Thursday, 31 December 2009

Thailand - I miss you!


Hi everyone!

We´re back home after a looong trip yesterday... slept all evening and night, the jet lag is huge;=( Now relaxing before picking up my son and the little cats. Tonight some new years celebration if I dont fall asleep again;=) Jet lag is the worst thing...

I will post photos etc the coming days but for now: Happy endings of 2009 and may 2010 be a super year for you all! May it be a pieceful year filled with happiness and strength for us all;=)

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Vacation mode

Hi everyone;=)

I am feeling great being in paradise island without the computer, so I just want you to know that I will write here after getting home again. Till then, enjoy your x-mas and new years celebrations;=)

Monday, 21 December 2009

Early x-mas celebration;=)

Today we´ve had our friends and family over on an early x-mas celebration. We ate x-mas food, drank good drinks, laughed and talked and it was really really nice,=) Then the kids wanted to open the x-mas presents and so we did. Everyone got so nice things and I feel so happy to have had this nice evening before heading down to Thailand tomorrow;=)

X-mas is for me about family and friends and being together. The gifts are secondary, closeness and sitting down together is the greatest gift of them all. I am blessed to have such wonderful people around me and even if I have been away so much these last years, my real friends have been there always.

I´ve started packing but it is as usual boring...hihi! I´ll do it tomorrow in the last minute, as I always do. And we just need some bathing clothes and sun lotion, right;=)

And I bought two new books today to bring along and I really look forward reading them, especially the one called "The Gucci war" which is written by a woman who got married with one of the Gucci members and her story shows the not so nice world beneath the empire. Exciting reading for sure;=)

I will bring my computer but I have no clue about how the internet is working etc and of course I want to relax so I might not write so much, but I got a new blog camera today from my bf so I will take lots of photos to show you later;=)

Sleep well everyone;=)

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Going to a party;=)

We´re back home with more x-mas gifts and I found some really nice ones for my best friends and my sisters little daughter;=)

Now, going to a nice house warming party at my sisters house and I am sparkling today. Glittery dress;=) The hair is a bit yellow so I have an appointment to go and bleach it more platinum blonde tomorrow cause I hate yellow tones in the blond.

Enjoy the evening everyone!

Tuesday is the day;=)

Its only 2 more days before we fly to Thailand now and I am sooo excited;=)

I´ve gotten nice emails from the travel agency with suggestions of trips to do when being there and I think a trip to Phi Phi Islands will be done, a trip to go elephant riding and also a cave trip in canoes;=) Other than that, we have a 5-star hotel so I think we can just lie by the beach and read books and enjoy the sceneries. I just wished we could have stayed for 2 weeks but my bf needs to work on new years eve and that sucks, but work is work and 8 days is better than nothing;=)

I´ve never been to Thailand before but everyone who has been there says its amazing. If we like it I´ll book a trip for next x-mas again;=)

Re The heart asks pleasure first

Good morning,

Many of you have asked me about if we finally got the permission to release this song and the only thing I know is that a blog reader sent me a comment with emails between her and Michael Nymans agent, where he in the end says that Michael has approved to let us release it. What I did then was send these news to Tuomas and to King Foo and they have contacted Nymans management again. More than this, I dont know.

We´ll see what happens but it looks better and brighter and that makes me very happy, cause I love the song;=)

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Long x-mas shopping

We have completed almost all the x-mas gifts. Just lacking about 5 of them and those we´ll fix tomorrow. We had so many gift bags to carry now so we felt it was enough for today;=) Feels good to have fixed so many in one day and we took a break every hour to have a little tea and coca-cola. Its easier to x-mas shop when having small breaks in between.

Now I´ll do some cleaning and also wash some clothes before sitting down with my son to watch Shrek 2. I really like the Shrek movies;=)


I woke up and felt the sun shine;=) Finally!!! Yippie! Even if it still is freaking cold the sun makes me happy and now its only a few days left before flying to Thailand. I am so excited!

Today, me and my son have lots of x-mas gifts to buy, so busy day. But also nice, cause after doing that we can sit down and just relax.

The movie was great yesterday, I can recommend it for sure. Very very nice story;=)

Enjoy the day everyone and hope you also get some sun over you;=)

Friday, 18 December 2009

This and that

Hi all,

Today its been a day of this and that;=) First went to Lindas to bleach the hair even lighter. Then picked up my son who now has x-mas vacation for 2 weeks;=)

Went to IKEA and bought a new TV bench which made my bf curse while trying to put it together. He said: we´ll never buy IKEA again;=) And I agree with that. It may be cheap and nice things, but when putting the items together you usually cant put them together since all the supposed drill holes are not even drilled...screws and pieces are missing... the wood falls apart as you screw in, even if I love IKEA for its low prices and also good things, the badside is the mounting of things. The amount of cursing words that came out of bf:s mouth were quite a lot...hihi!

