Saturday, 20 March 2010

Hockey, hockey, hockey!

Good morning!

After one more horrible screaming night with Stjärnan, I must say we arent so happy today but what to do? Maybe a hotel tonight? ;=)

Soon going to the ice hall since my son has his last practice and match today. He is so excited and woke up already at 6 and asked me: is it hockey soon????

That´s the spirit;=)

Enjoy your day and lets wake up with some nice music.

(video borrowed from


  1. it's a very good song, I love within temptation.Have a good day!!

  2. Hi Anette !

    I'm sorry for you and your family but I hope your cat will get better soon :)
    Love that song !! Sharon is an amazing singer :)


  3. Hej Anette, hope you're ok, ven after that night :)
    Don't know what's worse: a cat who screams all night, or being awake every 2 hours with a burning throat (i drank half of a bottle during the night), short breath and being unable to breath by the nose (yup, i still have the cold)... All in all, i think i prefer the cat. If i could sleep like a baby with a fire under my appartment, screaming firemen and on the border of the evacuation, i could deal a screaming cat. And no, i'm not joking, it happened some years ago! And i really heard nothing at all... :p
    Still, is there a way you could have Stjärnan locked somewhere, like the kitchen or the bathroom? It's not perfect, but if you don't hear her screams........

    And wow, looks like Seth really likes hockey. It's great... :)

    Nice song, thanks for posting. :)



  4. Hi Anette!
    Our dear Stjärnan... I think hotel its a good idea. :D
    Your son make me laugh. ;D But, I understand all. ;-)
    Anette, this song is wonderful. I love Within Temptation. This my number 2. First is NW, of course. :-) And I like Sharon voice.
    Thank you very much for post this video.

    I wish you have good day.

    Hugs from Nan. :-)

  5. Awww , poor Stjärnan =(
    I wish good luck to your son =)

    Tnx for the song. I love WT. And Angels is one of my fav songs from them.



  6. Hi Anette !
    My fingers are crossed for your son!
    Today I send the pack for you ! Hope you'll receive it soon !

  7. I hope your son get a good performance.
    Nice music :)
    Good day for you and your family

  8. Hi!!

    I know what is it when spring come for non-sterilized cats!!! I have one (a male) and before his castration he was soooo horrible!!!! Now that's much better!

    I hope your son will have a great game!! come on!!

    I love Within Temptation (the song Angels is one of my favourite) and I'm in love with Sharon's voice. I don't know which voice I prefer. Yours or Sharon's...! no I'm joking it's yours of course!!

    Take care and cheer up for Stjärnan!!


  9. Good morning Anette and thanks for this song i love it and all the Within Temptation's! They are my favourite band after Nightwish. Sorry to hear about Stjärnan. :( Nice to read that your soon is so excited to play hockey. Have nice saturday dear Anette and take care! Big hugs

  10. Hi Anette,

    Poor Stjärnan, and poor you! Hope it all gets sorted soon.

    Within Temptation are a great band and this is a beautiful song. Thanks for posting.

    Have a great weekend, and good luck to your son!

  11. Hello my angel!!

    Ohh, I love WT and Sharon, I always dream with you and her sing together, will be awesome!!! She is an angel like you are!!

    Have a wonderful weekend and be good!!!

    Kisses and hugs from Brazil!

  12. BTW, just noticed (my brain is quite slow with this cold)... Did you wrote your tittle as a kind of tribute for ABBA's Money, money, money? I wonder (departure)......



  13. Hi Anette,
    good song:-)
    I can imagine that it is horrible, if you and your family cannot sleep. A hotel is a good idea ;-)
    I wish your son a lot of fun with hockey.
    Have a nice day. Brigitte

  14. Afternoon Nettie, Hope you're feeling a bit better after getting those contractions. Sorry you ain't sleeping so great, I hope you can get her done soon, cos the last thing you need is a screaming cat keeping a baby awake! Oooo i love WT too, but not as much as NW or Evanscence :0). I hope Seth wins his hockey match too! Have a good day :0)

    Hugs Claire x x x

  15. Hi Anette !
    Good luck to your son =D

    I hope Stjärnan will be find soon ;)
    I've been told that human presence excites his "greed". So you should perhaps not be near her in the night. I know it's joyless but if it's the only way... =S and this will not continue a longtime.

