Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Rock star baby

Good evening!

Hope your day have been bright and shiny and you soon are off to bed (I am;=)

Today I was out checking baby things and found a cool brand that is designed by Tico Torres, the drummer of Bon Jovi. The clothes and bed things etc are going under the name "Rock star baby" and I fell in love with the bed linen and I think this is what the baby will sleep in.

I also wanna have some of the beanies and clothes. So cute and of course it will be a Rock star baby we get...;=)

Sleep well and dream sweet dreams....


Good morning,

Yesterday we went to the cinema in the afternoon and saw "Percy Jackson and the Olympians: the lightening thief". It was good and had some great special effects in it. A little like Harry Potter but with Gods and swords instead of magic;=)

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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Tired eyes

Good morning;=)

Had a good nights sleep but could have done some more hours, but with the early rising I get the nice and lovely sunshine through the windows and that is making up for some more hours of sleep;=)

Today its a bit cold outside this morning, only 2 degrees but it will rise I am sure. My son has easter break and the coming weekend its time to paint eggs and eat easter food. We also give away filled eggs and usually its filled with candy and a gift.

We also put up easter things, like "påskris" which is an easter tree. Kids also dress out to be easter witches and easter bunnies.

We eat easter food which is almost the same as we eat at x-mas, but of course more eggs;=)

Do you celebrate easter where you all live? If so, how do you celebrate it?

Enjoy your day now!

Monday, 29 March 2010


Hi all and sorry for my abscence but I have been really ill and are still not 100 %, even if better.

As you know I got some antibiotics for an urine trait infection and for the first time ever, I got an allergy from the medicine. It started friday morning with totally red eyes, itching over the body, bad headache and sooo tired. Lied all day totally out.

Saturday the same but now also puking and the headache really bad and also the itching. Got more and more itch and in the afternoon I decided to call the hospital to ask what to do. They said that I should stop the medicine immediately and then go to my mid-wife today to get new medicine.

Yesterday and today still itching and red eyes and headache and when I got to my doctor she gave me new medicine and said it was weird, cause I have taken these pills before. But when pregnant the body can be much more sensitive.

So now I hope the itch and everything will fade away and the new medicine can kick in.

Horrible weekend but I am happy there are good doctors to help when we need it;=)

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Slow saturday

Hi all;=)

I am still not feeling so well so today is a slow day. I watch Taking the stage in MTV and just ate a super good sweet potato pie...yummie!

Last night was the worst weather outside. From being 14 degrees and warm to snow-rain and 3 degrees and storm winds beating against the window. Woke up quite a lot of times because of the heavy weather... weird thing the weather...

Ok, more TV and relaxation, but enjoy your saturday and have some nice food;=)

Friday, 26 March 2010

The day that turned out different than planned

Good evening all,

My planned super sunny friday didnt turn out like I had planned. Instead I have been lying in my bed all day due to the boring fact that I again have an infection. It´s the neverending story of urine trait infections I have since many many years and this is the second for this pregnancy. Boring and makes me so tired due to strong antibiotics. So have been sleeping almost all day and I must say its been a boring friday;=(

But as I promised, some photos from the gig I saw yesterday. My bf and the band played the final in the competition but unfortunately didnt win (even if I must say they should have, the jury was in my opinion a bit deaf;=) hihi!

They had white masks and black hoodies, soap bubbles from a machine and they rocked like hell! I had a great evening;=)

Now I wish for a big salad with cheese and ham and a rhode island dressing...can someone beam it to me? Thanks;=)

Enjoy your evening!

Another pregnant singer;=)

So, Beyoncé and Jay Z are gonna have a baby too;=)

Congratulations to them both!!


So, friday is here!!! ;=)

And a nice warm sahara breeze is here, so today we do have the same weather as yesterday. 15 degrees and sun and I am soon heading out, and just like yesterday, will enjoy the day in the sun. A book will accompany me;=)

Slept long due to me going to a concert last night. I´ll post photos later, first sun!

