salt) and then add a scoup of strawberry or any other flavour proteing powder. Add some more water if necessary.

To this is I eat some strawberry jam and cottage cheese. And coffee in my Mumin cup of course;=)

Enjoy the day!

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Some photos I found in my computer;=)

I found some photos from along the whole world tour in my computer so I will share them with you now and then..first some from the first Europe tour with my favourite boys, Pain;

Here is our guitar tech and my "helper" on stage, Antti;=)

The great and lovely Pain boys;=)

Pain boys and the toilet seat we signed and tried to sell as merchandise;=)

Me and our lovely and beautiful merchandise girl, Erin;=)

Back from the gym..

...and I really need to go to a zoo store and buy cat toys...cause Stjärnan is soooo active and restless...God, I dont think I have ever had a cat as lively as her;=)

The nail bed is tried out for the first time and I really needed to have a thin top on, cause I couldnt bare the pain...I do have such tensions in the back etc that my mum said it can take a while to relax on it. But I laid there for 10 minutes and I fell so fast down in a deep meditation was very very nice and I will use it often, every day now in the beginning.

They say that if you have a sleeping problem, like I do, you should lie on the bed 10-20 min before bed time...tonight I try that;=)

Now, a shower..

And regarding the comments I get that are personal and want personal answers: As for now, I cant answer any emails since I only have a private email, but be patient, me and my management are talking about the best solution for answering these things. So the ones that are yet not answered, I will do that when I can if you cant allow me to answer in the blog.

Nail bed;=)

Ok, some people wondered what this bed of nails is...its a bed of plastic "nails" which are said to be helping for neck pain, back pain, stress syndromes, sleeping disorders etc It triggers acupuncture points in the back and neck. I couldnt find an english site about it;=(

And yes, it does hurt...but I will try and learn, since so many people around me praise this thing;=)

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Back from my relaxation;=)

Oh, why dont I do this more often??? I am that person that are sooo bad at stressing down and taking care of my body and that´s something I have decided to change now...

My spa-treatment was in a nice place called Njuta. The treatment I got today is called "sun" and started with a foot bath and a nice cup of tea in a relaxing room with floating waterfall, calming music and soft lights.

Then after 15 minutes a nice girl called Emma came and picked me up and took me to a treatment room where I lied down and first got a scrub all over my body. Then I took a shower before getting a clay mask with sea salt etc in it all over. Got tucked into plastic and a heating cover and laid to rest for some time. I was so warm and cosy that I fell asleep for some time;=)

Then a shower again before she massaged my back and body with a body lotion. She made a muscualar massage which I really need for the back.

We talked about stress and living a hectic lifestyle and she said she uses a bed of nails which she recommended for my ache and sleeping problems, so I bought one;=)

I also booked a new appointment for next week with a facial treatment and muscular massage. My new life has started... and it will be more relaxed, less stressful and taking care of this body;=)

Now, gym time...

Spa day;=)

Good morning everyone!

And thanks for all the nice and interesting comments. I will answer them later today, since now I am going to treat myself;=) I have an appointment at a spa soon and will do a full body treatment called "Sun" which is gonna take 1,5 hour...I need the stress-relief and this is one of the things I do to start my new "calmer" life;=)

See you little later and enjoy the saturday;=)


Friday, 21 August 2009

Nothing new under the sun today... day have been as normal, no new things to report,=) I have been at the gym for 1.5 hour and it was great! Then some rest and now cleaning the house and will maybe go to my mums house after that to show her precious "Stjärnan"...otherwise just a nice and cosy friday alone in the apartment with some tv and relaxing...

And Bonome, I answer the comments I feel I want or need to can be some that I feel more for and if I have the time to sit down and answer them.

Have a nice evening!


To Mina H;=)

Hi Mina,

I am the only one who reads the comments before publishing, so you can write what you want to me there;=)

I will read and answer you if you like;=)


To Lisa;=)

Hi Lisa,

I didnt want to put out the long comment you wrote me, since it felt as it was personal and for me only. But I will answer here since thats the only way to answer you. Hope this is ok=)

When it comes to other people, even the ones that are the closest ones to us, we sometimes get hurt by them and its very hard to understand why they, who should love us as we are, try to change us or say hurting things... I think we sometimes dont think about what we say and how we say it and maybe it sometimes can be meant as a "caring" advice but ends up as the total opposite thing..