    Ps: How to prononce Stjärnan? :)

    Have Good day ^^

  16. Haha, thumbs held for your son! :D Soooo cute.

  17. Good morning!

    Yeah, maybe a hotel would be best?
    Your poor cat though...

    Well, that's exciting! I hope he
    does really well!

    Yes, Within Temptation! I ove this song!
    I love the whole Heart of Everything
    album and the whole The Silent Force album.

    Hope you have a good day!

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  18. Hiya,

    Just thought you might like this Tweet from F1 driver Heikki Kovalainen

    'Just realised in #Melbourne #Pixies and #LadyGaga will have gigs, gonna try to see them, they bit different to my favourite #Nightwish!!'

  19. Hi Anette!
    Poor Kitty, she is still not better...:(
    Oh, Within Temptation, they are great! Angels is one of my favourite song...I love them!
    Take care today!

  20. Hi Aneete,

    WOW, Anette loses Stjarnan wins, what the headache thats got to be and upsetting as sorry for you!

    Hope he does super good.

    Enjoy the evening,

    lots of love,

  21. Hey,Anette!!Good everning!!!

  22. Are you familiar with this?

    Just so you and your baby can have a laugh. =) By the way, can you get the lyrics in this speed? =P

    Hugs from a caring fan,
    Leonara Carulina

  23. First match? I HOPE HE AND HIS TEAM WIN!!!

    Big hugs ^^

  24. Hej Anette, I have a Cat and I understand you.
    By the Way, I have a picture I took with you in 2008 when you came to Argentina and I would like to share it with you, how could I do? I mean, of course you won't tell me your email adress, but maybe there's a way..

    Anyway, good luck! and I hope your baby's ok ;)

  25. Good morning!

    Yeah, seems like the spring is coming fast. My girl bunny doesn't shout but she steals things, bangs carpets and tries to dig holes to the floor and to the ground of their cage, she is trying to make a nest. That makes hellova noice around the clock.
    I had to buy earplugs so I can sleep.

    Soon she will start teasing the poor castrate bunny boy and he'll run and growl 'cause he doesn't understand and don't like to be chased... Arrgh.

    Anyway, I'm so excited, soon we are going to horse back riding, sort of hike for hour and a half. I've never rid before so bit nervous too... But I guess it's going to be very nice, hihiii!

    Have a nice day :)

  26. Bör det nämnas att jag vaknar varje vardagsmorgon till den vackra musik som kallas Mother Earth, av Within Temptation? :) Tidigare har jag vaknat till Bless the Child (NW, såklart ;), Paid in Full (Sonata Arctica) och Amaranth nångång, tror jag :o Jag har en, egentligen ganska dålig, väckarklocka där man kan lyssna på cdn och vakna till dem.. :) Den har tyvärr ganska usel ljudkvalité, så jag använder den mest bara till väckning..
    (Nej, jag har ingen aning om varför jag pratar om mina väckningsvanor, det bara kändes som om jag ska skriva om det nu.. :)

    Hoppas matchen går bra!! :D Önska honom lycka till!

  27. Awww that's so sweet that your son is so excited before the hockey match ♥!!!

    Me and my sis, we also used to do like this (and still do sometimes) every time before doing something we love ☺...although the waking up is not always so nice for the parents but well's kinda funny.

    The WT song is beautiful!


  28. Hey^^

    Aaah, a fine song :)
    Thank you for sharing ;)

    Enjoy your day ;)
    (hope lil Stjärnan feels a bit better today)

    Take care
    Chris :)

  29. Woah. That was a nice surprise. That song was my favourite a long time ago. :(
    But my actual favourite song is even more beautiful. The most beautiful song in the world, in fact *giggles*