Enjoy your friday and here´s todays music;=)

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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Out all day

The sun is here so I have been out since 10 this morning and just came back;=) have been sitting in the sun, drinking coffee and just enjoying life. Also went to the hair dresser since my hair needed some bleach. It grows so fast now when pregnant, which of course is super good;=)

Now some rest;=)

Enjoy your late afternoon!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Sahara winds

I just read that on friday, there will be warm weather here in Sweden due to Sahara winds who are currently giving away warm weather in Germany and Poland. We wont have any super warmth but for me, 15 + degrees sounds amazing and I will live outside in the sun;=)

Beam me up!

When we were on tour, we all felt that we wanted to have a device that could "beam us" away to the next city so we didnt have to fly so much. Marco has said many times that this is his dream and I do have to say I agree;=)

Now I would love to have a beamer that could take me in an instant to a sunny, warm place where I could lie and just enjoy the warmth and a soft breeze from the ocean...

Miami is a place I really want to visit, so that could be a great place. I also would love to visit Miami Ink and do a nice tattoo;=)

And of course: Thailand again;=) It was as a dream came true when lying there watching the ocean, the sun going down and having a nice dinner.

Pasta love;=)

Hi all,

Hope your day is wonderful;=)

I was so tired after driving my son to school in the morning, that I lied down in bed again and feel asleep the whole morning...well, I guess it is ok to take a lazy day now and then;=)

Now I am enjoying left-overs from yesterdays dinner and I just love this food. It is home-made pasta with a sauce of tiger schrimps, cream, onions, cherry tomatoes, white wine, fish fond and chili spice...yummie!!! Tiger schrimps are so good and I could eat this every day;=)

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Girl or a boy?;=)

Hi all!

Hope the weather is treating you well today. Here it is a little bit to windy to enjoy it fully but still, spring and a bit of sun now and then so no complaints;=)

Today we were to see the mid-wife and check all things with me and the baby. I am just fine and even if the blood value was a little bit lower this time, I still dont need to take any iron pills. Since I suffer from chronic blood pressure since my last pregnancy we check that extra often, but it still is 130/80 which is totally ok.

We listened to the babies heart rate and now you all can start guessing whether it´s a boy or a girl. The heart beats were 154 and my son had 140 so my guess is that this is a little girl;=)
We also looked at the baby and she/he looked straight at us and it was just amazing as always...

She/he lies very high up in my belly and is a very busy little person... moves around all the time and every single time someone wants to feel kicks or like today, heart beats, she/he moves away, almost like laughing at us and thinking it is some kinda hide and seek we play...;=)

So, a little update for those of you who are interested in me and the baby;=)

Enjoy your day!

Monday, 22 March 2010

Marco and the final of Kuorosota;=)

So, Marco and his Kuopio choir was in the finals last night in the finnish choir battle "Kuorosota" and I am so sad that he didnt win the whole thing but he came second and of course we all know he is and always still will be the best;=)

Enjoy the songs:

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Today I enter week 22 of my pregnancy and some of you want to see the belly progressing, so here´s two photos of today. Not so much bigger but I do feel that I am hungrier and that I am growing from day to day. I dont feel like wearing clothes that are tight anymore so the outfits for the coming months will be dresses, leggings and over-sized t-shirts. Comfy is the key word now;=)

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Sunny sunday;=)

Good morning all!

Hope your nights have been wonderful and that you feel rested this lovely sunday. Here the sun is shining and I just wanna go out and take a long nice walk in it. Got a good nights sleep and Stjärnan only screamed from around 6.30 and forward so that was totally ok. I hope she will feel better today. It seems the screamings etc comes in cycles. It can be totally ok for some hours, she is relaxed and fine and then all of a sudden she starts. Let´s hope she soon is her normal self again.

My sons team won yesterday;=) It was a game between the kids and the parents so it was fun for them all. The big dads and the small boys going at it. Now its summer vacation and I will go and get him new better inlines so he can practise all summer and not loose the technique.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Hockey, hockey, hockey!

Good morning!

