Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Hi all;=)

I hope you have a great day like I have had;=)

Tonight I am going to the studio again for the project I am working on. This is a project with two songwriters, Fredrik Bergh (Street talk, Bloodbound) and Martijn Spierenburg (Within Temptation). Great guys and songwriters and its an honour for me to record their songs;=)

What we will do with this project I will tell you more about as soon as I can of course;=)

The song I am doing at the moment is really fun to sing and tonight I will do the harmonies for it.

Enjoy the evening!

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Studio day;=)

Hi all,

I hope the spring is kind to you with sun and nice warm winds;=) Here it is a great sunny day but I wont have the time to enjoy it since I am going to Niclas to record some material for a coming project. I hope the belly and my little baby inside will not be to heavy on my breathing;=)

Enjoy your day now!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The fourth kind

Good evening;=)

Tonight we saw a dvd movie, "The fourth kind" starring Milla Jovovich. It was good but of course the story is hard to belive and now I am sitting here thinking: hmmm...could that be true?

Has anyone else seen it and if so: what do YOU believe?? Truth or fake?

Sleep well!

Monday, 12 April 2010


Hi all,

for those who are interested, the answers to the last months Nightmail are now up on our website, you find it here


Saturday, 10 April 2010

Poland in mourning

If you havent heard or read about it, a terrible tragedy happened today...

The polish goverment plane with Polands president and many top politicians crashed in Russia earlier today. 97 were on board and noone survived...

I send my condolences and thoughts to everyone in Poland.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Be careful...

Good evening and happy friday everyone;=)

Yesterday I got a letter from my bank. They wrote that they had blocked my VISA card because there were someone who had tried to use it and that one was not me...

I felt so creepy and I called them today. They said that someone in the US!! had tried to buy things in K-mart and 3 other stores with my card number.... And I was like: What???

First of all: how could someone in the US get my number? I am very careful with internet shopping and only use secure sites. It could of course have happened in Thailand cause my chip in the card got useless after one time shopping there. But I guess I will never know..

So, be careful with your cards... they can be sceemed and used by others.

Enjoy your evening;=)

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Hi all,

Hope your easter have been nice and cosy:=)

I havent written here so much and I wont do that so much forward either. There´s not so much happening at the moment with my music and in my life, more than awaiting the baby. Since I feel that that is something I dont want to have in the tabloids etc I dont wanna write so much about that either.

When and where something happens that I feel like writing about, I will do so. But if the blog is a bit quiet now you all know. I am just fine and happy but dont have any writing urge for the moment.

Stay healthy and happy and enjoy the spring!

Saturday, 3 April 2010

It´s all about the family...

Good morning!

Easter is for me all about family. We try and meet up with the loved ones we cannot see that often and I like that. Yesterday we had my bf´s sister and family here all day and we had a nice dinner, cake and just being together. A super nice friday;=)

And then today, me, my son, my mum and her husband are going to see my mothers cousin who paints paintings and have an art exhibition this weekend. Maybe I´ll buy something nice;=)

So I wish for all of you to have a nice saturday and enjoy easter and all the goodies it brings;=)

To Steff

Hi Steff,

Your package is surely at my managements office cause they had received some packages. They dont post them all the time, but many of them in a big package now and then so I am sure I will get it soon enough. Thanks for your time and effort;=)

Enjoy your day and hope the sun shines on you!

Friday, 2 April 2010

Bucket list

Hi all;=)

Tonight we saw a movie on dvd that was really nice - The bucket list. Starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.

I really enjoyed it and even if it was a sad story it was still so nice to be able to laugh about death and being ill. I got a very nice feeling from it and I can recommend it to you all.


Hi all;=)

And for those of you who asked me yesterday if it´s true that Marco are leaving the band to start choir singing (hihi), the answer is of course no;=)

April fools day again, my dears...

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Busy day

Hi all and happy easter!

Today I have been running around making errands, including fixing easter eggs for my son and loved ones. Its fun but I had some difficulties finding the things for my sons egg, but after lots of chasing I got it. Puh!

Then home and off to the ice hall cause today it was the ice hockey season finals and that meant that the younger kids were gonna play 20 min matches against the teams A-team. Big and special night for the kids and my son was soo happy afterwards. He got a price too and that was really fun.

I guess you all know that its also april 1 today, which is the april fools day and I havent been fooled all day but I am sure some have been;=)

Sleep well now and enjoy the first day of easter!