Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Angels calendar

I love angels and everything with angels so today I went to our new age store and found the most beautiful calendar. Its called "Messages from your angels, perpetual flip calendar". It has every day of the year in it with different beautiful angel motives and I will cherish this every day;=)

Back home...

Hi everyone;=)

Have had a great afternoon today;=) Went to my dearest friend Linda and had a cup of tea with her and chit-chatted a bit. Then to the dentist and finally got my biting plate. Now I will sleep so much better!! Jippie!!

Then I bought some nice teas and pills in the health store to help me survive my bad PMS every month...grrr...I hate the hormones!

Had a very very nice dinner at an indian restaurant called Taj Mahal. Chicken with zucchini, tomatoes, cream sauce and salad;=)

As a dessert I went and took a coffee at Waynes Coffee and red in my book for some hour just chilling and then went to some stores to look at some things that I put away for tomorrow.

In the evening I went to a parents meeting in my sons school and that was nice to learn more about what they are doing right now, what the yearly study plan is to learn etc.

I bought this very warm and cosy cotton scarf at Gina Tricot today and I can recommend it;=)

Now, idols on TV...

clothes today;=)

Today I am grey;=) I have my favourite brand of jeans on, Current and Elliott, grey tee and cardigan from Bella Jones and shoes from Zinda.

Now, to the city and then the dentist;=)

Morning coffee;=)

Oh, another sunny and lovely day and today I am relieved cause I am going to the dentist to get my new bite plate and I really need it! I had one before for many years but it broke 1 year ago and now my biting in the nights have been so horrible that I wake up with tension pains every morning and my teeth are totally even, which the dentist says are no good... I asked her if she can polish my vampire teeths back to being more like fangs again and she can;=) So, lets see if we have time to do that today.

Now I am drinking morning coffee and then its time for the gym. Cant decide whether to do weights or run. Lets see what it will be when I am there;=)

Some things I do need are some new exercising clothes but we only have boring stores here in the city so I think I have to order them from American Apparel. They have more cool dance-like things and thats what I love to exercise in;=)

These things are what I want to order to bright up the exercising;=) I think I will order them today.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Time for bed again...

I always have a hard time not going to bed to late since I always sit by the computer or watch some film etc...but I do need my sleep so now its time to crawl down and enjoy the cosy pillow;=)

Someone asked me in the comments section today if I miss touring and are bored? Actually I do miss singing and working. Not the flying etc, but the boys and being on stage;=) So I wrote to Tuomas today: write the songs fast, let the music flow! ;=)

Now: sleep and remember:

Amor vincit omnia - Love conquers all. (Virgil)

My day;=)

So, I was on the town all afternoon and it was nice but a bit windy and cold even if the sun was shining.

Had some thai food at Big Buddha, tea at Waynes Coffee and walked around and had a nice relaxing day;=)

Tonight I have been watching Idols and now paid all those bills...necessary evil, right?;=)

Hope you all had a great day!

Howdy ho;=)

So, a very very good morning (or good day;=) to you all;=) I slept long and then took a nice soft coffee time with a gossip magazine and just chilling. Today its blue skies and sunny nice weather outside so I really need to go outside and have a coffee at some outdoor coffee shop;=)

I hope you all will have a beautiful day too;=)

Monday, 28 September 2009

Funk class

So, back from the dance and today it was funk again, which I love;=) When I studied at Balettakademien, my biggest problem was the classical ballet since I just dont look graceful at all...;=) I got so much critique for my soft hands and slappy fingers...haha! Oh, I can just see it now...I had NEVER had any ballet class before and at the age of 21 they wanted me to float over the floor like a swan...I tell was the worst thing ever...but I loved the jazz/show dance and funk. I am a good dancer in the way that I learn fast and are very soft in my body, but the arms etc are totally out uf gracefullness. But who cares: I love dancing and I hope in my next life I can be a dancer;=)

I am checking out some more dance classes to attend to and I hope I can find some show dance class here in the city.

My favourite dance TV series Fame are soon coming out as a movie again and I long for it. Also Flashdance and Footloose were great movies back in the "old" days;=)

Now, shower;=)

I like these girls style and blogs;=)

I read so many different blogs from Sweden and around the world to get inspiration and one of my favourites is a girl named Frida Fahrman. She is beautiful and has a very nice style;=) These leggings is the same as I have and I love them;=)

Another great blog is Chick with guns blog, written in english by a famous danish model named May Andersen. She has some beautiful photos in it and puts together very nice outfits that I like;=) Lots of black and skulls;=)

Clothes of the day;=)

So, these clothes would suit me perfectly today in this sunny but windy swedish weather:=)

They are all from Monki;=)

Drag me to hell

Yesterdays dinner was a success;=) We had 3 courses and the first was tiger schrimps fried in garlic, sambal oelek and lime. Sooo delicious;=)
Then as main course we had veal filet with broccoli and cauliflower terrin and then as dessert pannacotta with white chocolate in it and to that hot cloudberries. Yummie!

Then watched Drag me to hell and that was a funny wacko movie;=) I liked it cause it was like a comedy but still a scary movie.

Today I woke up by the rain and couldnt sleep so just went up and had coffee. Are driving my son to school and then breakfast before the gym. Are gonna do weights this morning and then in the evening a dance class again;=) Yesterday it was funk and lets see what they will offer us tonight.

I am starting to feel a bit restless now. One week of "vacation" feels like enough;=) I am a person that likes to have things to do so I will start some new projects this week.

Enjoy the day!

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Gregorian does Meadows of Heaven;=)

So guys, someone wrote in my comments that Gregorian has made Meadows of heaven in their latest album and today I bought the song from Itunes;=)

What do I think? Nice but I do like a female voice best;=) But I do like choirs and its nicely covered. The guitar solo is different from Emppus and of course I like Emppus better, but this was nice to hear too;=)

I cant link to it since I couldnt find it in youtube;=(

Today its this that I want to do...

...I go every year to this market day called "mikaeli market" which is a market filled with home made things to buy etc. And today I feel like going, despite the bad weather so I have to put lots of clothes on and walk there:=) I want to buy some tasty cheeses and berries;=)

So, I guess I need to take a shower and get ready! In the afternoon I am going to the dance class and then tonight we have invited my mum and her husband for a nice 3-course dinner;=)

Grey morning..

Oh, its so grey outside today...really cold too...only 8 degrees...brrr...

Then its nice to wake up, have a cup of coffee and sit and listen to my new albums I bought;=) Today I wake up to Muse. And of course I share it with you guys too;=)

Rise and shine!!!!;=)

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Gonna do me some nice blueberry pie;=)

Well, its saturday and that needs to be celebrated;=) Just ate some nice haloumi cheese and butter-fried cabbage so now its time to do the dessert and today I will do a blueberry pie with coconut in it;=)

Very easy recipe too;

150g blueberries
25-50 g butter
3 dl coconut
1-2 eggs
1 table spoon cinnamon or cardamom

Do like this:

Put the berries in an oven safe form.
Melt the butter, whip down the egg, mix with the coconut and cardemom to a corny paste. Put it on top of the blueberries and put into the oven at 200 degrees until the coconut is brown and hard;=)
Serve with whipped cream;=)

Bought some new albums today...

