Thursday, 20 May 2010

1 year anniversary;=)

Hi all;=)

Today it is one year since I started this blog;=) Time moves fast and I want to thank you all for being here with me all that time.

Happy birthday, dear blog!


  1. You are the mom of this blog-baby! ;-)

    So we thank you that you've started it! It's an awesome way to get in touch with you and that gives a lot to me!!!

    Long live the blog! :-)

    Loveley greetings and all the best to you.

  2. Oh wow!!! Already a year! haha you're right times goes fast, I've been reading your blog every day, it's always interesting, and almost always puts a smile on my face, so I hope you keep on posting despite of the uglyness of some that can't stand your pretty person :)

    Happy B-day Blog!!! :)

  3. juhu <3 and I still love your blog x)
    thank you for your blog (:


  4. Hej Anette, nice to read you :)

    Wow, it's a year now that you started your blog???? I know i'm here since only 5 months or so, but it seems so long and so short in the same time... This place already gave me some nice friends, a very close friend (she knows who she is), and some lovely support each time i need. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for this - and for being like you are. <3
    Geez, i'm gonna miss you when i'll be in London next week (i'll left next wednesday in late morning)... but HAPPY BDAY TO "OUR" DEAR BLOG!
    And last but not least: do you know when your management will send you all the packages that are waiting for you? Just out of curiosity... :)

    I hope you ad the baby are ok, i wish everyone a nice day



  5. A beautiful anniversary ;-)
    Thank you for post articles on your blog to keep in touch with your fans !!
    I hope that you're fine.
    Hugs and thanks for the cake, I love the strawberries... Have a nice day dear Anette.

  6. Hey Anette!! I cannot believe I’m actually communicating with you! :D
    I HAVE to tell you, you are amazing. I love all the songs you sing and I dream of one day meeting you :) you have the nicest voice I have EVER heard! Thank you for the blog, and for being so inspiring!
    Love you!
    Natalie from England! xxx

  7. Grattis till 1-års dagen!

  8. Hello dear! It really moves so fast, it was like yesterday you wrote your first blog entry! Thank you for all the writings and nice photos. I hope you are well and wish you all the best. I miss so much your voice and wonderful NW gigs! Take care, lots of love:)

  9. Hii Anette =D

    Congrads with your blog-birthday!!!
    Hope there are many many more years of your blog to come ^^

    Love, Lisa <3

  10. Happy birthday blog! Anette, don't thanks us... you deserve and i will be here as you know! Big hugs

  11. Happy birthday to you for your blog. I found your blog recently.
    I live in Finland from Joensuu. and I love Nightwish's music.

    delicious cake.

  12. Hi Anette!I'm so happy...It was very good idea to have your own blog.We became closer with the fans and with you.I think that all members of NW should have such interesting blog.Do you or other members have any ideas with blogs?I dream of other blogs.It would be wonderful!And happy birthday this blog=)
    How are you?Hope you and your baby are well.

  13. Hello Anette,
    I congratulation, too:-). And I wish to your blog the best things and of course to You!!! I hope that you´ll send the message of you, forevermore:-)
    Have a nice Day!!!

  14. Hi Anette,
    I congratulate you on your anniversary. I am grateful that there is your blog.
    I hope and wish that it still exist there forever. <3 It would be missing something.
    Thank you that you are here.
    I wish you a nice and relaxed day.

  15. Awwwwwwwww, I'd been planning to remember this day for a whole year, damn me and my hamster memory. =(

  16. Hi Anette!
    Thanks to you for being here, and being so industrious with your writings! I have enjoyed reading your blog and it is nice that you have kept us fans well informed with whats going on with your life and career. Hopefully you'll keep on writing in the future as well. All the best wishes to you and your family!


  17. Time really goes fast, I remember discovering your blog in June last year and I was catching up all the conversations from May and June :-)
    So Happy Bday Blog! Hope you may live a long and happy life ;-)

  18. PS: I want a bite of that strawberry cake!! Looks Yummie!! :-O

  19. Hello dear Anette
    Wow, I cannot believe it has been a year!
    It's been an absolute joy and a privilage to be part of your life like this, thank you!
    Kath xx

  20. Hi Anette,

    Happy Birthday to your great blog!

    It's one of my fave blogs and I always look forward to reading your posts. I think it's great that you keep in contact with your fans like this, so thank you.

