Monday, 8 March 2010

International womens day 100 years;=)

Today its the International Womens day and this year it celebrates 100 years!

Unfortunately, here in Sweden, the equality process moves forward but very, very slow. But from what I have seen in other nearby countries and around the world, I am happy to live in a country that is better and better in these questions. Here in Sweden, its today very common that the fathers stay at home with the children as much as the mothers and that is something I think should be followed in more places.

So, today all you girls and women out there: It´s OUR day today!! Go us;=)

Enjoy the day!


  1. Congratulations, for all wives, mothers, business womans, female singers ;-). In other words, congratulations for all womans in this world. Without you all, we man would not be anything. =)

    Enjoy the day you all
    Hugs and congratulations from Brazil =)

  2. Sweden couldn't be worse than France for the equality. Here, women who do the same work than men receive less money! It tells everything... :( I think for the equality, we're like the Greek, if they are not better than us - and knowing how macho they are, it's not very flattering. it's hard for women and handicapped also, and when you're both you could imagine how it is... *grrr*
    But today is OUR day, yeah!!!!

    And guess what i've received in my box this morning? The cute little bag from your shop!!! It really looks beautiful... :) Who designed the logo, BTW? It's really a great work. I hope one day you'll do a necklace with it, it would look amazing! :)
    I also receive one of the things i've bought online to wrap the gift for you and your BF (still waiting for the one i'll use for the baby's teaddybear, and i already have the one for your son's little gift), and it really look beautiful (and i hope useful too)... :)



  3. Hei Anette! I didn't realise it was Women's Day today! Thanks for letting us know!

    Strength to all the women out there :-)


    P.S - Could we maybe have a photograph of you, so we can see your beautiful baby bump? :-D

  4. Hello, Dear Anett!
    I am happy to congratulate you with this excellent holiday!!! You are the model of beauty, courage and femininity, talent and tenderness!!! Your light up the life of your close ones and fans by the bright light of hope for something excellent, miracle! I want to wish you happiness, love, heat and great accomplishments.
    With the most great respect and love!

  5. A very big CONGRATULATIONS for every woman on Earth, enjoy your day! =)

    Oh by the way. Anette today I'm so happy because when I woke up I checked my results of the Driving License (Theorical Exam) and I PASSED WITH NO MISTAKES! I'm so so happy.

    Lots of hugs from Spain ^^

  6. Yess, it's our day and I love it! Not because I've already received 3 delicious bon-bons ;), but because it's nice to be a woman and my bf, family members and colleagues make me feel like a woman :)

    So I wish you and every single women a lovely, beautiful and sunny spring day :)
    Hope you all will enjoy this day as much as I do :)

    Take good care Anette,

    BIGBIG hug



  7. Congatulations, today women rule))) We have an official holiday here and the whole country celebrates it, men giving women flowers and gifts. As 23th of February is our men's day, 8th of March is the women's. So today lots of calls, everybody congratulates mothers, sisters, daughters, etc. I'm a bit ashamed 'cause the makeup remover I ordered for my mom hadn't arrived yet. And I'm not in a mood because I've slept for four hours, watching that bloody Oscar all night, so damn slow and boring... and no expected results. For me there's no actress like Meryl, actors like Clooney and Firth, Cameron is a great director, and Zimmer's soundtrack is the best with the Avatar's one. But anyway, it was just an experience: not to watch Oscar live! XD

  8. Dear Anette good morning! This is a gift for you and i hope you like it.


    Happy woman day!!! Big hugs

  9. Hey!

    A great day it is! 100 years, too little time spent fighting for such an important matter!! (coming from a guy this might sound weird, but yes, i am PRO Equality!)
    Unfortunately in my country, Lebanon, it seems the process is going slower and slower. But the uprising generation hopefully would be much better.

    Anyway, i'm really glad to hear you're feeling well after the fall, i was really worried, but couldn't comment here due to connection trouble :/

    I really would like to ask for your blessing for what follows:

    I am the bass player of a dedicated NIGHTWISH Tribute band called ROMANTIC SIN, probably the only band to give tribute to Nightwish in Lebanon, we've been playing for just over a year now, and we're performing in a cancer fund raiser this wednesday, and a Tribute to the ONCE album on the 24th! (these would probably be our 6th and 7th performances, as we would never accept to perform anything less than perfection).
    So i was hoping to get the band's and your blessing!

    Sorry for the long comment!

    I hope you have a great day!