In my life I have had so many people saying what to do and how I should be etc, and I am that "nice" person who listen to others and want to be loved by them. Especially in my teenage years and up until my 30s I was always listening to much to my closest ones and friends and sometimes got really really hurt by their ways and what they said to me. They could say things that they thought was how I was or what I should do to do the right thing, but they didnt know me so much since the advices many times were wrong for me... but still, I didnt say anything and just held it within me. And thats really not the best way to do it. Then you get angry and mad at them in the end and can react stronger than necessary whenever they say anything, even nicer things..

So, I have decided to take away the people that try to control me and the ones I feel have a negative vibe on me and then the ones that I have felt listen to me and understand that I am me, I do what I want, they respect me for being who I am etc.. those persons I still have around me and today I can say to them: Thanks for your advice or help, but I dont agree with you.

What i mean is, in your situation, if they continue disrespecting you and saying those things, that you feel are not right. Its not who you are, they are wrong etc... you need to put your foot down and tell them it hurts you, that they are wrong etc and if they cant change, if you still feel they hurt you etc, you should think about if they are something you need and want in your life... hard and big decisions, but sometimes just a "break" from them can make things "click" in them that they should respect you more..

I do hope something of what I am saying makes sense to you, its hard to write things down and especially in another language than my own;=)

Keep it up, be as you want to be, stand up for yourself and always know that noone has the right to tell you those things they do! its disrespectful and very hurting...

hugs and love,

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Lovely sunny day;=)

Today its so warm and nice here in Sweden so all day have been an outdoor day for me... took a long nice power walk this morning and then went and bought new running shoes and exercising clothes. its something I dont buy that often but now its time for some fresh ones;=)

Now its time for the gym and then some dinner;=)

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Forest trip with Nightstar (Stjärnan);=)

Yesterday we took a trip to the forest with our little "baby" Nightstar, now called Stjärnan;=) We had a great time throwing a frisbee around, barbecuing sausages and walking a nice walk in the forest. Saw some deers, a duck and lots of smaller insects, which "Stjärnan" found very interesting...

She was feeling more comfortable sitting inside of "dads" vest jacket but also walked a bit on her own;=) She was soooo tired when we got home and slept all night long...good little baby;=)

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

More Savonlinna;=)

Ok, some more photos from our weekend in Savonlinna. Here from the boat ride to the venue, Olavinlinna, the first gig day;=)


Ok, I have so many photos from the weekend in Finland so lets start and I will try and publish them as fast as I can;=)

We arrived to Finland last friday from Stockholm and we flew Stockholm-Helsinki and then to Joensuu, which is close to Savonlinna where we were gonna play two gigs. We rented a car and went to Tuomas place for some nice barbecue and a sleep-over;=) Since I dont want to show our private homes etc, I can only show some forest photos from nearby his home.

Saturday 15/8-09 Savonlinna gig no 1:
We started driving from Tuomas home before lunch and when we arrived to Savonlinna we went eating at a nice chinese restauraunt. After eating, we were picked up by a limousine that took us to the castle Olavinlinna for our sound check.
Here are some photos from the sound check:

Stockholm part 3;=)

More from my Stockholm week...

My outfit was a black Hervé Leger dress and silver shoes from Dior. Linda made my hair and make-up.

We had our dressing rooms in the opera house, whích was so beautiful. Wish we could have been singing on the opera stage someday too;=)

I was so happy to share stage with one of my favourite singers, Frida Hyvönen. She is such a wonderful and warm person and I sure hope to meet her more times.

New baby in the family...;=)

A month ago we were talking about getting a new little kitten since our two ladies were old...but we said: lets wait.. Then last week in the loss of Kulan and my grief and sadness, we found the same kitten again as we had talked about and guess what? She was still not sold;=) So, fast decision was made and we bought her and picked her up when we landed yesterday. Long drive but sooo worth it cause she is a princess and we adore her;=) Well, Gremlins is a bit cranky but I can see that she will be friends with her soon... so, we havent slept so much since the little one was very playful this night. Her name is Nightstar, but I call her Stjärnan. She is a girl maine coon and they can be very very big;=) Here is some photos and a video. Enjoy! (and sorry for my "baby-talking", but she is like a little baby;=)

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Stockholm continuation;=)

Ok, back from a nice boat ride here in Savonlinna. Raining like hell but really nice still;=) Thanks to VIP cruise for taking us with you;=) The lake is called Saimmaa. I will post photos later...

