Friday, 14 May 2010

In the 80s;=)

Hi all,

Hope your friday is treatening you fine!

Today I want to share some of the music I listened to in my teenage years, that is in the 80s;=) Old but soooo sweet times and all the disco´s I went too;=)

Sandra with Maria Magdalena:

Bryan Adams with Heaven:

Def Lepard with Hysteria:

Michael Cretu with Samuraj:


  1. there are cool and very nice songs. easy to sing, and with a lot of emotions. I hope that your weekend is cool and zen

  2. ^Åh 80tals låtar är grymma ibland! =)
    Den där Heaven med Bryan är så himlans bra!
    Have a nice weekend! (:

  3. i like the 80's songs, especially funk and disco ! sooo cool !! i play guitar and i love play funk !!
    my friday is so bad because of the weather ! since the beginning of the week, it's raining again and bad weather...the only activities that i do is watching movies, surfing on the internet and cooking dessert =) and i think that the week end's weather will be the same !...
    hope that your friday is nice with a good weather and will be the same during your week end !

  4. Awww, I like those song... and you used to sing them? As Maria Magdalena? x

    kramar :=)

  5. My two favs fron the 80s.

    Modern talking with Jet Airliner

    CC Catch - Heaven and Hell

    I remember how I wanted to have the same hairstyle as C.C.Catch. I was 7 years old and sure my parents didn't allow it. It was a good times.
    Have a nice weekend, everyone!

  6. Wow, I haven't listened to Maria Magdalena for a while! :D Thanks for the nice memories! :) Hope you're doing great too Anette! Take care :)

  7. OMG I love when you do 80´s posts! *__*

    I was born in 87, but stil i remember a lot of songs from the 80´s and I am a huge fan of its music, fashion, toys and culture.

    I´m fanatic for Bryan Adams, he is so great and talented \o/ Heaven is the ultimate love song :')

    You post made remember of Anki Bagger´s( swedish singer from the 80´s you must know very well) "Where were you last night" :D

    Nightwish cover is very good, but i always thought that Tarja voice on this were a litte bit out of place.But it suits perfect for you Nettan, you guys have to play this live!!

    One of the reasons that I like your voice its that its very 80´s , you have a nostalgic way like that oldies classic singers like Sandie Shaw, Bonnie Tyler, Joan Baez, Doris Day...

    Here is my tip-song for you:

    Gee, I talked too much xD Thats all for today!

    Have a nice weekend Nettan ;*****

  8. Hej Anette :)

    Oh my, all the music i was listening when i was a kid (well, almost Brian Adams came later for me)!!! THANK YOU!!!! <3
    Here's a little bonus:
    It's Off's Electrica Salsa - i suppose you (and people about our age) know the song. :p



  9. Hi dear Anette,
    A thank you for the music. It's nice to hear these old songs again. I have heard them very gladly:-)
    Especially Sandra with Maria Magdalena - I really liked it.
    I have to laugh at the hairstyles and stage outfits. But this was the fashion then. We are all with perm and shoulder pads running around :=)
    Thanks again for the videos!
    I hope you and the baby are doing well.
    I wish you and all blog readers a nice and pleasant weekend.

  10. Hey Nettan:
    Oh I love the first one (Maria Magdalena)!!!
    I hear this one with my mom all the time when we are on the road 'cause she have this song in a collection of the 80's.

    All good songs, ready to go to party now!! =)

    Anette can I ask you something?? How can I make my mother to understand that I want to go to singing classes??

    She is very close mind, and she says that this is not a serious career, I mean I just wanna go for fun, as a hobbie and if comes something good maybe take it, but she really doesnt understand me, she thinks that if a go to this classes I'm gonna leave everything that I have now with her behind, I try to explain myself to her that this will not happen but she doesn't want to hear anymore!!

    I'm studying to be a counter and I love this career but I do love music too, Why cant I stay with the two of them??? In an interview that I read of you, you say that you have a "normal" job while you were singing in a band, Why I can not do the same?

