Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Heart full of fire from Apollo (live dvd)

Here´s the song Heart full of fire which I recorded with Brother Firetribe and now can be seen on their great live dvd;=)


(video borrowed from


  1. Thanks for posting! :) I love this song, and the live version is stellar... Great song, great band, and great guest singer!

  2. Your performance was great dear Nettan, congratulations ;-)
    Have a good night in your new bed dear singer , dream with the angels =)

    Hugs from Brazil =)

  3. Oh thank you Anette for posting this song. I love it! Great live version!!

  4. Anette, how long time Empuu plays with the end?

  5. That was really great to listen to, you did a great job! :)

    I'll buy the DVD.

  6. Great song, your voices are both great :-) And go Emppu!! :D


  7. Hy!

    Thanks for posting! I love BF!!! I think... i need this concert dvd!! ;)

    Good night, and let your dream be beautiful on your new bed!


  8. Thank you for posting! =)

    Jag ar ju sjalv svensk men jobbar pa engelska... Jag ber om ursakt for att jag blandar ;-)

    Du ar sa vacker nar du ler! Vaga gora det mer! Man behover inte se "cool" ut hela tiden...

    Underbara katter har du ocksa. :-)

    With love,

  9. Oh, this performance was awesome! Love this song. :)

  10. I really like this song (all their songs in fact) and you are awesome in this live! I love your voice with Pekka's. Do you plan to do some other colaboration in the future?

  11. Aw, thanks for posting it! I've seen it,
    but I've never seen the recording of it-
    I saw a recording that
    someone in the audience had done.

    So, usually, I say black and brown
    NEVER match. But because you're belt
    has black and brown together,
    it matches your dress pretty well, and
    you pulled it off looking hot girl!
    And I LOVE your hair, it looks so pretty!

    Oh, and can I ask what tattoo you got first?
    I really like all your music note ones,
    but I turn 18 this July, so I'll be able
    to get a tattoo. I don't have experience with
    anything like that, I even had pierced my
    ears myself. I just really want a tattoo
    and to get my bellybutton pierced.
    I know you said you had your bellybutton
    pierced, do you still???

    Hope you have time to answer me!

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  12. i love anette and brother firetribe its amazing, anette you are awezome and beautiful, i love your clothes i dont care if sometimes your clothes doesnt feat with the weather but you are just amazing please come to colombia someday love you!!!

  13. Nice performance!! :) Is it my impression or your microphone was just a little low in volume?

  14. Emppu always looks so cute, I wonder if his personality is really like that. *hehe*
    Great sung Anette! Sorry to say that, but the dress seems to have quite annoyed you being that slippery in quite the wrong places. :P

  15. Awesome!! You sang beautifully!

  16. Hello Anette!

    Great video. Great performance. Great figure ;)

    Love it!

    Have a lovely night.

    Karo E.

  17. Thanks for posting, it's a great song...
    I've done a gift to you, i hope that you like it. it's here:

    Good Night =)

  18. Kanonbra!
    Den dvd;n lär jag definitivt lägga beslag på!
    Är ju inte alla band som har den goda smaken att släppa ifrån sig live-dvd;er i tid och otid.. *retas* ;)
    PS. Såg att din insats på p3-guldgalan nu sedan en tid finns på YouTube, ifall du vill posta en länk.

  19. nice video, you're a great singer :)

  20. Hi Anette!

    The video is amazing!
    You looks so beatiful!!!
    I love the song *-*

    Good night

    Hugs from Mexico

  21. That's a really nice performance and great fun to watch. And great outfit too! Greetings from India!
    Anni xx

  22. Wow your voices go so well together! I could tell you really loved to do those "power notes". You have always had a distinctive and beautiful voice but I feel that it has gotten so much stronger since I started hearing you sing live! Looked like you were having so much fun! Good job Brother Firetribe and Anette! =)

  23. Hi dear Nettie , good morning. Hope you slept well. Thanks for the song..I LOVE IT! You sounded wonderful as always

    Have a nice day



  24. I have to buy it! ;-)
    I think your performance was really great and your outfit too (you´re so hot :D)...
    have a good day lovely Nettie :)))

  25. Surely I'll buy the DVD, but I don't know when... =/

    Hey Nettan, upload the pic from your gold/platinum discs, I'm looking forward to see :D

    Many hugs for you!

