Monday, 30 November 2009

X-mas tree

Today it was time to put up the x-mas tree and this year the tree is white with blue lights, pink decorations and a house mise to guard it from the cats who just want to eat it up;=)

In the windows in the living room we have green stars with golden threads in them.

X-mas spirit is in da house;=)

Yesterdays photos

Here are some misc photos from yesterday, enjoy;=)


I have just signed a petition against Japans dolphine slaughter cause I have never seen anything as horrible as the videos in the internet where you can see how they put the dolphins into a bay and slaughter them with knives and spears. I dont want to put the video here cause it was so intense and its better if you can decide if you want to see it yourself.

Here´s the link to the video I watched but be adviced that it is very very cruel and horrible.

If you, like me, want to sign the petition which will be sent to Japans prime minister, here´s the link to that one.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Santa Lucia

I just hate when my internet arent working properly...since we moved here in april the internet has been so bad. We´ve called them I dont know how many times and still we pay a lot of money for it. Yesterday evening it was time net and not today either... Now I have been in the phone with them and now I need to have a cable to the computer and not using my wireless cause its not working again. I get so angry that if I pay a lot of money, just please make things work...

Well, now I got that off my chest;=)

Today its the first advent sunday and the city celebrates this with lots of activities like crowning this years Santa Lucia. Many years ago I was in that competition and it was a very nice ceremony. In Sweden we celebrate Lucia on december 13. The lucia cortege sings different well-known songs and we eat special buns called "lussebullar" and also small cakes called "pepparkakor".

(photo borrowed from www.skola.gavle)

Here´s the typical Santa Lucia song so you can listen;=)

(video borrowed from

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Ne Salmiset and the Dome;=)

So people, both the tv-show Dome 52 from Germany and the TV-show in Finland, Ne Salminen, has been aired and I found the videos from the show for you. First the interview and then the songs;=)


Sunny day

Oh, the sun is here;=) How nice! It has been to long since I last saw it so welcome back dear sun! You have been missed...

Today I have been at the gym running and then just chilling with my cat Busan in the lap. Now its time for a shower and a stroll in the sun. Tonight I might go and see New moon if I´m not to tired. Had some horrible nightmares this night so quite tired.

I love this new look from topshop, wearing a long skirt is really nice;=)

Enjoy the day!

Friday, 27 November 2009

X-mas lights;=)

Hi all,

Today I have been putting up the first x-mas things and I will continue tomorrow. Its so nice with x-mas just because of all the lights in the windows and candles and x-mas trees that glow;=) Since I am going away to Thailand over x-mas I need to have extra much of x-mas things before that so I have the feeling even down in the hot weather by the beach.

I also went to Linda and took off the extenssions and made the hair blonder. I want to be without the extensions for a while and especially in Thailand so now I am natural again and its great!

My friday have been spent at my mums place and now home watching Idols. Nice to see that Anders are up on his feet and showing his happy face in TV again;=)

Have a nice evening now!

Thursday, 26 November 2009


Good evening everyone!

I´m home finally after the tv-day in Finland. Everything went really well and it felt great to, for the first time ever, sing with Lauri and The Rasmus. We also had two lovely girls to play cello and the atmosphere in the show was very nice and relaxed. The show is built up like a "party" so its a mix of celebrities, artists and regular people. That makes it extra fun;=)

We rehearsed a couple of times in the afternoon and then when the show started we first did a nice interview with some laughs;=)
After that we played October and april and it felt really nice to sing with Lauri and the boys. They are all so sweet and nice and we laugh a lot;=)

The show will be broadcasted in finnish tv-channel MTV3 on saturday 28/11. I guess it will be on the net also but I dont know for sure.

After our appearance I had to rush to the airport and it was half a minute from that I didnt get on the plane...the traffic in Helsinki at rush hour made us stand still and not move which was a disaster when you know the plane will leave if you´re not there...but luckily, the staff at Finnair is always so helpful and let me through. Kiitoksia!