Just woke up from a long nap;=) I was sooo tired after getting up so early this morning that I passed out in front of my computer, watching True Blood...i slept so deep;=)

Today we passed the record store and it was a long time since I bought some new nice music to listen to so I stood and listened to some different artists and found 3 good albums which I liked.

One was with Muse, which I have liked but never owned an album with.

The second was Alison Krauss collection.

You know her since I have played her in the blog.

The last one was a totally new band for me. They are called "Noah and the whale" and so nice and relaxing music. I really liked it and now I am sitting here just enjoying the atmospheric melodies;=)

Autumn is here....brrr... is freezing cold outside and after standing in the cold for some hours I am so cold into my now I need tea and a warm blanket before I go out again;=) The trees are starting to change colours here and its beautiful! And to make the dark weather a bit nicer, I have bought new colorful roses to my pink vases inside;=)

My son´s team won both games;=) They are really good, havent lost a single game for 35 games now;=) Go go;=)

I took some photos yesterday at the concert, but its a pitty I stood so far in the back and all the taller people in front of me, so you cant see that much...sorry;=(

Early morning...

and I am tired and my nose is rinning...bläh! But this is a mums job;=) going up early to take her son to football...oh, I wish he was playing music instead;=) hehe!

I went to the concert yesterday and it was my new fave band, Dead by April, who played. Took some photos but stood a bit from the stage so not so good. Will post them later.

Now, coffee and then off I go;=)

Enjoy the day!

Friday, 25 September 2009

full day;=)

I am feeling a little bit better. Still having a small temperature but I feel better so I have been in Malmö today and now on my way to leave my son at my mums house. He will sleep there so I can go to the concert tonight;=) Will be early tonight since he has football tournament very very early tomorrow morning and I will go there with him. But nice to be able to go to the concert.

I will tell you about the concert later and hopefully have some photos to show you;=)

Hope your day is good;=)

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Christopher Kane

Topshop and Christopher Kane has gotten together and made some great pieces of clothing;=)

Even though this looks a bit hostile, its cool in the print;=)

This and a pair of hot high-waisted jeans would be perfect;=)

Or why not the dress instead?;=)

These shoes are really hot too;=)

And the scarf is beautiful to a nice dress or to the cool body and jeans;=)

Lying down...

..being ill boring... but I guess its just to take its time and rest as much as possible. But I do need to get and buy cat food and pick my son up so will take a little bit of air in the afternoon.

Tomorrow I want to feel better since we are going to a concert in the evening. Keep your fingers crossed;=)

Regarding the Nyman song, the story is so that we sent him the song in our version and he didnt like it at all;=( So that is why its not released...hopefully he can change his mind in the future though. I really love the song and we all do and are sad that it cant be released.

Now, tea time;=) enjoy the day!

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Fever and the dentist

So, I did go to the dentist but asked her to not drill today, since I am ill. We took exrays and cleaned etc and it all went well. I will fix the holes in some week and then I will take my ipod;=) Thanks for all your helping tips and encouragement!

So, I thought I was a little better today and that the antibiotics had helped now, but no...I have higher fever now again and that sucks...;=( So, more rest and taking it easy.
I dont know if its the same thing or two things at the same time. Lets see tomorrow.

Now cooking food. Today, filled chicken rolled with bacon and to that some brussel sprouts (dont know the spelling;=)

Have a wonderful evening now!

To Jake Ruston: Thanks for all the info and digging! I have sent everything to Tuomas, so lets see what happens;=)

Wednesday morning

Sun in shining outside and its a perfect autumn day here. I feel better today but not perfect so cant go to the gym today either. Maybe I will take a forest walk but lets see. I have a dentist appointment today and every single time I just wanna cancel and call in sick...I really hate going to the dentist. I can take a lot of pain - needles etc...but the sound and drilling pain in my teeths are the worst there is...

My fear came when I was around 8 or 9 years old and we all had to go from the school in the bus to the dentist. There we sat, in a line, waiting for our turn and while we sat there, you could hear the drilling sound and also see the crying kids coming out after they had been in there... already there my stress began...then at one time the dentist drilled me accidentally in my cheek instead of in my tooth...well, I guess that was the time when I got the fear of dentists.

Since then I have tried everything - getting calming pills before, meditation, breathing and thinking of a happy place, listening to music...yeah, you name it;=) But still, I am so stressed lying there and if I can, I cancel the appointments...maybe I will do that even today...give me strength, people;=)

Tuesday, 22 September 2009


Hi everyone and sorry for the long abscence, but I am unfortunately ill;=( But thanks so very very much for all the nice comments and today I read them all and you all warmed my heart so much;=)

When we left the boys yesterday, they were sad. It is hard to stop a so long tour and travelling that we all have done. And I know that it will take some time to get into the new lives we will have before the next album and tour;=) For me, I have dreamt only about NW these two nights and I can feel that I need some time off now to rest my body.

And my body got ill immediately after the big gig and I know I have pushed my body to be ready for that big last gig and now after it is done, the body gets a bit ill. I had to go the emergency yesterday to get some meds and I hope I soon feel better. I will just rest today and take it easy, which is truly well needed;=) Some of the boys are already off to vacations and they all need it too;=)

So, I took some nice photos in Helsinki the day after the show and I want to share it with you all. Have a nice day now!

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Hartwall gig;=)

Good morning everyone=)

What a wonderful morning! And I am on vacation;=) Tjohoo!!

Yesterday was incredible!!! Amazing...marvellous....heavenly...and joyful:=)

The gig went totally perfect and I am so proud of us all, everyone did their part superb and splendid and with such feeling. We also did Walking in the air and Meadows of heaven for the first time and it was just amazing;=)

The setlist was:
Intro finlandia with Troy
7 days to the wolves
Ever dream
The Siren with Pekka
While your lips are still red with Pekka
Poet and the Pendulum
Dark chest of wonders
The Islander
Walking in the air with Troy
Last of the wilds with Troy
Meadows of Heaven
Ghost love score
I wish I had an angel

Here are some rehearsal photos;

I had three outfits yesterday. First a leather/wool skirt from Dsquared, black top and leggings from Morticia and thigh high boots from Zara. Then I changed to the black long dress I wore in the Islander video and ended with a dress in cashmere/leather from Rick Owens and boots from Christian Louboutin. I only have photo of the first outfit but I am sure the internet soon has on the other two too;=)

My make-up and hair was done by Marja, who helps me when I need a better make-up and she has done it many times for me and she is amazing;=)Yesterday I wanted a bit of an ice queen make-up;=)

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Good morning!!

Hi everyone and welcome to the BIG day and the last gig of this enormous and great DPP Tour;=) Its an exiting and wonderful day and I know tonight will be very very special for all of us in the band, in the crew and hopefully for all the 11 000 in the audience who will attend;=) Its totally sold out, not a single ticket or spot is empty and that is incredible. I have met fans from other countries on the streets yesterday and I know from the commments in the blog that there will be fans from many many different countries today;=)

I have a full day so I need to get to the shower, but to everyone I just want to say: THIS is the end of DPP tour, but be sure that we will soon be back with a new album and a new tour;=) I am alreday looking forward to that;=)

Enjoy the day!