After one more horrible screaming night with Stjärnan, I must say we arent so happy today but what to do? Maybe a hotel tonight? ;=)

Soon going to the ice hall since my son has his last practice and match today. He is so excited and woke up already at 6 and asked me: is it hockey soon????

That´s the spirit;=)

Enjoy your day and lets wake up with some nice music.

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Friday, 19 March 2010

My friday

Hi all;=)

Today after driving my son to school in the morning I went back to sleep due to lack of sleep last night again. Stjärnan is still having her "period" and she screamed almost all night. She has continued all day today and it seems today is the hardest day cause she has that bent back and stepping around like they normally do in the peak of the period. I hope she can feel better tomorrow cause it seems so hard for her and of course, for us too...

Then in the afternoon my son had a friend here and after some playing around in the apartment we drove to a place that is called "Busfabriken". Its a place where kids can jump around and play for 3 hours. Its a nice place where the parents can take a coffee, read a magazine and relax while the kids have fun. And a great place for birthday parties too.

Now I´m watching Finding Nemo and its as usual super;=)

Thursday, 18 March 2010


Today Stjärnan really is annoying with her screams and mating calls...she is screaming, purring, lying and just being really weird. I guess I need to fix that veterinarian call tomorrow so we can sterilize her soon. Poor thing...she just want a guy...;=)


Today I have baked scones. I love scones and it was so long since I ate it but today I felt I wanted it. To the scones I have cream cheese and strawberry jam;=) Yummie!

Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Afternoon cosiness

I´m lying in my cosy bed and reading blogs and the new Costume magazine. Will soon go and take my walk but I have some small contractions today which happens every now and then and the best thing is to just rest a little while;=)

While lying here I am listening to the new great album with Amy Macdonald. She is as good in the new album as her first one.


Door is found;=)

Tjohoo! We found an old door and list to match it today so now we just need to pick it up as soon as possible. And the price was soooo cheap! A brand new door and list would cost me 1100 euro! and this old door and list costs 70 euro! So even if we need to paint it and fix a little I am so happy to get it to such a low price!

Happy happy;=)

I need a door!

Good morning all;=)

My night have been messy again...the cats are always so full of life at 6 in the morning and I get crazy! This morning I couldnt sleep due to them and then the baby woke up and started kicking and moving around...hmm...early birds all of them;=)

Since we moved our bed room to the other room we are lacking a door to be able to close around us like we did before so today we are going to a place that sells used old doors and I just pray that we find a suitable one. My sleep needs it! Keep your fingers crossed.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Good evening all;=)

Just finished watching a scary and great movie on dvd. It´s called Orphan and it was really disturbing but so exciting. I can recommend it for sure;=)

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Regarding packages to me

Good morning all;=)

Sun is shining and a new wonderful morning to wake up to.

I have gotten two packages sent to me via my management Hagenburg that have been sent in my name directly. These packages cant be picked up by my management and that means I cant get them sent to me from them. So if you want to send me something through Hagenburg, please dont write my name on top. Write Hagenburg on top and then my name second. This means that the people there can pick it up in the mail office and send it to me.

So the two packages we couldnt pick up will unfortunately be sent back to the sender;=(

Monday, 15 March 2010

Marco in Kuorosota;=)

Yesterday Marco and the Kuopio choir performed two songs and one of them was a new Tarot song and the other a finnish song, Huomenna, which starred Marcos two beautiful and talented twin sons;=)

They are now in the finals and I just know Marco will win! Go Marco!

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Good morning;=)

I woke up quite early from the sun shining through the window and I immediately started to read the last pages of my book, Hunted. Now I just finished it and oh, it was good! so now I just wanna start the next book as soon as possible... addiction of books I guess;=)

Took some photos when I took a long walk yesterday, here they are:

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Shutter Island

Just back from the cinema and tonight we saw Shutter Island starring Leonardo di Caprio. Its directed by Martin Scorsese and based on the book Patient 67.

