Sunday, 30 May 2010

Congrats Lena and Germany;:=)

It was a super good final of the ESC yesterday and I must say I had many favourites;=) I loved Turkey. Georgia, Germany, Denmark, Greece, Portugal, Azerbaijan and some more...

But BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Germany and to Lena!! Really special voice and even if the song was a bit repeating I thought her charm and voice made it just shine up the whole arena and Europe. I also am happy that a "modern" song won and all the highest places were modern and not so much old-school.

And Turkey is always so good and creative and do something special, so even this year:=)

Sweden didnt make it and actually after seeing yesterdays songs, it was totally understandable. The competition this year was hard and there were so many good songs to choose from. Better luck next year maybe;=)


  1. Hey Anette!

    I'm not very happy with the winning song, but it's ok. My favourite was Turkey, also Romania and Serbia.
    But I think, that politians have some words in this, that Germany has won.
    Anyway, it was great.

    Have a nice time.

  2. Hello Anette! :)
    I watched Eurovision from the first contestant to the last yesterday and even though there were many good songs, I have to say I just hated Germany. :)) It seemed so dull to me, just throwing in some random rhythms and it really wasn't original, not at all. And it seemed to me like there were SO many special voices in the contest, much better than the girl's, like the ones of Iceland and Georgia and Ireland, for example, but well, those girls weren't really size 0, while Lena looked good, so eh. :) And I must tell you I would've preferred Sweden over Germany any time. Anna had such a sensitive song and such a beautiful flowing voice with a lot of feeling and she truly is a good performer.
    But I really loved Turkey as well and had it been for me, I would've definitely awarded them the first prize. The song combined so many styles and really was entertaining and nice to listen to. Long live maNga! <3

    So I'm glad you enjoyed the contest this year! And now enjoy a beautiful Saturday! :)

  3. I as a German don't understand why we won. Or why anyone likes her music. I don't know where she got this horrible accent, and I don't even believe it's a real one, because when she talked to the hosts, her English was just fine. My British friend told me she sounds like a drunken Russian trying to speak Cockney English. I for my part believe the weird accent is just some kind of joke (her producer is famous for being "funny"). Also she lied twice when saying she never had sung with a microphone before (she did) and never was in TV before (she was).
    I'm not proud Germany won because she seems very fake to me & I don't like fake people. =(

  4. Hey Anette :)
    I think it was a great and exciting final..and we were sooo happy when we recognized that our Lena won and we even cried :)
    Today is such a great day here in Germany..everyone is happy and it's just a day of party :)

    Have a nice day xx

    P.S.: I also can still not understand why Sweden didn't make it to the final :/

  5. Hi Anette!
    I'm also so glad that Germany won! Big congratulations to Lena! She is so sweet young girl! Love her song! I love Turkey, Georgia, Ukraine and Germany!
    Very bad that Sweden didn't make it! But, if Sweden and Croatia were in the first night in Tuesday, they will definitely go to final! So bad! :(
    I have some interpretation for Teusday in English and I'm going to talk about Amy Lee. Last year, when I was 8th grade I was talking about you and Nightwish in English class. This year I was also talking about you and guys in Germany class! Funny ;)
    Have a nice day!
    Big hug to you and your little baby from sunny Croatia!

  6. Hai Nettie
    There was indeed lots of talent in the competition. But I didn't always like their songs. I had 3 favourites: Ukraine, Greece and Belgium :-) I think Lena had a special voice and she seems a nice lady, but I don't like the song that much. And the song was stuck all night long in my head.. Funny actually. :-)

  7. thanks for mention Portugal!

  8. I was upset that Ukraine didn't win. I thought she was fantastic!! And the song was really good too :D

    Turkey was my 2nd favorite, so I'm glad they got high scores.

    I was a bit iffy about Lena... that fake cockney accent irked me a bit :\ The performance was fun though!

  9. Hey Anette!
    Thanks for the Congrats to Germany ;=D
    It was so amazing last night, the whole country celebrated till this morning here in Germany ;=)
    I really like Lena's voice because it's just unique and outstanding!
    I hope, Sweden will make it next year again :=)
    Love & Hugs

  10. Hi Anette, I SO agree, I just can't get it why on earth Sweden didn't come to the final! That Finland didn't make it, was sad but not so surprising, but Sweden....! That was a catastrophe!