Friday, 18 September 2009

The movie;=)

So, I am back from the cinema and the movie "The girl who played with fire". It was really really good and I loved it! I havent read the books so I cant say if its true to the story but it was intense and exciting once again. And the main character, Lisbeth Salander, is one tough cookie! I can just say: I will see the third film too when it comes out, for sure;=)

Now, sauna and then sleep so I am rested tomorrow, the big day is here!

Sleep well;=)

Back from the interview

So the interview was with Radio X3M here in Finland, which is a finnish-swedish radio show and they are so funny;=) They asked me a lot of weird questions and I always get so nervous doing interviews since I am so open and spontaneous that I sometimes am to honest about things;=) But it was a great interview;=) And so nice to do the interview in my mother tongue;=)

today I am all free and will just stroll the streets and do some shopping. The weather isnt that nice today unfortunately but at least it doesnt rain...

Tonight the sequal to "the girl with the dragon tatoo" has its premiere here in Finland and I will try and get some tickets. I really want to see this! I loved loved loved the first one and it was so intense and exciting...

Good morning/Huomenta/God morgon;=)

I was so tired after the rehearsals yesterday that I just went to the sauna and then to bed. Sometimes the body says: go to bed early! - and yesterday was that day for me;=)

I took some photos at the rehearsals and I hope you´ll enjoy them;=) Now I need to fix my make-up cause heading for an interview at some radio channel here.

Enjoy the day!

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Todays song;=)

So, back from the gym and are heading for the shower...

Today I will give you a swedish "oldies" that I loved and still love from the swedish band Wilmer X. They sing in the same dialect "skånska" as I have, the one from the south of Sweden. This song is in english "Who will se all the tears now"


Morning things;=)

I woke up early and went to the breakfast, cause I am going to the gym soon so I am done before the rehersals starts. I am a bit tired but I know I will feel great after running;=)

I have been lying reading my book, listening to the music TV and enjoying the nice room;=) A beautiful sunny morning here in Finland and the mood is excellent!

Have a nice day;=)

First rehearsal day;=)

so, we had our first rehearsal day for Hartwall yesterday and it all went very very well;=) We all are in the best of moods and it will be a super gig on saturday!

After the rehearsal we went to a release party of a tribute album where the NW boys have been involved and that was nice. I didnt understand a word of what they said so it was a bit surreal but I still enjoyed it;=) The weather here in Helsinki was a bit rainy yesterday but in the evening the sky looked much better.

I shot a video in the rehersals where the boys are jamming a bit=) enjoy!


Tuesday, 15 September 2009

I hate packing...;=(

I just hate packing...I get such hard times every single time...what to wear, what to bring....what shoes is good for that and that....what dress to that and that... what accessories to that and that...what is comfortable to walk in....bla bla bla....

Its much easier when I only am going away for one gig, now its several days away and then it takes more thinking... And I am just tired and want to sleep...;=)

But ok, no more wining...Anette- go pack!!!!!! Now!!!!

See you all tomorrow, sleep well;=) And for those of you also going to Helsinki, pack fast cause its so boring;=)


My new boots;=)

Ok, here are the boots I got from Zara yesterday;=) I have been searching for a pair of black ones with the same high length as the one I have from Willow, but havent found any that has been high enough. Then yesterday in Copenhagen, I just found these...they are so nice and the heel is very high but they have a platform in the foot so not hard to walk in at all.

I think they need to follow me to Finland tomorrow;=) And who knows, they might show up in Hartwall too...hmmmm.....


..from the nice massage and today we also coloured my eye brows and lashes. Next week Emma wanted me to try the stone massage instead, which is the massage but you also get hot stones on the back to ease the ache. Sounds very nice,=)

The ring I showed you in the last post, was a ring I bought yesterday and I love it. You cant see it but there is a little skull on it too and you know now that I love skull-things;=) Bought the ring at ParisTexas, a cool store with lots of my favourite brands such as Alexander Wang, Rica, Erin Wasson/RICA etc...

I also got a hold of a pair of thigh-high black boots from Zara that I was on the search for;=) They look hot!

Otherwise not so much shopping, just looking around and enjoying some nice food, café lattes with whipped cream (yummie!) and the sun. It was totally clear-blue sky in the evening and I felt so much autumn and nice air in my nostrils;=)

And as many others, today I think of Patrick Swayzes closest ones in the loss of their beloved Patrick, who put up a great fight against a horrible cancer in the stomach. My grandmother died from that same one and she died so fast that I am amazed by Patricks strength. Rest in piece, Patrick, I will always love Ghost, Dirty Dancing, Road House and North and South.


The trip to Copenhagen yesterday was, as always, so nice;=) The time went way to fast, as always, too;=) There´s just to much stores and restaurants to visit...;=)
Here are some photos;)

Now to Emma for some massage;=) My day is very busy today to fix everything before Helsinki tomorrow...leaving cats, packing, fixing hair etc...

Monday, 14 September 2009

Marilyn cravings...;=)

So, since I am going to Copenhagen today I update a little more now in the morning so there is something to read ´till I get back;=)

I have always loved everything with Marilyn Monroe on it..She was the most beautiful and for me, perfect woman with her great figure and now when Dolce & Gabbana has made a super collection of clothes with her on, I have cravings...I want them all;=)

What were Kanye thinking?

Ok guys, the MTV Video Music awards yesterday...Taylor Swift wins the best music female video and look at what Kanye does during her much alcohol???

Sun is shining...;=)

And I am up! Little bit tired cause I watched a good movie yesterday in the dark...all alone...and I got a little bit afraid had to watch some episodes of Friends to be able to sleep... the movie I watched was Haunting in Connecticut and it was really good;=) And to know that its based on true events makes it even more horrifying...brrr...

I can also recommend another one of my favourite movies in the same genre, The Exorcism of Emily Rose... incredibly good even after having seen it 5 times now....

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Another good song;=)

Well, since it´s sunday and cleaning evening, lets listen to one more fabulous song;=) This is Lisa Miskovsky and the song is Another shape of my heart, which Backstreet boys have done too;=) This is her original version;=)


So, have been to a dance class in the afternoon and now after having eaten a nice steak and veggies I have lit some candles and are cleaning up the apartment. Bought some new towels a couple of days ago to match my new bath room carpet with stars on it. Its so nice and I will take a photo of it later to show you;=)

To feel the cleaning mood I listen to classical music and this is one of my favourite, enjoy;=) From the movie Farinelli;=)


Ah, sunday finally and just two more days before going to lovely Helsinki;=) It feel great to soon be on my way there again. I want to get a hold of some Mumin things again and this time its the deep plates that are gonna be in my suitcase on my way home;=)

The little english looking bag I said I wanted yesterday, is soon in my hands too. My bf:s sister was so kind and sweet that she got it for me in Stockholm, since they have so much more up there.