The movie is 2h 18 minutes but the time just runs by so fast. Really really exciting from beginning to the end. No boring minutes at all. I can surely recommend it to you all, a great movie!

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This week

Some of you have asked for some photos of me, so here are the latest days.

Going to bf´s concert this thursday in a dress from Whyred, leather jacket Dsquared, fur vest, leggings and thigh high boots.

Taking a walk yesterday in the sun. Maternity jeans from H&M, t-shirt from Rica, cap from Stockholm (dont remember the store) and cardigan from Gina Tricot.

Going to mum for dinner and Eurovision song contest competition in TV yesterday. Jeans from Stella McCartney, belly belt, sweater from H&M, t-shirt from Sinaja Italy , maternity necklace with a little bell from sixth sense, bracelet, ear rings and ring from Gina Tricot and shoes from Michael Kors.

When I wear normal jeans, not maternity, I solve it by using a belly belt which makes it possible to use your normal pants also during pregnancy and I just love this. So nice to wear my favourite jeans also now.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

And the winner is....

Anna Bergendahl with This is my life!

Our winner who we will send to represent us in the Eurovision song contest in Oslo in may, was today chosen and I am so happy that it was Anna.

Congratulations and good job!

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Summer clothes

This outfit is for sure something I will live in this summer. Long black dress and these beautiful shoes will make my pregnancy bump glow;=) And its from H&M so super good price.

A bit of a party;=)

Good morning everyone! Hope the sun shines on you, cause finally it shines on me! And wow, my spirit just woke up and screamed: Go outside and enjoy! So of course I will;=)

Yesterday evening my sister and her bf came and we then went to meet my bf and have some drinks. Me and my sister took some really nice non-alcoholic drinks and yummie, they were so nice;=)

We sat and had a great time and then at 23 the whole bar changed and in came a mass of 18-19 years old. It was "their" night out. One boy came and sat next to me and said: Where are you from? And then: you all look so old....haha! Loved that;=)
But me and my sis took a little dancing session among the youngsters and it was fun;=)

We decided to move to another place and went to a quite new bar in town called "Hellsing". Really cool interiour and also much older people. We almost felt young in there instead;=) Sat there for some hours and it was nice to be out, I am very rarely out nowadays. But in nice company and great music its really nice. We came home around 2 in the night so a little bit tired today. But a very, very nice evening.

Thanks sis and bf for the great company;=)

Friday, 12 March 2010


Watching some videos in youtube and found a video from when we performed at Gampel open air and I think it was a great show;=)

So here we go, fridays song is Amaranth from Gampel. Enjoy!

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Today I want to put out a piece of my lyrics to a song me and Stefan and Johan has written and its called Shine. Its all about that even if someone tries to put you down out of envy or jealousy, you should just shine! And friday is a great day to shine a little bit extra;=)

Beautiful child - you´ll never be lonely
Just like a tree you raise to the sky
So light moving so slowly
Making your way to noones land

SHINE - and lift your head high
HOPE - you´ll never be lonely
Cause LIFE is all that you need

Forgive the unkind - so bitter and envy
No light in their day - blackening light
Shine bright - see all your glory
No need to cry - stay strong and you´ll fly

(lyrics copyright of Anette Olzon)

Marco in kuorosota;=)

I saw Marco and his choirs performance already last sunday but now I can link to it too. Great job as always! Go Marco!!!

(video borrowed from

Rock´n roll evening;=)

Tonight has been a rocky night since my bf played the semi-finals in the band contest I told about a while ago. It was really fun again and this time it was 5 good bands playing. Music spanned from ac/dc to old 60´s rock´n roll. There were many really super good musicians and of course some more not so good, but the contest is about the whole thing. The show, the music and of course getting the audience going.

My bf and his band won both the votes from the jury as well as from the audience so they are now moving on to the big final contest in some weeks;=) So fun for them and it was a bunch of happy boys that hugged after the results.

My mum, sister and her bf was also there and a french photograper who are friends with us in Nightwish. Great evening but now I need to sleep, so see ya all tomorrow;=)

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Where´s the...