Now we just came back from eating at a chinese restaurant which we love. Then coming back, we have this gate where you can either use a code to get in to our house or a key. Tonight the code didnt work and someone had broken off a key in the key lock so there we stood in the cold evening and couldnt get in to our home;=(
Luckily we have a restaurant downstairs who very kindly let us go through their door. I hope they can fix it tomorrow or many who lives here will have big difficulties getting in and out.

Me and my son are gonna watch a new movie we bought, called "The secret of Moonacre" which is directed from the same who made The Golden compass and Bridge to Tibethia. We loved both those movies so I hope we´ll like this too;=)

Thursday, 17 December 2009

So cold....

Well, I did go out today despite the very cold and windy weather. Its 8 minus now and since I live in an ocean city it feels colder...brr...
The roads are a disaster and you cant drive more than 50-70 km/h today so it took me quite a while to get my son. Then we went to the tire shop to do an after-check on the screws holding the winter tires and then I needed to drive to BMW to get them to do a programming thing in the computer. The car doesnt understand when the tires are changed, so it "believes" I have a flat tire and are putting out an alarm in the display, so to fix that, they just go into my menu and re-programme it. Easy beasy;=)

I bought some x-mas gifts to my son today and looked at some to others. Will continue tomorrow and in the weekend. I also found a new TV which I will buy tomorrow, cause the one I have has a white pixel line going straight through the screen and its been annoying me for 1 year now...;=( And the new TV will be the new LED technology so watching movies will be so nice now. I love watching movies as you might have figured out;=)

Hope your day is great and wonderful wherever you all are;=)

X-mas gifts

Good morning everyone;=)

Today I need to go out and do some x-mas gift shopping since I havent bought more than one... puh...Usually I am early doing these things, but since I have been in the studio and of course, since we are flying away over x-mas, the x-mas planning havent been the same;=)

I know most of the gifts so that is good, but some are harder. But I love to buy presents for others and I enjoy it almost as much as them when they open the presents;=)

Have you gotten some x-mas gifts yet? Do you like x-mas or is it a an evening filled with hard times? Tell me your thoughts about x-mas, I want to know how you all feel;=)

For Adam

Hi Adam,

I want to answer you, but I would like to do so in a private email. Can you write a comment where you write your email address too? Thanks;=)

For Maria:=)

Dear Maria,
Thanks for your so funny and nice comments to me. I loved it! You shouldnt feel so shy cause when you write you seem to be a really nice and funny person;=) So dont hide in there, ok? I liked what you wrote, all of it.

About sending x-mas gifts for me and the boys, you are right. Send the one for me to:
Kyrkogatan 31
411 08 Göteborg

and the ones for the boys:
King Foo Entertainment
Fredrikinkatu 61A 7th Floor
00100 Helsinki

Lots of hugs to you and thanks again for writing to me;=)

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

For Katrin

Hi Katrin,
I dont know in what post that comment is, can you write that so I can find it? Thanks;=)

White morning and answer to a comment

I´m up and its still so white outside;=) Today I am flying home. We felt we wanted some x-mas vacation and now after the meeting with the record guy all we do is wait and see what will happen from that. We also have the songs for the album ready and just need some bonus songs which we can do in january.

Bonome wrote a comment to me and I would like to answer it here. The question was why some people just reach their goals without any effort and then why some who struggle never reaches them. And how to deal with that.

I dont know the answer to this, but I have had some good and bad luck during my life and that is what I can talk about.
Ever since I was a little child, about 3 years of age, I wanted to become a singer. I just knew and felt in my heart that I was born to do that. I sang everywhere, everyday and stood practising to different albums, having shows for my family day after day. I joined bands, I sang in choirs, I worked as a studio musician, applying for lots of music school, sent 50 demos to record labels but nothing happened. I sang, but not full-time and I didnt get that "break" I wanted.

Many times I fell in despair and stopped to sing for a while. Got angry after having met "not so nice people" in record companies who thought they could make me do things I didnt want to. So, since I am that person that rather not make it and feel good about what I do, I took other jobs and sang as a hobby. I was ok with that and even if I wasnt totally happy and still had my dreams, it worked for many years.