Tomorrow I am going to Copenhagen to have a nice stroll there and enjoy the city. I love living so close to such a big continental city as Copenhagen. When I was 17 years I started going to Copenhagens Music Conservatory to have lessons every week and the great thing with Denmarks and its people is that you can sit and sing your warm-up in the train without anyone looking at you, thinking: is she crazy...mental? haha!
Also, danish people are so much more open to different fashion styles and colours. They are also one of the biggest influences with their big danish fashion designers and I have loved Designers Remix Collection and By Malene Birger for a long time. I have worn both these designers a lot during our tour and my favourite dresses are from them;=)

I also love going to "Nyhavn" to have a nice dinner in the evening. The photo are from Nyhavn;=) They have some amazing restaurants there and I have had the best pasta there;=)

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Answer to the questions part 2:=)

So...gosh, so many questions!!! It has taken me all evening to answer half of I need a break, so here are the answers to the second part of them;=)

Krishan said...
Hey Anette :-D
First of all, I want to say that you're awesome!
Question: Do you already know what clothes you will be wearing to the Hartwall gig? And will you change during the the show? Personally, I think you'd look awesome and majestic in an epic dress or gown :)
Answer: Hi and thanks;=) I know now, yes;=) just some smaller things to fix but otherwise I know;=) We´ll see if I change or not...;=) A gown would be nice, I agree;=)

07 September 2009 13:36
Chris said...
Hey Anette ;)

First. Thank you so much for giving us again the chance to ask you some questions :) I really really appreciate your intrest in us ;)

So my question is kinda dumb, and not very special.

Do you remember the gig you played in munich, germany on the 26.3.2009? There was this runway from the backstage area to the stage. After the gig i throwed a little heart shaped fluffy toy with a small letter pinned to it, wich said: To(for) Anette to the runway. Tuomas picked it up and took it backstage. So id like to know: Did you received the heart shaped dude with the letter?

You dont need to answer if you dont like, cause its not a very creative question ;)

Ok, Thank you very much :) 
have a great day ;)

hope the sun shines as much as here (munich)
smile a lot
a biiiig huuuuuug
your´s Chris
Answer: Hi Chris;=) I am not sure actually. I know I got a heart-shaped little fluffy thing on tour and I have it somwhere here, but if that was from you I am not sure. I will look and see;=)

07 September 2009 13:45
Sonia said...
I'm a bit confused that how many sisters and brothers do you have?
Answers: Yeah, it´s because I have one real sister and one real brother, but then my parents are re-married and I have "pretend-sisters" that I call my sisters too;=) So, I only have two "real" ones;=)

07 September 2009 14:01
Pei Fang Fon said...
Hello Ane,

Who's Anette before and after of Nightwish?
And what does she thinked about Brazil?

Thanks Anette for this opportunity.
Kisses and hugs from Brazil
Answer: I am not sure I understand your first question...sorry;=(
I like Brazil, but it was very different to go there and meet the fans, since the fans there have a bit different way of showing their affection. Like, following me everywhere, even into the hotel and to the gym when I was exercising, screaming and hammering on the bus when we passed etc....that was something I wasnt used to since over here we are a bit more "distanced" to each other. But after some days I understood that it was just people being so warm and affected and now I have met some of the nicest people in the world and I want to come back again;=) Thanks!

07 September 2009 14:07
Sidney Law said...
Hey Anette,

1) Have you come up with any futhur ideas for your album, like names? Song titles? What sort of musical direction you think you'll be going with? 

2) Do you have any information on the duet you did with Rasmus? It seems everyone wants to hear it, yet there's no info anywhere. 

Hope you're having a really good summertime and a nice day! :)

from Sidney.
Answer: 1: Not so concrete yet, we havent started working yet. Only me sitting here trying to compose what I can and then I will send it to Anders and we´ll see what they can do with it and what ideas they have over there. It will be rock but exactly how heavy or light we will see after starting trying things out.
2: Its on its way. The video should be ready any day now;=)

07 September 2009 14:10
Lilja. said...
Hello, Anette! 

First, my english is not perfect, so I'm sorry for some mistakes, ok ?

1 - I would like to know if you has the score of the music There will come a day! I heard you singing that song with a choir and I really enjoyed! I really would like to play that song and I think the arrangement of that song beautiful! Anyway, if you know where I can find the arrangement, please, tell me!
2 - Do you like Indica ? What do you think about then ?
3 - Will we hear you sing For the heart I once had someday ? For the heart I once had is my favorite song.
4 - What do you think of shows like Idol ?

Best of everything, I love you, Anette!
Answer: 1: My mum´s husband is the choir leader in the choir and he just listened to the original Faith Hill recording and then made his own arrangements. The original I dont know where to find but try with Faith Hills web page maybe?'
2: Yes, they are cool:=) Nice girls;=)
3: Not on this tour, no. But noone knows about next tour;=)
4: I think its good for entertainment and it can help talented singers to get a contract, so I see nothing wrong with the shows. In the US series, the singers are incredibly talented and one of my favourite singers, Kelly Clarkson, came through that show and she has a great career.

07 September 2009 14:15
Daniel said...
Hi Anette, I have some questions that I would love if you could answear them =]

1. Can you say something about your first album?

2. After the last show, do you have any plan of going out on a trip with your family? To visit another country, for exemple. Or do you want just to stay home with your son?

3. Was the young Anette a good student? 

Thank you so much
I love you! You are the best ;)
Answer: Hi and thanks for the nice words=)
1: Not so much at the moment, no. But you will be following the way of doing it via my blog so just read on and let´s see what will come out of it;=)
2: No, I have the album to work with and then also some other things so there wont be any vacation now. We had a nice vacation in may in Cyprus and we´ll go somewhere in the winter time but now its school time for my son and I need to work;=)
3: I was ok. I could have been so much better if I wasnt so tired of school the last years. But I had good grades. Not the best, but quite high;=) And I managed quite well i life even so;=)

07 September 2009 14:24
escapeofthedoll said...
What do you think about animal cruelty? (you know, using their skin for making clothes, etc)
I dont like animal cruelty. I eat meat, wear leather clothes etc but I dont want them to suffer and I buy ecological products, give money to the nature protection here in Sweden.

07 September 2009 14:26
anna-disgrace said...
Is there any particular gig from over the course of the DPP tour that stands out as a favourite for you?

And if I can sneak a second... what is the funniest on-stage moment you have had with Nightwish?

I hope you are feeling relaxed and happy now touring is almost finished and you can slow down a bit!

Anna & the cats
Answer: I have been amazed of the fans in France and in Paris especially, they are amazing over there! And I must say Moscow was fantastic!! And of course, the gigs we have made in Sweden, my home country, has been sooo special to me;=)
Oh, funniest moment? Hmm...I dont know...we always have had so nice gigs and some have been more happy than others of course. I think Moscow was a great one;=) I dropped the microphone etc... and then there have been some times when Marco have said some really funny things on stage...and the rest of us have had difficulties not breaking apart by laughter...;=)

07 September 2009 14:29
Maria said...
Hi Anette :)

How is it for you to have a lot of fans from different countries all over the world? 
I am a big fan from Nightwish but especially from you, because i think you have a very great character. :)
And how is it for you to know that there are lot of haters?
It is very stupid for me that I can not go to the gig in Helsinki, because it is to far away from Germany. 
I adore you that you spend much time for read the comments. 
Sorry for my bad English :)
Have a very great day.

Lots of Respect and Hugs :)

Answer: Its really nice to know that there are people all over the world that like and listen to me and the boys;=) Its a pity that there are people that need to "hate" and spread nasty things on the internet, but thats the down-side of having the freedom of internet. Luckily there are so much more people that are nice and spread love in the internet too and I prefer to read that and ignore the hate;=)

07 September 2009 14:34
bornconfused5892 said...
1.Do you wear a different outfit at every show, or have you worn the same outfit at more than one?
2. On your solo album, might there be any songs in Swedish?