...sun????? Last week it was there every single day but this week, just grey grey grey...;=(

I get so tired and dont feel like doing anything in the grey weather. So I have been sleeping, reading my book Hunted from the House of Night, which is soooo exciting at the moment. Only some more pages to go and if you are a book-reader like me, you know that in this moment, the book follows me everywhere;=) If I had been on tour, I would have lied in the bunk in the bus, just reading all day...that´s one of the best things with being on tour. Reading books;=)

Ever since I was a child, books have been something I have loved. I read Kitty-books, Black stallion, Kulla-gulla and of course Astrid Lindgren books. Then when I got older I read Nora Roberts, Sidney Sheldon, Stephen King, Dean Koontz and Jean M Auel. In my later years its been Paolo Coelho, different self-biographies and as you might know: vampire books;=)

My son also loves books and ever since he was a baby, I have been reading for him every night before sleep. He also loves to read and I think its a great way of learning the language and to use our imagination and fantasies. Reading a book, for me, is so great because I can imagine how the characters look and that is why I usually get disappointed when watching the book being a movie. Yesterday I rented Paolo Coelhos book "Veronica decides to die" on dvd and oh, how disappointed I got...had to stop watching after half the movie. Its one of my favourite books but as a movie, they just destroyed it for me;=(

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Ill son

Last night my son started to throw up and felt really sick. Luckily it stopped after some sessions in the bathroom but of course he had to stay home from school today. He also have fever so it will be a home day tomorrow too. I have gone to the video store to get him some movies to look at while being ill and some candy. He seems to feel better now but I always think one day fever-free at home is good to avoid to give the bugs to everyone else.

I am feeling fine but I do have problems with no hunger and still throwing up in the evenings. Its a bit boring but I try and eat fruit and drink water to get something in the stomach. I know the baby feels fine so no worries;=)

Today I thought it was time for the first belly-photo and asked my bf to take a photo. I myself felt that the stomach is bigger now, but when looking at the photo we both laughed and my bf said: that is a pityful belly...;=) But I think its just fine, cause with my son I had the biggest belly and almost couldnt move so I prefer this;=)

Sleep well and enjoy the evening!

Sharks and fishes;=)

Hi all,

Yesterday we were at a shark aquarium and I took some nice photos.


Monday, 8 March 2010

International womens day 100 years;=)

Today its the International Womens day and this year it celebrates 100 years!

Unfortunately, here in Sweden, the equality process moves forward but very, very slow. But from what I have seen in other nearby countries and around the world, I am happy to live in a country that is better and better in these questions. Here in Sweden, its today very common that the fathers stay at home with the children as much as the mothers and that is something I think should be followed in more places.

So, today all you girls and women out there: It´s OUR day today!! Go us;=)

Enjoy the day!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Alice in wonderland;=)

We are back from the cinema and I loved Alice in Wonderland! The colours, the amazing characters - the beautiful Alice, the Hatter, the red queen...all of them were amazing! I truly found it so super good as all Tim Burtons movies;=)
So I can really recommend you to see it;=)

And I feel just fine after the fall, the baby has moved around a lot and no pain in the belly. So all is well;=) And for those who wonder what week I am in, I go into week 20 tomorrow which means I am exactly halfway now. My belly isnt so big but I can assure you my behind my guess is that this will be a girl...but let´s see;=)

Sleep well all and thanks for your concerns;=)

Todays beautiful forest photos;=)

Of course I took some nice photos for you today in the forest. The sky was so beautiful and the clouds were almost snowy in their colour;=)

And one of me;=)



I went to the forest today to take a long nice walk with my dear ipod in my ears. Its still some snow and ice in some spots so its necessary to walk where there are bare ground. When I have walked 30 minutes, I meet 7 people coming against me in an icy and snowy part. One man and 2 women behind him has chosen exactly the same path as me, cause there are no ice. I feel that he can wait for me to pass but no - he just walks really fast against me, so I need to take a step to the right and walk at some minor ice.