Then, a couple of years ago I felt like my life wasnt fulfilled and I knew I had to pursue my dream once more, before I got to old;=) I started looking for jobs everywhere, applying for musical roles, bands etc and it was at this time I heard about NW and the firing of Tarja. And as you might know, the time to get that job took 1.5 years and that was also full of both happiness but also despair. I even got turned down at first and I can tell you, I was so heartbroken. I cried and cried and didnt understand anything. It took me about one month to turn that sadness into what I always get after feeling a bit sad about my situation: I get stubborn and I say to myself: hey, what´s this mourning about??? do you want to be the singer in NW? Then start convincing them that they made a mistake.
And I started to email them again and you know what happened: after 1,5 years of sleepless nights, stress, worry, self-asteeem going up and down along the way, not being able to plan my future before I knew.... I got the job. I got the job!

And still my life will be like this: struggle. Cause I do believe that maybe some people get things for free, the easy way. But most of us, need to struggle to get what we want. Whether its a job, the love we long for, a child..etc. Its a part of life and I still struggle in life. Just because I got my dream come true, there will always be new "obstacles" to climb and win over.

Some people I know live life being "victims". A victim cant understand why they just get all the bad luck in the world fallen over them. They cant see their part in the story. They cant see that they need to take action of their life and faith to get further in life. They get bitter and depressed and just stop living. I feel sad for them and I have decided that I dont want to be that victim. I have felt like it many, many times in my life so I know that anyone can get there, but I have decided to not be a victim. I want to live life fully, even if its harder some days. I dont wanna die knowing I didnt try my very best to be the person I dreamt to be when I was a child.

I dont know, Bonome, if that helped you in any ways, but I hope you know that you can do anything. You are special and even if you dont reach the highest goal, maybe you can reach a smaller goal first and then try the next step and the next and the next. Sometimes its better to not put up the biggest goals, but set up smaller goals on the way of reaching that higher goal. My grandmother once said to me: dont you ever give up your dream. And she was right;=)

Enjoy the day!

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Lots of snow

So, when I woke up this morning and pulled away the curtains it snowed and was totally white outside... its been pouring down and now its all white...great! it was so cold last night but today with the snow falling a little warmer.

The listening session with the record label guy went well yesterday. He liked what he heard;=) After the listening we went in to the city to Berns and ate some nice sushi, sashimi and other nice japanese food. We sat down, talking and just enjoying the evening. I didnt fall asleep until 2.30 so today I am so, so tired.

We´re in the studio again for some more songwriting. Soon its vacation and I am longing;=)

Enjoy the day!

Monday, 14 December 2009


So, finally the winter is really here and when I arrived to Stockholm this morning, it was snowing and the ground is white. Cold but more light when the snow gets here so that´s good. Even though I fly to Thailand next week and just counting down the days...;=) Sun, pool, good food, lots of books to read and just no "musts, have to or should"...

Today we have a record label guy coming so its exciting and I hope you all cross fingers and toes for us, that he´ll like our music;=)

Enjoy the day!

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Our new Idols winner;=)

So, the guy who won Idols this season, Erik, has an amazing voice and I want you all to hear him too, so here are some songs from his season.
Let´s start with the one I think he did the best, Show must go on

Then some Iron Maiden, Run to the hills;=)

And finally, the song he "won" and now are out as a single, Higher. Enjoy!

(all videos borrowed from

Saturday, 12 December 2009

The cutest santa I´ve ever seen;=)

I just want to say that if you click here, you´ll find a video with the cutest Santa I´ve ever seen;=)

Love, love, love my partner in crime;=)

Friday, 11 December 2009


Today I have bought the first x-mas gifts and also some new sheets to our beds. My son got with Liverpool, which is his favourite football team;=)

Now I am cooking food and among it is one of my favourites: fried brussel sprouts...I first boil them for some minutes, then frie them in butter...yummie!

Tonight its the finals of Idols so of course that is what we will watch;=)

Enjoy the evening!

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Sitting and relaxing...

I am home again;=)
I like to travel and see other cities etc, but there is no better feeling than stepping through my door at home and just take of the shoes, the jacket, say hi to the cats and my loved ones, make some tea and then just sit down and relax... the feeling is sensational;=)

Sleep well everyone;=)

We´re not playing...

Ok, so some rumours are going around that we are gonna play in UK next summer. As you all know, we are having a long touring and playing break so that is not true at all. We´re not gonna play or tour until after our next album which means sometime in 2011.

Have a nice day;=)

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Grey day

Its so grey and dark outside...the only thing I do is walk around yawning and longing for the bed;=) Luckily, soon Thailand and warm, sunny weather. I am longing so much!

Here in the studio things are getting along well so that´s nice, but I feel the energy is getting weaker and weaker and I know the dark december days are to blame. Maybe a strong lamp in the face to pretend I get some light? ;=)

Have a nice day!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

So much sleep...

