Sunday, 28 February 2010

Congrats Canada!!!

Big big congrats Canada to the olympic gold!!!!

Now I can finally go to sleep...;=)

Hockey finals

Canada are looking good in the hockey final in the olympics, but now USA did 1-2 so can be either or who takes the gold today;=) Exciting game!

My son´s team won yesterday with 8-3 so they were sooo happy:=)

Today I have been out walking for one hour in the nice weather, then cleaning the apartment and cooking food. And then watching the last day of the olympics. A bit sad that it is over, but at the same time good, cause its been a lot of TV watching these 2 weeks;=)

And congratulations to Johan Olsson who gave us a bronze medal in the 5o km skiing competition today. Great job!

Sleep well and rest for the coming new week, I am on my way to bed very soon...zzzz;=)


Yesterday in the fourth and last competition to get the finalists to compete to be the winner in Sweden and represent us in the big Eurovision song contest in may, we got a winner who gave me shivers and tears in my eyes... it took so many weeks with quite crappy songs but this song is just amazing. She also have an incredible and special voice;=)


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Saturday, 27 February 2010


Sitting watching the 4th eurovision song competition in Sweden and at the same time enjoying my evening food, a favourite: salad, tomatoes, honey-mustard dressing and fried halloumi cheese. So good and I just love it!!

Hope your saturday evening also will be nice and relaxing;=)

Spring feelings and hockey

I just have so much spring feelings at the moment...and everything is due to the fact that we now have plus degrees here and sun when I wake up in the mornings...;=) I dont need so much more before I start to walk around in my spring shoes inside and get new spring clothes. Now I just want 10-15 degrees and then all is good.

Now in the morning I am going to watch my son play his first hockey game. Exciting and I think I am the proudest mum when he skates out on the ice with full hockey equipment;=)

Then I have some errands to do in the city so that´s what my afternoon is about. Yesterday me and my best friend had coffee and pie in a nice coffee shop all afternoon. We talked about old times when we were kids and then about life as it is now. I just love having so good friends after so many years. We have been friends since we were 14 years old;=)

Enjoy your day!


I just woke up and read the wonderful news that our swedish curling ladies team took the olympic gold again! They did the same 4 years ago and wow, the ladies sure made it! Congratulations girls, you are amazing!

Friday, 26 February 2010

Stjärnans dramatic morning...(a bit detailed writing but well;)

Oh, what a morning for our dear little cat Stjärnan...

Woke up and heard a weird noice...looked out to the kitchen where I see Stjärnan sliding on her bottom. Wakes bf up and we go to the bathroom to check if she has some poo in the back...well, did she?? I can say that she had a whole pile of poo hanging there and I really cant understand how she had succeeded in getting it there?

Well, shower time and it was a funny thing...I have problems with smells and poo so I am hanging over the bath tub washing her and at the same time almost puking (luckily my stomach was empty) and coughing like hell... bf worried that I will puke on him...but luckily I didnt... What a morning!!! But fun at the same time in a bisarre way....;=)

Having babies and kittens are in many ways the same...they get the same little problems and this morning little Stjärnan was our little poor baby;=)


It´s a beautiful friday over here with 5+ degrees and sun!!! Finally!!!!

To celebrate that we need music! Today beautiful Christina Scabbia together with Apocalyptica;=) Enjoy!!

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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Peace and quiet at home;=)

This morning Sweden lost the hockey game they played in the olympic quarter final towards Slovakia. At the same time, Finland won their game.

For me, it means there will be peace and quiet the coming hockey games, since my bf is cheering for Finland and me for Sweden...;=) I cant tell you how hard the Sweden-Finland games are here in the house...haha!

Now, I guess I need to cheer for Finland. So HYVÄ SUOMI! Win the Olympics now, perkele!!!



Good morning,

I think cats are so special and sometimes they just over-do things a little, but in a cute way...check this clip out of a cat that is really making an effort to clean up after the toilet visit;=)


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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Heart full of fire from Apollo (live dvd)

Here´s the song Heart full of fire which I recorded with Brother Firetribe and now can be seen on their great live dvd;=)


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The bedroom

So here are some photos of the bedroom and the cats;=)


Almost good sleep

I slept quite good this night, but new bed, new room and new sounds... well, I woke up quite a lot of times. I guess it takes some time to get used to the new room. The bed is amazing though...I just feel like lying there all day today...;=)

We have beautiful weather here today, sun is shining and there´s nothing better. So, soon time for a nice walk with my ipod. It´s always nice to get some fresh air and exercise.