Make-up and hair:
You all know my beautiful and dear make-up artist Marja from before and every time I do something in Finland, I want her to help me. She is the best and today she made me look so amazing again;=) We used a soft pinky make-up with lots of glitter and stones. A bit like Hartwall arena show. The hair got big and a bit like the 60´s style.
Marja had a cool angel wings t-shirt on today so here´s her back;=)
If you want to get Marja to fix your hair or make-up she has her own boutique in Helsinki and here´s the website

Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Hi all,

I am off to bed after a studio day again and tomorrow its off to Finland for a very short visit.

Sleep well;=)

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Bits and pieces from the studio;=)

The sky is totally amazing outside today and I just had to share it with you.

I really like this old little mini-motorbike we have here so today I had to take a photo for you;=)

And of course Elvis need to be present here everyday;=)

Sky is blue...

...and I am up and going to the gym. The hotel I am living at has a nice spa and the view from the tread mill is from the roof over the city so it makes the exercising easier when you are a bit tired;=)

Enjoy the day everyone!

Monday, 23 November 2009

Info about the TV show in Finland

The tv-show in Finland is called "De salminen" and it will be broadcasted november 28 in Finland.

Here´s a link to the website of the show.

Its in finnish but I guess google can translate it for you.

Working day again

Back in the studio again... really love to be here and Stefan and Johan are the sweetest and most loving guys so even when there is a little more bad day they make me feel good;=)

From all the comments talk etc that has been these days after a long comment to me, I can only say that I have learned through things that has happened in my life that sometimes its better to not say what you feel to say. The important thing to know is that if you put something out, saying something to someone else, you never know how that person will respond to what you just said. The response you will get can be something totally different than you were expecting.

There is also another great thing to think about: If you wanna give someone an advice, ask that person: can I give you an advice?
before just saying what you think and feel is right. If the person says: no thanks, then leave her or him alone to do what they feel is best for them.
If the person says yes, respect that person for asking for help and say what you feel in a nice way and without judging him or her.

We need to understand that we are all individuals and we all need to learn from our own mistakes, do what we want to do even if its bad for us. Life is a journey, we are here to live and learn from the things we do and say. What you might think is wrong is something I might think is right and who can say which one of us are right?

I often feel I wanna write more things here that are deeper but since I also know that what I write will be misunderstood by some people, taken from its context and blown up to something totally different, I very often decide to not say anything.

I am truly happy that you, the ones reading my blog, are so open-minded and warm hearted to others, I am always amazed when I read how nice you all are towards each other and that is what I love about the blog. Keep it up;=)

Now, time for work but enjoy your day and a warm hug to all of you;=)

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Finland show

I am enjoying my sunday evening and will soon take it easy in front of the TV but first I need to take a shower since I fly early to Stockholm tomorrow and dont feel like going up stressing with that. I also need to decide what to wear in Finland on thursday. Since it is more an accoustic set and we will sit down and sing I think something more dressed. I´ll dig into my wardrobe now;=)

And by the way: I have heard that Marco is gonna be in the finnish version of the choir battle I have told you about before. If that is true, I look forward seeing and hearing how that will turn out:=) Fun that someone in the band will do TV in that way. Go Marco!


Today its grey here so felt I needed some red lips, a nice hair-do and some colourful socks today;=)

And a question to you all: do you, just like me, get chocked seeing yourself in photos? I always think: what??? Is that me? I never "see" myself that way in the mirror as photos look like...its really annoying and I wonder why this is the thing? Let me know your photo experiences;=)


I was checking out stockholm streetstyle where I like to look for inspiration and here´s what I liked today:

Calcha Candela

I have never heard these guys before going to the Dome but they played before us and they were really good;=) I normally dont listen to this kinda music but this is really fun and the audience were totally crazy when they performed.

Dome continuation

So, after the red carpet it was time for dinner and then some change of clothes, make-up and a photo session with a magazine.

At 20 it was time for me and Lauri and it all went super good;=) There were white feathers coming down on us and I got one straight into my mouth...haha! but hey, it looked good;=)

For the stage, as you have seen already in a previous post, I had leather pants from Prada, a thin blouse from Dolce and Gabbana, shoes from Michael Kors, skull necklace from Åsitas and ring from Åsitas.