  10. Happy Women's Day to us all, may we keep kicking ass forever and ever! =)
    It's interesting, though, that today it is my birthday too, so TWO reasons to celebrate. :D
    On another note, it's also wonderful tattoo artist Kat von D's birthday AND Anneke van Giersbergen's as well, so it feels really good to share birthday with these two lovely ladies AND Women's Day with all the girls in the world!

    So, Anette and every single girl on this blog, I wish you all to have a great Women's Day and may all men in your lives, be it husbands, friends or relatives, show you how truly precious and special you all are! =)

  11. Hej Anette!
    Yes, go girls! ;-) But the wish is that every single day can be a day of acknowledgement and support of women's rights. The road to that is still very long... But it's good to see that there are great women fighting for that :-)
    I appreciate how you live and make choices just by your own rules, this is a good example for women who stay in the shadows because of old silly prejudices.
    Have a nice day! :-)

  12. Yeeepp Anette) Here in RUssia we call this day simple like 8th of March DAy) Womens day also)) So nice today we can sit and do actually nothing while our bfs or husbands do everything instead of us)haaha ..
    Congrats to you and enjoy your day, ANette!!!

  13. To you and all the women of this world who are celebrating this special's, Salute!:)

  14. Happy holiday!
    The International Womens day in Russia is celebrated quite widely, although it is not in itself a primary goal of equality of the sexes. Nevertheless, we also have much to grow. Congratulations! ^^

  15. You know? I'm part of an organization about Japanese culture in my town. To commemorate Women's Day, we did a cinema showing of a Japanese series about four women in the nowadays society. It's just four episodes and I think you could be interested, so, if you feel like watching them, the show is called Tsubasa no oreta tenshitachi (Fallen angels) and you can find it here subbed in English:

  16. Hello Nettan :)

    How are you today? Hope you're feeling fine!

    Let's celebrate our day, because women are special and strong. And maybe one day, women and men will have the same rights all over the world :)

    Have a great day!!

    Greetings from Brazil

  17. Hi Ane...

    Congratulations for everyone
    Here, in brazil, need change so many things
    about equality process for women
    but each day change something

    This is own day!!!!

    Many kisses and hugs from


  18. Have a very very beautiful day on Womens Day!

  19. @ All girls and women
    (of course YOU TOO ANETTE ;))

    Have a beautiful Womens day!
    Enjoy it! its yours all alone,

    All of you: Take care!
    with kindest regards

    and Love and Respect for you Anette
    yours Chris :)

    BTW: I cant understand that there is no equality between Women and man, cause! women work as hard as man if not harder!
    Its disgusting that there is no equality.

  20. Anette if can't see my gift, check here.

    Tell me if can see and if you like it!

  21. It's also a great day to celebrate Women's contribution to metal music!!

    (including yours, Anette :P)

  22. Congratulations to all women! :)
    Not only for today, but for every day. But since today is a very special day, I wish every women enjoy and have a wonderful day.

    And that's good that equality between men and women is becoming more and more fair and rightful, although very slow.

  23. It's interesting that when a man earns one euro, a woman earns only 80 cents. So womens salaries are still smaller than mens. But things could be worse, too!

  24. Hi Anette,

    Congratulations to all women!

    One of the first things I noticed and liked about Sweden when I first visited was how many men I saw looking after their children while the women were at work. I thought it was a wonderful thing. Compared to other countries (England included) I think Sweden is doing quite well regarding women's equality. However, as I don't live there, I may be wrong.

    Enjoy your day!

    Marie x

  25. Oh! Someone found this and I wanted to show it to you :P A great cartoon about the new member of the nightwish family ;) It's hilarious XD

  26. Hi Anette!
    wow, I didn't know that Women's day is so old. Well, in latin america things do have improved, but not that m uch, there are still places, for example, that fire women just because they get pregnant, they get less money or they can't simply get better positions in works.
    It's really sad all that, but I hope that one day equality will exist in a pure way =)

    Take care and enjoy your day!! =D

  27. Hi Anette,
    The position of the woman gets still better in my country. Many women already are in leading positions. Unfortunately, we are, what the money concerns at the end of the month, still very much in the disadvantage. A man earns on an average € 200,- to 300,- more than a woman in the same profession.
    A very nice, German teammate was coming to us with flowers to the office. He has thought of the Women's Day - as the only one. We have been very pleased about him.
    Thank boys for your nice words.
    Wish everyone a beautiful evening.