    Have a great day!
    Marie x

  21. Hey Anette!
    It's realy good to have you with us for one year. You are a special person for all the readers.
    How are you an the baby?
    Have a nice day


  22. Hi Nettie =)
    That cake looks....really tasty!!! I agree that time moves fast.
    Aned it is my pleasure to be on this blog =)
    Wish you all the best

    Lots of love


  23. Aww, Happy Birthday, Anette's Blog!!!

    You know, I was thinking about that
    a couple weeks ago, I started thinking
    about your birthday, then I remembered
    you started the blog the month
    before your birthday.

    I'm happy to say, that I too have been
    with you for a year on this blog-
    and I love it.

    I'm really glad and thankful you made this,
    I think it was a great way to show an
    inside to you and your work with Nightwish.
    It's personal, but you do draw a line
    about how personal, and we respect that.
    I'm just really glad that you've kept
    it this long (and hopefully will;=)
    because most singers and mothers say
    they don't have time for this- even if
    it's for the fans.

    Also, all the people on this blog are
    amazing people. I think we're our
    own little family on here.
    Because I feel sometimes that we get
    along like siblings- we fight
    and agree (but it never gets out-of-hand).
    So, I'm also thankful for all the
    beautiful blog readers, you and everyone
    else on here keep my life interesting!;=)

    But I will tell you, the more
    I learn about you and the more you "talk"
    to us, the more I'm loving you, girl!

    Thanks for keeping your blog for so long! LOVE YOU, ANETTE!!!;=);=);=)

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  24. Happy brithday!Love!Hugs!

  25. we love you Anette. its hard to believe it has been a year(that cake looks good.


  26. Hi! ^^

    Yay, awesomeness! I wish your blog a happy birthday, too.

    Oh! This is off topic, but I had this dream recently; in this dream, you were singing on a new Nightwish CD and your voice was kind of different-- as in, it had a raspier, rougher rock tone to it. I can't remember much else of the dream, but I definitely remember that part. I thought you sounded really awesome, too.
    Sometimes I look forward to falling asleep just so I can dream. 8D
    Sorry for going off topic there, but I just wanted to share that awesome dream I had.

  27. hi hi!!congratulations!! How are you doing sweet mother and little angel? What time does he/she has planned to see the sun? :=) Are looking forward to see your belly photos..we miss your beautiful smile Nettan!!! And i must say you took stunnings pic-nic pics, yes! Thanks for this amazing year, through highs and lows, but anyhow, your presence within;-) To me this is the 3rd year anniversary for anetteolzoncentral! So,best wishes for your Life and career! We read that Tarja finished to record her 2nd solo album, What lies beneath, and she revealed the artwork. So my thought was:what kind of artwork would fit for anettes taste in her 1st solo?it's fun to guess....oh,anette,and did you listen to the last brandnew Scorpions album and their song The good die young? They asked Tarja to do guest voice there,supergood. And i want to wish you the same honour for your career, who knows,maybe your manager can create a great duet between you and Europe!? :=] I love your blog,and you know, there are some days that i take a look behind the blogs pages and i find what i need! Lots of hugs and Hep hep!

  28. Hi Anette,

    Happy birthday to your blog. You're welcome
    We Will always be with you...Take care

    p.s that cake looks really delicious!! Yum yum

    Lots of love
    - Mukund

  29. All the credits goes to you, what would we do without you!!!!
    I'm so blinded by your pure awesomness :)))))))!!!
    Have you made this cake??? Looks tasty, mmmm, love fruit cakes!!!
    Thanks and happy birthday 2U2 (:


  30. Hi Anette!
    Happy birthday, dear Anette's blog. ;-)
    I'm really happy you're there one year. I love this place. I hope you will be there next 1(0) year(s). : D
    Hugs from Nan. Happy birthday.... : D

  31. Hi Anette !
    it's always a pleasure to read some news of you and your family ! you're so nice and it becomes to a ritual to go into internet for read your blog :D

    stay as you are, always smiling, enjoying the life ! we love you like that ! :)

    hope your day is nice and that your little one inside is ok !

    lots of hugs !


  32. Time pass so quick! Happy One Year! I wish a lot more with us :)

  33. Yaaaye!

    HappyHappy BD Anette's Super BLOG!!;~)This is very special day...hehe.
    & I wanna eat that cake!!!!!! Could u please post it for me...?yumyum;p

    Take care with ur Fam!

  34. 1 year!!! :O
    That's great Anette ;) Congratulations and thanks for sharing things with us!! :D you are the best!

