Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Solo update

Some of you have asked me about whether or not I will release any solo album.

I have decided to not release any solo.

The factors are mainly that I want to focus on my family during this break from Nightwish. I am sure I will do a solo some other time, but at this time it doesn´t fit into my life and then it´s better to not do it, than to do it and it just wont feel good.

But I hope you all will follow me and the boys in NW from the summer when we start to work with the new album;=) It will be fun!!


  1. Oh.... Ok, it's you choice and who better than you know the right choice? Of course I will follow Nightwish!! You all are in my heart!! Have a nice day!!

  2. Wow, that's a brave decision! I definitely agree with you that it's better not do something if you have any doubts about doing it. And I'm sure that you have plenty of time to release a solo album later, when you feel it's time to do so :)

    I'm eagerly lookingt forward the next NW album! :)

  3. Oh, this is a bad news. But if this is the better from you now, we understand. =)
    I will wait with more expectative the new album of nightwish, for sure will be amazing and, as you said, very fun =D
    I hope that you have a great time with you family and have fun a lot. ;-)
    What is your expectative about new album of nightwish? More heavy, more calm, how you think that will be?
    Have a good day dear singer and again, enjoy the time with your family ;-)
    Hugs from Brazil =)

  4. Anette, if this it's your choise i respect it. You have to do what you fell, what is better for you. Don't worry, i will follow you with the next album! Hugs

  5. Oh my God, this is so sad :'(
    I was so anxious for yopur album..
    But, anyway, if you had already decided there's nothing the fans can do.. =/

    But if you are happy this way, we all are too! =)

    Wish you all the best in the world
    Hugs and kisses from Brazil!

  6. It made me feel a bit sad but i totally understand why you're not doing a solo album at the moment, and i support you. Spending time with your family is something very important, more than having a solo album who will not be something you will not be proud about. Enjoy your break, and most important enjoy your family. It was really a long time on the road with NW, and was certainly hard for you and your family sometimes... Really, focus on the important thing, and enjoy your family as much as you could. Doing a solo album is something who could be done later, but all the moments spend with your family will not come back.

    And of course i'll follow you and the boys for the next NW album! You will not see me on the forum or on any fan site, but you could be sure i'll follow the work and i'll do my best to buy it as soon as it'll be out. I dream about seing NW in concert too, but traveling to Paris is a thing, paying for my concert ticket is another (i suppose there's no luck of Seeing NW in Saint Malo or even Rennes)...

    Speaking about NW, could you please tell me if the bonus-dvd from the Tour Edition worth the buying? I saw that i have some things that are not on the Made in Hong Kong dvd, so i think about buying it for my bday, but i'm really not sure yet....



  7. Ok Nettie, the relax and have a nice time with family!
    BTW I leave here the link for Spanish Eurovision song"Algo pequeñito" (something little)


    What do think?

  8. Ah Nettie... It's a pity, but we surely understand your point, family is always above all! So, I guess we'll be here, waiting for Nightwish's next album/gig, where you guys will rock like always!

    Hugs =D

  9. Hi A-

    Sorry to hear about th solo album being dropped, for now at least.

    I'm sure this is the right thing if the timing doesn't feel right. Better to wait until you feel more positive and this will be reflected in the final output.

    Warm wishes Peter currently on hols in Sunny Sorrento !!!!

  10. That's really sad, you sounded so enthusiastic :(
    But, if this decision makes you happy, so we're happy too, you made the choice because of your happiness, and that's the most important thing in the life, to feel comfortable with yourself, your life and your surroundings.
    have a very nice day!

  11. We all understand my dear and I know everyone will support you in your decision. It's not worth the stress if it's not what you really want. Family has to come first.
    big hugs and best wishes.

  12. Hi Anette! It's no big deal, you can release it whenever you want and there's no rush. I'm happy you're still here, telling us things and keeping us update, that's enough for me ^^

    I can't wait until the new NW album starts being recorded :)

    Big hugs! =)

  13. Well, I guess this may be impossible but i'll ask anyway, could you at least sing one "even though home-recorded" song for us, we all love your beautiful voice, and I guess everyone here is willing to hear your voice again D:

    Wish you best with yoir family!
    Hugs! =D

  14. Quite understandable decision, I'd say. After all, it's only a few months till your working with the new NW album starts and had you released your solo, it would've probably meant gigs, touring and promoting that too -- quite a lot for just a few months! It's a pity though -- would've been so nice and interesting to hear your solo material but, we can wait for better times :)

    All the best, say hello and lots of love and support for the boys too -- missing you guys already! ;)

    *hugs*, Minna

  15. It's a sad news. We follow with Nightwish. You're a great singer and I hope you continue for long with Nightwish and surprised us in the next album because you can do it without problems. ;)

  16. CAn I say I'm sad?

    I'm VERY SAD!

    you know, I truly respect you and your decision but...it is such a sad thing for us...