Oh, last night I came back from the studio at 7 and ate some fish. Then I just passed out and slept so hard all night with make-up and clothes on...didnt wake up until 12 and then I was still so tired that I just undressed and passed out again. Didnt wake up until 9 this morning...puh! I guess I was very very tired...

But I think its good when the body tells us that we need to rest. Better to do that than get ill or so tired that we break down.

Now we´re in the studio again and just mixing a song we have recorded so that we can start with some new things. We all are inspired today so it will be a great day. Tonight I need to leave early cause I am going to another studio to record an anti-mocking song for a project where most of Swedens metal bands are joined together. I am honoured to be asked to join them and are looking forward to tonight;=)

Monday, 7 December 2009

Time to work again

So, good morning everyone!

I have an early morning today since I am going to Stockholm and the studio this week again. Time for more songs to be done. Looking forward even if its been so nice to be home with my family too;=)

Mondays are quite hard days to wake up so let´s have some music!

Enjoy the day!

Sunday, 6 December 2009

To Alisa-Julia

Hi and thanks for the help you have done. I have sent it to Tuomas and King foo so lets hope they can talk to them about releasing it;=)

P3 Gold gala

So, my dear blog readers. I can now tell you about the secret gig I have talked about before. I will be one of the artists that will perform in a big TV-gala here in Sweden on january 19 next year. The gala is an award-gala where our biggest public radio channel, P3, gives away awards to best song, best album, best artist etc. You can see more about it here (its in swedish though)

I am excited and I look so forward to show myself to the swedish people. We havent done so many performances in my own country, even though we have sold Gold with DPP, so this is a nice thing for me to do;=)

Football mum;=)

So, as a football mum, I am up early on a son has practise so it was just to get up, fix breakfast, drink coffee and soon off.

Yesterday, me and my son watched Arthur and the revenge of Maltazard and it was really good. My son thought it was better than the first one.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Cool stockings;=)

I love these stockings. They are from Pretty Polly and you can find them here;=)


My time with Petra, my PT, was very nice yesterday. Since I have so much hard exercising already, we decided to work more with getting my body at ease with yoga and breathing. She showed me the sun-greeting, which I have done before but have performed it a little bit wrong and when she corrected the movement I could feel how good I felt in the back and the legs. She also showed me a breathing that is very good to lower high blood-pressure, which I have problems with and want to get lowered.

After our yoga-session I met my friend and we had a nice time all afternoon;=) Sat in a coffee place and just laughed at things that happened in her life and of course, in my life;=)

Today, its cleaning the apartment first, then getting my son a new winter jacket and indoor football shoes before we are heading to the cinema. We love going to the movies and since the weather is grey and boring, that is what we do today. I´ll let you know later what we saw;=)

Today I am surfing Acnes web site and clicking home some new arrivals. I love the striped on guys and I love the pattern they have on the dress and leggings here.

Friday, 4 December 2009


So, friday again! Nice;=)

I have an appointment with Petra, my PT today and after that a nice coffee time with my childhood friend. We have been friends since we were 14 and its so nice to have a friend like that;=) She is also my sons god mother and she is the best god mother he can have.

Now, coffee and then some errands.

Enjoy the day and today let´s listen to my favourite band, Kamelot.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

The time with Petra, my Personal trainer;=)

Ok, my exercise this morning with Petra was hard...puh! Its the first time I have a PT and it gave me lots of new things to do in the forest. We power walked which is a lot about technique and since I usually run or just walk normal, it was very hard to get into it. When I walk fast I bend forward and that was wrong.

She said that I need to straighten up, pull the stomach in at the navel, put the arms close to the sides in the same height as when running, that is almost up by the chest. Then take big steps and put the heel down first and push forward and at the same time use the arms in a forward-going movement, like pulling a rope.

Very hard to describe it without a video;=)

We power-walked in the forest, both uphill, downhill, up and down stairs...we stopped doing exercises like lifting big branches of wood, doing push up, climbing the stairs doing big lunges with really high knees...puih...I almost puked at some time there;=) hehe!

But it felt really good and I feel that after doing the same exercising for long, my body needs to be a bit shaken and stired now and this is great to do.

On friday we are gonna meet in her studio and then we will do yoga exercises and pilates that I can do at home or at the hotels;=)

Personal training

Good morning!

This morning I am meeting my personal trainer for a nice power walk and some exercising in the forest. The only problem with that is that I have some terrible pain under my heel and had to buy special soles yesterday. Let´s hope I can get around still...

Its cold here today so I need to have really warm clothes on....winter is here...brrr...

Enjoy the day!