Here comes more updates from the Stockhom week first;=)

Wednesday 12/8-09:

Went shopping with my friend and stylist Linda. We got some nice make-up things and clothes. I got the biggest herpes virus infection last sunday so had to go the emergency to get medicine since both the whole lips and my eye was infected. I still have problems with it and my mouth is hurting but it usually takes at least one or two weeks to get it over with... so we had to buy a nice concealer etc to cover it up;=)

Then in the evening we went to Gröna Lund, which is Stockholms tivoli. It was lots of fun. Took some rides with my son and Linda and we also tried to win some chocolate but no luck this time;=(
Came a fast rain shower but luckily we were inside eating a nice dinner at that moment;=)

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Sorry for my absence...

...but these days in Stockholm have been hectic with lots to do and family to see;=)

But now I am in Savonlinna and have some time before our first gig here tonight so here comes an update...

Tuesday 11/8:

Arrived to Stockholm and immediately had to leave to the rehearsals with the orchestra and choir in Berwaldhallen. I was so inredibly nervous and when we came there they just threw me in in front of 70 orchestra people who I had to stand and look at while singing...for those who know me real close, knows I get incredibly nervous when being in that kinda, I didnt feel the rehearsal went so well and didnt get more than 20 min so it felt very worrying afterwards...

But my mum came to Stockholm and she comforted me and gave me strength, which I needed;=)

In the evening we checked out Stockholm and had a look at the stage I was gonna perform, met my family and some friends and it was nice.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Thanks... incredibly much to all of you sending Kulan your thoughts today... all the comments and words touched my heart so much and I feel blessed to have such wonderful warming and caring ones around me... Thanks!

This one touched me so much and sent me comfort tonight. Thanks Katrin, it helps me a lot to read this...


If it should be that I grow frail and weak
And pain should keep me from my sleep
Then you must do what must be done
For this, the last battle, can't be won.
You will be sad - I understand
Don't let your grief then stay your hand
For this day, more than all the rest
Your love and friendship stand the test.
We've had so many happy years
What is to come can hold no fears
You'd not want me to suffer, so
When the time comes, please let me go.
I know in time you too will see
It is a kindness you do to me
Although my tail, it's last has waved
From pain and suffering I've been saved.
Don't grieve that it should be you
Who has decided this thing to do
We've been so close, we two these years
Don't let your heart hold any tears.

Kulan is in cat heaven now....

I am so sad and it breaks my heart to tell you all that today Kulan was so ill that we needed to take the decision to end her pain and suffer and let her fall was extremely hard for me, since I couldnt be with her and I suffer from very bad guilt feelings about that. I know she knows that I wanted to be there...instead I asked my ex-husband who is the co-owner of her to go there and he did.

he said she looked really bad and that it was the right decision I took today. She didnt wanna take the medicine, nor eat and only lied down hanging with the head.

They will keep her for us until we get home so we can bury her and say our goodbyes in piece...

Kulan, I love you so much and I will forever have you in my heart.. I know you were needed elsewhere and had done your time on earth. But we will for sure meet soon again and until then: Rest in peace, we will forever be here and look up on you...

Kulan 1998-2009

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Oh, so tired...

...I am today...I couldnt go to sleep yesterday so I only got 5 hours of sleep and now my eyes are soooo tired I almost cant open them...

I need to wake up the boys now and have the last packing done before taking a cab to the airport and fly to Stockholm. When we arrive we will be picked up and driven to the hotel and then at 1.30 its time for my rehersals with the choir and orchestra;=)

So, I will be back a little later with report from the day...

And thanks to all of you again for the incredible wishes and comments about Kulan;=) The vet calls me during the day so you will get a full report about her too.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Kulan report

Hi everyone! I have read all of your so incredible comments and I started to cry again... you all are truly amazing and I cant thank you enough for caring for Kulan and us and thinking of us at this moment.

Me and my son went to see her a couple of hours ago and it was so nice just to see her and pet her, even if she is sooo weak. She is stuffed with medicines at the moment but she had been eating a little by herself and I know she is a fighter!

The hardest thing is that we need to leave for a week tomorrow so I cant go and see her and help her through this. I really feel miserable and I am so so sad...

I have always been an animal lover and love animals even more than humans in a way and these two cats have been my "children" for 11 years. I got them many years before I got my son and I treated them like my babies. They are both so special and they have never ever layed a hand on any child or grown-up no matter how mean anyone has been towards them. They are so incredibly social and friendly and warm-hearted. Losing them is for me, like losing any of my other family members. It couldnt come in a worse timing either...this week that is so nervous for me already with my first solo gig without the boys and also Savonlinna which I feel is so special for all of us..

Life is like this, I guess...ilnesses and death can come at any moment and there is no "good time" for it I know... but I do really feel that I would like to be here for her now.

Thanks again for all your warming greetings, I am sure she can feel it;=)

Long hard night...