Thanks Anette =D

Answer: 1: Yes, I have had it as my thing to have different outfits on every show. Of course some clothes and shoes have been worn more but I do try and make it new every time,
2: No, I dont think this album will be in swedish, but we´ll see since it´s just in the starters still.

07 September 2009 14:38
Janne said...
When you heard first time of band called Pain and when you met them first time?
Answer: It was when they were gonna be the support band for us in Europe;=)

07 September 2009 14:39
saeki85 said...
Hi Anette!
Great to hear that Moscow was a good show
As for the quiestions, I always have lots in my mind but right now I'm completly blank! So I may not be original with this:

1. Can you tell us how your album is going? Do you have any song ready?
2. This is the first time you write lyrics or you did it in Alyson Avenue? If that's the case, wich ones are yours?
3. There's a Nightwish song that you'd like to sing (that you haven't sing yet)?

That's it! I know my brain will start working soon and the good quiestions will come out, but I'll leave them to the next round.

Have a nice day!
Answer: 1: Its still in the starters since we are gonna start working on it in the end of september so at the moment its still nothing made or decided upon.
2: I wrote lyrics in Alyson Avenue in the beginning.
3: I like 10th man down;=)

07 September 2009 14:40
AL said...
Hello Anette,

How are you ? First, I would like to thanks you and guys for your show at "M'era Luna" festival !! It was so wonderful !
So, I have just one question for you: during this show, I gave to you and the band a swiss cow with two pictures. Did you have it ?? 

Kiss and lots of loves !!
Answer: Thanks you too for Mera luna;=) And no, I dont have that cow, maybe some of the boys do?

07 September 2009 14:48
oceano.90 said...
Hi Anette! So.. Let's go:
1) How are you? (You know, it's serious.. Very often not many people ask you it)
2) Are you going to write any songs for the new Nightwish album?
3) Can you give me/us more information about your solo album? 
4) When you'll come to Italy, would you like to go out with me for a dinner? (I'm 19, don't worry ;) )

Thank you very much!! <3 Bye!!
Answer: 1: I am fine, thanks;=) A bit of a head ache today but shouldnt complain;=) Hope you are fine too;=)
2: I dont know yet, lets see if I have some ideas later on;=)
3: See all the answers above;=)
4: Thanks for the offer, lets see about that then;=)

07 September 2009 14:51
LizLunatic said...
Hii Anette =D

1. What was the first song of Nightwish you ever heard, and what did you think of it?

2. What do you think of all the bad and rude reactions about you and your upcoming solo album?

3. Who is your favorite artist/band of all times

4. Do you have a nickname, if so what is it? ;p

5. What is the most beautiful place you have ever been?

6. Were you a 'Good Girl' when you were in school?, or were you more of a Badass? ;p

7. What do you think of the way Tuomas writes his songs, the things he writes about, and just overall his Masterpieces? (they're all Masterpieces in my opinion)

8. Do you have some tips for a girl that writes poetry and lyrics, and has no idea what to do in the future?

Well, hope you get the time to answer some of my silly questions =)

Hugs, Lisa
1: It was Ever dream and I liked it so much that that was the one and only song I recorded and sent to Tuomas when first applying to the job;=)
2: I havent read anything bad or rude, only nice things;=). With all the hate I have gotten during these years I have learned to not care about the bad comments anymore.There will always be jealousy, envy and hate if you are a person in the spotlight.
3: Oh, that is so hard...I like several and cant say one over the years, but I did love Def Lepard in my teenage years and also Europe;=)
4: Its Nettan;=)
5: There have been so many nice places during the world tour so hard to name one, but I did love the chinese wall and finnish Lapland.
6: I think I was quite good;=) But I did some things of course;=)
7: I think they are really good. He writes in a more deeper way than the music I have been singing before. Not so "easy" songs. Not only love songs;=)
8: Believe in yourself, listen inwards to what the inner you says to do with your life and talent.

07 September 2009 14:57
Nadja09 said...
Hey Anette, I know you have a boyfriend and Marco and Jukka have a wife and children, but do the other guys (Emppu and Tuomas) have a girlfriend or wife?

Thank you for making this question thing.

Hugs, Nadja
Answer: Hi Nadja;=) This is about someone elses personal life and I cant talk about that, sorry.

07 September 2009 15:01
den) said...
Anett please come again in Moscow)))
Thanks for a magnificent concert)))
what do you see in moscow?
Answer: I didnt see anything unfortunately, since we just arrived before the soundcheck and the gig;=( But I will come back and see all the sceneries another time.

07 September 2009 15:07
Dimtris said...
Hello Anette,

I'm glad you're back. Seems like you had a great time in Moscow. :)

Here are my questions for you:

1. Are you kind of an outgoing person, or do you prefer staying at home with a few nice friends and just hang out with them?
2. About your gig in Greece.. I know the whole "organization" sucked. Both for you guys and us.. But we had a wonderful time anyway. :) I was so excited and overwhelmed! Oh my.. It was awesome! :P. We, as fans, were very disappointed by the March Metal Day organization and we know that you deserve MUCH better. The comment section of MMD was flooding of complaining comments the day after the show..Would you like to come back here in a gig, and a good organization? Because we are longing to see you again, so much. :(
3)Which song(except of the Nightwish ones) do you like to sing when you are relaxing?

So that's all, Nettie.^^

Take care,
Answer: 1: I am both;=) Some days I want to meet people and some I dont want to go outside at all... when I was younger I was much more outgoing than today. Today I prefer to sit at home much more. I guess I am getting older,=)
2. I am so sorry about the whole Greece incident. It was of course never the fans or audiences fault that things went bad over there. And of course we want to come back and play again;=)
3: I usually just sing something I make up myself;=) And then I sing to the music I listen to in the Ipod and that can be anything from Rihanna to Kamelot;=)

07 September 2009 15:08 said...
First i want you to thank you since i'll try to repeat my oooooold questions.

An extra-question before i begin, that is an idea I have had:
"Since you are always the one who has to reply to all of these questions...WOULDN'T IT BE COOL IF IT IS YOU ASKING QUESTIONS TO US 1 time? =]"

1. What's your opinion on plastic/cosmetic surgery?

2. Let's talk about money: from your experience so far, do you think it can change you somehow? Do you spend more for you or your dears;=D ?

3.Are you a religious/spiritual person? Beyond respect to others stuff and bla bla bla, have you been given any religious education as a child? Do you believe in God?

4. What's your experience as a student? Did you get University degree or what?

5. Can you tell us what was your job/s just before Nightwish?

6.Were you blonde the first time you met the guys? :=)

7.About your toyota corolla;=) did you sell it? As I tried to told you so many times, an italian couple -they are my friends- that live in sweden, wanted to buy it and so they needed details....... :=(((((((((( I've never managed to get them....