    Hope everything's ok. Kisses.

    ps.: couldn't you at least release a DEMO or something..'cuz we were too anxious to kou you work..

  17. Sad, jag hade faktist väntat på det...:( Men du gör ändå rätt beslut tycker jag. Och jag är säker på att nästa NW album kommer att bli helt underbart! ;D

  18. Ok dear Nettie , I respect your choice. I know that the family is most important.
    Of course I will follow yoi in NW =) Can't wait for the new album^^
    Wish you a nice day

    Lots of love


  19. Awwww nettie :( it's sad you're not going to release your solo album now, i agree you seemed so enthusiastic about it! I understand why you are not continuing with it though and i respect your opinion

    By the way, i gave up listening to nightwish for lent! (Christian tradition to give up something you love for 40 days before Easter) It's very hard not being able to listen to your voice haha :)

    enjoy the day :D

  20. That's not really great news, but if you feel better not releasing it, you are more than right. :)
    I will always support you in whatever decisions you make, except to those decisions that won't make you feel good.

    By the way, is this that important decision you told us some time ago that you made, but couldn't tell what was it?

  21. Anette, whatever will come, whatever will happen, I will always support you, follow you and love what you'll do.
    Of course, I'm a little bit sad because I wanna hear your voice.Only your voice, without others.I was so happy hearing about your solo album and I think you was too. But I can understand you really. Now, you've got time for your beloved family, you missed 2 and a half years so much.They need you. And you should always go a way you wanna go, not just any path, okay ?! Whatever will happen, you won't lost this album. You can do it later.
    Oh my... tears are coming..
    your own life is the most important and when you feel better now, without album, its super ! ;=)
    If you like a big step ventures, like an album, then you have to be convinced 100 per cent. If you're not, at least not now, then you should leave it. Otherwise you make yourself miserable or unhappy.

    But here an advice:
    If you should feel after that time, sing us a song, then you can make a video, put it in your blog so we can still hear your beautiful voice. I think you would make us happy with it . ;=)Wouldn't she, guys ? ;=)
    Anette, what do you think about that?

    Thanks for the message, Anette.
    Whatever happens, I will always love you and you will always be in my heart.I hope that my words can help you.

    Hugs and kisses,

    Laura ♥

  22. Oh.... Ok, it's you choice and who better than you know the right choice? Of course I will follow Nightwish!! You all are in my heart!![2]

    Take your time and follow your heart, we will always suport you :D


  23. I think it's a great idea to treasure this time with your family before the madness of the Nightwish machine takes over again. You'll be busy non-stop from when recording for the album starts so it's a fantastic time to relax and do the little things at home that make you so happy.

    I'm confident that one day the time will be right for you to step out on your own. Until then we shall support you in whatever you choose.

    Best wishes,

  24. Hey Anette :)

    For sure we will follow you (and the boys)
    Ok i must admit, its kinda sad.
    But. Its the most important thing to spend time with your family :)
    So, you have done the right decision :)
    cause i think your family was forced to share you for such a long time, and now its the right thing to foucs on your loved ones.
    Your heart belongs to your loved ones,
    like all our hearts belonging to our loved ones :)

    BTW: For me there is nothing better in life, then sharing my time with the ones i love :)

    I wish a happy day to you :)
    and thank you very much for keeping us up to date :)

    with Love and Respect
    yours Chris :)

  25. Oh noooooooooooo :( I waited so much to hear Your solomaterial. But I totally understand You. Soon start recordings with NW etc.

    So have to wait till those gigs, hope You do some special gigs like Suomi Safari, which was great.

    Enjoy Your break and bake everything interesting ;)



  26. Ohhhh my angel!

    This is a very sad news! But I understand you!

    But I dreamed so much about this album, it will be hard to get used to the idea of not having more them!

    I only hope the new album NW. I'm sure it will be awesome!

    Kisses anf hugs from Brazil, and dont forget, we love you so much!!!

  27. Oh no!! =(
    So you aren't releasing any album during this break? I thought that it's a sure thing since you were there doing demos (or whatever were they) there with those guys!
    I gotta say that I'm really totally surprised! I was so looking forward to hear your music..