And whoops- I fall! Luckily I fall on my left side and hurt my hand the most since I take all the weight with that one. Totally dirty on my jeans and my hip and knee hurts. I scream AJ! and the last woman helps me up. I am so f-cking mad that I just goes up and continues walking... in shock....then calls my bf and tells the story. continues walking and then 10 min later the anger and shock has released and I get totally nauseated, tears are falling and cold sweat coming on me. Needs to sit down cause the belly also cramps and I get really worried. I didnt fall on my belly so no worries, but still I got really stressed and worried for my baby...

If I could go back and scream to that guy I would! Why cant we all consider other people and take it a bit easy instead of just feeling that we have the right to come first? Grrr.... very angry afternoon...but now I am home and all is well. Baby is moving around and I am calm again;=)


Tonight we´re all going to see Alice in Wonderland and I have longed for it so long now;=) Has anyone seen it?

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Neither Crucified Barbara or Pain of Salvation went through to the finals yesterday. A pity, of course, since they were the only rock elements in the competition. But well, well...not everyone can have Lordi in their country;=)

For me, Eurovision was something so special when I was a child, but then the later years its been almost a shame to be in the competition here in Sweden. Its a good thing to be in if you want to sell and be bigger just in Sweden, but if you are a band or an artist who have a good career outside the nation, its not something you should do. I dont know why it is like this, but there is some kinda label you get after having been in the competition.

Not at all like when ABBA won in the 70es. Then it was such a big thing to win the competition. Today, the winners in the big competition usually are forgotten the next day. A pity, cause it could be a great thing to show yourself to Europe.

And from what I have read it´s a bit the same in the rest of the countries too. But for me, its a great entertaining thing to watch in saturday evenings. And everyone has an opinion too;=) So it does serve a big purpose still;=)

Saturday, 6 March 2010

And here are some more;=)

I also found Crucified Barbaras song and Pain of Salvation, which are competing tonight again. Enjoy!

Crucified Barbara - Heaven and Hell

Pain of Salvation - Road Salt

Eurovision songs

Good evening;=)

Tonight its time for the so called "second chance" in our competitions to get our own contestant to compete for Sweden in Eurovision song contest in Oslo in may. From the songs that will compete tonight I still like Pain of Salvation and the Crucified Barbara.

But here are some videos of songs that already are in the finals next saturday. What do you think? Which one is the one you like the most?

First: Saleem al Fakir - Keep on walking

Timoteij - Kom (sings in swedish)

Erik Saade - Manboy

Ola - Unstoppable

Darin - You´re out of my life

Andreas Johnson - We can work it out

Peter Jöback - Hollow

Anna Bergendahl - This is my life

Then tonight two more songs will be chosen to also be in the finals;=) Let me know which of the above ones you like. Its so fun to hear someone who are not from Sweden and non-partial.


I have always loved to study and before Nightwish I studied for some years in the university. Its great to learn and also to never stop thinking ahead in life. This year I am gonna study science and I so look forward. It´s all internet based so super good to do at the same time I am at home waiting for the baby;=)

I find it hard to not work or do anything and the last time I had my son, I studied maths, also via internet. It felt good to focus on something and feel at "use".

My best friends grandfather studied a doctors grade when he was 70 years old, so studying is something we are never to old to do. My mother have a dream of going to England and study english when she retires and I think its a good thing to keep the brain working.

Is anyone of you also studying at the moment? If so, what do you study and what do you want to work with?

Enjoy the day!


Good morning all,

I know all of you, as well as me, have heard about the horrible earthquake in Chile. They say that the first quake measured 8,8 on the Richter schale and that after that quake, Chile has had up against 200 after quakes!! It´s frightening to even imagine how it must be to live in a situation like this and it feels very hard to even know what to say to comfort those who live there, but I am sure that if we all get together and send comforting hugs, it might ease up even in the smallest way and maybe show some hope...

We have a big fan club in Chile and I just want to say that I really do think of you all the time and even if I cant do so much, my thoughts and prayers are there for you all.

Strength to all of you!