    I didn't have a clear favorite this year, but I think I liked Denmark's song most, then Azerbaijan and Iceland. Now I can't get Denmark's song out of my head, so I've gone the whole day with "wanna know, wanna know, wanna know what you're looking for"... ;D Somehow it reminds me of "I do I do I do" by Abba, but that's ok, I like Abba. But congratulations to Lena, she's such a sweet girl!

  11. I really liked Spain, though a spectaton jumped on stage. So catchy song

  12. Hello!
    Nettie did u see what happened during Spanish number?
    What did u think of it?
    Did u like our song?
    My faves were Romania Greece and Denmark (BTW I had a better impression of the Danish dong that before, it was good!
    Congrats to Germany!!
    Hope u are ok!

  13. Hello Anette!!How are you??
    I dont follow Eurovision but im happy that Portugal still there,we have many talent,and sometimes we do many shows of young people singing "Fado" i dont know if you ever hear,but its very hard and Portugal has talent :D
    I would like if Sweden win but maybe next year Sweden will have more lucky ;)
    I remember when Nightwish were on Eurovision,but i was probally 2 years old when they were there,and i am sure if Nightwish were on Eurovision again,they would win of course because the are the best band in the Universe!!
    I hope you,your family and your baby are ok!
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

  14. Hey Anette :)
    I came back home yesterday night and the first thing my sister told me was "We won the Eurovision." Unbelievable actually. :D

    Hope you have a nice Sunday afternoon.

    Hugs and Greetings from Germany

  15. Hi Anette !
    my favorites were Ireland, Iceland, Greece, Armenia and France of course !
    very very good show and congratulations to Germany even if i don't like the song !

    hope your day is nice and that you, the baby and your family is ok !

    lots of hugs


  16. Hi Anette

    I also saw yesterday Bravo Germany (which is also my country after France)


  17. better luck next year!!! and to the uk too...our entry was awful :) yey for Germany!!!! :D

    Tilly x

  18. I loved Germany; a fairly simple song but really nice and Lena has a lovely, unique voice. She certainly deserved to win. =).

    I also loved Turkey, Azerbaijan, Portugal and Denmark.. and some others!! Was a good day to follow my 18th birthday!!

    But.. the people who write the songs for the UK these days (apart from last year) should be fired! The song was rubbish; cheesy and lacking in originality. :(. I know we can do much better than that!

    I hope you and the baby are well? =).
    -hugs- Jaz. =).

  19. Lena has won the ESC 2010 totally deserved! She's just a super nice young woman, and above all very natural on stage. She didn't needed any dancers in the background, no flashy costumes or special effects like other participants ... she is just herself and for that we love her. We made party all night long and also today :-)

    Turkey and Greece were also very good, and Iceland, of course. What has surprised me was the good result of Denmark, they sang terribly wrong, sorry.

  20. @ Liliana
    Penso que a cançao portuguesa era muito linda!
    It really deserved a better position!t

  21. Hej Anette! I like Lena she is adoraBLE...but I thought Ukraine will het some more voices than it got...a little bit dissappointed...I kije Alesha and how she looks and of course how she sings...just wondering whu this is so...
    Anyway, congrats to Germany, it was awesome! ;)

  22. Hello Anette, I had to watch it online because I live in the States. I wanted Ukrane to win but I had feeling it wouldn't, Germany was ok but I wasn't loving it. From the countries on the final I like: Ukraine, Romania, Iceland, Norway, Armenia, and France was fun but not for winning.
    Well have a nice remainder of the day.

  23. Hi Anette,
    I hope you and your baby are fine :-)
    Now to the ESC: for me, some songs were better than the German song. I liked best, Turkey. But Romania and France I liked too. It's a pity , that Sweden and Finland were not present :-( I liked the songs very.
    I wish you a nice evening.


  25. Hey Anette :)
    Congratulations to Germany for winning, though I can't say I liked the entry much... I preferred Greece, France, Moldova and Turkey (and Georgia, I always somehow end up liking the Georgian and Finnish entries though Finland weren't in this year!)
    It was a shame Sweden didn't get through, I would've liked to see it! Still, it'll be on YouTube somewhere...

