Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Weird body...

Good morning;=)

I was totally exhausted yesterday and had a fever that came on so suddenly that I got from feeling super good to really ill in 10 minutes..very weird but I lied down and fell asleep at 21 already and slept all night so today I feel better again. The body is strange,=)


  1. Hej Anette
    I feel sorry for you. *hugs* Don't push yourself too much, please...
    Glad to hear that you feel better again. :)



  2. I've had that experience just today, when I woke up I was fine, ten minutes later my head felt like it was exploding. The body might be our temple, but yes, it really is weird!
    Glad you're feeling better, dear <3

    Have a nice day.
    Love, Mads

  3. Hi A- Glad to hear you are back on form.

    Indeed the body is weird and complex.

    I went for a very early morning swim today at 7AM. It has helped my aching back enormously much more than any physio. I think it is a matter of finding what suits you and sticking to it really.
    The only downside being that I can't stop sneezing.. lol.

    Have a great day - Warm wishes Peter x

  4. good morning!
    sounds bad, but it's great that you're feeling better now.
    the body is really weird sometimes, especially, when you try to compare them with each other.
    taking my grandparents, my granddad fell off the fifth step of a ladder and he hadn't anything, while my grandma slipped out on the icy ground and broke some capsule in the shoulder, so she needs an operation.

    have a nice day!

  5. Hej Anette!

    När jag är sjuk så brukar jag aldrig få feber av någon konstig anledning. Precis som nu, jag ligger hemma och kan inte prata, mina halsmandlar är stora som golfbollar och det känns som att mitt huvud ska explodera:( Och dom här symptomen brukar dyka upp när jag har idrott i skolan, vilket gör att jag får svårt att andas och då kan jag inte vara med på aktiviteterna...

    Hoppas att du mår bättre än jag i alla fall:)

    Ha det så bra!


  6. This is really very strange.
    I already noticed that you get sick many times in one year. Did you ever consulted a doctor to find out why this happens to you? It may be due to the hectic touring you've done, but if this happened before you get to Nightwish too, can be another thing. Well, I'm not a doctor so I think you should consult a doctor and see what he thinks about it, after all, our health is the most important thing we have, right =)
    But I'm happy that you are well today and I hope you have a wonderful day, lots of joy to you, and take care. ;-)
    Hugs and best wishes from Brazil =)

  7. That sounds creepy, but I'm glad you are feeling better. :)
    Yesterday I had a terrible pain in the back and in the stomach, I though it was something really serious and then went to the doctor. He recommended a medicine and today I feel pretty better. The body is indeed strange.
    Hopefuly we are ok, huh?
    Take care, Anette. Warm hugs from Brazil.

  8. Hi Anette!

    The body is really strange. Maybe it was too cold for you in the icehall or you were too exhausted from sports? Strange thing that. Glad you feel better now!!
    I have a lack of sleep for some days now and am very near to burst into tears quite fast (and often for am SO in love. But it is impossible to live it...).
    Have a great day!

  9. Hey dear!

    Not cool to hear that, i hope you feel better by now *sending you warming huuuugs*
    Watch out for yourself, ok?!

    I wish a wonderful day to you!
    take care!
    with Love and Respect
    yours Chris :)

  10. Hej Anette! =)

    That sounds weird. But nice to know that you are feeling better now. I had the same kind of experience when I got the swine flu vaccine. But it was because of the vaccine.

    Do you remember the movie 2012? I found out about from your blog when I watched the trailer here and I went to see it a week ago. It was very good movie and I gotta buy it on dvd also! And I liked the soundtrack too.

  11. Oh my , that sounds sooo bad :(
    But I am happy that you are feeling better now =)
    Hugs and take care

    Lots of love


  12. Hi Anette,

    I agree, the body is weird. I've had this strange cold for a week now. I thought it was clearing up at the weekend, but yesterday it got worse. I can't do anything. All I do is sneeze and blow my nose. Horrible!

    You must take care not to overdo things, Anette. Maybe you got really hot from working out and when you stepped out into the freezing cold you caught a chill.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Best wishes,

  13. Hii Anette
    The body can be weird, but aren't you ill a lot lately? Maybe it's better to go to the doctor for an examination or something? I am a bit worried.
    Kram Daphne

  14. Oh damn.
    As we can see you have that problem often. That's not so good. Maybe you must check your body by the doctor. That makes me worry.