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Beds and gold records;=)

The day have been full of whole body is aching. I will take photos tomorrow of the new bed and the wall-paper behind it. We have moved from the "old" bedroom and taken what we used as a "lounge" before. This room is so much bigger and has a high roof which makes it feel more open. Now we just need to put up a door between this new bedroom and the livingroom so we can close the doors. But at least the big work is done;=) And the beds are soooo nice...I cant tell you with words how happy we are to lie in beds that are comfortable...

We also put up almost all of the gold and platinum records I have received with Dark Passion Play and it feels great that they are now up on the walls again;=)

Sleep well and enjoy the evening!

Solo update

Some of you have asked me about whether or not I will release any solo album.

I have decided to not release any solo.

The factors are mainly that I want to focus on my family during this break from Nightwish. I am sure I will do a solo some other time, but at this time it doesn´t fit into my life and then it´s better to not do it, than to do it and it just wont feel good.

But I hope you all will follow me and the boys in NW from the summer when we start to work with the new album;=) It will be fun!!

New beds

I am so happy! Today we get our new comfy beds;=) Tjohoo!!!

No more sleepless nights, no more soar bodies, no more pain in the neck...ah, I cant tell how relieved I am;=)

Monday, 22 February 2010

Marco and his choir:=)

So, yesterday evening it was time for our dear Marco and his Kuopio choir again and this time they performed a great version of Guns´n roses Paradise city. I really loved it and great that they did some finnish in the end too:=) Vote for Marco!!

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Hockey morning

I went up at 6 this morning to see the hockey game between Sweden and Finland and I am happy that we won;=) Go Sweden!!! Tjohoo;=);=);=)

But then I was so tired and went to bed again and just woke up...nice and what I needed. Stjärnan has been nicer this night and I have had ear plugs which was really helpful.

Guess we will do some hockey in the ice hall today and then tonight sushi...yummie!

Enjoy your day!

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Cat screams..

I am so tired...Stjärnan seems to be ready for castration and you should hear her...she purrs, screams, screams higher and just continues all night and all morning....tonight I really need ear plugs and then tomorrow I will call the vet to get an operation time immediately... I feel sorry for her too, cause I can understand that she is wondering what´s happening in her body and cant control it;=(

Today we´re going home to my sons god-mother who also is my childhood friend. She has also made some changes in her appartment so will be nice to see how it looks;=)

The snow storm and bad weather are still haunting Sweden and it´s boring...hope you have better weather wherever you are;=)

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Sushi and hockey

Today´s been full of taking my son to his first practise in the ice hockey school and he loved it;=) I thought he was really good and he learns so fast so I hope he can start playing in the team in some weeks.

When we came home we watched a fun movie called "Aliens in the attic". I was so tired after the cold hockey arena and lack of sleep this night, so I passed out for 2 hours. When I woke up and looked outside it was a snow storm - again! So, we bought take away sushi. We live just on top of a sushi restaurant so can it be better?;=)

Now just watching the olympics (it´s an addictive;=), waiting for Anja Pärson in super G and at 8 o´clock the 3rd contest in our swedish song contest for Eurovision takes place. No big interesting artists tonight but they have said that Darin might win. So, we´ll see;=)

Enjoy your saturday!

Friday, 19 February 2010


Today´s been full of putting up wallpapers...
And since it was the first time it was a bit tricky at first but then it went easier. I will show photos another day of them.

Tonight it´s all about ice hockey cause it´s time for Sweden against Belarus. Go Sweden go!!!!

Enjoy your friday!

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Super woman

Our great Anja Pärson fell so horribly yesterday evening in the olympics. I couldnt breathe for minutes after her fall. 60 meters fall and in that speed... oh my!

Then the super woman gets up and "only" has a muscle bleeding in the thigh and it was such a relief! Then tonight, this super lady stands there, ready to start in the combination and without any fear, just goes down like nothing had happened and are still in the position of getting a medal in the olympics.

Me and my son sat there watching and I asked him: would you dare to go downhill that fast like they do?
He said: no way!

And I must say: Anja, you are amazing! To fall like that yesterday and still do the competition today, is worth a hero-medal from me, for sure;=)

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

To Steff;=)

Dear dear Steff,

Thanks so very very much for the lovely gifts you sent me and my son. I really loved it all and the candle was so pretty and smelled lovely;=) The little Harry Potter hat is something I know my son will love. Big big thanks to you!!!