    I'm from the UK and I'm thoroughly unsuprised that we came last, I hated our entry! I had a Eurovision party with some friends where we all marked each country out of twenty, and when they were reading the scores out we all actually went up in cheers when Belarus overtook us... we seemed to have gained a reputation for coming near the bottom, except last year!

    Best wishes!

  26. Thank you Anette :=)
    And of course a big big thank to Sweden for the 12 points. And to the whole scandinavia too !
    Lena was amazing, but I hoped that the Ukraine would be on a higher place.

    So, sad that Sweden wasnt in the final,
    but I'm really happy that lena won ! Yuhuu.
    Here in Germany are big 'lena' partys in every big city !

    So, thank you Nettie ;=)
    Have a nice day. Does it rain there in Sweden too?

  27. Hi Anette!
    How are you? And the baby ?
    I didn't watch the eurovision :( but I looked at the french song. What do you think about it ? I would like to know =) even if you don't think it's a good one =)

  28. Congrats to Lena!
    The song is catchy , but it is not my type of music.
    I think she has a nice voice and that she is really sweet =)
    I am really sad for Turkey =(
    They were the best for me.



  29. hi Anette,
    from my part I was so disappointed from the winning song, that I couldn't watch the results till the end. I don't like this song. It seems like combination of AmyMcDonald "this is the live" and Alesha Dixon " Boys do nothing". Her performance was disturbed by the skirt that she tried to fixed whole song.... There were much more better songs and voices and this Eurovison was won by singing Donald Duck, sorry for this expression. I like Ukraine and Turkey more....
    Have a nice day...

  30. Anette I have a question:
    Did You dance with all the Europe ,when the Madcon were singing? xD heh

  31. Dear Anette,

    I've missed the semifinals but I watched the final and it was great!!!

    I am happy that Lena won...she is a sweet cool girl...BIG Congrats from me to her and to Germany!!!
    Her song was great and it was something different in the good way and modern.

    My other favourites were Ukraine...I just love the song and the video is also very nice:
    and Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iceland and I also liked my country Romania, although it could have been a bit better.
    I think that Sweden should have been in the final too, because she was really good!

    Have a very nice day and a great week!
    Lots of love to you and baby,

  32. I'm from Germany, but I don't like Lena, I didnt like her from the first moment and I always wish to throw the radio out of the window whenever I hear this song....
    So after Finnland and Sweden didnt participate in the final, I prefered to go to a charity festival...

  33. Hi Anette..

    I also whatched ESC and I like Lena.. But I think that Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkey are better. :D

    Did you dance when madcon were singing?? ^^

  34. Hi Anette,
    how are you?I personally don't think that Germany deserved the first place.The song was nice and sweet but we all know why Germany won the competition this year;politicians.For me,the best song was the Greek ''OPA'' and I'm not saying that because I come from Greece.I just think that we deserved a better place than the 8th.Anyway...It's just a music competition and nothing more.Many kisses my dear Anette and I hope that we'll soon hear news for the next Nightwish album!

  35. Dear Anette,
    yeah, Lena really won. I think she has a very strong personality and also an interesting voice. I didn't believe that she would make it after I heard the other countries. She had really strong opponents. I also loved greece, Turkey and Spain.
    Wish you a wonderful time Anette,

  36. I am so envious of the European music scene. The music I love so much just isn't around America like it is in Europe! I wish America had music media and contests as Europe and Scandinavia does. Love you Anette!

  37. kisses for u ANETTE from many Algerians and specially from MY

  38. Hello Anette! ;)

    There was no way to watch this contest on TV here but since you talked about the winner Lena from Germany I decided to search on Youtube and the result was that I've already watched/listened to her video 3 times XD and I'm listening to it for the 4th time right now. ^.^ hehehe ..

    her voice is so pleasant and this song is making me want to dance!! XD

    ----Ah, I haven't forgotten..I'm still waiting to know about your project with Martin Spierenburg *.* You haven't told us anything else and there's a very long time I'm willing to listen to new stuff from you Aneeeeeette =(

    Kisses to you and the baby =*

  39. Hi A-

    I actually really liked the German song and found it really catchy ! Congratulations to her and Germany !

    As predicted the UK finished bottom - I'm just surprised they got 10 points !! Pete Waterman must be the worst songwriter of all time ??

    Even Ireland didn't give us a vote ....