After the stage we did a short interview on stage and then sat down in the sofa on stage for a while listening to the other artists after us.

Then we ate more food before taking the van back to Vienna and fell asleep. We skipped the after party cause we wanted to be fresh when we got back home to our families.

That was the whole Dome-thing. Now we have to wait for the videos from the show next saturday.

Thanks to the Dome for such a nice event and to Universal and Evelyn who made everything work really smooth. And a big hug to Lauri and my manager Petri for all the laughs we had in the van and on set;=)


Morning everyone;=)

I feel asleep early last night and today I feel less tired;=)

I didnt take any photos in the Dome, I didnt have any time but I can tell you about the day we had, Lauri and me.

I flew from Stockholm the night before and then slept at the airport hotel in Vienna. Next morning I started off taking a nice shower and packing all the things, which was quite a lot. I had to have clothes both for the red carpet and the live show plus make up, hair things etc.

We drove for 2,5 hour to Graz, where the big tv-show Dome is recorded. Our new upcoming big star from Sweden, Agnes, was gonna perform too and we said hello in the hallway. She is such a pretty girl;=)

At 13 we started rehearsing our song, which as someone asked, was playback. In Germany its always playback and singback and I am sorry but this is nothing we can say anything about. It feels really "stupid" to stand there and mime the song, but thats the deal when doing german TV. I saw a funny clip in youtube where my fave band, the Muse, changed instruments for their whole playback show in Germany;=)

Next week though in the tv-show in Finland we sing live and that´s great;=)

Anyhow, back to the Dome again: the rehearsals went really good and run very smooth. Then time for lunch and make-up. Lauri took a walk around the city before all his interviews he had planned.

At 17 it was time for the red carpet and for that I had on a black dress from Dsquared, over that a vest from HIGH, glittery motorbike boots from Jimmy Choo, a tiara with skulls in silver and crystals from Åsita, a big sparkling ring on the finger from Åsitas, thin white laze arm gloves and a clutch in leopard pattern from Mulberry.

I put my hair up in a side hair-do and curled the loose hair that was hanging down. I didnt do any interviews but in this video clip with Lauri you can see me a short while.

Some photos too;=)

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Me and Lauri at the Dome

Here´s a sneak preview photo from the Dome;=)

Home after some long days

Good evening and sorry for my absence but its been quite hectic yesterday at the Dome and today I have been travelling all day and just came home. I am tired but happy to be home.

The show will be in RTL 2 next saturday so I hope those of you who can see that channel will watch it.

Have a nice night!

Friday, 20 November 2009


Oh, finally I get to see some sun! yippie;=) Its been to long since the last time...

I am in my hotel room in Vienna and are preparing for take off to Graz where the Dome will be recorded. I didnt sleep so many hours so a bit tired but lots of coffee and nice people around me will make the day bright;=)

I have found a new great clothes designer where I got some clothes when I was in Stockholm. I will use a vest from her line in the red carpet today. She has a beautiful "victorian" vibe in her clothes and every tiny detail are thought of. You can see some of her clothes here.

Now I need to continue fixing, cause we leave in 45 minutes.

Enjoy the day!

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Dream list

A couple of years ago I learned about writing a "dream list". The idea is to write down all the dreams you have or have had in your life. It can be smaller dreams and bigger dreams, there´s no limit or stupidity in what you wish for. Then you put the list in the computer or in a book and leave it there for some time and after a year or even several years you pick it up and put a little mark by the things that have might be that some dreams you thought never could happen actually happened sooner than you thought;=)

Dreams from our childhood, dreams from today - whatever they are, keep on dreaming and try and reach those dreams. Maybe not every dream will be fulfilled but I am sure that if we strive to accomplish them, anything is possible;=)


I am in the studio again and we just played the new song for Stefan and he really liked it;=) So now more song writing.

I send a big hug to our dear Anders Bagge who has been ill since last week and still aren´t well. I dont know if its the swine flu but he has very high fever and I really hope we´ll soon see his happy smiling face down here in the studio. Get well soon! We miss you;=)

Now, coffee.....yummie!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Soon sleep...