  26. Anette as always You sound great! and You look the best!!!
    Hugs from Poland

  27. Hey Anette, that was cool! You also looked very sweet :)
    This song was a surprise for me for didn't know that you had done that. Thanks!
    And ui, I didn't know you had a tattoo with a note-key (if this is the English word for "Notenschlüssel")and some notes. Was this tattoo real? Uuh, Didn't that hurt on such a sensitive part of the body?
    Have a nice day Anette!

  28. Hii Anette :)

    Hey, how are you doing today?
    is everything ok?
    the sun is shining here, hope in over there in Sweden too :)

    Ah, thank you for sharing. Love that tune :)

    Have a super nice day
    take care
    Love and Respect

  29. Thanks for posting ! Nice to see it in good quality! I really like this song, wich is the first I heard of that group, then I bought the album and I love it so much !!

    Love & Hugs

  30. awesome...thanks for sharing it!!

  31. That's a great clip and the whole DVD seems to be promising. I love the fact it looks more intimate, with a laid-back band and laid-back crowd, it's not one of those huge halls or festival arenas, seems to have been not such a big venue and that adds some spark to the videos.
    I loved the performance as well, Pekka is one of my favorite singers, I love him both in Brother Firetribe and Leverage, and of course your voice and his fit very well together, it's a great duet. Annnnnnd on a girlier note, your earrings are ace on that video. :D

    Awesome job! :)

  32. Great song! sing very well, as always!
    and you are so beautiful: you have a very pretty dress and a beutiful haircut, sincerely!

    have a nice day^^

  33. Dear Anette,

    I love this song and this performance is great!
    You sing wonderful and I love your outfit and hair and everything: you're looking so pretty!

    Thanks for posting the nice video!


  34. I love this song (and all their work)!! They are a real feel good band :) You did a brilliant job on that song Anette! :)

  35. I think your microphone might've been turned down a little too much, but I can still hear you so it doesn't matter! Well done, sounds great!
    (Plus I'm a MASSIVE fan of Pekka's voice in BFT and his other band [Leverage] so it's killing two birds with one stone, so to speak. Favourite male vocalist and favourite female vocalist in one song!)
    Best wishes!

  36. Dear Anette,

    I've been very desapointed to learn that you finally won't realease your album. But it's YOUR choice & I agree ; focus on your family first.
    This video is incredible ! I love your moves, your mimes, your voice, your singing like as usual ;)

    Hugs from France !

  37. Hi Anette!
    Anette, I'm fall in love about this song. Yes, again. ;D This song is better and wonderful and your voice is much better than amazing. :-)
    I like your beautiful dress and of course you look beautiful. First I think than I'm blinded, because I saw Emppu... But I think he is Emppu. ;D I must to sarch some song of the BF. And try to buy DVD. ;-)
    Thank you for my new love.... I want to write posting. ;D

    Hugs form Nan. ;-)

  38. Lovely video Nettie! You're doing a great job, as always ;)
    Nighty night

  39. Hey Anette,

    Awesome video & you look gorgeous!!! Just love your smile =)

    Have a great weekend


  40. so excellent!! and my god, this song brings back so much memories :] it's good to see you all having a good time x]

  41. Hey Anette! Thanks for posting, I really love this song, however, I have the impression that your voice can't be heard too well on the recording..:\

  42. Great song Anette! I already saved the video, Emppu also did great! The three of you (and the people behind) did so well =)

    Wow a few days I haven't been on the Internet very much because I've been studying for my driving license, so tomorrow I hope I'll get updated by reading all your following posts.

    But now it's time for me to go to sleep. Good night and I'll write tomorrow ^^