  28. When i said that i France it's hard for women and handicapped, i had a perfect example earlier this afternoon. I went to Decathlon to buy me new trousers (my old one, bought past december is starting to be too big for me). Lucky me, i've found a nice one, tight black and very affordable. At the time i went to pay for it, there was only one cashier, so i've waited in the line (i never use my handicapped card to cut the queue). But a minute later, another cashier came - and then, guess what? A man in his 40's or so, in great health, hurried to be the first, when i started to move to be with the new cashier! He couldn't say he didn't saw me (with my crutches and my hair being totally weird this time, you couldn't miss me), but he ran with his handful of thing (remember that i had a single thing), took all his time to pay (along with crappy jokes that would made a 5 years old ashamed) and went - and he never looked at me! Talk about a moron... *grr*
    And this kind of thing happens almost every week to me. :(



  29. I must say, this time I had forgotten the day. Usually I remember it, even though I don't celebrate it specially... Today, there was a text on a whiteboard at my job: 8.3. - 100 years!

    And I was like... 100 years?? I thought it had something to do with Norway's history, maybe! ;D It took some hours before my colleague mentioned that it's Woman's Day, and then I finally got it. ;)

    Well, Monday mornings are not the best ones for me, so it's no wonder...

  30. A current event to add to the list of things to celebrate today: An Oscar Win for International Women’s Day! Pretty nice timing, no?

  31. Happy womens day to all!
    Go girls !
    Have a nice day



  32. Hey Anette,
    a declaration still about my last posting. That nice teammate, who has brought us flowers today said, that this was a gesture in Eastern Germany opposite the women. He always brought his wife and the work colleagues flowers. Actually the boss of the company should take care of it, he has not made it. I find this a nice gesture. Of course I do not know whether everything is just like he has said it is correct.
    But there is not this gesture in my country. We were very surprised;-)
    Have a nice evening.

  33. Dear Anette ;=)
    Thank you !
    Germany should do that too !
    How are you? Yes, its true: today is world women day and I have heavy PMS pain ! ;=(

    Soo... enjoy the day !

    Hugs and Love

  34. Were would we be without women? women deserve a year!

  35. Dear Anette, I want to share with you one of the draws you can see today in my country.
    Here we are in the same situation than in Sweeden: things are changing, but very slowly.

    Hope you like it ;)

  36. Hi Anette!
    Yes, this is our day. I wish you and all women there are respect, not just today, but every day for what we're doing and can.
    In Poland man always works, but women just when family need it. I think it's stupid traditional stereotype. But, back to Sweden and you. ;-)
    I wish you wonderful evening in this special day for us. :-)

    Hugs from Nan. ;-)

  37. Happy Holidays!!!
    I've recently read a great book about us, women. Well, I can't find any words to describe it, but I think you'd love it.
    Clarissa Pinkola Estes. Women Who Run With the Wolves.

  38. Hi Anette,

    This picture...we have the same on a poster in our lab (knowing we're a 9-person team with 7 girls! O_O)

    I personnaly believe that the scandinavian model is to be inspired of! But I don't complain, anyway, like Hep-Hep Steff said, there's still a lot to do here. Most chairmen, politicians and high functionaries are men...

    Have a good night! ;)


  39. Hehe ;=). In my country, the 8th of March is more like a birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear Nettie ^^
    Our classmates bought the girls in my class some flowers, candles and of course they wrote us something, which is always so sensitive that i almost cry ;=). They said that if the girls were flowers, then flowers will be colorful and will live forever..ahh so cute^^

    Huggs and kisses!;=)

  40. Heloooo dear!
    My congrats to You, Nettie!) hope this day was really like a Woman's Day for you - with bf doing every woman's housework, cooking nice dishes and so on; with Seth cleaning the apartment while his lovely Mom is sitting in her armchair, watching some nice romantic movie and dreaming about the happy life in their big family house somewhere in the Swedish forests ))))))
    As far as I see it, here in Russia it solely becomes normal so to say when bfs or husbands or other men in the family try to organize a "resting day" for their women.. at least they make presents, buy flowers and chocolate and so on.
    Talking about the equality itself..well, it's more spread in the business or career side of our lives. In other aspects there is still more "since you're a woman it is kinda your job to make the house and raise children" thing. Not that we are made to follow this ancient rule of sharing roles by gender and so on, it's more like people are used to it, 'cause they find it pretty comfortable.

    Don't have a clue what I wrote 'cause I'm actually all into the "Scent of a Woman"-movie translated on the TV )) hope everthing written at least makes some sence ))

    Have a good night, dear, and sleep very well))

    Big hugs,

  41. Well then, go us!;=)

    I was surprised that a few people
    at school actually knew about
    this day, I only knew from checking
    your blog this morning.