I am tired...we worked until 9 today and we finished the song I told you about;=)

About the red carpet etc:
On friday, me and Lauri from The Rasmus are gonna perform and attend the tv-show called Dome. We are gonna do October and April on stage, some interviews and also walk on the "red carpet"

The clothes I will wear are gonna be black. I will have a bit "cooler" style than gala dress. So for the hair I think most of the things you have said to me can work. I will look at all the suggestions and see what I can do that will look good;=)

Now, bed time cause studio tomorrow again at 10 and then in the evening, I fly to Wienna.

Sleep well and sweet dreams!

In the studio finally

Well, our bad luck week continued and today we couldnt reach Stefan...he didnt answer the phone for the whole day and we were worried... but then finally around 2 o clock he sent an email telling his cell phone was lost. Luckily he found it at the place they played last night.

Me and Johan decided to do some studio work ourselves and now we´re working on a beautiful slower song and I have just finished the lyrics. My son said I needed to do a song for him so this one is for him;=)

When I am back later I will tell you more about what I am gonna wear on the red carpet. The style etc.

Enjoy the day!

Love this cover

I just love love love this cover of Running up that hill.


Morning and pale

Good morning;=)

I didnt go to the gig last night cause I fell asleep before 10 with all my clothes and make-up on...then woke up at 1 and had to go up and clean off the make-up and undress....oh, I guess the whole turbulent day and the feverish days before that had its turn.

But now I am up, a bit pale and tired but ready to head to the hotel spa to do some exercising. I dont know when the boys are gonna be ready for the studio but even if we start later its ok since I have some things to fix before the red carpet on friday in the Dome;=)

For those who wondered about my hair-do last night, its just a very high pony tail and then a clip to keep the forehead hair in its place. Before I do the pony tail, I take a comb and dread the hair in the bottom so it gets fuller. Then just pull it up in the rubber band and spray with some hair spray. I love this hair-do since it pulls the face up and that makes me look fresher=)

I bought some really cool make-up for the Dome yesterday and one of the things were a pair of fake eyelashes which are so cool:=) Let´s see if I can make them look good since I will do my own make-up and hair this time. Havent decided what to do with the hair you have any thoughts? Maybe one for the red carpet and one for the stage? Tell me your thoughts, dear stylists out there;=)

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Stockholm outfit;=)

It was a while since I put some outfit photos here so lets go:=)

Today I wear a white top from Odd Molly, a dress from Rick Owens, jeans from Current Elliott and shoes from Airstep.

Now, city time!


I am in Stockholm again after some really bad and weird day.... I think this week has been one of the unluckiest for many years...

Yesterday I couldnt fly because of the fever. Then I had the flight booked this morning. Went up, packed the last things and went in to the cab. Half way to the airport I got this feeling in my stomach: do I have my vallet?

Started feeling in my bag, but nothing vallet...!! Said to the cab driver that we needed to turn. I could immediately see that there was no possibility to go home, get the vallet and drive back to the airport in time to catch the flight.

Cursed so many times, so pissed at myself for this clumpsiness... headed back home and had to wait till 2 o clock for the next plane up...

As the boys would have said: Perkele!!!!

But now, dear readers, I am here. No studio today but since the boys are gonna have a gig tonight here and a party, I guess I will head out and check the stores before fixing myself for some party;=) Hmm...maybe it was meant to be like this?

Monday, 16 November 2009


I feel better and now we´re cooking some food. Today it´s fresh salmon covered with philadelphia cheese, horse radish and parsley. To this we are doing a broccoli stew. Yummie!

I have decided what to wear in Austria and it will be leather pants with either a black Dolce top or a black longer shirt. Make up will be red hot lips;=) We´ll see which of the two tops I finally choose but thanks to all of you for all the cool outfit suggestions you gave me;=)

Still home

So I still have fever and decided to not fly to Stockholm today. Its better to get well and we have time to finish the songs, so no worries.

I have booked a trip to Thailand over x-mas and I am so looking forward:=) I have never been there but always wanted to go and I feel I need a nice hot vacation. And this year my son spends x-mas at his fathers house so then I dont need to stay home for that.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Well... the fever wont give in and it has been higher and higher today...;=( Now I dont know if I can fly to Stockholm tomorrow or not. Hopefully I can, but if I am still having this high fever I will stay at home and try to fly tuesday.