    I hope you answer me, and if you dont I will totally understand, I mean you're a mom too, maybe you can understand why she is doing this, 'cause I try and I just dont see her point of view the way she does.

    hugs and love


  11. Hi Anette!Thanks for the music!!
    I born in 1997 and i like these musics!
    Deff Leppard and Bryan Adams are the only i know of that 4 videos :D
    I truly love the old rock bands!True bands like Aerosmith,Van Halen....
    Anette you have a really great taste in music!!
    And Nightwish are of course the best band in the Universe ;)
    Thanks for all the music!!
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

  12. Oooh, I love Heaven from Bryan Adams. Actually, last year with music class we had to record a song in the studio for our last 3 notes, and my friends and I decided to do that song. I did the keys and the singing, and we have a CD of it! It was so great to do, and it's fun to listen back.
    Since I'm doing this year again I can do the studio thing again :P And now my friend who's great at the guitar and I are making our own song. We already have the lyrics and the guitar part, and now we have to teach the drums and piano and maybe bass to the rest of our group :P I'm doing the vocals again =)

    I can send you a link to the song as soon as we have it recorded, since we probably are going to put it on youtube. If you want to hear it ofcourse =)

    Take care,

  13. Heh, this post sure brings the teenage years back. Have a wonderful weekend Anette!!!

  14. Hi Annette have a beautiful weekend. I love Heaven from Bryan Adams that song really touch my soul put tear in my eyes.Deff Leppard and Bryan Adams are the only i know of that 4 videos.sending Love and Light to you and your Family

    Hugs from the heart
    Zulma :)

  15. Hey Anette !

    Two songs I already knowed, but others I didn't. I like them :)
    Thanks for posting.

    I hope your Friday is also great (:

    Love, Taja.

  16. Hello Anette! In spite that I am 16 I like the disco of the 80s very much! My mum bought to me 80s videos in January=). Of course I have a big collection of the songs. Most of all I like Modern Talking( Thomas Anders the best=)! ) Also the king of pop Michael Jackson!!! Acqua, Enigma, C.C Catch with her cadillac=) Sandra, PAULA ABDUL!!!!! And what about you? What singers did you like most of all when you were a teen? How often did you visit the disco?
    Thank you for a good music!
    Good luck!
    With love!

  17. Ohhh, beautiful beautiful 80s music! Thanks so much for sharing! Love Def Leppard and Bryan Adams, and the song Samuraj was pretty cool too!

    And here's some slightly "newer", but nevertheless amazingly emotional music for you, Bon Jovi's "Bed of Roses" that was definitely a hit but also such a heartwarming track:
    Have a great weekend Anette, have some beautiful, warm days of May!

  18. I missed the 80s :( ...actually not, because I was born in 81, but still... Most of the cool stuff from that decade I discovered 10 years later. Everything the was "cool" in the 90s didn't do much for me, so I was buying mostly stuff from the 80s.

    While I'm typing this I'm listening to Maria Magdalena and I thought to myself, that a NW Version of that song could sound really nice with you and Marco + Orchestra...whatever :) I can already hear it in my head ;-)

    have a nice weekend!

  19. Anette, I miss you, girl! Haha;=)

    I thought of you yesterday, I went and
    spent 200 USD on book and music!
    Most of the books were vampire books,
    and that reminded me of you-
    because you said you like vampire books.
    Then, I bought Evanescence's old CD called,
    "Fallen", and We Are The Fallen's new CD called,
    "Tear The World Down". Both are
    pretty amazing albums.

    Well, I wasn't alive in the 80's,
    because I wasn't born until 1992-
    but I'll be 18 on July 9th!;=)

    Anyway, I do actually love 80's rock
    music though. It's one of my
    favorite music types to listen to.
    Everyone enjoys Def Leopard. I really
    loved INXS too. I love the songs,
    "New Sensation", "Never Tear Us Apart",
    and "Suicide Blonde".

    But enjoy your week-end!
    Hope you and the baby are well and
    I hope to hear from you soon!

    By the way, I seriously want to see a
    picture of your belly now that
    you're farther in your pregnancy;=)
    Just saying...