..yesterday... when I came home from M´era Luna I found my cat Kulan very very ill.... she didnt move, didnt drink, was dizzy and couldnt even jump up into the bed...just lying underneath my sons bed and was very very ill...

So, went to the animal hospital and there I got the devastating answer that she has a severe deathly kidney desease. I got the choice to put her to sleep or that we should start to medicate her which can help and make her live a bit longer, maximum 1 year or so... and we still dont know if she will get better...

I sat there crying with a decision to take her life or not... how can I do that? What makes me decide that? I prayed for a sign to show me what to do and all of a sudden, she comes up really weak and dizzy and goes over to me and purrs...I looked in her eyes and I said: You are a fighter, we´ll fix this!

And it will be so expensive and hard for us all and I am leaving for Stockholm tomorrow and then off for a week so she needs to stay at the hospital until I get home but I feel that I owe her this. She is one in the family and I love her to death... I will do everything I can and then we can only pray that she will be better...

I will tell you more after the veterinarian has called me and let me know more...

Sunday, 9 August 2009

M´era Luna Festival;=)

Good night to ya all;=)

Just back from our last festival gig on this looooong tour we have done.

It has been a super nice evening and the audience was super duper! Vielen dank!!!

The day was a long travel day as usual and I was so tired that I fell asleep immediately when I arrived to the hotel and slept for 2 hours. Then woke up at 20.30 and fixed my make-up and got dressed. Went to the gig just before as usual and then i just plugged in my in-ears and we hugged and made the ritual as we always do before a show.

We all were in a happy and shiny mood and I felt that it was a relaxed gig for us all;=)

We only had one technical problem after some songs, the cable between the PA on stage and down to the front of house guy broke so we couldnt play for a while and then had to cut one song....very disappointing that something like that happens but luckily it was fixable and we could go on with 3 more songs;=)

So this was the very last festival gig for us for DPP tour and I know we all are so grateful and blessed for all the festivals we have played these 2 summers and we have some incredible gigs to remember until next festival gigs in the next tour;=)

My outfit today was skirt and jacket from Gucci, body from Monki and shoes from Rizzo.

Sleep well and hugs!

Friday, 7 August 2009

My inspirations in singing..

So, I have read that you want me to tell more about my vocal preferences and what I was influenced of when I started singing etc.. so, I will start it out with a great vocalist that my mum played at home and I must say is a great great singer which can do some amazing stuff with her singing. This song is one I always have loved and just listen to the scat part;=)

Miss Natalie Cole with Mr Melody, enjoy!


..time and trying to wake up nice and slow...

I am leaving for the chiropractor soon to see if he can fix my back and neck since I am so stiff and have the worst pain in my whole right side and cant even look backwards that direction. I think the tivoli ride did some pretty bad damage in my back;=(
My mum said that I am to old for going in the rides and I think I have to agree...maybe I am not to old but my body is;=) hehe...

Today will otherwise be a social day cause I am going to meet my childhood friend and my sister today. It will be great;=) We all have busy schedules so its hard to get some time to meet, but today we will make it happen;=)

And I will also take my new super nice bike which I havent been riding so much on (shame on me) and ride to get some black paint to fix those little things that were bad in the wall painting.

I also have something I need some suggestions for and maybe you all can help me? I have bought some nice beige colour to use for writing some words in a kitchen wall. I have seen things like: live your dream, this is a kitchen etc...

I dont want any to long sentence, quite if you have some suggestions, please write it in the comments sections and help me;=) thanks!

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Popkollo part 3;=)

The girls are all so sweet and I think they can all be great musicians if they want to. Getting the privilege of doing such a great thing as going away on a camp like this is for sure something I wish more girls can do. I said to Mia, one of the leaders, that they should expand outside of Sweden too. It´s a great idea and I am impressed by the people behind this thing for their work and the whole idea of these camps;=)

Thanks to all of you at popkollo for this wonderful and giving are all very very special and I can see that you all can be exactly what you want to be in life;=) I will be on the look-out for you in MTV and the festivals the coming years;=) And good luck for this sundays concert, you will rock!!!

Hugs and lots of love,

Popkollo part 2;=)

The girls learn both to play, to sing, to do merchandise and other important things to know when having a band. They make their own songs and some sang in swedish and some in english. They had made their own t-shirts and bags and they looked awesome;=)

Yesterday they had a class in growling and I must say that the 2 girls I heard growling can for sure be the next Angela Gossow;=)

Sunday is the last day for the camp and also the big concert for parents and close ones and I am sure it will be great. If I hadn´t been out travelling that day I would have loved to come and listen to them.