  35. Hi!
    I'm happy your wonderful blog turns 1 today!
    Happy birthday to your blog!
    I'm also happy to be part of it!
    Have a nice day!

  36. 1 year... Time go soo fast!
    So, Happy birthday to this wonderful blog, wich gaves us so much.
    Thanks you Anette for beginning it, a real gift!

    Hope it will continue for long !

    Love & Hugs to you and the baby! Is he/she okay ?

  37. Anette, i still rembember te first time i came here. Thank you for give to us the chance to talk with you! Hugs

  38. Hi Anette

    Happy B-day for the blog
    and thanls a lot Anette for this blog It's very good idea ;)


  39. Hello Anette!
    1 year...thats great!!!
    Thanks a lot for sharing your things,videos,photos...You are really a perfect person!!The ideia of the blog was great!!Anette thanks a lot for all the things you did to us and for Nightwish,you deserve all the best ;)
    Happy Birthday to the amazing blog :D
    I wish the best for you and the ones you love and for your baby :)
    ps:That cake looks good xD
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal!!

  40. Hi!

    Happy birthday to your blog, may it have a long and happy life with it's mom. ;-) Thank you for sharing your life with us all here.

    Btw, thank you so much for posting that pic. Now I have a huge craving for a delicious strawberry cake and guess do I have one in my refrigerator? Of course not.

    Hopefully everything is going well in your life and especially with the baby. Have a nice rest of the week! :)

  41. Oh, one year!!!
    Thanks for opening the blog! It´s just a nice way to know you and your things!!
    Lots of love!
    ....and for many years!

  42. That cake is delicious!!!
    Happy birthday, dear blog! Thank you, Anette, for sharing with us part of your life! I love you! I'm waiting for you here in Italy!

  43. Congratulations and thanks very much for your regular blogging!!!!

    Yours, Lisa

  44. Hi Anette,
    Oh, it is so cool that you have this blog for a year! And i've been following it since the beginnings :P
    I think it is a good reason for this comment. I wanna give you a gift. :) Ok, actually not me but a friend of mine, Noémi.
    She's a big big fan of Nightwish and she wrote an english lyrics for the song Last of the Wilds. I want to share it with you, so i hope you dont mind if i copy-and-paste it here ^^

    "Wilderness in my nights, in my dreams
    Oh you cannot imagine this:
    Unicorn’s waiting for the moonlit
    To make wonders, magic things

    Howl of the wolves are brought through skies
    Nightingale is singing its cries
    Singing sorrow for the Wild
    Who is the One can hear the Sign

    I am the Last who tried to fly
    Reached the nightblue, starlit sky
    I am the Last who heard the wild
    Understood the Dead Boy's Lullaby

    I am the Last One who feel the wind
    I am the Last Of The Wilds…

    My heart is beating with the rivers
    A play with birds, wolves and dears
    Sitting on the peak of a mountain
    ’N watching how eagles dancing

    But I have lost my faith
    I can’t hear the Sign again…"

    I hope you'll like it cuz i think it is awesome :)
    It is a personal gift for you and for the band so publish this comment only if you feel so :)


  45. Hello Anette :)
    Wooow I still know how happy I was when I discovered your blog on the internet :)
    It's just lovely.. I watch your blog every day and this now belongs to my everyday-life :D

    Have a nice day!!
    Lots of love xxx

    P.S. How are you and the baby? I hope you both are well ;)

  46. Talking about the congratulation, within a month is your birthday and here on my desk is ready the little card for you that i will send to your managenent the first day of June and then i will write to Petri. :D Hugs

  47. Takk for keeping us in the loop...

  48. Congrats with Anniversary, Anette! Thanks for being with us for such a long time! :-) We love you!
    This cake looks so delicious! Yummy!
    Have a nice evening! ^_^

  49. Hi Anette!
    1 year?! Time moves so fast.. ;)
    Happy B-day to your blog!
    Thank you for everything you wrote here. It's nice when famous people like you share things with their fans :) I wish to you and your blog all the best!
    Have a nice evening

    A lot of hugs

  50. Hi Anette!! How are you and the baby?

    Congratulations on the blog!! I can't believe it's one year since I started entering this blog everyday to see a new post from you!!

    The blog is amazing!!!

    Have a nice day!

  51. Hi Anette
    Thank you for sharing things with us. remember to believe in your dreams,don't give up and you will find your path. Happy Bday blog ♥ I wish a lot more with us.sending alot of love and light to you and your family.