8.Did you send your very first demo to nightwish by e-mail or air mail?
Answer: Hi! yes, I think its a great idea that I will ask you questions, so I will do that soon;=)
1: I think its up to everyone to decide if they want to fix something or not, but of course I dont think it should be so much that the faces etc are "lost" under a new face...
2. I have been both poor and had more money during my life so far and I have always, no matter what I have earned, spent money and given to my close ones. I love to spoil the ones I love and I live by the motto: live today-tomorrow might be to late;=)
3: I am a spiritual person and a believer. I have been going to sunday school etc but havent had anyone in my family who have believed, so its been my own beliefs. My beliefs have helped me through many bad times and I pray every day.
4. I have studied in the university, yes. I took classes in Project Management, coaching, psychology, group psychology and sociology.
5. I have worked with many different things in life. I started working extra in the weekends when I was 15 in a a hamburger place. Then as a waitress in restaurants for 2 years before being a telephone sales person, followed by working in offices for many years as both a receptionist, secretary, web designer and procect assistant. Then I studied to be a hair dresser and started my own company. The time when I applied for NW I studied in the university to be a coach;=)
6: Yes, very blond;=)
7: It was a Volvo V50 and yes, its sold;=)

07 September 2009 15:09
Katrin said...
Yay - another round of questions, great!

Here are my questions:

1. Do you like to sing "Sacrament of Wilderness" and is there a reason why it is not played that often live anymore? I personally find it a real shame because you can rock this song so much!

2. What was the reaction of the guys when they heard you were planning a solo album? Did they offer help or advice?

3. If you could turn back time and change one thing you were doing or saying since you were Nightwish (gigs, interviews etc.), what would that be?

Thank you for taking the time,
Answer: 1: I love to sing it;=) I dont know why, its Tuomas who makes the set lists;=)
2: They have been positive to it. Emppu has offered guitar help;=)
3: I dont want to change history, since I think its better to just move on;=)

07 September 2009 15:10
helminiemenen said...
Hi from Russia)
1.Why in your blog too many photos with your cats?And there are no photos with your children)?It is so interesting to see them)
2.When you start writing new album?
Answer: 1: I dont want to show my son and partner since there are not so nice people out there. who could hurt them. My cats are ok to show though;=)
2: We start in a couple of weeks;=)

07 September 2009 15:12
Mery said...
Hey Nettan!!! I have a few queations for you:

1 - Do you want to play in Brazil again? Did you like playing here?
2 - Do you remember what was the best gig here?
3 - Do you have someone to do your make up and hair before the gigs or you do them yourself?
4 - Do you miss being on tour already? 

Kiss and hugs to you!
Answer: 1: Yes, I do;=)
2: I liked Manaus;=)
3: No, normally I always do the hair and make-up myself. There are some rare occasions when I have help, like next weekend in Hartwall I have a make-up artist with me since its such a big gig;=)
4: No, I dont miss it that much at the moment, but I guess I will later on;=) Right now I enjoy being home.

07 September 2009 15:13
den) said...
But I very much was upset
Because has not received your autograph((( 
please come again in Moscow))
Answer: I am sorry about that;=( I was outside in the back after the concert and signed some autographs. sorry you missed that. Next time;=)

07 September 2009 15:13
kostas stavrou said...
i have a question too. how did you decided to rehearse for nightwish and what do you believe was the factor tha granted you the position?
Answer: I wanted to get a job as a full-time singer and heard from a friend that the band NW needed a singer. I listened to the music and liked what I heard, The rest is history;=) I think Tuomas liked my voice and when we all met we got along really well and were at the same level.

07 September 2009 15:17
Valantis said...
Anette I don't know if this has been asked before (there are so many comments!) but what was your greatest time in your whole nightwish tour??? Dont ask about a bad moment because it should be forgotten!!! hehe ;) and what other instrument you would like to know how to play??

Wish you good luck at Hartwall Arena :D
Answer: I think when we won the Echo Award in Berlin, Germany! That was awesome!!! I want to learn to play the guitar and the piano better and I would love to learn how to play the violin;=)

07 September 2009 15:18
Luthien said...
Hello Anette,
I am just wondering if you ever met Tarja? What do you think you would tell each other? :-)

Take care
Answer;: No, I have never met her yet. I think we would have a nice chit-chat about singing;=)

07 September 2009 15:19
Herta said...
Dear Anette,

I'm very excited cause I've missed the previous occasions!

1.In all the different places where you are travelling do you try out the traditional food from that particular region or do you prefer to eat something you usually eat at home?

2.Now when you have only one show left from your world tour, which was the most unusual situation you have experienced during all those months being on tour?

Thanks for everything!
Answer: 1: I try out some things if I have the chance to get to some traditional restaurant.
2: Oh, i dont know...there have been so many unusual things that have happened;=)

07 September 2009 15:22
Janina said...
Hi Anette!

1) I would like to have the uniform jacket you were wearing in Moscow, but it seems it can't be found on the site of Nolita. :-( Do you know a webshop where they sell a similiar one? 
2) Will you go on tour with your solo album?
3) Do you think of creating your own clothing label? Would be cool. :)
4) Where did you spend your most beautiful vacation so far?

Greetings and hugs,
Answer: 1: No, I dont. I bought it here in my city in a store.
2: I dont know anything like that yet.
3: That would definitely be nice to do if someone else can do the sewing for me;=)
4: It was both vacation/holiday but in Levi, Finland last winter with NW and our families. It was incredibly beautiful there...

07 September 2009 15:27
psycho_slipknot666 said...
Hi Anette=)

I don't wanna bore you with many questions, I just have a few.

1) Is it hard to learn finnish?
2) Why do you all live so far away from each other? Wouldn't it be easier to live close to each other?
3) Where did you learn to sing that fantastic?

Hope you will answer!
love Celina!
Answer: 1: Yes, I havent learned it and probably wont...its sooo different from our language.
2: Well, I dont wanna move to Finland and the guys dont wanna move here, so;=)
3: Thanks so much;=) I was born with this voice and I guess someone in the universe wanted me to be able to sing like this;=) I have been singing all my life so I guess just trying out different music styles have made it sound like this;=)

07 September 2009 15:27
lee jackman said...
hi, first of all, good luck with your solo album!
Do you would like to record some of the old songs of Nightwish for a next cd?
Do you have any of the old songs wich you never sang live and would like to?
As you're into the new cd since the beginning, is there anything different you would like to do?
thanks for your time ;)
Answer: 1: No, I think we want to do new songs in the next album. Maybe sometime in the future, who knows?
2: I like 10th man down.
3: I would love to be able to help with the songs and the arranging of them so that they will suit my voice perfectly;=)

07 September 2009 15:28
IronMario said...
ok, 2 "little" questions:
1. your album: any plans to include a duet with some other vocalists? some guest musicians? :)
2. Nightwish: Tuomas said in interviews that there will be "a big twist" on the next record and he wants to fulfill a dream with the upcomming album ...whatever that means, it sounds interesting :). I know you probably can't tell anything yet. But if you know somehting...maybe a little hint? ;-) I guess you must be very excited about the next record!? :)

have a great week miss olzon! :)
Answer:1: Nothing planned yet;=)
2: I have no idea what he means;=)

07 September 2009 15:38
reloy said...
Hello Anette. First of all i wanna say that ur great and ignore people whos are saying mean thing to you!
1. Did u liked Croatia as a place(architecture etc.)? It would be great to come on Adriatic sea.
2. Are you and guys planning to film Hartwall Areena concert(it would be great)
3. Did Croatians passed the test on concert. Were we a good audience.
4. I have firm in May. Wanna be my godmother?=)
Kisses an hugs from Croatia. P.S. look at my profile pic. I have photo with u and u may remember me =).
Answer: 1: Yes, it was very very nice there,=)
2: Not that I know of.
3: Yes, you were great!
4: I dont understand what you mean with firm and god mother? A child?