A big big flower hug back to you!

Aerosmith to Sweden Rock Festival

For all of those who use to go to Sweden Rock Festival in the summer, it´s now confirmed that Aerosmith are coming to play there this summer;=)

One more gold!

Oh, yesterday evening was a thrill since we got our second olympic gold medal through Björn Ferry in biathlon;=) Sooo great and he did an amazing job! Congratulations Björn!!

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Today I went up to the wallpaper store and finally found a beautiful, old-fashioned romantic wall paper exactly in the right mood as I have been searching for so long;=) So tomorrow we are gonna paint over the old wall paper cause its quite dark and the new wall paper is much lighter. Then on thursday the wallpapers will arrive and on friday its fixing time! Oh, I am so longing to get started. I have never put up any wall papers before but have wanted to learn how to do it for a long time now.

Also bought two miniature "semlor", the bun I showed you earlier. Not so big and not so unhealthy as the big ones;=) But equally yummie!!

Enjoy your evening!


All of these dresses and clothes are something I would love to wear on stage:=)


Today its "Fettisdagen" or " Semledagen" here in Sweden, which means we can eat as many of these fabolous buns as we want;=) Great!!!

Monday, 15 February 2010

Taking what we have...

Today its been snowing ALL day and I havent felt like going outside so ordering the wall-papers had to wait until tomorrow.

One thing that is bad when the weather is so boring and we dont wanna go outside is to get food..especially when all the left-overs are eaten already;=) So today we took what we had and now I have made an oven plate filled with big pieces of potatoes, carrots, peppers, garlic and onions. Topped it with honey, oil and different spices such as garlic and chili. Then into the oven at 175 celsius for a while. To that we will eat fried eggs and spicy sausage. Well, maybe not the most culinary meal but anything goes to skip having to go outside;=)

And hey, olympics are sooo exciting so what is better than just sitting inside watching that? ;=)

Marco Kuorosota;=)

Yesterday our dear Marco did the first choir song in the choir battle in Finnish television and he did great! I think the choir arrangement is really good and that is something most lacks in the swedish version of choir battle. So great job, Marco!!! You rocked!

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Great day

Hi all,

My valentines day was truly wonderful and all the surprises I had planned for my loved one was so appreciated;=)

Today its snowing again and I must say (again) that I find that really so boring;=( So, will take it easy and go and order some wallpapers we have decided on after a lot of searching. I couldnt feel that I found that "perfect" one until yesterday when I saw it in a decoration program in the internet. Then it just said: click. And now, I just want to get started!

Since its the Olympic games now, we are watching it and at the moment its freestyle and it just hurts in my knees when I watch them and the poor knees that need to take all that bumping;=) Autch!

Our swede Per Spett just drove and he did well;=)

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Norways Eurovision winner

Well, well...big congrats to Norway for choosing this amazing song and what a great singer to win your Eurovision Song contest. I think he will be a BIG threat in the competition.


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Lots of love

So, for all of you I want to send my Happy Valentines day wishes;=) And yes, it may be a commercial thing with this day but hey, any attempt to show each other more love is for me a good and great initiative;=)

So enjoy this day and take care of each other and of course, all your animals too;=)

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Saturday evening

So, sitting watching the City and waiting for the 2nd competition out of 4 to get the finalists for the swedish eurovision contest. From the songs I have sneak-peak listened to I didnt like anyone that much but there is one song that is typical swedish folkmusic and that one sounded really nice. Let´s see what happens;=)

Tonight I made my favourite salad which is a shrimp salad. I just love shrimps and when adding a nice mustard-honey dressing it is a sure hit;=) Yummie!

Tried to take some photos of the two little cats this week but they are always fighting and moving so hmmm, not that easy;=) But well, here are a few of the two gangsters - Busan is the white birma cat and Stjärnan is the bigger maine coon.

Valentines day

Tomorrow it´s Valentines day and for that I need to go and do some gift shopping to my loved ones;=) We already recieved a sweet sweet hugs-card yesterday from my bf´s parents and I got so happy for that. Thanks;=)

I dont know what to get but I have some ideas though...

What´s your plans for this weekend? Any parties or just relaxing?

Enjoy your saturday and today some great music again - Iron Maiden!

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Friday, 12 February 2010

Friday music;=)

Ok, friday and party time!!!! Tjohoo;=)

Today we do Rob Zombie!!


