Sunday, 31 January 2010

New music

Another nice album I bought this week is Röyksopp. Electric and nice;=)

Enjoy the day!

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Todays song

One of the new albums I bought this week was a band called Corroded. I like it and the singer is great;=) They are also coming to my city to play a show feb 20 and I will try and go and see them.


(video borrowed from


Good morning,

Hope you all slept well;=) I woke up at 8 and are now sitting watching Wall-E. I was happy that it´s on cause it´s one of the Disney movies I havent seen yet. Cool movie;=)

What´s your all time favourite Disney movie?

Friday, 29 January 2010

Salvation for tired backs

I bought a fantastic shiatsu massage pillow from OBH Nordica a year ago and without it I couldnt cope those days when I wake up with neck pain, back pain or head ache... like today. Now I´m sitting here and the warm massage helps for sure.

Show last night

Hi all,

Yesterday I was watching my bf play in a small band competition and they rocked! I really loved the singers voice and they passed through to the next run. This is just for fun but still its always fun to listen to smaller bands and be a bit excited when the results are said;=)

I lied in my bath tub last night and always when I lie there I get so much inspiration. It can be a song that comes to my head, an idea of some project or like yesterday: a book to write. I have been longing to write a book but havent felt that I had the right idea of it. Now I got one and I will ask for some help from you soon for it. I will return with more information;=)

Now some tea: nothing much happens here today. Enjoy the day'!

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Todays song

I just need to post my favourite song at the moment. Its with Rihanna and this song is so sad, so melancholic in the tone and how she sings it... truly amazing!

(video borrowed from vevo)

To Arianne;=)

Happy birthday, dear Arianne and thanks for all the great work you do in Orkut, putting up and finding videos and photos of me and keeping things updated.

I hope your day will be a super nice day filled with lots of friends, b-day cake and love;=)

Seeing the sun

Today the sun shines again after the bad snow storm and its so nice when the sky is so blue;=)

And thanks for the response to my post about negative energy. Almost all of you understood what I meant but of course some didnt. That´s ok and how we see things differently.

I publish most comments in here and its me who decide what to post. Even if some of you dont like how I decide, I am free to do so since it is my blog with my thoughts. Hard, but the only way for me to have this blog open and going.

Today I will go and drive some boxes with stage clothes to the storage I rent. Check some wallpapers, buy a curtain pole since I am remaking a tv shelf to a smaller closet and want to get some fabric to hang instead of doors. I like to remake things and before NW when I was studying and had more time, I remade lots of clothes and things around the house. Now I do have the time to do so again;=)

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Negative energy

I am back from the snow storm (yes, its really a storm...brrr...) and I want to talk a little bit about avoiding negative energy and people who give you that energy. As you might remember, I have talked about this a little bit before, when I said that sometimes we need to take away even close friends because they soak our energy out.

Today in the radio they said a thing about people who suceed with what they do and achieve their goals. They take away everything around them that give them negative energy and only surround themselves with things that make them able to grow and be positive when trying to reach their goals. I really do believe this is a major thing to learn from the succesful people. But also, it can be very hard to do it.

Ever since I was a little child I have been sensitive for negativity. If I walk into a room where there is a bad feeling, a tension, I feel unease even if I dont know what has happened before I entered. I also have had big difficulties with having people in my closest that are negative about almost everything. They just complain and cant see anything positive, only the bad things. It soaked me to the point when I felt so bad seeing them I just avoided them. It had me thinking: should I feel bad and continue this friendship or should I seek more positive friends? Or even so, be alone?

So hard decision but after I took the decision to take away the negative energy whenever it occurs, whether its a person, a thing or whatever, my life feels lighter and brighter. Sure, there still are negative energy around me now and then but I try to take it away as soon as I can.
Like my beloved grandfather used to say: Live life easy.

What a great advice;=) And hey, life is good! I want to thank all of you for your sweet comments, for your support, for your interest in my blog and for always telling me things from your life. Trusting me with your problems, your happy days, everything...know that I always read and feel for you all;=)

To Bonome

Dear Bonome,

Thanks so much for what you wrote me. I am so happy things are turning for you and that you didnt give up. Its hard to go on sometimes when it just seems everything goes wrong and not how we want it to be, but to be able to continue struggling and put more effort in, maybe seeking other directions or possibilities, is so awarding when we finally see some results to what we have done.

Keep on trying and set new goals cause I am sure you can reach them all if you really want to;=)


Good morning!

