Saturday, 15 May 2010

Pouring down...

Oh my, the weather here today is not the best;=( its just pouring down rain and that means indoor activities. My son is away playing soccer so while he does that I need to go and buy a new vacuum cleaner. Boring when those things break down but with 3 indoor cats I can tell you I clean here every second day so a good cleaner is needed...

Have anyone tried or have a robot vacuum cleaner? I am a bit into getting one of those if it works quite well so if anyone have tried one I would be grateful for tips on it;=)

The weather makes me feel that I need a pair of new rubber boots to use in the boring weather and I have found the perfect, rocky and just me;=)

Enjoy your weekend;=)


  1. Hej Anette :)

    This bloody weather! It's not raining here, but it's very cold (the heaters are still on), and with a big freezing wind as well... I hope soon it will be better, not sure i would like this weather in London, hopefully i still have 11 days before going to UK...
    And great boots, i love them. It would look lovely on you.. :)

    I hope you and the baby are ok; good weekend for everyone



  2. Hello dear Nettie ♥
    Here , in Croatia is also a bad weather , but that won't stop me to go on Metallica's concert tomorrow! Oh my , I still can not believe it!
    Those boots are WONDERFUL! They are really beautiful and rocky ;)

    Wish you a nice day

    Lots of hugs


  3. Dear Anette,

    thanks for your posts! :-)

    That are really cool rubber boots. I didn't know that there are some like these to buy. Cool!!
    I wish you great sunny days!


  4. De snyggaste gummistövlar jag sett. Kör på dem:)

  5. my aunt and uncle have a robotic vacuum cleaner and also lots of animals. It really scares the animals so maybe you should think if your cats will get scared? Is there a way you can try it first to test the cat's reaction? My aunt and uncle love it and say it works really well so if your animals aren't scared, get one! Love and hugs! Hope you are well!

  6. Hello Anette,
    I could offer to some inspiration to your incoming purchase of new vacuum cleaner, and so you can look at this link label : , my family has a model k135, and I can say that´s good, very good helper in cleaning:-) . I saw into some websites of Vorwerk(this is a firm with these models of vacuum c.)and this company has a seat in Sweden, of course :-) At the end, I can say that I wish good luck in choosing of new vacuum cleaner and you have to tell details from shopping.
    Have a nice day, Gabriela

  7. Hi! Just found your blog, big NW fan! Wanted to mention that I have two friends with Roombas (that robot vaccum) and they work great!

    You mentioned cats. My understanding is that they will have to get used to the robot just like if it was a new cat. There is video of cats using the robot to ride about the house, so it apparently won't do any harm. I imagine if you have longhairs you should check first, though.

  8. Hi Anette!
    Cool boots! Here is cloudy, but not rainy. On thursday and friday I was on class tour. We were walking in the forest, playing volleyball and soccer and visiting some great places (wreckage of castle in Ogrodzieniec, planetarium in Chorzów, Błędów Desert). All the time was rainy, but actually I like rain ;) On wednesday I bought combat boots, like this ones: They are rubbing my feet, but they will adjust to my feet over 2 weeks I think.. :)
    I'm just listening new Evanescence single "Together again" and I think it's really nice :)
    Have a nice day!

    A lot of hugs,

  9. Hi Anette.
    Sorry to hear that, how ever it can't rain forever
    soooo.....hang in there! :)lol

    Lazy me at cleaning... I've had three of them, they
    don't seem to work for to long.............I wouldn't
    recommend one.

    NICE boots.....legs as well

    luv ya take care,


  10. I think the robot will be a good idea for you and a good toy for your cats! ;-)

  11. Here in Poland it has been raining from two weeks ago. My tortoise is waiting for the sun, but another week without it is close to the end. I hope rain will stop soon, I need some rest from it!
    Have a good day :)

  12. I have had one of those and I wasnt thrilled - first: while it appears to be working fine it doesnt, here is why:

    1: Its robotic, which means you have to program it.
    2. It only works for one room if you have some of those high panels by the doors, since it cannot get over them.
    3: with 3 cats there is a lot og hair and it doesnt have the capacity to suck all the dirty up - it simply collects it for you to get rid up when its done.
    4: the price.

    Maybe I were just unlucky, but this is what I experienced!