  52. Happy birthday, congratulations! =D
    And thank you for keeping up this blog, I always love to read the things you've posted. :)
    The cake also looks very delicious, hahaha!

    I also have some questions about your pregnancy. How is the baby doing, is he/she all right? And how are you doing? Do you feel ill sometimes because of the pregnancy, and/or do you have cravings?

    All the best for you, the baby and your blog! <3

  53. Marianne: Hi! I am feeling just fine and everything is really good with both me and the baby;=) Thanks for caring;=)

  54. Hi dear Anette!

    Congratulations, very big congratulations! This is the best blog and you are the best too!

    Lots of love


  55. Hey,happy birthday!Thank you!!You are special people and we love you!!

  56. 1 year already? o.o
    Time has really flown by.. Anyway, congratulations :D
    Your blog is awesome.^^

    Greetings and lots of hugs from Germany

  57. Hi!

    I have to agree with "Enchanted Lullaby", it's true that this is a friendly blog and I try to check it out as many days as possible, the link is in my browser's menu, so just one click away ;)

    I also really appreciate it that you made this blog and that you feel comfortable about charing a bit of your private life with us.

    So, congratulations to Anette and to everybody who made this blog so good!!


  58. Wow! Time does fly! Seems like only a few months since Hartwall and not long since you started it

    Thanks for keeping this blog, it is really a great insight into you for the fans, and I really enjoy it and know every fan of yours does :P

    Best wishes, Ryan.

  59. Hi Anette =)

    Congrats with the blog!
    I wanted to ask you, maybe you have some tips for me, because I want to make my own blog to keep people updated about my great adventure next year (I'm going to Finland for one year, to live in a host family and experience life and school there =) And they advise things like a blog to get a certain distance from home)

    I just have no idea how to start with the blog, like, out of nowhere, ^^'

    Take care =)


  60. Great :) "Happy birthday to blog", then ;-)

    Is that cake just a sample, or did you made it? ;-) I like it anyway. :)

    Have a lovely day, Anette.

  61. Happy Birthday to ypur blog *o*!

    And the cake looks delicious =D


  62. Happy birthday blog!! =D

    Anette: I would once again like to say thank you for running this blog; I have been following it for about 2 months now, and I always really enjoy reading it; it nearly always brings a smile to my face and brightens a dull day. ;).

    So.. thanks! It means a lot. :).

    Hope you and the little one are well;
    Jaz. :).

  63. Hello Ane!!

    Seems it was done yesterday!!! ^_^
    Long live this blog!!

    Many kisses and hugs from


  64. Thank U....for sharing so special moments with us!!
    Kisses sweetheart!

  65. hello anette!!
    when i first went into this blog y felt so happy that i could talk with you and comment your photos, the internet makes possible things that for me were impossibles, like to talk with you. You are my model to follow because i am nothing without music and thanks to NIGHTWISH and to your voice i have overcome a lot of bad times. Congrtulations for the blog and i hope you can keep contact with your fans. Kisses and huges Natalia spai

  66. Big congrats to your blog, Anette!
    Time indeed passes by so quickly! I hope we can always read good things from you here for many years to come. :)))
    I simply love you, dear.

    Lots of love. <3

  67. o, happy anneversary dear!
    how you doin'?
    how's the baby? singing? any news?

  68. Dear Anette,

    Happy Birthday to Your blog!
    I wish many many more years to come, because it's wonderful being in touch with you and we love reading all your nice posts .....time has moved really fast since last July, when I started reading your blog!

    Thanks for all the great stories, photos, news and lovely words that you gave us trough the blog and for making it such a warm and pleasant "place" to "visit"!

    Kisses and hugs to YOU and YOUR little BABY!
    Take care of yourselves!!!


  69. Oh yay Anette! I am so happy you started the blog. =)
    Happy one year! hehe


  70. Congratulations for your blog!!
    Thank you for being so kind to all who pass here!
    Love you!

    Catarina your Brazilian fan!

  71. HI Anette,
    Congratulations on the first year of your blog
    with many more to follow. You give me a reason to :)
    Thank you!

    luv ya, take care,


  72. Quel bel anniversaire ! It's always a pleasure ! and thank you so much to allow us to have contact with you ! :)

    Trés bonne soirée ^^

  73. Happy birthday, dear Anette's blog!


    Love ya, Anette.