Its snowing here in Sweden again...grrr...;=(
Ok, its not that I dont like snow when it comes to go skiing or go down with a toboggan/sled. But having to drive in snow and walk in snow-slippery sidewalks...well, thats not what I find to be so nice.

And I so want spring time now. Being able to take long nice walks without having 5 layers of clothes on, big boots, gloves and freezing every day...watching the trees get its beautful green colour and the flowers burst into lovely colourful flowers.

Hear the birds sing in the forest. See the ducks and the swans float silently in the pond. Have a barbecue, go horse back riding or play some golf.

Well, that was enough of my day dreaming;=) Now time for driving in the snow to get my son to school but soon I hope its spring again...

Enjoy the day!

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Song of the day;=)

Ok, today its time for a cool band who tops the swedish album charts, the Baseballs. They remake modern hits to an old style and it´s really good;=)

(video borrowed from


Time to rest;=)

Oh, what a great day! I always feel so happy after having done all those things that I have wanted for a while and today I fixed a lot of things. Still lots to do but I am relieved;=) I am usually not a person that stresses to much about not having the perfect order in the home but I can feel that after a while of just pushing things around in the apartment, and still boxes in every closet etc, the panic spread a couple of days ago and I lied sleepless all night. Then I woke up and just said to myself: its about time to fix it now. And now its on its way and the big hard burden is getting smaller and smaller;=)

All the touring period was so full and whenever I was home I didnt have any time or lust to fix things. And then when we stopped touring last september I was just at home one month and then away to the studio almost every week again and then Thailand over x-mas. So there havent been that time to think: how do we want it in our home?

Now when I finally have that time and can plan our home to its best I enjoy every moment. Its good to "live in" a new place to feel it before knowing exactly how to have things but its been 9 months and now we know how we want it.

I will, of course, take photos during the progress so you all can see and I will as always also ask you for opinions and help when I need it;=)

Fixing again

Another day of fixing for our home. Lots to fix but it will be so nice when ready. Its great that I now have time when I´m not travelling and I must say I havent put any time or effort in fixing our new place before. But since the home is a place where we are gonna spend so much time and feel safe and warm, its something I feel I need to fix now.

Today we ordered new beds, since the ones we have are making us both sleep so bad and wake up several times per night. Now we will have the new ones soon and I am longing to sleep a whole night of rested sleep;=)

Now its time to measure the rooms and make drawings to see that all new closets and beds etc can fit in to the rooms. I will also order the nice rose photo wall I showed you a while ago. I have never put up any kind of wall papers so it can be a nice experience.

Enjoy the day!

Monday, 25 January 2010

Full day

We´ve been out checking furnitures all day and it is fun! Havent decided yet cause so many different things to think about so need another trip tomorrow.

Now its time for one hour of dance aerobic;=) Fun!

New week

Another week starts again and new things to do;=)

I have so much clothes and no space to put them in our apartment so tomorrow I am going to get an outside storage place for rent. Since it will take some time before next tour and I want to save all the clothes, its a good and smart thing to put them there for storage.

I still need more closets for the normal clothes so we´re going out hunting for that today. We first talked about building them ourselves and make them look "old" and vintage, but after talking to a friend who is an expert on it, he suggested us to buy a cheaper one in e.g IKEA and then paint it ourselves to get that vintage look. So lets see what we find;=) I love the french country side look so something like this would be perfect;=)

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Ok, some favourite NW songs I havent sung yet;=)

I know some of you have asked me before what NW songs I havent sung yet that I would like to sing, so here they are;=)

Feel for you ( I love Tarjas voice in this;=)

10th man down


Ok, I have a confession to make;=)

I love sheets....!

I have always been so fascinated by those nice sheets they have in the hotel beds and ever since I started touring with NW I have been more and more in love with soft sheets. I usually buy the ones from GANT cause they are so soft and keep their shape forever. But now I have found a really cheap alternative at H&M Home. When I was in Stockholm a week ago I went there and bought this super romantic sheet.

And if you want something less romantic:


Ok, so I have some phobias and one of the biggest ones are the one for when seeing this campaign for Alexander MqQueen I am soooo happy that I am not that model...this photo reminds me of the snake-dream I get now and then...I have snakes all over my body and cant get out of the bed...yak!


Sorry for my abscence but friday I started feeling ill and have been throwing up, high fever, headache and cough so yesterday I couldnt lift my head from the pillow. Today I feel better and are trying to get some food in the stomach after not being able to eat anyhing for two days.