    Be careful and have a very nice day..
    I think of you.


  15. Sweetie, I know exactly what you mean.
    Since I stayed home yesterday,
    I was real energetic. So last night I ate
    some dinner, and all of the sudden
    felt real sick and my stomach was weird
    feeling. I got really hot, so I changed
    from pants to shorts and I totally passed out
    asleep. Now I wake up to more snow
    and the schools are closed today.
    We are close to having over 12 inches of snow!

    Hope you have a good day,
    I'm glad you feel better!

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  16. Hi Nettie! I'm glad to hear that you feel better now.
    I know I haven't commented for some time, but I always come here to see your posts, ya ? ;=)
    My summer break is over and I'm going to college now. Sad, but at least I'm going to study something I really like and not math or physics, yuuckk!!

    Hugs an Kisses!

  17. lupus makes my body do that a lot - the only thing for it is to rest...your body might be trying to fight something off - take it easy Anette and get lots of sleep and relaxation. I hope you don't get it again. Wishing you well x

  18. Hej Anette !
    I've got a question about swedish names :

    Do you knwo some nice swedish names for baby's or baby cats?

    Would be nice if you could help me...

    Hugs ! And thanks a lot for the answering my last question about Helsingborg ♥

  19. Hi, I hope you're feeling better by now...

    It sure is weird. Hasn't something like this happened before or is it just my imagination? Maybe you should go see the doctor? Symptoms like these, though there may not be anything serious behind it but it's a huge stress for one's body!

    Take care :)

  20. Hej Nettan, How weird that is! I've had it already, but it's been a long time since I don't it... Like people said already: Don't push yourself too much, and I'm gald to hear you're ok now! ^^
    Pussar i massor!

  21. Question about your Solo album this year:

    Hej Nettan. Sorry for my absence yesterday.

    I wanna know if your Solo-Album will release/come here in Germany too.?
    I hope that and if not how can I buy it then ?
    Because in your online shop there are weird shipping conditions..
    I'm in worry !
    Hope that you understand my question and that you can help me.


  22. well your body may be strange but outside you are beautiful

  23. Hi Nette!!!

    Sometimes I feel my mind exhausted..I really need to get out of my boring life!!! Today I'm a little sad!!!

    Kisses sweetheart...have a wonderful day!!!

  24. The body is a strange thing indeed xD But you shouldn't get sick =(
    I just got some medicines from the doctor because my couching is lasting way too long now, but it's nothing serious, she said =)

    Take care!


  25. Oh no Anette... you had a fever again! :( How are you today? You sould be eat a vitamines. Do not worry to us! You know that we love you! Take care dear Anette! Big hugs

  26. @Laura: don't worry for Anette's online shop, it's pretty safe (and pretty quick too, i've ordered the black shirt friday afternoon and i had an email saying it was shipped today this morning). The weird conditions are only some kind of humour (i have the same, so it made me laugh a lot), no more. :p Well, unless they work with a schizo postman, of course....

    @Anette: do you have any tips to help to cope with a bad day (not something physical please), or a hug for me? Since i wake up at 2 am with a panic attack, this day was a piece of crap (the only good thing being about my black shirt being sent)... Between a not very good news i've heard (it's quite bad for my money, and far from great for my health, especially knowing that with my asthma i have to take some drugs to fix it that coast 77 euros/month), my mother who wouldn't understand what kind of handicap i have and don't want to help me, along with my ankle who's quite painful this time, i feel like i want to shout my heart out and cry on someone's shoulder..... ARG! :(
    Thanks for listening....



  27. Steff: Of course I can send a big warm hug to you. I understand that this day wasnt a good one and I do know about expensive astma medicines. I am always in shock when getting my medicines from the pharmacy. Panick attacks is hard to cope with but try and think that its ok. And hopefully tomorrow will be a better and easier day for you. Hugs!

  28. Laura: I still dont know if I will release the album, so I cant answer your question at the moment.

  29. Onewiththewaves: Usch, stackars dig! Det är jättejobbigt att ha så ont i halsen. Hoppas det inte är halsfluss. Krya på dig!