07 September 2009 15:39
кэттрин, said...
Hello, Anette :)
This is no question.
Your concert in Moscow... Thank you, Anette)
Answer: THANK YOU!!! Spaciba! I loved being there;=)

07 September 2009 15:46
michaelakrejcirova said...
I read you had a horse and were riding. What was this horse like and do you still riding?
Answer: I have had horses I have co-owned. One half-blood and one hot-blood. I havent been riding for many years, only occationally.

07 September 2009 15:49
[Clara] said...
Hey, Anette! =)

When Nightwish was in Brazil, it was fantastic, but the incident in Belo Horizonte made me feel bad! =(

So, how do you feel about Brazil?

We really love you so much! Nightwish is one of the most loved bands in here! 
I just hope you forgive us and come back soon!

We have a "different" way to show our feelings, and I know it must be very strange for you, but... It's just different! =)

Well... I hope you have a wonderful day! =)

Kisses and love from Brazil! <3
Answer: Yes, it was a sad incident but the rest of the tour over there went super,=) I loved Brazil and I want to go back;=)

07 September 2009 15:51
nightmail said...
Hi my dear Anette.! :*
First of all I want to know how are You?
What's Your plan for Your spare time?
What's Your favourite Nightwish song which You like to sing live and which You dont like?
What do You remember from concert in Poland?
Do You remember that the audience screamed Your name? Did You like it?
How many tattoos have You got? and where? and what do they mean to You?
Will You tell us about the Nightwish gig in Helsinki and give some pictures on this blog? Of course after that. I hope so
Much love
And Hugs.!
Answer: 1: thanks, I am just fine;=) Thanks for asking!
2: Doing a solo album, some project singing and enjoying my family and friends, exercising etc.;=)
3: I have many favourites to sing, such as Poet, Sahara, Dead boys poem, 7 days to the wolves, Ghost love score. Songs I like a little bit less to sing are Wishmaster and Bye Bye.
4: It was a nice gig and a nice audience;=)
5: Yes, I do and I liked it;=) thanks!
6: I have 7 tattoos. They all have a special meaning to me but that is personal;)
7: I will tell you all about it and about the rehearsals etc.

07 September 2009 15:54
lee jackman said...
hi, thanks for yout time ;)
do you pretend to sing Planet Hell live? I think you'll suit it well
do you want to record some of the old songs?
do you have any new idea wich you would like to try on the new album?
Answer: 1: No, its not a song we have thought of playing.
2: I dont know. Tarja did them so well and I feel that what´s done is done, but we´ll see what happens in the future;=)
3: I dont have any ideas yet. Lets see when the time comes to start doing the songs and rehearsing;=)

07 September 2009 16:02
David said...
Hej Anette! Jag undrar bara över ett svar som du gav på en intervju, där sa du att nästan alla bandmedlemmar har ett sidoprojekt bara för att det är roligt, men att med Nightwish är det bara arbete. Är inte Nightwish också roligt på samma sätt? Eller handlar det om att få göra något alldeles eget? jag ber om ursäkt på förhand om det här lät barskt men det är absolut inte min avsikt.
Svar: Jag menade att NW är ju allas "arbete" precis som att du säkert har ett arbete varje dag du går till. Det kan vara roligt vissa dagar men mindre roligt andra. Vi har ju inte så mkt inflytande musikaliskt i NW och det är det som är skillnaden mellan vårt arbete i NW och våra sidoprojekt. Man kan ta det lite lättare och göra det mer bara för skojs skull. Om du är med mig?=) Sedan att NW inte är roligt, menade jag aldrig;=)

07 September 2009 16:04
Alexandre R. said...
Hello Anette, I've been reading your blog for some time, but this is my first comment here :-)
Hera are some questions for you ^^:
- What is your favourite song from each Nightwish album? And the least favorite one?
- This one is killing a lot of people: will your solo album be more like.... hard rock? have metal influences? be ballad driven? Hope you don't mind ^^
- How well do you mes with computers? Like, when things start getting weird do you take it to a technical assistance right away or fix it by yourself?
- Do you try to incentivate your son in the musical world, like your mother did by taking you touring with her? Does he show any sign that he'd like to follow his mommy's path? ^^
- What do you think of social networks (orkut, my space)
- Do you keep in touch with the Alyson Avenue guys? Met their new vocalist? Bet they are great people ^^

Thanks for your time, and hope I didn't ask too much xD
Answer: 1: I cant tell one from every album. I like most of the songs through out NW history but think Once and DPP are the best ones.
2: dont know yet...;=)
3: I have been working by a computer for many years so if its a software thing I try and fix it myself but if its a bigger problem I ask for help;=)
4: No, I dont. Of course I would love for him to do some music but I wil never try and push him in that direction;=)
5; I think it can be good to network.
6: I talk to Niclas often. Havent met the singer yet. Yeah, they are all great guys;=)

07 September 2009 16:05
Phantom said...
Hi Anette! Here are some of my questions I wanted to ask you.
1.) Will you ever be dark-haired girl again?
2.) Will you ever come back to Croatia?
3.) When do we expect new Nightwish album?
Answer: 1: I dont know;=)
2: I hope so;=)
3: I dont know but I guess 2011.

07 September 2009 16:05
Kristina said...
Thanks for this asking-post, I've waited for it! ;=) I have few questions. Answer them if you want to.

1. Was it hard to sing / learn to sing Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan? I wanna tell you that you sang it extremely well! ;=)

2. Do you ever feel bored when you see there's again millions of comments which you'll have to read and publish?

3. Where did you get the idea of writing this blog? ;=)
Answer: 1: Yes, it was very very hard since finnish use their language very different from swedish. I know I didnt do it so good but I really did practise and try my best;=)
2: No, I think its so nice that you all are interested in my blog;=)
3: I could see that there were a big interest from the fans and I like to read blogs myself so it was a nice way to be able to share more of me with you.

07 September 2009 16:17
LizLunatic said...
Oh and one more question.

Is Emppu actually as short as he looks on all the photos?
I only saw him once about 4 years ago and he seemed really small to me ;p
No offense though, just wondering ;p

Love, Lisa
Answer: He is 1.64 so yes, he is short.

07 September 2009 16:23
Angéla said...
Hi Anette!

1) Will you do the Hep Hep on your next tour as well?
2) Do you have any other phobias than loud sounds, bombs, etc?
3) Have you had any other pets than cats before?
4) What is your opinion about the Hep Hep army, and when was the first time you've ever heard about them? 

Well, these are all, I see there are lots of questions coming to you, so I can understand if you don't answer mine immediately. :) 

Have a nice day,
Answer: 1: I dont know, lets see if the people want it;=)
2: Snakes....brrr...;=(
3: A dog
4: I think its so nice and I feel so honoured that the army exists;=) I read about it in the forum;=)

07 September 2009 16:36
Valamander said...
Are you ever afrid of going onstage? 
Also, what does it feel like that so many people around the world would do anything just to meet you?
Answer: Yes, I am quite often. I have always had a big stage fright but now with all the extensive touring its gotten a little bit better;=)
2: Oh, would they? Thats nice if they are nice people;=)

07 September 2009 16:41
Maria*NIGHTWISH* said...
Hey Anette, thank you so much for taking this time to answer our questions :)

I'm not sure of this one, that's why I wanna ask you: the new album will be out in 2010 or 2011?