    Well, I'm very sorry about this. It must have been a hard decision for you. :/ And even though I was so looking forward to it, I do understand you. And I respect your decision. We'll just have to wait until the next NW album to hear you singing. ;)

    The more I think about it, the more I understand you. At its best, solo career can take your time and of course it's a time away from your family.

    I just got a bit shocked when I read this news :D

    And of course I will still follow you and NW, after all, you are my favourite singer! =)

  28. Hey Anette!
    How are you?!
    Of course I'll be following you and the boys, I'm sooo looking forward to hear the new album, but I guess it'll take much time till it's finished ;=)
    Well, my new song is called "Sky over earth-raping people" and it's on myspace since Sunday. If you want to, you can listen to it and tell me if you like it.., It's not professional, of course. I recorded it with my brother and the guitarist of my brother's band "Hellamor".
    Here's the link: www.myspace.com/kimsenmusik
    I really hope you like it...

    Hugs & Love

  29. P.S.: I don't want to publish the lyrics, if you want to read them, I can send them to you, of course!

  30. Sad news...but I understand your feelings...not too long the time what you may have spent with your family in the past period and now you have means of making up for the lost time with them...and the summer is here soon, begins the work with the NW-boyz:)then the new album, and then 1 or 2 big NW-tour:))...then less of your time will be impart to your loved ones...and when you feel the time is come your solo album will be on it's way:)We will waiting for them...both the new Nightwish..and your solo stuff too!!:)
    Don't worry, real fans will follow you!
    Have a lovely evening!:)

  31. You've such a beautiful voice and caring soul, singing solo or with Nightwish I will be listening.

    Wishes and dreams are never far away or out of reach when the time is right.

    Family and peace of mind are far more important for the mind in the end sometimes.

    Sleep well!

  32. Of course family is the most important thing, and I'm glad you've made a decision. The album's still there if you want to pick it up later, so I can see why you'd want to leave it a little while.
    Course I'll still be following Nightwish avidly :)
    Best wishes

  33. Good evening Anette :)

    I respect your decision about the solo album though I have been really curious about it.

    Of course I will follow Nightwish ( I have been following you and the boys for more than two years now). :D

    Sorry for my horrible English grammar. :(

    Have a very nice evening.
    Greetings and hugs from Germany

  34. It is unfortunate that you do not realise your solo project. But the family naturally goes forwards and soon begins the work with Nightwish. Enjoy the free time with your family :-) You have surely the correct decision. Surely I want to follow you and boys of Nightwish. I´m pleased already enormous to hear from the work on the new CD. I can hardly expect it to hear the new songs.
    Wish you a nice evening. @Steff:
    Steff, it makes me happy that you experienced today somewhat beautiful. I wish you from the bottom of my heart, that the day ends also so beautifully and pleasantly as he has began.
    Have a beautiful evening! Gitta

  35. Dear Anette,

    on the one hand this is a pity if I think about the time you spent with the recordings and my looking forward to your album-
    On the other hand I can understand your decision so very very well! Our loved ones are the most valuable that we have. And time is short. So every moment we can spend with them should be taken for time we spend with our loved ones is never lost time (but maybe time we spend without them). And we all know that the time we have on this earth is limited. So I think it was a really good decision to spend more time with your family, Anette. I appreciate that a lot and I think that says a lot of positive things for you as a person! :)
    Thank you that you shared this information with us and that you not just flow the time without anything happen and we all wondered! Thanks!
    I will be looking forward to your new NW-album then.
    Good luck with what you plan for the future!
    yours, Lisa (A.)

  36. That's a shame. But if you feel that the time wasn't right then it's understandable.

    This year is going by so fast that it will soon be summer anyway, and then you can get working with NW again. I can't wait to hear all your news about the new songs.

    Until then, enjoy your time with your family.

    Have a nice evening!

  37. Hej Anette,
    thanks for the update. Of course I respect your decision, it's your life and you choose what feels best for you :-)
    Hopefully you can keep the songs you already recorded and release them when you feel it's right. Your solo album will be welcome at any time ;-)
    Now enjoy your family and your priorities, and of course we'll be following you and the guys in the making of the new album, I'm sure you'll do a great job :-)


  38. I really support you in your decision, Anette. No matter how much fun recording and arranging an album should be, it still takes a lot of time, energy and money to do everything that's necessary to release it. And even though it might seem that summer is not that near at all, it's actually just a few months left till starting the rehearsals with Nightwish again, so if it were to be done, the solo album should be released by then. So I truly think you did better by wanting to spend that time with your dear ones, like everyone else said already, there will be time for solo albums later. Anyhow, you didn't lose anything, now you have your songs composed and recorded, you can use them later and it's gonna be so much easier, they'll only need revisiting/remastering or not even that.