Now, me and my son are watching and old favourite: Casper-the friendly ghost;=)

Enjoy the day!

Friday, 22 January 2010

Fridays song;=)

Today it´s time for a wonderful swedish singer who also performed in the P3 Gold gala and she is just so amazingly full of energy;=)

Her name is Miss Li and this is Dancing the whole way home. Enjoy!

(video borrowed from

Radio interview

Here´s an interview that the swedish radio did with me before my appearance in their P3 Gold award gala. Enjoy!

Thursday, 21 January 2010


(photo borrowed from

Today has been a nice day and like I have told you before I took a decision a while ago about something. I hoped for a good reaction to my decision and today the reaction came and it was, like I hoped for, good;=)

So now I need to think a couple of days about the next step and take a decision again about what to do and how to move forward.

Life is, like I said, full of road blocks and new turns and we never know what will happen...its interesting to live life;=)

And for you who wants a new question round: I will do another one very soon, so just hang on for a while more. I´ll let you know when you can post questions for me.


Sitting here and still tired so just relaxing. Bf is preparing a nice soup for me, he is the best;=)
I love soup for lunch and especially when its cold outside.

What´s your favourite soups? Do you have any nice recipes?

I love fish soups, cabbage soups, meat soups and of course: pea soup;=)

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Home from Gothenburg

Hi all!

So, I am back home from the P3 Gold gala and I am tired;=) Its been long days with rehearsals and then more rehearsals and lots of new people to meet. The gala was fun and it was of course more about Sweden and our big radio channel who gave away different prices to artists who the listeners had chosen.

I performed together with the great boys of Mustasch and we were asked to do a personal medley of the 5 nominated songs who could win "best song of the year". It was very different songs and we decided to make it rocky and in our way, that is rocky;=)
It was crazy and it was fun and I am sure some you tube videos will be up eventually;=)

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Haiti needs our help

The situation in Haiti after the earth quake is getting worse and worse and they need our help to get food, water and tents to help the people to have shelter. Many people dont have anywhere to go and many children have lost their families.

I have donated through Plan International, where I already have 3 children I am a supporter to.

Here´s the link to Plan International
where you can donate.

Other helpers:
Red Cross
World Food Programme
Swedish red cross


Good morning;=)

I would love if all of you who have a blog, writes the address for that in the comments fields. I want to get to know you all better;=)

Saturday, 16 January 2010


So, someone wanted me to put out the recipe for the pie I have done tonight, so here it comes;

2 dl dinkel flour ( a darker wholegrain flour)
1 tablespoon water
125 mg butter

Put these things together with your hands. Then butter a pie form and push the dough in the forms bottom and a tiny bit up the sides.

Boil broccoli in lightly salted water for a few minutes and rinse off. Part mushrooms (I used forest mushrooms) in bigger pieces and frie in butter in a pan so they get some colour.

Take 3 eggs, 3 dl of milk and 1 dl of cheese and mix together. Add some salt and pepper.

Take the broccoli pieces and the mushroom pieces and put in the pie form. Pour over the egg-milk paste and then on the top take some extra cheese if you want. I also clicked some cream cheese in some places all over to get that taste but that´s not necessary.

Put in the oven on 200 degrees for appr 35 min or until the egg paste is still.
Serve with a nice fresh salad;=)

Lazy indoor day

Today has been an indoor lazy day for me. I am alone at home and all afternoon has been filled with watching the dvd-box Rome. I bought it quite a while ago after Marco said it was really good, but had forgotten about it. Today it was time to start it and it´s very good.

Now its time for me to go and buy some things to make food and today I want to make a pie filled with some good mushrooms and broccoli. To that a nice yummie salad.

Enjoy your evening!

Todays song;=)

Good morning everyone!

Today it´s time for one of my all-time favourite songs. Its with Marco dearest and his band Tarot. The song is amazing. Here´s Tide, enjoy!

(video borrowed from

Friday, 15 January 2010


Hi all,

I´ve been in Stockholm today for some rehearsals for the TV-gala next week. Since what I am gonna perform is secret, I cant say more than that everything went well and I am looking forward;=)

The weather in Stockholm was soooo cold and snowy. Lots of snow there. So I am glad its a little bit warmer down here in the south.

Now, a friday movie in front of the TV, Heat

Enjoy the evening!

