Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Sharks and fishes;=)

Hi all,

Yesterday we were at a shark aquarium and I took some nice photos.



  1. Hej Anette, nice to see you back, i started to get really worried... :)

    Wow, these photos are amazing!!!! I would ask you, would you mind if i'll use one of them to be printed on a t-shirt next month? *blush* I'm really in love with them.... :)

    And i have a nice news for you: this morning, i've received you baby's teddybear (i told you it was fast!), and i could tell you it really look lovely (and not too big nor too small)! :) I didn't remove the protection, so i couldn't tell you if it's soft or not but it seems so... The pic i chose gives a real positive and happy vibes to this cutie bear, and the good thing is that the little shirt is removable and everything could be washed in the machine at 30°C. I've saved the box, so i could reuse it for the bear and all the other things i'll send you, and tomorrow or friday it'll be posted to your management address...

    I wish everyone a good day :)


  2. Hi Anette,

    Lovely pix :) When I'm at a place like a BIG aquarium where you can actually see the fishes right in front of your face with that huge amount of water I get dizzy. I know it sounds stupid but I hold back my breath too (I guess it's like an instinct). Even if I'm watching it in the tv. But it's always fun :D

    Hope you had a great time and your day is going nice too :)

    Oh, I nearly forgot. I'd love to recommend you a tv series from Hollywood. I've just started watching it, but I got addicted :D You may have seen it before, but in case you haven't... It's: Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Oh dear, they are so funny and beautiful, they are into fashion and live their glamorous life in LA. It's only a recommendation, if you have some free time and want to watch something glamorous ;)

    Take great care,

    Lots of love,



  3. Hi dear Anette!
    you'r right nice photos =), here in the south of france we also have a parc like that, with dolphin's shows, penguin's shows, killer whale's show etc ... soo nice!

    So, yesterday I returned home, cause we went at Disneyland Paris with some friends (notably with Fabien LeFranais from your blog)...and I really love it, I recommended it to you, but not know because of the baby =)...
    There, we bought a gift for the baby, hope you will like it, we also ate at Annette's diner (because of the name ^^), really nice to!
    I think I'll send you some pictures with =)

    Love and have a nice day !


  4. Hi Anette, how are you? Last year i have been to visit the aquarium and i've found it very nice but i don't have a passion for it and fishes. Thanks for the pics! Have a nice day!

    Big hugs

  5. Steff: Hi! Of course you are free to use my photos;=) And nice to hear about the teddy bear, I am so sure it looks adorable;=) Enjoy the day!

  6. Anette, i have a question: do you read all the e-mail that your management forward to you?

  7. Wohoww, Sharks... I have phobia of Sharks hehe =D
    But I'm glad to hear that yesterday your day was good. Is always good to hear good news =)
    I hope that your day today will be amazing too ;-)
    One question: You can already feel the baby kicking? =) If yes, for sure is one of the best moments in life, right? ;-)
    We (men) really can not imagine how is have a little life inside us. You women are very blessed and deserve all our respect and consideration. You all are the best criation of God, for sure ;-)

  8. Hi Anette,

    Some nice photos compliments, keep them coming. I'm thinking of using a couple of your landscape photo in my studies...if Ok.

    Take care, stay safe, and
    Enjoy the day.

    lots of love,

  9. Anette, thank you!!! :))
    And for the teddybear, you'll see soon how it look, it'll be ready to be send tomorrow. :) All i need to do is to write a letter and to close the box and add the address on top of it. You'll have another little thing to enjoy, BTW: if you remember the metalic box i've used to protect your candle, it fits in it... ;)

    And i really enjoy this day. Don't know why but this week is quite good so far (i didn't even fear that much next monday and my bday, know i know i will do nothing but drink a beer on my own)... :)



  10. Arianna: Hi! If they send it to me, I always read them;=)

    Bonome: Yes, I have felt the baby for many weeks. It is a wonderful thing and I love it;=) Men should feel this and the amazing thing to have something growing and living in your body. Wonders of life! Enjoy your day;=)

    Gary; Feel just free to use them in your study;=)

  11. Hey Anette :)

    Ah Nice shots :)
    Thank you for sharing those :)

    Hope you feel awesome :)
    and the sun shines!
    take care

    with Love and Respect

  12. Anette, thanks! I'm so happy to know it. Of course i will send it to you for easter wishes and for your birthday. I still remember last year how much you made me happy! *_______* Thanks again darling!

  13. hi Anette!! what beautiful photos!!! I love them where is it?
    enjoy the day
    PS; your blog is super!! continue like that!!

  14. Hej Anette! Hoppas allt är fint med dig och bebisen.
    Fina bilder!Finns det ett sånt akvarium i Skåne?:O För några år sedan var jag i Barcelona, där har dem ett helt otroligt akvarium! Alla möjliga fiskar, hajar och till och med pingviner ;) Jätte fint, man får gå i en tunnel och kolla på hajarna, verkligen jätte coolt och lite läskigt haha.

    Ha det fint,
    Kram /Eliza

  15. Hi, Anette! You were absent for a while, I was worried. Glad that you're OK!
    Wonderful photos! I love going to aquariums and zoos. It's always sooo interesting!

    A couple days ago I had a walk in a forest and found many small pink flowers there. It had been rainy before, so there was a great scent in the air. The scent of spring...
    Here are some photos, I hope you will like them!
    Oh, and the next day I saw a magnificent sunset over the sea:

    Enjoy your evening! Lots of hugs and kisses! ^___^

  16. Hey, that's super nice! Beautiful photos.
    I think I have never went to a aquarium, hehe. Hmmm, you literally must feel inside the sea. :)

    I hope you had enjoyed a lot and good to see you are ok!
    Take care and have a wonderful day, Anette!