    Have a great indoor day <3

  13. Hi Anette, don't worry for the weather, here too it's raining and i'm very bored. :( No, i don't use robot vacuum cleaner but what i have it's with hanging in the wall. Me too have to clean with the dog and cat. Have a nice day and week-end! I hope the weather improves beacase we are in the middle of May! Big hugs

  14. Hi Anette,
    Unfortunately by us the weather is very poor. There are already flooding. I hope that the rain stops and finally comes the sun.
    My girlfriend had such a robot vacuum cleaners. At first she was so very satisfied, but now she has again a normal vacuum cleaner. My girlfriend has a small dog and he has been afraid of the robot vacuum cleaner ;-(
    In addition, the robot vacuum cleaner did not provide all corners clean.
    This is only the experience of my friend. There are certainly some positive experiences.
    These Rubber boots would also like me. Where can I buy these?
    I wish you a beautiful Saturday afternoon. (Despite the cold weather)
    Enjoy your weekend, too.

  15. Hi Anette
    I'm not able to help you this time =/ I never used a robot vacuum cleaner, but good luck with that! I can imagine how full of hair your house gets because of the cats...
    really liked the boots too!

    Have a wonderful weekend
    I love you!

  16. Here in Cannes (France) the weather is sooo good. So I send you sunlight !

    About the boots....I saw it a few days ago in a magazine and I just fell in love with! I would love to try it but I don't think we have this brand in France. And, if we have it it might be in Paris... sooo 900 km from here !

  17. hi Anette ! i've made a mistake, my week end will be nice because the sun is shining ! soo cool !
    i think this afternoon i will buy some things to eat for the next week and i will take a walk in a nice park with my bf =) hope that the weather will be the same for tomorrow !hihi

    i wish you a nice week end even if the weather is bad =)

    lots of hugs for you and your family !

  18. Hi!

    Good to hear from you again, and I will say it again, although many said it... we miss you, and the days when you used to post every single day.
    From what I know, robot vacuum cleaners are quite good, and they do a wonderful job. You should really look into it, and see if it's what you need.
    Where I live, in Romania, it's raining heavily also, so it's indoor activities for us too, but I hope the weather will improove, both here, and where you live.
    I hope you will write us more often (just a little bit, if you can, some of us really miss the old days).

    Have a wonderful afternoon, and a relaxing week-end. You deserve it!

  19. Hello Anette :)
    The weather here is quite same. Lots of rain in the last days.. I wish the sun would come out.

    These rubber boots are looking very good.^^

    Hope you have a nice and relaxed weekend.
    Greetings and hugs from Germany

  20. Hey!
    Here's weather awful as well, and tomorrow I'm going to Metallica's outdoor concert so I hope I won't get sick..
    love those boots!
    all the best,
    Vesna, Croatia

  21. Ooo a robot vacuum cleaner sounds exciting! And those boots, are AMAZING!!

    much love


  22. Anette, have you seen this video already?
    It's on youtube from 27th Oct. 2008, so it's old, but I just discovered it.
    (Maybe you already saw it, so sorry)
    What do you think of this "RIDDLY DIDDLY" thing, like some people wrote that it looks like? :D

    But I love your "version" the most. It makes some special feelings .. hard to say other way. ;-)

    Love, Taja.

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  24. Hey Anette! I know what you mean,
    Ohio weather where I live rained all
    last week. Now it's hot and humid...
    a little too hot;=)

    Now I'm at my friend's house, and she
    has 3 cats now too, because I gave
    her my cat. I was supposed to do that
    8 months ago, but I loved him to
    much to give him away. But we all agreed
    when I'm old enough to move out
    of my parents house I can have him back.
    But it was her birthday yesterday,
    and I'm still at her house and he's
    here running around.

    Yes, the robot vacuum cleaners are good.
    They have sensors and stuff like
    that to help, I think you'd like it.

    Those boots are cool. I really like
    those, they're freaking awesome-
    even I would wear those. You would totally
    rock them- get them, girl;=)

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  25. hi annette

    about the robot vacuüm cleaner, it has sensors wich spots your furnitur, cats, walls ect to prevent hitting them and it wil try to clean under your furniture if it is possible. some robots have brushes to clean every corner in your house. you can also set a virtual wall on some robots to do just 1 room or a part of the room. and some robots will show you the time he needs to clean the room. that all depends on the type of the robot vacuüm cleaner

    but the robots are quite small so you have to clean them ofthen.
    i hope this helps you


  26. Weird to think that there´s so boring weather, when here in Southern Finland it´s over +25 in daytime and sun is shining all the time :D
    But maybe this weather will come there soon and we´ll get that rain..