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  20. Hi Anette, i love so much heaven of Bryan Adams. 80's music is the best i think. I remember when i was child. I have many favourite song, the are:

    Take on me


    The final countdown

    Anette, but does the Europe have the same your management?

    The winner takes it all I love so much this song! *____*

    Through the barricades

    Do they know it's Christmas time

    You're my heart, you're my soul

    Theese song are not my favourite but i want to ask you if you know them, they are 2 italian singer.

    Self control

    Call me

    Have a nice evening dear Anette! Big hugs

  21. Good evening Nettie , how are you?
    Thanks for the songs. In my opinion , diso music was better in 80's
    But everyone has right on own opinion

    Wish you a good night and sweet dreams

    Lots of love&hugs


  22. Heaven är underbar! I december får jag en rejäl dos 80-tal ska till Oslo på A-has sista konsert. Fast jag måste erkänna att jag inte började lyssna på dom förrän efter år 2000. Gillar både deras gamla och nya musik. Ha en bra helg! Här mullrar åskan rejält, det är så mysigt. Kram

  23. Oh my God...Sandra and Bryam Adams!? I didn't know you liked that...but it's nice! ^^
    Good to know you're missing tour 'old times'. I'm still so young to miss something,but I've missing my childhood.
    So, how's the baby? I'm ancious twice:for this and for the new job of's on this year or next? Do you know if it's true that Jukka was on vacation in Brazil?
    Please,visit my blog and answer this(there I write in portuguese,but I can read english too!)

    Lots of love,hoping your answer!

  24. Hi Anette,

    I was a teen in the 80s too so I remember them well (though it was ages ago!). I liked Bryan Adams as well, but I also loved Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet (still do), and many other bands. They were great times!

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Marie x

  25. Hi Anette!
    Thanks for the memories...The 80's were fun! Def Leppard was one of my fav's...saw them in concert. And of course Bryan Adams....
    Hope you and the baby are doing well!
    Have a great weekend!


  26. Hi Anette. :)
    Thanks for the music; I especially love the second song. :)

    Oh, speaking of awesome music-I auditioned for choir a few weeks ago and I KNEW I wanted to sing a Nightwish song for it. I was torn between Meadows of Heaven and Eva, but I chose to sing Eva. And guess what? Thanks to your amazing song, I made the best choir! :) Of course I didn't sing it nearly as good as you, though. :)

    Anyways, just thought I'd share that. I hope you're doing well. :)

    With love,

  27. so cool, but whats cooler is that once I'm your age I can brag about how I listened to Anette Olzon as a teen! =D

  28. Hi Anette

    I love 80's too I was born in 1988!


  29. Soooooo goooood!!!!

    I'm quite too young to have really lived the 80's (born in 1986), but I love this period concerning music (but only for music lol). I mostly know French artists of that time. One of my favourites is the band called Image and their song Les Démons de Minuit (= Midnight Demons).
    My teen years were later than yours, but so good to remember too. Even if I'm only 24 it's with nostalgia that I think about it.

    But later I'll tell to my children and friends: "when I was younger I was listening to Nightwish and Anette Olzon!!!"

    Have a good day, hope the sun will finaly come!!!


  30. Hi Anette
    Do you know "Indochine" (a french band)?



  31. I like Bryan Adams with Heaven the best! I listened Bryan Adams a few years ago. I like his songs! Everything I do, Please forgive me, Heaven and Here I am is the best! :)

  32. Hi dear Anette,

    thanks for sharing this nice music with us!
    I was born in 1990, but I enjoy 80's music a lot, Bryan Adams is also one of my favourites!

    Hope your saturday has been wonderful and that you and little baby are doing great!


  33. Hi dear Anette :)
    Wow thank you REALLY so much for this post, I'm going to listen to the songs right now. You're so kind. Take care :)

  34. Ahhh, Hysteria. Excellent choice. Saw that tour back in my college days.

    Cheers Anette!

  35. Oh, that Heaven song is one of my favourites! Although I listen DJ Sammy's version of the song, but still both versions are good. Heaven reminds me when I was 14 - 15 years old and had a crush ;)