Sunday, 14 February 2010

Lots of love

So, for all of you I want to send my Happy Valentines day wishes;=) And yes, it may be a commercial thing with this day but hey, any attempt to show each other more love is for me a good and great initiative;=)

So enjoy this day and take care of each other and of course, all your animals too;=)


  1. Awww, what a lovely pic! And a moving message too... Thank you for posting. :)
    I totally agree with what you say. Even if today is a commercial thing, showing you love to people you likes is a good thing.

    Enjoy this day too, i wish you a day full of love end tendership.

    All my love and thoughts for all the lovely people here *HUGS*


  2. Hi,Anette!
    Happy Valentine's day
    Hoping you can be with all your beloved ones
    (Cats included here)
    Lots of love as you say for everyone :)

  3. happy valentine's day Anette!
    & for all of you guys here:~)

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  4. Thank you so much Anette for posting! I wish you again a beautiful day and all the best to you! Tell to us how you will spend today! Hugs

  5. Hi Anette

    I wish you a Happy valentine´s day too.
    Have a nice day!

    Lots of Hugs

  6. Hi Anette ! Thank you, I wish you a great day with lots of love :)

  7. Thanks, Anette. I wish you a Happy Valentine's Day too.

    Have a lovely day!


  8. Happy Valentine's day, Nettie^^ Here at home we are celebrating Shrovetide. Buns and whipped cream... Yum!

  9. My dear and lovely Anette! :)
    Thanks for Your wishes!
    And I wish You the same! And have a great Valentines with Your boyfriend, son, cats and all Your family!!! :)

  10. Hi Nettie ♥

    Happy Valentine's day! ♥

    Love, Nadia

  11. Hello Anette and thank you so much for the lovely message and wishes.
    Even though I'm not such a huge "fan" of Valentine's day, because I don't think people should need a special day to show their love and care towards the ones around them, this day, just like Christmas and Thanksgiving etc, it's already tradition and probably a nice new reason for a celebration.
    So I wish you a great Valentine's Day too, hope you spend a beautiful, warm evening with your loved ones and truly enjoy this Sunday!

    Best wishes to you and everyone else on the blog, may you all get and give lots, lots of love!

  12. Hi Anette =)

    Wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!
    Lots of love for everyone!

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  13. Dear Anette,
    thanks and happy Valentine for you too!

  14. Hii Anette =)

    Happy valentines day to you too!
    Well this year I have no valentine, well I guess it would be my mum cause she gave me a big bag of sugar hearts ;p.
    But I don't really mind that much, there's lots of other people to show your love too.

    Thanks for your message!
    Have a great day,
    Lots of love and hugs, Lisa <3

  15. I wish you a happy Valentine's Day and lots of love, Anette! :)


  16. Hi Anette,
    Thanks for posting this beautiful pic.
    I wish you and all readers a beautiful Valentine's Day.
    Have a nice day. Gitta

  17. Awww & you Anette Have a lovely Day with your loved ones & the the lovely little cats. Have to say Busan has really grown into a beautiful cat!

    Happy Valentines day XxX

  18. Thanks Annette, the same to you. Lots of love from everyone who is in your heart.
    Enjoy your Sunday

  19. Hi Anette, and lovely Valentine's Day for you! =)

  20. Hey Nettie , I also wish you Happy Valnetine's day. Have a great time =) :*

    Lots of love and many many hugs


  21. Anette, i've found una virtual card for you for Valentine's day and i want to ask you if i can send you but in your e-mail through your manager.

  22. Happy Valentines Day, Anette!
    You know, I never buy anything for this day, I always make the gifts by myself inszead. I think that's more special than buying something. So, I'd like to show you what I've done this year: Hopefully, you'll like it.
    Enjoy the rest of the day. by for now and lots of hugs! :x

  23. Hey Anette :)

    Happy Valentine´s Day!
    Share this beautiful day with all your loved ones :)

    A day full of: Love, luck and happieness :)
    Enjoy the warm feeling that surrounds this day :)

    Love and Respect
    yours Chris :)

    Happy Valentine´s Day! MAy this day will be full of warmth for you all! Enjoy your V-day :)
    With kind Regards
    Chris :)

  24. Hi Anette,

    To a special person.
    on a special day.

    "Happy Valentine's"

    lots of love,

  25. Have a good Valentine day today dear singer. Lots of happy, joy and love to you today.
    Yeah I think that this is a commercial date too but love is so good that I don't care much about it ;-) As I said before, here in Brazil, the Valentine's day is in June 12, so today is a normal day here. =)
    Enjoy the day with your Boyfriend and loved ones dear Anette =)
    Hugs and best wishes from Brazil =)

  26. Hey Anette.
    Happy valentine's day to you too!! May, not only today, but all the days be wonderful and full of love and beloved friends and pets around you.

    If I were older and handsome and if you were single, I would love to marry you. :)
    I'm just kidding, but I truly love you as a person and deeply appreciate you as a singer.
    Sending lots of warm hugs to you and to all the people.

  27. Anette, i've send the e-mail for you to your management. I hope you will get it!

  28. Hi Anette!

    Thank you! Happy Valentine's Day =). Hope you're enjoying this day with your bf and all your loved ones =D.
    I took my time to make something special for you. It's something funny and special. It would be nice if you could watch it.
    I'm pretty sure you're gonna love it hehe =D.