    Try to enjoy still :) <3

  27. Hi Anette

    I don't know anyone with robot vacuum-cleaners, but I know someone in the street has this robot lawnmower and it seems to werk pretty good =)

    Here the weather is finally better (Walking around in short pants already again :P), but it's been raining the whole past week. Still no bright sunny weather but it's getting a bit warmer =)
    Hope the good weather will be there again soon!

    Take care

  28. Hey!
    Here, in Croatia, the weather is terrible all week! It's raining all day! Very bad!
    Tomorrow is Metallica's concert in Zagreb! I'm very sad cause I'm not going! I have a concert with my orchestra, but my two older brothers are going! :)
    Have a nice day!
    LoVe you!

  29. Hi Anette=)It's sad that the weather is bad.We have great weather, but it doesn't make me happy.Sun shines, temperature is high and I'm ill.I laugh at myself=D Usual people walk in the street and enjoy the weather and I'm in bed.
    These boots are cool.I'd like to have them

  30. Hello Anete!!!
    In Portugal the weather is good but its a little bit windy!
    I dont have a robot vacuum cleaner!!!
    Your boots are similiar of my two boots!Your boots are so cool and so pretty!!
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal!

  31. Hey once again Anette. :).

    It sucks that the weather is miserable in Sweden; here in England it is a beautiful day; lovely and warm and the sun is shining!

    As for the robot vacuum cleaner, I don't have a clue! I've never even heard of one so im really no help. Cats can make such a mess; one is bad enough, but you have three!! What are their names? ^_^

    On the other hand, something I do know (and I am very sure about) is that the boots are AMAZING!! Wow, I want them!! Definitely very you. =).

    Have a fantastic evening,
    -hugs- Jaz. =).

  32. Hey Anette,
    I have heard that the robot vacuums are very good, however, when you first get the vacuum, you will have the change the filer very often, but the longer you have the robot vacuum, the less often you will have to change the filter because your house will be so much cleaner. So I suggest that you buy a few filter replacements when you buy the robot vacuum, so you are prepared for lots of changes. I hope it works out for you. I have a friend who strapped an ipod on the robot vacuum and calls it DJ Vacuum, kind of silly, but cute!
    Love, Stefanie from San Francisco

  33. Skulle väl inte vilja kalla mig själv för städrobot, men vill du testa mig så... ;-)
    Ha en superskön helg!
    PS. Själv så ska jag ta och rensa upp i min dator, otroligt vilka mängder med cookies och annan skit man samlar på sig..
    Here we go..

  34. Hey there! =] Just dropped by and decided I'd say hi. Just wanted to let you know how awesome you are! You are my idol in music, as we seem to have bunches of things in common. I, too, was brought up in a musical family and that's why I decided to pursue it. My dad has been teaching me how to play the guitar and keyboards ever since I was little and I sing at his concerts every now and then, too. I am 14 by the way. You're a great inspiration to me, keep letting your talent shine! You're truly amazing and thank you so much for just being, no matter what and where! =]

    The boots are awesome too. I remember wearing something like that to school... I won't bother you with details, but some of my teachers were furious! You're lucky not to have any teachers around! Sadly I can't give you any advice about the vacuum cleaner you've been talking about, I am worthless when it comes to this kind of thing.

    Well, enjoy the rest of your weekend & take care!

  35. Hii Nettie

    Well my sister knows someone that has a robot vacuum cleaner. And well yeah it vacuums, but not really well. It can't fit the corners and etc. They have also bought a regular vacuum cleaner again, to do te rest..
    But she bought the robot vacuum cleaner several years ago (don't know how many exactly) so maybe the new ones are much better now?

