Saturday, 31 October 2009

Precious Michael...

I am back from the cinema and 2 hours of Michael Jackson...I was so sad and cried when I left the movie. Its such a big loss that he is gone.

And I can tell you that those shows would have been amazing! He sang as good as he always has been, dancing as good as he always has done and he was so full of life and energy. His dancers, his band, his choir were all amazing and they all loved what they did.

He wanted to do the show to make people aware that we are destroying the world and he said: we only have 4 years to make them see that we need to change and take care of the nature and the earth. His talk about the earth, his caring about it and the compassion he showed to all the people that worked with him showed his big big heart.

Whenever he corrected someone in their playing or anything, he always said: Said with love. And all the time I love you and God bless you. He cared for them all and they gave him the loving back.

I truly and deeply hope this movie will be released as a dvd for all those who dont get the chance to go and see the movie. Cause it was fantastic to see him in action;=) And if you can and love Michael, go and see the movie!

Autumn day

So, I took a nice long walk today and its cold but so nice and fresh in the air. The trees are yellow now and almost all the leaves are on the ground already. Soon we will have snow and minus degrees here. And I wanna go skiing then;=)

Today I have jeans again;=) I really love jeans and wear it almost every day. Its comfy and I can choose what kinda style I wanna have depending on the mood. Today I felt like more casual clothing since I took a walk. To make the cardigan more fun, I always put it together "wrongly". Makes it look more fun;=)

When my hair is a bit dirty I always put it up and today I have made a little "bun" on the side and then wrapped the loose hair I left out around the top of the bun and pinned with some small hair needles. To make a change, I divided my forehead hair straight in the middle today and twisted the hair and pinned with hair needles. Then some hair spray and that´s it!

Someone asked me yesterday how I get the hair to be "high" in the front and the back like yesterdays hair with the hair band. I take a wooden brush or a comb and " dread" the hair from the bottom and up. Spray on the hair before softly brushing the hair down and putting it under the hair band.

Alexander McQueen

I love Alexander McQueens clothes so today he is my inspiration;=)


Good morning and happy halloween;=)

Today I am gonna just relax, take a long walk and enjoy the nature. Later on I am going to see This is it, Michael Jacksons last movie and I am looking forward.

Later tonight I am going with Linda to listen to some music and enjoy the evening in cosy friends companionship.

A saturday can´t be any better than this;=)

Friday, 30 October 2009

Outfits week 44

Ok guys, this week hasnt been the best since I have been ill but I have taken some outfit photos every day still and here they are:

1 st outfit: shorts Current/Elliott, black leggings, boots Florentine Baker, top Loft and fur vest
2nd outfit: same as above but leather jacket from Dsquared
3rd and 4th photo: jeans H&M, top Pour, belt HTC, shoes Rizzo, ear rings Glitter, hair band loopielove

Now: friday evening and of course, TV and Idols semi-finals again;=)
Enjoy the evening everyone!


Why not some hair inspiration today? Hair is fun and can be so creative;=)

NW new album title..

Some people have asked me about some Wikipedia comment saying that our next Nightwish album already has a title. I havent heard anything about any title and since the songs arent even done yet, I am pretty sure its only someone making the name up to make a story;=)

Things in the internet are very often not true and our album wont be out until 2011 so its far to early to tell about the album title now....


Its friday, people and then its time to have some party music here;=)

Enjoy the day and happy halloween!! I´m going out in the sun now;=)

Thursday, 29 October 2009


I made some home-made hamburgers today.

Here´s the recipe:

Minced meat (I prefer veal or beef)
little pieces of bacon
yellow onion in little pieces
Salt and barbecue spice
2 eggs

Fry bacon and onion. Put everything together in a bowl and spice after taste. Fry the hamburgers in butter in the pan.

I dont eat bread so for me it was hamburger, cheese, dressing, broccoli and fried onion. My son ate the hamburger with bread.


Busans second day;=)

Ok, the night went well. Busan slept for 6 hours and then started biting us to get us up. We had her in our bed room with closed door so she got the night off from the big cats. Then I had to go up with her at 7 in the morning and that made me soooo tired so I feel asleep little later on the couch;=) I still am not super good, I am quite sure its a sinus infection and luckily I have some advils from US especially for sinuses. So that helps me cope with the day.