  74. Congratulations for your blog! I love him and adore you too!!! ;D

  75. Hehe happy birthday to your blog!
    It's a nice idea that you have a blog, we can communicate with you =)
    I read your blog everyday and I hope many years to come!

    Take care of you, and the baby ;)
    Good night!

  76. And I started following it a bit late!!!!

    But no problem, I was able to catch up and I loved the work you did here, and the way you shared moments with your fans.

    Really hope this blog lives on for plenty more years!

    Tons of kisses, stay well, dear Anette...

  77. Congratulations for the 1st year of this blog^^
    I want more,more,more years of "life" for it yet ^^
    I'm so glad you share with us here the best moments of your life ♥

    We love you Anette,and I wish a lot KISSES and HUGS in this litlle child inside your belly !

    I hope see you soon with the Nightwish's guys here in Brazil!! \o/

  78. Wow, I hope it lasts for a very long time! Since the first day I felt closer from my favorite (female) singer ^^

    Hey Nettan, next month are you going to NW-Camp for the rehearsals? I'm looking foward for some news =D

    Wish you all the best and lots of hugs from Brazil!
    Thiago ;D

  79. Wow! Thank you, Anette for sharing a part of your life with us and your warm, kind words when times were tough for many of us. Also big thanks to many here who have shared a bit of themselves as well. Hard to believe time moves forward so fast!

    That cake is to die for and torcher when it's on here and not in front of me:( It looks SOOO good!

    Thanks again, Anette and wish you, your family and all who is important to you good blessings.


  80. It's been such a nice pleasure to hav u here posting for us. We certainly miss your daily post, but as I've said before, I understand you point!

    Big hugs ans big kisses, hope everything's fine with both babby and son!


  81. Hi Anette!
    It's already been a year? Time does certainly go by fast. ;) I absolutely love reading your blog, and knowing what's going on in the life of my favorite person/singer. :)
    Thanks so much for sharing a bit of your life with us on here. :) Keep it up! :D
    With love,

  82. Happy birthday to you and your blog, Anette!
    You have made our days a little brighter with your good mood and interesting news for this one year and I hope to celebrate many more from now on!

    A big kiss from Brazil ;D

  83. Hi, Nettan!
    Wow, a year? is a long time. I remember I found the blog in July of last year, and I was so happy! The blog was (and is) a way of getting closer to you. I hope the blog has many years of "life", it's really wonderful because we can communicate with you and "know" the best moments of your life.
    Hope you and the baby arem well. Take care.
    Love you. And the blog. ;) <3

    ps.: Sorry for the BAAAD English.

  84. How cool, yesterday was my friends birthday

  85. Hello Nettan!!

    wow I cannot belive that a year ago you started this blog!!! For me is like if you started yesterday!!!

    Time past really fast!!!

    Congratulations for your very first year!!!

    hope you have more

    hugs and love ♥


  86. Thanks Anette for creating this blog,
    It's always good to read your post, and bring all the fans all over the world come together.
    Thank you Anette,
    Hope you and everyone have a great weekend

  87. Happy Birthday!!!!
    And thanks for being so nice with your fan, notably through this blog.


  88. Lol, very cool! Happy bday to the blog.

  89. Tank YOU so much for this Blog and that you share your life a little bit with us.

    Tack sâ mycket.

    We all love you

  90. hej!! already? oo, that time flies!! happy birthday blog!! I hope that it will have a very very very long life lol see you soon!!
    hugs xxo

  91. Hi Anette! Yes, time really go too fast!
    I was thinking about this and your birthday a few days ago! :) Thank you so much for this! I think you are the only star who share your life with us, fans, daily! I'm very grateful! THANK YOU!
    Greetings from sunny Croatia! :*

  92. Hi Anette,

    a lot of celebrations these days, 30 years anniversary of Pacman, 60 years now Ferrari races in Formula 1 and last but not least:
    1 year anniversary of the coolest blog ever! YAY!

    Thanks for doing this and all the best wishes.

  93. Thank you for writing this blog! It's always so nice to read your writings and stories. I hope we will see this very long time still :)

    By the way, I had my birthday couple days ago. Now I'm 23...and soooo old :D

  94. this is a very good blog a lot of things i learned from your blog anette
    keep it up happy b day dear blog eheheh

  95. Hi there Anette! Wow, it's been a bunch of busy days for me, so now it's time to catch up with the blog. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLOG! (better late than never ^^)

    Hugs, César ;)