    Enjoy the weekend, even if it's raining

  36. Oh, I so want those rubber boots! I'm not afraid of any weather but good clothing makes going outside more pleasant. Even more if they also look good. ;)

    Pity that the weather over there has been bad. :( Here in Finland it's still +25 degrees. Me and my brother went to our grandads summer cottage to help the poor man rake the leaves. There was plenty of work but I love raking and nice cool breeze from the lake made the weather perfect, not too hot.
    Had the best day for weeks, now I feel so refreshed and all the stress is gone:)

    I hope the sun shines tomorrow in Sweden too :) Have a nice evening and good night!

  37. Hi Anette!
    Awesome boots!! I want a pair!
    It's sunny here in Maine with a nice breeze to keep the bugs away. I don't know if you get a lot of mean, biting bugs in they are awful...
    Sending some sunshine over your way!! Have a great weekend!!


  38. hello nettie!!! yes, this is a horrible week with rain and wind. for the vacuum cleaner, I don't have a robot but a centralized vacuum cleaner and it's wonderful! ( but it need some installations) have a nice sunday!

  39. Hey Nettie! I've heard your weather is not the worst one as in Finland it was snowing last week;))) All this week we had about +30 in Moscow, this really kills, today we were even sunbathing by my university, sitting on the bottom of Lomonosov's sculpture. It's a true creep such a heat in our city, as it's not like fresh and windy Saint Petersburg, it's stuffy, the cigarette smoke and car gases seem to be killing my lungs, it's sometimes even hard to breath in the center, so I try to keep closer to trees =P We have real problems with ecology and this upsets me a lot. Why can't our government make a law prohibiting public smoking in the streets, as in England, where they have special cabins for smokers?
    Ah, what I'm talking about, in our country laws do not work. It's a problem that cannot be solved yet...
    Pff. I finally learned to use diaphragm while talking, that's so great!! I was trying a lot but never succeeded completely, as we're not taught to use our voice correctly yet. I've made a recording for our new project with a lovely name "Apocalypse", so we'll see how it goes. It's always so uneasy to do a collective work, everyone has his own opinion and an assurance that it's the only right one, so hard to deal with them... How do you go through such cases, if you know that you're right but no one wants to listen?

    With love,

  40. Hi Anette ^^

    Here, in the South West of France the weather is rought =( I spent all the day inside too!

    ...for a robot vaccum cleaner, I don't pass the vacuum cleaner often but I think the Dysons are the best ! I've one for 5 years !

    Bonne soirée ;)

    ps: Have you seen the Cannes opening ceremony ? It's Tim Burton the president of the jury ! =D

  41. Oh, I see, that my first comment I didn't post correctly because my network disconected..

    I like those boots :-)

  42. Du får åka hit till norra Sverige. Vi har haft ryss värme i 3 dagar nu. Snön har nästan smält helt och man kan ha shorts och linne och tycka det är varmt. Vill också ha en sån där robot dammsugare. Har sett några roliga filmer på nätet med såna och katter. Här är ett exempel Kram

  43. Dear Anette,

    here in Romania the weather has also been very rainy and grey today indoors activities for us too.
    Good luck with finding a new vacuum cleaner ...with so many indoor cats you really need a good one! We have never had a robot vacuum cleaner at home, so I don't know how those work.

    I love the boots!
    I also went shopping today for an evening gown, because my graduation ball is in 4 weeks ...I have seen a few nice dresses but I haven't bought anything yet, I'm still undecided at the moment.

    I wish you a restful sunday with sunny and warm weather!

    Take care of yourselves!

    Kisses and love,

  44. Ugh, don't worry. The weather was awful here yesterday. It was pouring down all day and we even had a ton of tornado/flood warnings. It's all gone now so just clear skies :D Also I really like those boots, they are too awesome. I need to get some like that. About the vacuum- no idea. I've never had one of the little robotic ones hehe. Then again I don't have carpet... -confused- Okay well hopefully your weather gets better up there like it did here so y'all can enjoy nice weather again :)!

  45. hey anette. so iv been thinking of you lately since i started listening to this band. their not famous but they should be haha. they are soo good and remind me alittle bit of nightwish. let me know if you like them to. ohh and funny enough their band name is amaranthe.

  46. hej dear anette
    nevermind, weather here in germany is not even better, sun, rain and coldness in a hourly rotation. what happened with the summer??