Now the girls are getting along better and Busan is tougher today so I am sure they soon will be best friends, all the three of them.

The sun is shining here today and a little colder outside so need to call and fix for changing of my tires to winter tires now. Winter is coming....brrr....;=)

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Little model

Well, the day have went well with our new little "Busan" here in the family. She has slept almost all day and the rest of the time she just want to lie in my sons arms. She is quite afraid of the two big cats and Stjärnan is on her all the time, so its safer to lie in the arms;=)
And she is so tired all the time...little baby;=)

Its quite dark to take photos here now, but can take better ones tomorrow. Did a short video too for you,=)

Today we have a "fish day" here and all we eat is fish. For lunch we had cod with egg sauce and now I am doing salmon with broccoli. Lots of healthy omega-6 for us;=)


Oh, I am happy and excited! Today we get our new little kitten home... soon going to the zoo store to get some new food for all the 3! cats;=) Then to get her home... I hope the other two ladies will behave and welcome her properly.

So, its soon Halloween and like someone said: its time to see some horror movies....and my son is going to a halloween party on friday so we´ll dress him up for that.

Are you guys going to do some halloween party? I know its mostly USA that has this but I still enjoy this tradition;=)

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The name

Our new cats name is "Busan" at the moment, but maybe we´ll change it after getting her home;=)

And we still want an oriental cat too, but we´ll see first how these 3 will get together. Its about that and of course if we can fit in more cats here. My mum said: you need to buy a big farm if you´re gonna have so many cats...haha!

I am feeling better and have taken lots and lots of c-vitamine so it seems to help very good. Thanks so much for all caring comments;=)

Now I´m watching Americas got talent and now there´s a lady crushing cans with her breasts. I love that show;=)

Sleep well everyone!

The shoes

Ok, you wanted to know where to get the zone reflex shoes and I have only found two swedish sites but hopefully you can order from them or ask about other suppliers through them.

A new member;=)

So, today we bought our new cat;=)

She will be picked up tomorrow and my son is happy. Here´s a photo of her, I will of course take more photos tomorrow;=) She was so cute and calm, very very beautiful and wanted to give me little kisses directly.


Back from the massage and it was good as usual;=) Hot stones is the best for relaxation for sure.

Now I took the advice some of you gave me and took strong c-vitamine and will do so for the whole day to feel better so soon I am better again!

And the sun just came out here which for sure helps for every bad day. its been raining and grey for so long now and that sure can make everyone tired and down. Sometimes I wish I would live somewhere else during the winter time, cause its so dark and gloomy here and many people get really depressed from the lack of sunlight.

I found a cool thing today that I will order. Its a shoe with magnets and stones that triggers the foots zone reflexes. And since I know zone reflex massage helps me, it can for sure be good. I will order one to my mum too;=)


Well, I am still not feeling well;=( I think its some kinda virus and woke up with big headache and a slight fever today too. Its typical that when my son is home for a break and I am home too, I get ill. But that´s life and nothing to do about it.

I have my massage booked and will go and ask her to take it easy since I dont feel so well. Then late afternoon its time to go and see the first little kitten. Lets hope my son decides for her;=)

I hope you all will have a wonderful day;=)

Monday, 26 October 2009

slow day

Today I havent felt so good so its been an indoor day filled with movies and just taking it easy. Dont know if its some illness or just tiredness, lets hope its better tomorrow again;=)

Tomorrow we´re going to look at one lovely little birma darling and then another one on wednesday, but I am quite sure my son wants the one we´re visiting tomorrow. She can move already on wednesday so its fun;=)

God, 3 cats now! And actually we found this oriental boy cat today and I fell in love. My son didnt like him though and since its about him getting his "own" cat he must decide...but hmmm....maybe I need a little oriental boy too? ;=) Look at him, isnt he just adorable? The ears are the coolest ones! love!

I guess I have told you that I love animals and worked at a veterinarian clinic in my 20s? I wanted to take all the cats home that were gonna be put to sleep....little Florence Nightingale of the animals;=)

Update on the cat "hunt";=)

Ok, now we have been looking all over and I havent found any ragdoll but now we are deciding between a birma or norwegian forest cat. Since its my sons cat, he can decide. I am waiting for answers from the breeders cause I have 3 different ones we want at the moment.