  17. Hey Anette! I'm happy to see that you're back!
    Your photos are amazing! I love aquariums too! The aquarium of Barcelona is great too with sharks, tunnel.. But i prefer the aquarium of La Rochelle (France), it's really amazing, so huge! Yous should visit it!
    @Oceane: je connais aussi le restaurant Annette à Disney Paris, il est bien sympa !!
    Have a nice day!
    Isa from France

  18. Härliga bilder du har tagit! Det blåa skenet i akvarier är alldeles underbart, påminner mig lite om vinterskymning om än ljusare :)Och några av de här bilderna påminde mig faktiskt om när jag var på Malta och passade på att snorkla i den blåa lagunen...underbart! Stenen jag hittade på bottnen av en undervattensgrotta finns nu på en hedersplats på mitt fönsterbräde ^^ jag får vara so bold as to correct your English, så är plural av fish fortfarande fish och inte fishes ;)
    Ha det bra!

  19. Thanks for the answer dear Anette, you are right, this is one of wonders of life. Is for moments like this that life is worth. =)
    Good luck in your pregnancy dear singer, all the best to you and to baby ;-)
    have a good day, hugs from Brazil =)

  20. Hi Anette.

    Thanks for those lovely pictures. It seems you had a good time.
    I really love the ocean with all the wonderful creatures. I think I'm an "Ocean Soul".
    I'd love to explore marine worlds but unfortunately I'm bad in biology...

    Have a nice day =)

  21. Beautiful pictures!

    Have a great evening,

    Marie x

  22. Hey Anette!
    The photos are so beautiful!!
    I guess, Tuomas would absolutely love them ;=)
    Have a nice evening!
    Hugs & Love

  23. Hello dear Nettie , how are you??
    Hope that everything is ok =).
    Tnx for the pics , they are really nice.
    Big kiss to you and to your family , and especially to your baby =)

    Have a nice evening


  24. These photos made me think about the most beautiful moment of MJ's This is it:
    I wonder how he was able to sing that high, he sounds like his brother Jackie. And the song is stellar, the whole dvd was great to watch (amazing performance of Jacko!), but this song brought tears to my eyes... *blush*



  25. Härliga bilder! Men ska inte förstora dom, lider av hajskräck. Försöker komma över den för jag vill ha dykcert. Det av så avkopplande med havet och lyssna på vågar. Kram

  26. Dear Anette ;=)
    Thanks for posting us new photos ! Theyre really nice. I was in such a aquarium before appr. 2 years but it wasnt soo big ! How is this aquarium called ? Your camera is toootally super !Which model is that ?

    How are you today ? What's the baby doing?
    Today I feel so bad, because I miss the boy I've met saturday ( I told you that). I'm writing sms but he shows no interest to me ;'(
    But I...I dont wanna lose him, I dont know what to do. I'm afraid that I could go on his nervs..I want meet him..and he said: We'll see.
    What means that ? .. I'm so bad and I feel so bad about the love..

    Maybe you could help me (e.g with a litlle hug ;=) )

    Love and Hugs
    Laura.. :'(

  27. Hey Anette,
    Thank you for the photos. I hope you had a beautiful day.
    I was, how many other readers of your blog, worried because you do not have written any comment in your blog yesterday. However, I have noticed it that in your blog seemed comments of other readers . Since you have explained to me, that you read all comments first, I imagined that everything is all right.
    Wish you and your family a nice evening
    Take care - love and hugs Brigitte
    (Excuse my bad English)

  28. Hi Anette!
    You're back. ;-)
    Wonderful photos! I like places like this. For me it's very intresting to see a lot of animals in one place. Water is very beautiful, it's begs to swim in it. But sharks don't like it. ;D
    Thanks for posting.

    I wish you have a great evening and sleep well.

    Hugs from Nan. :-)

  29. Hi Anette ! how are you and the baby? =D

    I have something to tell you!!! yesterday I found on youtube a song that you sang with your old choir... after I found the link to the site of Bygdekören ... "There will come a day" is so wonderful !
    I love songs with choirs and in this song you sing perfectly like always ^^ =)

    Anette you're so fantastic !!

    Have a nice end of day!! =DD

  30. Laura: Hi! Oh, boys are so weird sometimes...;=( I am so sorry for you...I guess all you can do is give him some space and see if he contacts you for a meeting. Some guys dont want to be chased to bad, I guess. But hard to give any better advice. I send supporting hugs though!

  31. Dear Anette ;=)
    Thanks for your support.. I dont knwo what to do.. maybe I'll know it the next days. But the pain becomes bigger and bigger...
    How old were you when you had your first Boyfriend and all these things...??
    BTW... I wrote a lil poem for you.. I will comment it soon okay ?
    Thanks for your hugs ;=) its the first one since I'm here ;=)

    Have a nice day ;=)
    Hugs and kisses

  32. Wow, the photos are amazing! So beautiful and exotic :)
    Talking about aquariums and exotic things - well, a few days ago I found a gift certificate that was a birthday present for me (though my birthday was in summer). So this certificate gives an opportunity to swim with the dolphins in Moscow dolphinarium for an hour. Сonsidering that I've already forgotten about it, it was a real suprise :)
    So I'm going to call there and to reserve a day and time when I'm going to swim. But that would be only in April, not earlier :)

    Lots of love,
    Maria ^^

  33. I love sharks:x. And snakes:))...
    Nice photos, A.:)