    Warm wishes to you as always and hope you are in good form ;-))

    Peter x

  40. Anette, I don't know who else to ask.

    A friend of mine is convinced for whatever reason that you are faking your pregnancy and you are very close to leaving Nightwish. I find her critical attitude of you very strange because she used to really like you. But now she has decided she wants to replace you (she has been taking voice lessons), and she is spreading lies, saying you are faking your pregnancy. Will you please post something to make her be quiet? Either that you are not faking your pregnancy or that you will not be leaving Nightwish? I am convinced she only dislikes you because she wants to be the singer for Nightwish.

  41. Lena rocks!!!!!!!!!! Germany is going wild because of her. Strange to see, but I love it. And she'll be returning next year;-) We won the Song Contest but lost our president:-(((

    I can't wait for the next Nightwish album. You're my number 1 band of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Hi Angel

    I know that this month it is your birthday and I would love to send you a little something;)
    Do you have an address for it?

    thank you


  43. Hej Anette! I hope you and baby are well.
    I wanted to ask you about Cathrine Sadolin's Complete Vocal Technique because I am considering applying for a year-long course at the institute in Helsinki. have you ever taken a lesson from her/any CVT teacher, or do you just use the book and CD? Would you say it has helped you a lot? I have been singing for about 10 years but I would really like to increase my range some more to match yours ;) and learn better technique.

    Have a nice day!
    Catherine xxx

  44. Dear Anette, and what about you? Do you want to sing in Eurovision?

  45. There is no topic about this, so I'm writing here: HAVE A HAPPY CHILDREN'S DAY EVERYONE! :)

  46. Hi Nettan *__*

    I personally didn´t like Lena´s song but as you said, its a very modern song and she has really interesting voice so I understand why she won :)

    Its good to know that everything is fine with you dear, keep posting ;)

    So Nettan, before I leave you, I just want to share two videos with you :

    As you may heard these days the Metal scene lost one of his greatest idols; Dio. There was a memorial this week where a lot of important singers and bands atempted and in the speech of Dio´s son he mentioned Nightwish as one of the bands that he always talked with his dad, "bands that always played with their hearts and had integrity" and I though that would be nice to share this video with you, it beggins on 4:00:

    Marco is a huge fan of Dio (It would be great if you show this to him) and Nightwish covered Dio and Black Sabbath songs several times. And Tarot will perform in a Finnish Memorial Tribute June in Helsinki.

    And the other thing is this amazing cover of Nightwish song "Swanheart"; its an acustic\belting version, the singer has a very deep voice and put her personality on it, I think you´re gonna love!

    That´s all sweetie, have a nice weekend ;***

  47. Hey,Nette!Is true who you are very close to leaving Nightwish?And do you can to sing like a soprano?Would i like what you answer!

    Kiss for you!!

  48. highschoollover: Hi and good morning;=) No, I have never met Katrin but her husband wrote me an email that they were very happy that I use their cd etc. Floor Jansen works according to the book and also teaches it to her vocal students so I had gotten the tip from her from the start. And its a great book. I think you can use it during your studies if your teachers approve cause for me, it explains so much about our chords and singing which I had never known before. Good luck with your education!

  49. Isa: Hi! I have written the address here many times before, but here we go again:
    "Anette Olzon"
    Kyrkogatan 31
    411 08 Göteborg

    And thanks for caring about my birthday, that is so sweet of you;=)

  50. Diana: Hi! No, that is just false rumours;=) Enjoy your day!

  51. hi thank you very much dear nettie for your answer


    have a nice day!


  52. Hi Anette! Well, neither I like nor love the winning song. I think Lena's voice didn't give everything it could have... and maybe the song needed more rhythm and energy. I don't know... I would say that, all in all, the song and Lena were a little ''flavorless''. But it was nice.
    Did you see what happened to Spain? God... it was so embarrassing. It was a stupid man from the east coast of Spain who just wanted to screw-up the performance. And after the show, he appeared on TV saying that he wanted to be famous because of what he had done...come on...
    Spain had a good song. However, it wasn't good enough to reach a high place in the list. I also loved Greece, Turkey (not so bad...), Portugal and some singer else which I don't remember now. I wish Sweden had got a chance to be in the final competition... I really hope it will next year!

    Take care, hugs! ^^