I´ll keep you posted;=)


Good morning everyone!

Yesterday we were at my mums place and her new little birma-cat Pocahontas is so beautiful:=) My son didnt wanna leave and now he wants hos own little cat, so I am on the hunt for a cat for him. We have been looking at ragdoll, does anyone have or know this breed? The say they are very lazy and calm, and after having Nightstar here who is totally on top of everything, we dont want another maine coon. One is enough to keep up with;)

I would love a sphynx-cat but my son says they are ugly. Well, naked cats can look a bit different so I understand him. But I think they look so cool;=)

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Pirate costume

Well, Tom, of course you can see my pirate costume;=) I bought it in Seattle, USA.

Here we go!

Rain rain rain...

Today its so grey and raining so indoor time for everyone. Have driven my son to a friend to play and I am going to the gym to do some jogging. Then a nice hot milk bath, food and baking a berry pie to bring with us to my mum´s house. We´re visiting them tonight;=)

This week its Halloween spring break for the kids here so I will try and find fun things to entertain my son with. Bowling, ice-skating, swimming and the zoo if the weather allows it. And I would love to make some Halloween things too.

I love to go to masquerades and I would love a big halloween-party like the ones Heidi Klum and Seal throw every year. A couple of years ago I was a victim of a car crash, all bandaged up with blood all over and black eyes etc...;=) And in Seattle on our show there I was a sexy pirate. The boys loved that outfit and thought I should have it in more gigs. Well, hmmmm...;=)

Here´s some nice outfits from Heidis party over the years;=)

Saturday, 24 October 2009


So, someone requested photos of me. I am still a bad photographer so again, mirror photos;=)

Yesterdays outfit first:

Jeans Levis vintage, top Morticia and cardigan Day by Birger and Michelsen

Todays outfit:

Jeans Current and Elliott, top Blank and belt Rare

And then a little evening close-up;=)

Now: cosy candles and new flowers and a saturday to enjoy. I hope you all feel cosy, warm and loved by yourself or someone else. If you love someone, tell them. Let them know they are special to you.

Sleep well;=)


We met Moomin today too;=)


Today we were and saw the new Disney movie, Up and it was sooooo good! I laughed and laughed and I must say it was one of the best ones I have seen. So if you, like me, love animated movies, go and see it.

So so tired...

Oh, woke up 15 min ago....slept 11 hours!!

Saw a really good movie last night, Knowing, with Nicholas Cage. It was very very good and I can surely recommend it;=)

I felt "good" after it in a weird way and positive for the future.
5 out of 5 from me;=)

Friday, 23 October 2009

Friday song;=)

Ok guys, today it will be some pop and dance in here;=)

We have a girl from Sweden, Agnes, who won Idols a couple of years ago and now she´s our new big dance star. She has topped the English charts and now she is no 1 in US dance billboard charts. Big big congratulations Agnes! You go girl;=)

Party, party;=) Its friday guys!!!

Slow morning

Oh, I was up to late last night and then woke up early again with songs in the head;=) I feel like some music addict at the moment. But that´s nice.

Thanks for all the nice comments about October and April and the video. Someone wanted me to tell a bit about the making of it, how it was to work with the green screen etc, so here we go:

With Amaranth, Bye bye and Islander, it was working in the present and acting together. With this video it was all different. Me and Lauri only had one scene together and that is the last one, where I put my hand on his cheek. Other than that it was only our own walking scenes in different stages.

I am used to run on a tread mill but this one was painted green and nothing to hold on to, so the balance was a bit hard to hold. Also we recorded the video in "double-speed" and that made it harder too. Walking fast, trying to think of walking in New York when all is a studio environment with nothing but green;=) well, it was a bit hard.

I like the video and think the guys have made a great job with it. The result is beautiful=)

I still prefer to do more "live-shot" videos since it feels more natural, but it was nice to learn about this way of making videos too;=)

Thursday, 22 October 2009

The video is out

Johan and Stefan

Ok, my co-writer Johan Glössner and Stefan Örn are the best! They are incredibly talented and the ideas they do are just amazing;=) and they are so humble and sweet guys, its a blessing to work with these boys.