But I have been lying down resting, eating candy, which is the best thing about being ill. Yummie;=) No pilates exercising today...

Sleep well all;=)


Hi everyone and a good morning to you!

I slept long cause I took 2 nyquils last night because of the fever I had. I feel so and so, still a bit feverish and head ache but I am sure it will get better day by day.

Today I am going to see 2012! I am so looking forward. I saw Day after Tomorrow last night again and I love these kinda movies with lots of special effects. Indepence day is one of my all-time favourites too.

Tomorrow I am going to Stockholm again and on thursday I fly down to Austria to meet The Rasmus for the tv-show Dome which we are gonna perform in on friday. I still havent decided what clothes to wear....hmm...what do you think? Leather pants or dress? Or thigh high boots and something?

Let me know your thoughts;=)

Saturday, 14 November 2009


I fell asleep for a while and I have some headache and fever now, but no pain in the arm. But the fever and headache is a bit annoying. But I am sure it will disappear in some days.

I bought a new DVD-box today, season 5 of Charmed. I wanted to get Ghost Whisperer but they didnt have that one so since I already have some Charmed boxes I took that one. I love DVD- boxes cause there´s no commercial breaks;=)

Now I am watching a show called "the Choir battle". Its the finals and I havent watched it before but nice entertainment. I dont think its like normal choir singing though, but I understand they need to keep it as easy and entertaining as possible.

In Finland some seasons ago, one choir in their choir battle did Amaranth and they did it really well;=) Here it is, enjoy!

Flu shot;=)

Today I was lucky to meet some really nice doctors and nurses. They were kind to let me get the vaccine even I wasnt listed there. Great to see that some people working within the medical field can be so nice and helpful. Thanks so much:=)

I am aching in the body today because of the pilates yesterday but since I know its good for me, I can take the pain;=) Exercising should give some pain here and there to let you know you did it right.

My son has a friend here today and they are happy and playful. We bought them a new PS3 game today - Bakugan. I am getting the new Assassins Creed 2 this thursday, it looks even cooler than the first one.

Dreamy outfit;=)

Oh, I want want want this outfit from Stella McCartney:=)

The boots are incredible and matched with the blazer it looks soooo cool;=)
The bag makes the look perfect.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Pilates for 3 hours

My friday have been both good and bad. It ended really well with the work shop in pilates for 3 hours. So nice and very very good exercises. Lots of nice ladies being together and sharing a very nice friday evening. And my abdominal muscles are soooo tired now.
We used a "roll" and its good for both doing core exercising and strength exercising, but also a very good tool for deep massage of the body. There were places that we all were saying: aj! when massaging different parts of the body.

I can take a photo of the roll tomorrow and show you some more about it;=)

This weekend we are taking care of my mums little birma cat, Pocahontas or Signe as my mum calls her;=) So now its 4! cats here running around;=) Crazy, but so fun for the cats;=)

Sleep well and sweet dreams;=)

Fridays song;=)

Hi everyone!

Just back from a long walk in the pouring rain. Nice and refreshing. Listened to lots of nice music and one of the songs were todays song, In Flames with Alias.

Enjoy the friday!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Flu and vaccine

Hi everyone and thanks for all your nice inputs. I have been to my sister who is a nurse and I will call the doctor tomorrow to ask if I can have the vaccine on prescription, cause then she can give me the shot. Otherwise I think I´ll try and get the normal flu vaccine like I always do every year. As many of you said, most of us have had flus before and through that have a bit more immune defense against this flu, hopefully.

I am not afraid of this flu and know I can take it since I am a strong and healthy person, but since I do meet people in my job all the time and fly so much and since I have a person close by to me which currently have cancer I do feel it would be better to have the shot. My son got the shot in school last week so he is ok and didnt get any side effects from it yet.