    Here it is, just copy and paste the link on your browser and it should work:

    Lots of love,

  29. Happy Valentine's Day to you, Anette and all the blog readers!

  30. Today, I'm making a point to tell the people who've created the things I love (and, in a handful of cases - such as with Nightwish - have kept me alive) how deeply I love them for doing it.

    I'm trying to find a way to word this that doesn't sound weird. I'm failing miserably, but bear with me, please. XD

    Your music (for a large part with Nightwish, but not entirely. Because of Follow Me and Feed Us, I'm a big fan of Pain now!) has been about the only thing to keep me company at night. I have bipolar disorder and Fibromyalgia, and getting any sleep is a massive battle every night. If my mind isn't racing because I'm manic (or becoming manic), it's trying to conjure reasons for me to kill myself. And, if that weren't bad enough, I'm usually in a lot of physical pain through all of this. Instead of letting myself wallow in these things, I turn on my MP3 Player and drown out all of it with music. I can't tell you how many nights I've spent laying in bed and listening to Nightwish until the sun came up and I could finally let myself think again. The Poet and The Pendulum, Meadows of Heaven, all of Century Child (you sing Ever Dream so beautifully, it's mindblowing!), and Ghost Love Score in particular have eased my pain in some of my darkest moments. Every time I hear Mother & Father, I get chills and misty-eyed. I'm planning on getting the lyrics tattoed on my forearms if I can go a year without cutting, a year of which I am a full week into now.

    In short, thank you (and all of the boys!) from the bottom of my heart for giving me something so precious. Nightwish gives me strength and hope when I so desperately need it.

    I sound so weird. lol.

    Happy Valentine's Day, Anette! May it be filled with delicious chocolate-y treats, good times and a hell of a lot of love! ♥

    With love and eternal gratitude,


  31. Hello! I think that even if it's commercial,
    the whole idea of the day is still a good one;=)
    But I hope you enjoy this day with your friends,
    family, and pets.

    I love and support you girl!

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  32. HEJ ANETTE! Happy CarniVALentine's day! xD
    As you know in Brazil, it's carnival and here, people are not very interested in love to each other :( I'm not like this, I like go out sometimes, to relax, but everytime I'm able to, I show the ones who deserve how much I love them all! :D
    I wish you can do the same!
    Wish you a very happy Valentine's day!
    Warm hugs! ^^

  33. Lots of love for you too and have nice evening.

  34. Hello Anette! And Happy Valentine's Day! ^w^

    Indeed, this day is very commercialized, but I agree with what you said, about this day encouraging us to love each other.

    Some people have a total dislike for this day, calling it Singles Awareness Day. But we all just need to change our mind sets, and realize that this day can be more than just about romantic love.

    This will be the first year that I will not feel sorry for myself and wallow in self pity of being boyfriend-less, while eating ice cream and watching Disney movies. And as fun as that could be, I refuse to do anything today in the spirit of self-pity :) It's a celebration of love, all kinds of love.

    Much love & hugs from Canada,to you, and everyone else commenting,

  35. Hi Anette,

    I agree that this day is commercial like xmas is and that people always take for granted these holidays without understanding the importance of it. I believe that love should be expressed everyday and not just one day of the year. I am sending you warm hugs to you and the guys on this Valentines Day.

    Love Zulma

  36. Glad alla hjärtas dag Anette! :)
    I vår familj firar vi alltid med en god middag, dessert och små presenter. Men denna alla hjärtans dag är en speciell dag för oss, eftersom vi som familj har bestämt oss att hjälpa en annan familj. Vi bor i ett stort hus och vi är bara 3 personer, en katt och liten hund. Så därför har vi idag bestämt oss för att hjälpa en familj som snart förlorar sitt hus och ägodelar till Kronofogden ,inom 6 veckor. Eftersom dem inte har hittat ett boende så vill vi hjälpa dem, genom att dem ska få bo hos oss, så länge dem behöver.

    Så denna alla hjärtans dag, blev en dag, då vi öppnade våra hjärtan lite extra mycket och försöker ge värme och trygghet åt dem som saknar det!

    Ha en fin kväll :)

  37. You know, in Finland this day has its own name, it's the day of friendship, "friend's day", ystävänpäivä. And I think it's a wonderful name, and I "accept" to call it a day of friendship, though I don't like that commercial Valentine-hullabaloo. :D - By the way, today it's New Years Day in China! And so it's "fastelavn", how do you call it in Sweden? And Mother's day here in Norway... very special day! :D Big hugs to you!

  38. Happy Valentine's day, Anette! Hope it's a good one for you ^.^

  39. Thanks so much ( a bit late ;=) )
    Greetings to you , BF, Son and Busan & Stjärnan ♥ Theyre sooo cute.


  40. Dear Anette,

    sorry for being a little late....
    I'm glad you had a nice Valentine's Day and I'm sending you all my love.
    You are right that showing each other love is a very nice thing!


  41. First of all, HAPPY AVLENTINE'S DAY 4 U , and i hope u had a wonderful day with ur beloved ones.
    oh boy, there's no easy way to say this: I need ur help so badly.
    It's a long story but i'll try 2 resume. The thing is that i'm helping a girl that i'm crazy about to win a contest in the internet...but the thing is that i.m losing the race there and i need people that vote for is really imprtant. Anyway i just wanted 2 know if u could jelp me with this telling ur followers to d me this great favor. I know, it sounds...weird. Of course, this is ur blog so i'll understand if u don't want ot can't. Let me know..
    and finally but not less imprtant: I love u, ur voice and Nightwish is the best band ever...