    I find it very disappointing to read that the weather in sweden is not good, too, because me and my family going to go to stockholm next saturday (provided that the nice icelandic vulcan Eyjafjallajökul put a spoke in our wheel ;) ). I Hope I will find in stockholm my dress for my prom of the final examinations. Maybe you could also give me a few tips about how to find great clothing in stockholm. next to h&m and topshop, of course ;)

    I wish you a supernice and sunny day !
    with love from germany


  47. Hi anette I send you this song of one of muy favorite spanish singer, she's really espectacularn Monica Naranjo, I hope that she like you :)

  48. Hey Anette!
    How are you?!
    The weather here in Germany isn't much better than the weather in Sweden... During the last days it was just grey and it was cold and rainy...
    Today the sun was shining a little bit but it was not much warmer... I hope the weather will be better next week.
    The boots are sooo cool! ;=) I'm sure they look great on you!
    Hugs & Love
    yours, Kim-Noêmia

  49. my parents have one robotic vacuum cleaner (this one : it works pretty well

  50. Hello Anette =)

    I've never seen rubber boots like these! It just don't seem to be rubber. I think they'll just get very nice in you.

    heh I didn't know about robotic vacuum cleaners. Do they move by themselves? o.o - I'm so outdated haha -

    Hope the weather's been good there today!

    kisses =*

  51. Hi Anette,
    My sister has bought a Rumba, a robot vaccuum cleaner and she is extremely happy with it.
    She has 2 Norwegian cats so you can imagine the cat hairs in her house...
    She says that the robot does a better job than her.
    She has floorboards, not sure if it would work as well with carpets.

  52. Wow, those are rubber boots? O__O What's the brand -- I mean, those look so cool and not-rubber-boot-like at all I might consider getting a pair myself? :) We surely need those here in Finnish Summer, even though it has been really hot and sunny here for a few days now :) But it will never last long... :p

    Hihih, and thanks for the '80's music links -- I remember those so well too! "Maria Magdalena" was always played in the teenage discos I used to go to... :D

    Have a lovely Spring/Summer and lets hope for sunnier weathers down there too! :)

    *hugs*, Minna

  53. Hi Anette! :)
    I don't know about that new kind of vacuum cleaners so I don't have useful tips. Anyway, I'm sure other readers have helped you already, so good luck with buying a new one.
    I hope pregnancy's going well and everyone is fine, hugs! :)

  54. Hi Anette!
    How are you?
    The weather is bad here, I think the rain came from Sweden ;) However, me and my family are very happy today, cause I've got a little brother! My mom gave birth a few hours ago. I didn't see my brother yet, only on the photo and he looks so sweet ;)
    Have a nice day

    A lot of hugs

  55. Hey,Nette!!We are the fallen`s fans don`t liked of the comment who you maked!!

  56. Hello Anette!
    I don't know about the vacuum cleaner, we don't own a robot one, but considering your state at the moment, it's probably pretty rough to do the vacuuming yourself, so I suggest you get one of those and just try it out. It MUST work one way or another.
    And really cool boots. Good for this kinda weather (that we also have here in Romania right now) and also very good looking.
    Anyway, Anette, today I just wanted to tell you an awful piece of news, just in case you hadn't heard it already. The great rock legend Ronnie James Dio passed away yesterday after his struggle with stomach cancer. He was only 67 and I can't believe how, just about two weeks ago, he was still supposed to have a concert here in Bucharest this summer, with his band Heaven and Hell. They cancelled the show a few days ago, due to Dio's complications and apparently he couldn't make it, so he left us yesterday. It's such a sad year for metal music, honestly. =(

  57. Hi Anette !
    hope your day was fine, for your baby and family too :)
    today i had my final exam in psychology and it was so much difficult ! i don't know if my mark will be good...

    so, i found a website for your robot cleaner's search :
    there is an advertising at televison about that here in France and when i saw it, i tought that you could be interested by that so i tried to find the website.
    hope that your search will finish in a good way :)

    wish you a good evening, even if my comment will be post a little bit late and a very good night with beautiful dreams !!

    lots of hugs

  58. Nice to read about you again ;)

    How do you always find so cool clothes and boots? I never find anything :( Those are really nice boots, I could buy them too.

    The weather here in Finland has been quite grey today. Except that when we had hot and sunny weather couple days ago, I had fever, flu and sore throat. I got ill right away when it was so sunny and nice weather. Now, when I'm healthier, I only have anymore sore throat, the weather is of course grey :(