Do you like Indica? Maybe it's too soon to know but if you already know or have an idea of who will be your guest in the next european tour and can tell us, will be Indica? I hope so ;)
I really like these girls and I can't imagine someone who doesn't :P
Did you like the song?

Well, thank you once again :)

With love,
Answer: 1: i dont know exactly when, since its Tuomas who needs to come up with some songs first so ask him;=)
2: I like them, yes,=) Its not only who we like that decides, there are of course other aspects, but they are welcome to join for me:=)

07 September 2009 16:42
jojo said...
Hey Anette,

I also got a few questions ^^

1) If you could do your life over, would it be different from the one you have now in the spotlights? Or would you change some things in maybe your yought? 

2) I like singing to, so have you some tips and good advice for me to sing better?

3) what would you give as advice for young musicians who would start a band?

4) If I maybe come one day to visit sweden, what would you say that I must see?

5) How was you at school? 

6) will you also go on a tour with your solo album? if it's yes, would you come to belgium?? (I hope for a yes ^^)

I thank you already for answering ^^ 
Lot's of hugs
Answer: 1: No, I think everything that has happened in my life have made me the person I am today and I like me;=). I think I am good enough and I dont want to change anything;=)
2: Buy Cathrine Sadolins book and CD. She explains so deep and her CD is super good to practise to. I have learned so much about my voice by just using the CD.
3: Get some nice kids that want to play too, get somewhere to rehearse and just have fun! Try out songs and experiment with music;=)
4: The forests;=)
5: I was a nice and quite good girl;=)
6: I dont know anything yet since its so new, but I hope I can tour;=)

07 September 2009 16:43
Daniiela T said...
I was waiting for this ^^
So, I have a few questions:
1- If you could sing any song of those very very old NW songs that haven't been played in years, ¿Wich one would it be?
2- In your opinion ¿Wich one of the NW guys is the cutest? (This was absolutely random xD)
3- Are you a good songwriter?¿Would you write a song for NW?
4- When your new CD comes out could you please come by Venezuela? I'm absolutely hoping to see you guys here
Answer:; 1: 10th man down;=)
2: They are all so cute and nice;=)
3: No, I dont call myself a songwriter, I havent done it so much. But I do believe I have a good melody head since I have been singing so much. Lets see if Anders will laugh at what I send him;=)
4: I would love to come there;=)

07 September 2009 16:44
Veronika said...
Hi Anette!

I have just one question. It is about your singing. You have a great voice!!! I have read before that you don't like to sing in a classical way. My question is: wouldn't it be interesting to learn a little classical singing technique just for fun, and for broading the choices of what you can do with your voice?

Have a great time and a great coming concert at Hartwall arena!

Sorry if this post showed up twice... The web page goofed on me. :-/

Answer: Hi! Well, I wouldnt mind singing classic and I have actually said several times to my vocal coach I use now and then that it would be nice to learn more but we have focused on the voice I have since I have had so busy schedule. But when I do my warm-ups I do use classical exercises too to get better at it;=)

07 September 2009 16:45
Andrzej said...
1. Have you ever thinking about a duet with another female metal vocalist like Liv Kristine, Simone Simons or maybe Angela Gossow? ;)What's your favourite rock/metal singer?
Answer: That has crossed my mind, yes;=)

07 September 2009 16:48
Falyssa said...
Good afternoon, Anette(it's still morning here :P)

1. I've been scouring the net trying to find idea's for when I get my hair done professionally on the 24th, and I was wondering, do you have any good pictures from when you had your hair black with the pink/purple hunk in it? I'd like to get something along the lines of that, and I can't seem to find any decent pictures that show enough of your hair off.(sorry if it was a dorky question)

2. Did you ever see the movie The Day After Tomorrow? It's one of my favorite movies(I like the natural disaster movies for some reason.)

3.Are you getting excited about performing at Hartwall, and what do you plan to do after?

4. Will you ever take a vacation in the US?

Hugs, and love,
Answer: Hi Falyssa;=) As a hair dresser I can advice on how to do to get that right:=) Either you blond the stripes before colouring with a really purple colour. The risk is then that the purple will fade away very fast so I recommend you to put in the purple by using extensions. Gocciani is the brand I use for extensions and they are glued on;=)
2: Yes, I have seen it and I liked it;=)
3:_ Yes, it will be great;=) I am gonna do the solo after that;=)
4: I will!

07 September 2009 16:52
Manuelita said...
Oh! I'm so happy to have the chance to ask you something.. ^_^

Dear Nettie,
I know that probably you are not allowed to reveal anything yet, and I understand this, but could you please tell us at least a little/tiny/small news about the upcoming duet song you made with THE RASMUS???? =)

Pleaaaaaaaaaase even a little detail could be enough.. ;)
I know you have already shot the video for it, tell us something!! Your impressions, how was to work with TR guys... :-D

**please please**
*I'm begging you* 

Thank you for reading :-)
Hugs!!! ♥
Answer: The song with The Rasmus is a very very nice song;=) I believe in it and I am happy that it will soon be released now;=) the video will be nice and it was fun doing it. Lauri is a very nice guy and I look forward doing some things with the guys;=)

07 September 2009 17:02
Marťas said...
about your new album, are you planning something in style Dark Passion Play? i love it :D
Answer: I dont know yet:=)

07 September 2009 17:04
Nadia said...
Hey Anette! I am glad to hear you had a great time in Moscow! :) 
And as for my question, I was wondering if Tuomas has written any songs in Swedish, or was possibly planning on doing so???? 
Have a nice day! :)
Answer: I dont think so;=)

07 September 2009 17:05
Zolena said...
Hi Anette. :) It´s nice to hear that you enjoyed the gig in Moscow. Here´s one question for you:

If you were to make a cover version of one song, any song in the world, what song would you choose and why?
Answer:! Thats a good question;=) I believe it would be either a Michael Jackson song or a Roxette song;=)

07 September 2009 17:08
Todd said...
Good morning Anette! :-D I only have three questions ... 
1. Are there any plans for you to do a duet with Tony Kakko (on your solo album, maybe?) You and him have the most beautiful voices in the world, in my humble opinion :-)
2. What was your favourite thing about Canada, when you were here?
3. What are your thoughts on the classic hymn 'Amazing Grace' ?
Thank you so much!
Love and blessings from sunny Canada,
Suzy C. ♥
Answer: No, nothing planned at all but I would love to sing with him. He is an amazing singer!
2: That it is so similar nature to Sweden;=)
3: I have been singing Amazing Grace many many times and its a favourite of mine;=)

07 September 2009 17:11
KellieBent said...
Hi Anette :)

Do you see yourself as a role model? and do you think you make a good role model.

What other items do you plan to put in your own merchandise? any jewellery?

Good luck with the solo album :)

All my love and support.

Love Kellie xxx
Answer: No, I dont. I am just Anette, with flaws and imperfections as anyone else. But of course as a public person and with younger fans out there, I think of what I do and say. And as a mother even more so;=)
2: I want some jewellery in there and hopefully sometime my own little clothing designs;=)