Thursday, 14 January 2010


Today I felt like being striped;=) I love navy and stripes!
Black top from Day by Birger Michelsen, Striped top from mbym, leggings Day by Birger Michelsen, belt (dont remember the brand) and necklace from Dyrberg/Kern

Been to Linda to try out the hair-do for next weeks TV-gala. Now home eating some lunch and then little later to my dear Niclas, who I played with in Alyson Avenue for 15 years;=) We´ll catch up and I am eager to hear what they have recorded with their new singer.

Enjoy the day!

Happy birthday dear Marco!

Today it´s my partner in crimes birthday;=) Our handsome bass player just gets better and better by the years and now he´s gonna do finnish TV too. Marco, this year will be yours!

Lots of birthday hugs!

Beautiful morning

Woke up after a horrible night with nightmares that made me shiver...but when the sun lit the curtains it all ran away and the blue sky tells me to go out on a nice walk. Coffee, oat meal and a small sandwich, checking my emails and then I´ll go and meet the sun;=)

There is nothing better than a clear blue sky and a strong sun. No matter the temperature, it makes my heart beat faster and I feel so light at heart. Sun and nature are truly the most wonderful things to make me happy.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Mexican food Copenhagen

Yesterday we ate lunch at a very nice mexican restaurant in Copenhagen. Its called Mama Rosa and is situtated in the big walking street, Ströget. Cosy atmosphere and very good food;=) I had a burrito filled with delicious chicken and beans. Yummie;=)

Hair things

I also got some new hair products from Sebastian. One is for heat protection and at the same time giving shine to the hair. When flattening or blow-drying the hair its essential to use a heat protector.

The other product is ideal for those with fine hair, like me. If you want some more volume, just put this foam in your damp hair and then style it. Can also be used in dry hair and then just squeeze the hair to get curls and definitions.


Hi and sorry for my abscence yesterday. Me and my bf took a day trip to Copenhagen. As you know, I love to go there and now when the spring clothes are getting in I wanted to check it out. Found some very nice things, among them a pair of boots from Whyred that I have been looking for. They are so smart. They have a zipper so that I can take of the shaft and then they are low ankle boots. Two shoes in one;=)

They are perfect for the afterparty next week after the P3 Gold awards gala I am gonna sing in;=)

I also got the last book in House of Night series, Tempted, so now I can read the last one and I am excited;=) Also bought two books of the Vampire academy series. Has anyone read them?

Monday, 11 January 2010

Paper work I had to grab a hold of myself and take care of the paper business of my company. I really hate that part but of course it needs to be done... so, almost done and soon to the post office to send it to my accountants so they can fix the rest;=)

Sun is shining, blue sky and I just dont wanna be inside more now. So, quick shower and then off I go!

Enjoy the day!


Yesterday I had a dress on from H&M which I like. The shoulders are filled with chains in the style of Michael Jackson. Small details that make a dress look so much cooler;=)
Paired it with leggings from Helmut Lang and borrowed my bf:s necklace from Thomas Szabo.

On my feet I had a pair of favourites,=) Comfy and no heels...perfect walking shoes.

Back to school

Today it´s the school start here after the nice long x-mas break, so we went up early to drive my son to school. He was happy and I remember the feeling of missing the friends in school. Especially after the long summer break the last weeks were a bit boring and all I did was just long for school and the normal days.

Just like that, I miss touring and the boys now;=)

Enjoy the day!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Anti mocking

I am against all kind of mocking and horassing others. This video is made between a swedish artist Darin and Friends, who work against mocking. The message is: what if it happened to you or someone you love?

(video borrowed from

I am alive...

I am back in business... all day yesteray was horrible and I tried everything. I had fever too, 38,5, and it hurt so bad in my sinuses. After taking some allergy nose spray, massaging the back and neck and sleeping and resting I am better today but now its like the sinuses opened up and its a flow from the nose. And thats good cause I get sinus infections often and usually.

Today I am going to my dear friend to comfort after the girl who took her life. Talk about her, about things and just being there. Cause we are still here and we will remember her forever.

Enjoy the day!

Saturday, 9 January 2010


I suffer from migraine and for 3 days now the head ache´s been so hard and no pills are working. This night I couldnt even lie on the right side cause the head is pounding so bad... I have tried to be up but now I surrender and will go to bed again. I hope it will go away soon...the sun is shining and I just wanna go outside.

Enjoy your day!

My cats

Good morning,

My cats, Busan and Stjärnan, has a great relationship. Stjärnan is like a mum to Busan and she licks and fix with Busan every single day. If Busan sleeps, Stjärnan always jumps on her and start fixing her fur and ears;=)

I think Stjärnan will be a super mum when she will get kittens in the future...