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My bed...

is slowly killing me...!
I am so longing for the new beds cause I have the worst pain every single night I sleep in the bed and its so boring to wake up feeling ache in every little detail of the body. So now I just pray for my new bed to arrive ASAP! Please, pretty please;=)

Today we are going to another city to take a little peak in the furniture stores to get some more inspirations for the rooms we are re-making. We have found some things but those most important little things that makes the rooms complete, are still missing. But one thing I do is to take it easy when moving to a new place. It takes time to live in a place to feel how you want to have your home. So it´ll be ready when it´s ready;=)

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Alexander McQueen

As many others, I have read that one of my favourite clothes designers today took his own life. The world and the fashion world lost one very big designer today and I wish he will rest in peace.

In fashion he was for me, so incredibly bold and made so special pieces. I have several of his clothes and my outfit when performing in swedish morning TV together with Pain was his design.

Winter day

Took a very long walk in the cold but sunny day and here´s some photos.


Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Just finished helping my son with his home work. He did good and I love sitting there hearing his thoughts.
I loved going to school the first years and I just adored my first school teacher. She was so kind and sweet but at the same time also taught us to not curse (or at least she did try;=)

Whenever someone cursed, she sent us to the toilet where we had to open the lid - face down into the toilet and then she said:

- Ok, so say all the cursing words you ever can come up with until there are no left. Then you can get back to the class room!

Oh, so sweet she was... I still remember hanging there with the head down in the toilet bowl and at that time I didnt come up with so many was like I said 2 or three and then my head was blank...;=)

Some teachers just leave us with such good memories and then others we just want to forget all about;=)

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

It´s complicated

I want to recommend a really nice movie I have seen - "It´s complicated".
So sweet, fun and really making my heart so warm. To see a movie about love and enjoying life also in our early 60s was very nice and since I love both Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin, it was a hit for me;=)

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So, today we went for an hour of bowling and it went well. I am really not so good at it but its fun and a good thing to do together as a family;=)

(photos borrowed from

Today they said in our newspaper that this winter is the coldest one here in southern Sweden during 23 years so I guess we are not so used to the cold and snow;=) I need to move to Alaska to make the body resist the bugs if the winters will continue like this...brrr...

Weird body...

Good morning;=)

I was totally exhausted yesterday and had a fever that came on so suddenly that I got from feeling super good to really ill in 10 minutes..very weird but I lied down and fell asleep at 21 already and slept all night so today I feel better again. The body is strange,=)

Monday, 8 February 2010


Hi all,

Today has been a full day and the afternoon was spent in the ice-hall again;=) My son loves to skate now so I just sit there and drink hot chocolate. Great way of spending the afternoon!

Now I am going to my dance aerobic class and then its time for some nice family dinner. Today its whole filled chicken and salad. Yummie!!!

Enjoy the evening!

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Robin Hood

I long for the spring and some great movies to watch. One of them will for sure be Robin Hood.

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Football morning

Early sunday and soon time to drive my son to his football practise. Who is the person that plans these early practise mornings, he must be a bit weird,=) I prefer to get to sleep in the weekends but I guess I am a bit strange...hmmm...;=)

And for those of you who live in Finland, vote for Marco in Kuorosota tonight. And if there will be any videos of him and the choir, please let me know so I can put it up here.

Go Marco, go! You will rock for sure;=)

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Pain of salvation

I voted 6 times for them;=)

Unfortunately they didnt go straight to the big final, but to a so called "second chance" so they are still in the run to win;=)

We´ll see if they make it but it doesnt matter cause they are such a super great band;=)

Tarots coming album

So, Marco and the great boys in Tarot has announced the release date of the new album that will be called "Gravity of light". April 23 is the date and I am so looking forward to hear it;=)

Eurovision contest

We are sitting here watching the first competition of 4 to seek Swedens contribution to Eurovision Song Contest.

One of the contestants is a "pre-dance band" singer and now she is doing pop instead. Could have been good but what I dont understand is why she has to dress in a Lady Gaga-copy and does some similar arm moves like Madonnas Vogue?

And yeah, one thing about the stage clothes tonight is that the girls like super short thing with shimmery fabrics. The shorter the better.

Pain of Salvation did a very slow song with just Daniel and an organ. Very good as everything they do and he had laid-back clothes and bare feet. Me like;=) Of course I would love more for a real Pain of Salvation metal song but I guess they wanted to adapt the "schlager-vibe" a bit.