    Hope you have a good day!

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  42. The day is almost over and I just found out about Women's Day! I think I have my own private Women's Day tomorrow and enjoy it for the full 24 hours :). Hope you celebrated for all of us who forgot.
    Sleep well with the thought that at least a lot has changed for women all around the globe in the last 100 years. Not enough but still...
    x Denise

  43. what can I say??
    well I'm from Mexico, the place where the word "macho" born and is still use for a lot of parents in the education of their little boys, and women are like underground at some jobs because the men "have to" bother about all the money for house, if you as a woman has a better job than your bf or husband is like wow that is not good and people see you really weird. women have a better jobs actually but the pay is not good, men always have better pays even when their jobs are the same!!!

    I think we are stronger than men and if you don't believe just take care of the matters of the house for a day and you will understand the truth!!!

    So CONGRATULATIONS for you Nettan and to every women who read this!!!

    hugs and love


  44. Hey anette,

    Had a good woman's day?

    My mom sure as hell had... she broke up with her bf after 4 years of relationship. She's all broken and sad and doesnt know what to do. I'm going to visit her today and see hows she's doing. She really sounded all thorn up on the phone :( hope my mom will get over it someday.

    Anyway have a lovely day anette.

    X Marijn

  45. You is ok dear Anette? You don't gave to us news have many time, I'm worried. I hope that is only lack of time and that you feel good, you deserve the best ;-)
    Enjoy the rest of day dear singer
    Hugs and best wishes from Brazil =)

  46. Hi Anette.
    I accidentally found your blog,but I like your texts and opinions(never forgetting your singing and performing on Nightwish).
    I´m following you and,if you have time,take a look on my blog where I recently uploaded your photo(with another pretty rockers)to show the best haircuts for each type of face.
    Wish you like it and have a nice woman´s day!

  47. I'm a bit late but happy women's day! =)

    I have always felt that here in Finland the equality situation between man and woman is good (well, at least comparing to developing countries). But then again, I don't know.

    For example my sister's ex boyfriend had this tendency to critizise my sister. They lived together for three years and when my sister had cleaned their house, her boyfriend always said that "Why didn't you cleaned better?" or "Why is that mirror still dusty?" instead of telling my sister how good work she had done.
    Then my sister got very depressed about this and told her boyfriend to clean himself if he wasn't happy for the cleaning she did.
    Well, he never cleaned, but continued to critizise my sister and now when they are not together anymore, and my sister isn't there to wash the dishes, her ex boyfriend has considered to buy disposable plates because he doesn't have enought strength to wash the dishes! I find millions of these kind of examples from their relationship and I can tell you that they weren't equal.

    Hope you and the baby feel fine! =)

  48. Hej Anette :)
    I was thinking about the same than Bonome (and worried as well), i hope you're ok...

    Today wasn't a bad day: wake up slowly with a lovely dream (after a nightmare), sunny day (sadly with cold wind), a nice surprise from a good friend of mine (an early bday gift, MJ's This is it dvd), a lovely walk this afternoon, falling in love with the music of Wardruna... Whithout my mother's mean comments (as usual), it would have been great! :)

    I really hope you're ok and that you didn't post anything because a lack of time. I must admit i miss reading you today...



  49. Hii Anette =D

    And once again when there's an important day, I find out a day too late... O_O

    Damn, I am relieved!
    Today I had to do my final presentation at school. It was for all kinds of officials from the education board, teachers and coordinators... I was so nervous I felt like I was going to faint, but in the end it went quite well, I didn't lose my lines, didn't stutter, the only thing that went wrong was my powerpoint presentation in the beginning, for some reason it played backwards XD.
    Anyways, thanks for the news, though once again I read it too late =')
    But hey, every day is woman's day in my opinion, we pretty much rule ;p.

    Lots of love, Lisa <3

  50. Happy women's day for you too! =DD

    And, hey Anette... If you happen to pass on my blog, please let me know. I posted some things in your honor, but, since it is in portuguese, you may misunderstand what I said. Telling you just in case, because I don't whant to accidentally hurt you, it is not my intention, ok?

    Best wishes for you!


  51. Here, in Russia, it is widely celebrated holiday though its meaning is already far away from the original one. So this day is official day off and a day when almost everyone gives presents and flowers to the wives, daughters, sisters, mothers, girlfriends and etc. :) A pretty pleasant thing by the way ^^