Friday, 8 January 2010

Paris in springtime

I love Paris and every spring I want to go there. The last years I´ve been lucky enough to be there touring in the spring but now when we´re on a break I still want to go there to enjoy the spring feeling. I want to go in april cause then its a little bit warmer and in Top shops new spring look book, I found these suitable Paris strolling clothes;=)

Fridays music;=)

A song is always important to get the friday mood;=) Today its A camp with the beautiful and talented Nina Persson from Cardigans.


(video borrowed from

Road blocks

I am a person who wants to be in control, who needs to be the one who leads things. I can follow but then I need to feel that I still am able to be heard and saying what I want etc.

In my life there has been so many people trying to control me and move me around like a puppet and when these things happen, I get so angry and frustrated. Then I usually need some days to think of some plan or strategy, listen to my intuition and what it tells me to do. Then after having so many "discussions" in my head about what to do, what to say, consequences etc, I make a move.

And when that move is done, I feel better. My life starts to open up. The sky gets more blue. My life spirit comes back and I feel determined and no matter what will happen after the decision, I never regret my choice.

Life is full of road blocks, where we need to choose a path. It may be so hard to choose but we need to do it. I have chosen paths that have taken me out on deep water, grief and sorrows, but in the end and after all, I can see that I needed that to grow and find myself.

Today, I chose a path again and we´ll see what will come out of it, but I feel relieved that I took that path and now I´ll go out in the sun and embrace this day;=)

I hope you all do the same;=)

Thursday, 7 January 2010

My day just got so much darker....

Today I had the weirdest feeling all day. A feeling that I soon would loose someone, that someone would move away from this earth. I called my mum and talked about it but she said: no, noone will leave.

This evening I received news that a beautiful girl that was born exactly the same day as me and same year decided to end her life this morning....

I remember in our teenage and early 20s when she was the happiest and beautiful girl who just shined in every party and seemed to have no problems at all. She was so full of life...

When she got her daughter and I was there to visit, she seemed so fulfilled and content to be a mother. Like a new mother usually is.

A couple of years ago her life changed and it got darker. She wasnt the same and she tried to end her life before and I was so shocked to hear about it then. I couldnt believe that she, the beautiful shiny girl, didnt wanna live... but I thought she would get help and soon be on her way in life again, shiny as ever...

This morning, she wanted to end her life again and this time she succeeded and I am so sad... so sad for her children, for her family, for all of us who saw her shine when life was good...
I am sad that noone could help her before it was to late. That noone could turn her life and take away the dark and pain she must have had.

Tonight I light my candle for her and for everyone out there who are in the same darkness and pray for someone to help them before it ends like it did for this beautiful girl.

Soup and pancakes

In Sweden and maybe in some more countries? we have a tradition to eat pea soap and pancakes on thursdays. So now we are preparing for that and to the pancakes we serve raspberries/blueberries that are heated to a jam and whipped cream.


Little me;=)

So, thought some of you might be interested in how I looked as a little girl;=) Well, here I am...

(My father has taken the photos)

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Great song;=)

Yesterday I watched the country awards from US and there was a duo called Sugarland who just were so amazing that I want to share it with you all. Enjoy;=)

(video borrowed from

Mum and todays recipe;=)

(Todays outfit: leggings Acne, tee Hunky Dory, cardigan Top Shop, belt Top Shop, skirt H&M)
Back home after having visited my dear mum and husband. Had coffee, some home baked cakes and just talking. Always so nice. Whenever I go to mum´s house I feel "safe" and relaxed. That old feeling of living there for my childhood and teenage years always is there when visiting. I like that feeling and I wonder if you also feel the same when coming home to your parents? Let me know;=)

Now we are preparing food and today it will be a whole roastbeef steak that is firstly cut out to a thin big meat carpet, then filled with rosemary, garlic and cream cheese. Then rolled together like a "sausage" and binded with a little thin cotton thread to keep it together. Then fry it in butter in the pan on all sides to get the colour on it before putting it in the oven. We use warm-heat oven and then appr 180 degrees for about 1 hour.
To this we will eat mashed potatoes and vegetables. Yummie;=)

And here is that photo of my new Hello Kitty sweater I bought a couple of days ago in H&M;=) Love it!

Photo wall

We are gonna do some more things with the apartment and now I have found a super nice photowall to put behind the bed. Here it is, tell me if you like it;