While I am watching the rest of the contestants you can enjoy another eurovision song;

Nightwish was in the finnish competition 2000 with the song Sleepwalker. They won the votes of the viewers but not the ones from the judge.

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Beautiful saturday

I woke up to a bright shining sun and can it be better to wake up than to that?;=)

Today I am planning to take my son and his friend to the ice hall so they can do some ice-skating. Since I really am so bad at skating, my place will be by the side watching and drinking hot chocolate. My son wants to start play ice hockey so I better get used to the cold ice-hall;=)

And tonight its the first competition in TV to seek the next winner to send to the big Eurovision grand prix and this night, one of my favourite bands will compete - Pain of Salvation. I am so looking forward to hear them;=) So today, the saturday music is Ashes with POS. Enjoy!

Friday, 5 February 2010

Friday with friends

Today has been a good day with a bit warmer winds outside and sun. We like! More of that, please;=)

In the afternoon we went to my sisters place and stayed there for a wonderful dinner. Now back home and just relaxing in the couch. Fridays are nice cosy days;=)

Sleep well!


Good morning!!

Friday again and for all of you working or studying, its time for some free delightful time to relax this weekend;=)

Let´s have some music to make us go into the mood. Anneke and her solo. Enjoy!!

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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Lots of coffee...

... and meetings with friends and family.

First visited dear mum and her husband and had some coffee and cake. Talked a lot and had a relaxed afternoon. Always so nice to sit there;=)

Then went home to my dear Alyson Avenue partner in crime, Niclas, and his family and had some more coffee and talked more. Music talk, business talk and all those things that is so nice to ventilate with a friend. Niclas and me are like family - his father and my mother were living together for more than 10 years which made us feel like real siblings. And Niclas is a very good friend to talk to and we can talk for hours;=) Now we have some recordings to do in the near future for a very nice project that I look forward to do. Cant say more now but as soon as I can, I will of course reveal it for all of you.
But some great songs to sing and I look so forward to it;=)
(Niclas "Olle", Alysons songwriter and keyboardplayer;=)


Oh, its still snow...;=) But sun too so ok, a little better today. No snow storm and that´s a relief. Especially since I need to take the car out today and go get my son from school this afternoon.

I slept so good last night, its the second night I feel really good when I wake up. I love that feeling when waking up and the dreams have been happy and bright. Soothing for spirit and mind.

Since it was a while since I posted any photos of me, here we go. Very warm clothes for going out in the snow and cosy clothes for relaxing at home.

Enjoy the day!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Ecological and very nice sheets

If you want ecological and really beautiful sheets I have found some super nice at

I think Tuomas would love the one with the wolf.

Bathing things

Now when its cold I take baths every day and I love to use different kind of salts and so called bathing bombs. Yesterday I bought a new detox bathing salt from Abahna and an oil to spray on the body afterwards to make it smooth. I also got 3 small bathing bombs and one big. They all smell so delicious. Makes the winter a bit easier to deal with;=)


Ok, some good things with having winter and snowing;

- I can clean the apartment without feeling I should be outside instead.

- I can sing beautiful songs and watch the snow fall through my windows.

- I can drink hot chocolate with whipped cream.

- I dont have to care about my hair, I just wear a cap.

- I can take hot baths every day with lit candles and nice bathing salt in the water.

- I can sit and daydream about sun, outside coffee tables, barbecues and dips in the water.


I really really I am soooo tired of snow and snowing...there is nothing more to say but:

this winter sucks!! Give me spring - now!!!!

Enjoy your day;=)

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Beautiful song of the day;=)

Here´s todays song with two beautiful and wonderful singers, Sharon and Anneke.


(video borrowed from

Snow storm on its way again..

I would love to go and do some errands in another city today, but they have warned about a snow storm that will arrive around lunch time so I think its better to stay at home. I will just go out and buy a fireplace to keep the living room a bit warmer these winter days.

I was going to the dance aerobics last night but unfortunately the leader was ill;=(
But there is another dance class tonight that I will attend to.

I hope you´ll have a nice day;=)

Monday, 1 February 2010

Our next NW album

Hi everyone,

Since you sometimes ask me about our coming NW album and when it will be released etc, I have some news for you;=) The plans are rough and it might be changed but as for now:

- Tuomas has 9 songs ready already;=)

- We all will meet this summer for rehearsals and arranging the songs and getting a demo ready.

- We enter the studio next fall and the album will be released EARLIEST in the fall 2011.

So, great news and we are all excited!