    So take your time, enjoy your life and the time with your family and business will come later. :)
    All the best!

  39. A wise decision - if your heart is telling you that now is the time for you to focus on your son, boyfriend, family and friends, then you won't feel settled until you do.

    Of course, I'm a little bit saddened to not have the opportunity to hear your voice in its element, singing the songs of your own heart, but you know - I too have had to make such decisions so I totally understand.

    Have fun enjoying the rest of your time before the NW madness begins all over again!


  40. I have one question. What will happen with all the songs you recorded earlier? Will they go into the vaults to be used in the future? Kisses.

  41. I think it's a good decision.

    And even if I wouldn't have thought so, it's still YOUR decision, and wether I like it or not, I don't have any say about what you should or shouldn't do anyway.

    I always follow Nightwish and its members no matter what.
    Nightwish is and will always be special to me. It was my first musical infatuation. My first big musical love.

    And you don't forget your first love. :-)

    Btw, I'm sorry I mixed up your cats... :-p

    With love,

  42. That's a really bad news but I understand you need to focus on your family! We all need ! So now we have to wait 2011 to hear your voice in new songs...it will be soooo good and I'm really really eager to hear new stuffs !!!

    Love & hugs

  43. This is a bad news, but I respect your choice :)
    and the family is very important, is good that you don't forget it ^^
    So I only have one thing to say: Of course I will folow you and the boys in Nw!!! ...I look forward to have some news about the new album! =D

    Have a very good evening XD
    You son is lucky to have an attentive mother... ;)

  44. Ah, thats too bad, I was really looking forward to your soloalbum. But still, its important to do what feels right for you and family comes always first.

    Im still glad that you havent buried the whole idea though you wont do the solo right now. So now I just wait for summer and hope to hear about you and the guys and about the new album of Nightwish :)

    With warm greetings, Essi

  45. Well ... not this time, more surely when you resolve to do his solo album he'll be perfect

  46. Hi Anette!
    That's not good information, but I unnderstand how are you feel. Some... ;-)
    Oh, yes, yes, yes. I really can't wait for information then you're in sudio. It will be good like always but when I read last time articles about what Tuomas said about this... Okay, I don't comment how I feel this time. ;D
    I wish you had an good evening. ;-)


  47. Hello Anette!

    I´m sorry to hear that you won´t release a solo album, but I totally understand the reasons behind your choice. Making a solo album should be something you enjoy, so releasing it "just because" even though your main interest is elsewhere would make absolutely no sense. So good for you, making this probably quite hard decision.

    And when it comes to you and the boys in NW, of course I will follow your progress in getting the new album done. :)

    Hopefully you´re having a nice evening. :)

  48. Oww, that's sad, I was so curious about your solothing. But I'm very glad that you put your family first! And you are right, when it doesn't feel good, it's better to not do it. I'm hoping to hear something about your solocareer later, in 2 or 3 or 5 years or later.. I will have the patience to wait :)
    And yes, I'm very curious about the new NW-adventures this summer! And I will defenitely follow you!
    Thx Nettie for everything :)
    With love

  49. Hey Anette!

    You've made a good decision.
    Enjoy your holliday and your family!

    Love Kayleigh

  50. Hey Anette!
    I thought it was sure that you would make a solo album?
    Mmh..I'm a bit sad about this but like others said before me, it's your decision and we have to accept it. I hope that you can enjoy your break from Nightwish with your family!

    Lots of love xx

  51. Ohhh, I'm sorry that you decided not to
    do it...that's too bad sweetie.
    I'm sad about this, but like we're all
    saying- we understand the importance of
    family and we accept your decision.

    But when you decide to do it,
    I'm sure it will work out... I have faith;=)

    I don't want to push it, but maybe you
    could post some of the songs on your website
    for us to listen to? Then at least we
    could get a taste of it, because this was
    the high-lite of my year(probably some other
    people's too) and I'm so sad that
    it's not working out...
    But could you at least consider putting
    one or a couple on your
    website or blog for us to hear???