This flu and everything around it has so many different aspects but here in Sweden everyone gets the vaccine for free and right now that´s what they do. So here they dont want it to be spread. I dont know if thats good or bad. They are quite into the whole thing with giving vaccine for everything. When we are kids we get vaccine for all the typical childrens deseases (measles, pertussis, mumps and rubella) as well as for polio, tetanus and diphteria.

I have a doctors appointment in the hospital tomorrow for another thing so I´ll ask that doctor about what he or she thinks.
I guess we never will know what´s best or not when it comes to these things...

Cool hair salon

So I just found a cool and different hair salon in Stockholm where I might go some day to do something wacko;=) If you like dreads, colours etc, check them out. The salon is called Extend.

I really like this and could for sure have something like this (the first blond-black hair)


So, next week I got a letter saying that I could go and take the flu vaccine for the swine flu...and of course, I am not at home the whole next week...aaarrgghhh!!! When I called them and asked what to do they said they couldnt do anything and I have to wait for the next time...which is in january.

I understand that they need to do these things as easy as they can etc, but really, why cant I go there and get the vaccine another day? Now I dont know what to do and my only thing I can wish for is that I can find the vaccine some of the weeks I am in Stockholm.

I always take the "normal" flu vaccine since I travel so much and cant be ill and with this flu I feel its better to take the shot to prevent others from being ill from me (if I get the flu that is). But maybe this is a really small thing to complain about, right? I guess I just have to eat lots of healthy food and wash my hands 100 times a day;=)

Have you all the same kinda situation where you live? How are things in your countries with the swine flu now?

Pilates and drink

My pilates session went very very well;=) It was really nice to wake up with some exercise and I do have a strong core so it went well. The only muscles I felt were really short and needs some more stretching is the back of my legs...hmmm...I am quite bad at stretching so I am sure pilates and yoga will do me good;=)
We used both a pilates roll, a soft ball and a small heavier ball.

I bought the vegan protein powder today and it was really good to drink. Its full of nice things like: grass, spirulina, beet root, broccoli etc... healthy and good for me.

Didnt look so nice though, very green...;=)

Early skies

I´m sitting here with a cup of coffee and waiting to go to the pilats class. Its so nice to go and exercise in the morning. Before NW I went up 05.30 in the mornings to go out running and exercising before my school. It was so hard in the beginning but after a while I got into it.

Now, with my new routines I will exercise in the mornings again when I dont have any time during the evening. In Stockholm, at my hotel, they have a nice spa/gym where I can attend before breakfast so that´s a plan.

I am not a lazy person, I enjoy exercising, but I do think its good to change the routines and ways of exercising now and then to get new inspiration and I really look forward to my time with my PT, Petra;=)

I´ll write more after class. Enjoy the morning;=)

Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Time for some hair-do´s again;=)

If you wanna stick out from the crowd, I found these girls hair colouring for you.

And I just love this hair-do. So cute! I wanna have my hair like this some day now;=)

When I worked as a hairdresser I cut a lot of undercuts. Now I see it again here and there.

I found another photo of the pin hair-do from my last post. Its so nice;=)

Colours in the hair-do´s

Let´s not forget about the guys;=) These cuts are really nice!

(photos from jak&jil , and

Hair pins

Now its ok to show the hair pins and not hide them under the hair;=)


I am back from my first meeting with my PT. It was very interesting and we talked about what I eat, how I exercise, my goals etc. We will do some changes in my food and also make an exercising programme that I will do a couple of times a week and then we increase and change during the way. As a start, I will do one pilates group tomorrow morning early and then a workshop friday evening for 3 hours where we will work especially with a pilates roll. Then next weekend I will go to a yoga workshop too. This makes it easier for me to tell my PT what kinda exercises felt good or not good and what I liked etc.

Now its time for some song-writing. I have one song that needs more lyrics in it and then I´ll try to make one more idea to bring to the boys next week;=)

Early early tired morning

Oh, I fell asleep late again...2 in the morning...and then I needed to go up at 6.45 to drive my son to school and then to the tire shop to change to winter tires that they keep there for me. Now home again and tired. Thank God for coffee;=)

Today I have the meeting with my new PT and before that I want to take a walk. If I dont fall asleep before....zzzzzz...;=)