  30. @Anette: thank you so much! I'm quite moved by your kindness, but i must admit that yout lovely message give me a big smile. :)
    About panic attacks, i'm used to it since years, but it's always harder at night - especially when things worried me... Hopefully i have things to help me to cope.

    For your album, i truly hope that it will not be like La Toya Jackson's Starin' Over. She made a promo of it in 2002, but since this time it's delayed and will probably never have an official release - a pity, since it's her best work. It have leaked online now, still, but as someone who loves physical cds i've found it a real pity.... But it's your work, and if you don't want to realease it it's up to you.

    Thanks again for your kindness :)


  31. Oh, Anette. Sorry, I did not know that the release not yet determined.I'm really sorry.

  32. @ Steff:
    Maybe you can't remember and so I remember you ;D
    I wrote you back about the SWEDEN-HOLiDAY in 'Robin Hood'.
    Ps: I've seen you are 33.? I wish I could be 33. But I'm so young, what a pity.
    Maybe I can visit you in FRance and you can visit me in Germany.That would be funny and cool. I bought some Nightwish Cloth and a calender and a car sticker. And I'm so glad. Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow the things will come ;DD
    Thank's that you're writing with me.Thank's for your kindness ♥
    Lots of Love & warming Hugs !

  33. Oh God this is really weird !
    It's good to hear that you slept well and that you are feeling better now!
    Maybe you were just tired and the big temperature differences between outdoors and indoors caused it...

    Take care and go to the doctor if it doesn't gets better!


  34. Hi Anette! Well, you know what science says: Human body is a not-perfect, complex and wonderful thing.

    The important thing is that you're better now :)

    Big hugs ^^

  35. Hej Anette och tack för dom uppmuntrande orden:) Jag känner mig redan mycket bättre...

    Jag hoppas verkligen att du släpper ditt album, jag vet inte vad som får dig att tveka, men du ska veta att dina fans stödjer dig till 100 procent, men det är ditt album så känn dig inte pressad till att ge ut det. Men jag hade varit jättetacksam om jag fick höra det någon dag. Men som sagt, det är upp till dig.


  36. @Laura: of course i remember! And i'm 33, but sadly on march 15 i will turn 34.... Wish i could be younger! And i'd love to return in Germany! I know only Berlin (and for the time of a weekend, a very emotional and intense one - but how could it be different, when it was in memory of my best friend who died past june, and with Sam(antha Fox) in one of the 7 people here? Meeting the singer i use to be a fan since late 2004 (i mean, with a membership card) in a so private circumstance and turning friend with her was the highlight of my life. Still, i wish it couldn't have happened, it would mean that my friend would still be alive and healthy...), but i've loved being it. I wish soon i'll be able to eat another currywurst, it's so yummy!
    And it seems you ordered a lot of NW stuff! I only ordered the DPP tourbook, but sadly my money is a bit tight with nice things and i had to make a choice. Since i've also ordered Anette's black shirt and some music (8 cds!), i sadly couldn't order any of the nice shirts or longs sleeves i saw... Maybe in april, if i'm lucky, but the price really stop me, it would mean half of my "fun" money would go for a single thing. Being poor sucks! :(
    You know, if you want to "talk" a bit more with me, watch my profile. If you don't use facebook, just make sure you say you're from Anette's blog so i'll read you (i have tons of spams, sadly it's the most important part of my mails). This way, we will not take too much place @ Anette's blog - i know she's nice, sweet and very lovely and loving, but i would feel bad to talk too much...

    @Anette: hope you don't mind this post. And thanks again for your kindness, it really means a lot to me.



  37. Hi Annette,
    You seem to get sick quite often. If I may say so, your immune system needs a boost!
    Vit D is a simple way to boost your immune function with bonus protection against virtually all age related diseases.
    Scientists have identified reduced Vit D in winter months as a prime suspect for the increase in infectious diseases. Blood Levels should be at a minimum target of 50ng/mL. My naturopath and my doctor recommend above 80 for maximum effect. Minimum 1000IU/day of Vit D3. There is always the alternative of going naked in the midday sun for 10 mn!
    I hardly get sick now but it could be not just Vit D but the sum of all the lifestyle changes I made in the past 2 years.
    Anyway, sleep is very regenerating so if your body is tired, it is great to listen to it and rest.
    Hope you are feeling better.
    To your good health
    The Health Nut