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  52. Hey Arska =)

    You say that you'll be working on the new NW album with the guys next summer, which sounds really good and promising of course, because I am quite impatient to hear the final result already =p Will there be any news or updates on the official Nightwish site too concerning the progress of the new album? =)

    Kind greetings,


    lots of love,

  54. Hey Nettan!!!

    well that's a pity...
    I was really wanting to hear you again!!!
    can you please sing something for us at least??? I don't now maybe in a home video???
    I'm so sad in this moment!!

    but I can understand that be away from your family is just a bad feeling..and your little and beautiful son...wow you are a super mom!!!
    I can not even imagine how hard it must be for you, being away from him !!!

    Anyway I`m a nightwish fan and I support your decition
    I'll be there for having fun with you guys!!!

    hugs and love♥


  55. Hi Nettan!

    Oh now I'm really sad! I was hoping to hear something new from you ='(. But it's better not to release it if you're having doubts about it ... but it's your decision and we must accept it.
    Our loved ones come first, of course :).
    Enjoy the rest of the evening.

    Lots of love,
    Barbara xxx

  56. Sad to hear that,Anette!Still I respect your decision.Is there a hope we could hear at least part of a song from what you've created?

  57. Hello Anette! :D

    So... You've made a good decision. Enjoy your holliday and your family, is the best of life!

    But, It's bad news for your fans... I expected this album, i love your voice and I know that would be great.

    Well, kisses Nettan, i love YOU! *----*

  58. Synd, men jag tror faktiskt det är bättre då här. Du lät lite tveksam till det i vissa av dina inlägg här, och är man inte 100% säker så är det nästan ingen vits att höra det heller. Jag ser däremot fram emot att få följa er tid i studion! Bilder, bloggtexter, nightmail och allting!

    Förresten, jag träffade både Jukka och Ewo på Finnish Metal Expo i helgen :) det var otroligt roligt, Jukka var så trevlig och tog sig tid att posera på foton fast han egentligen var där från EMP och Scene Nations sida. Det gjorde verkligen min dag (det, och att få se Apocalyptica och Sonata Arctica igen ^^).

  59. I can't wait to read about what is happening with Nightwish ;=)
    It is too bad about your solo album though. Some other time =) What about the work you had done with it? What will you do with that?

    lots of love!!!!!!!

  60. Hello Anette!!!

    This' news so sad
    I would like can hear your solo album
    I know that a hard decision
    one more took in your life
    as you said in old post about decision

    I'm so sad... but you know what to do

    Godbless you

    many kisses from nightwishbrasil.com


  61. Hi Anette,

    Thanks for letting us know about your decision!!

    I think for now that you are perfect with & for NW!!! =) I think it would be soooo much for you to for example tour & promote 2 albums...all the lyrics you would have to remember & all the time and energy..... i think you would be worn out!! Iam sure the time will come for you in the future to approach this solo thing again!!!

    for now i cant wait to see & hear you & NW again

    You are the voice of NW & that makes me happy, you & the guys have great chemistry on stage...I seen it for myself!!! ;)

    I cant wait for there to be a dvd eventually maybe it will be after the next album ;);)

    As long as you are happy with your choice thats all that matters!!! We support you whatever you choose!

    Hail to the Queen of Nightwish!!!

    Big Kisses

  62. Ahn..Some bad news huh? I was really looking foward to this album.. but hey.. It's actually a good decision.. your little boy needs his mummy right now and I'm sure you're doing the right thing.. soon you'll be working with the guys again and you probably won't have a break any time soon... so.. I wish you the best.. I always will..


  63. Now if I could just fast forward to 2011 and pick up a copy of the new NW cd...

  64. Hi Anette, you make the right choice, it's so much better to wait with your solo than to do it just because you feel "you have to". Because you don't have to! ;D Okay, now it feels even longer to wait for the new Nightwish-album. :)) But it's worth it, I know! When I got DPP after all waiting, it was like Christmas eve and birthday at the same time. Hugs! <3

  65. Oh, so sorry you don't feel it well... Hope it is true, that you're not getting pressure from anyone, or that you actually got wrong opinion from someone... Anyway, it's great you began to write music, if you wait for another year to achieve it, you'll be able to improve it very much, so it will be perfect ;)

  66. Dear Anette,

    I can understand you! To take care of your family and to be with them is the most important!
    If it doesn't feels alright it's better not to do it, although it would have been so nice to hear a solo album from you!
    I will be waiting for it as much as I have to, until you will consider that the right moment to release it has come! And of course I will follow you and the boys with the new NW album!


  67. Was this the descision you were talking about in your previous posts?

    I thought you were recording things with anders bagge in stockholm