Sunday, 30 May 2010

Congrats Lena and Germany;:=)

It was a super good final of the ESC yesterday and I must say I had many favourites;=) I loved Turkey. Georgia, Germany, Denmark, Greece, Portugal, Azerbaijan and some more...

But BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Germany and to Lena!! Really special voice and even if the song was a bit repeating I thought her charm and voice made it just shine up the whole arena and Europe. I also am happy that a "modern" song won and all the highest places were modern and not so much old-school.

And Turkey is always so good and creative and do something special, so even this year:=)

Sweden didnt make it and actually after seeing yesterdays songs, it was totally understandable. The competition this year was hard and there were so many good songs to choose from. Better luck next year maybe;=)

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Second ESC semifinal;=)

Ok, so tonight I have watched the second semi final of Eurovision song contest where it was time to vote for the 10 next finalists to compete this saturday in the finals.

The songs and artists I liked tonight were:

Denmark - Swedish songwriters and it is a really good ABBA vibe in it. A winner maybe??

Sweden - well, its a super song and I just love her innocence and her special voice;=) Wow, I am so proud of her! You go girl!!

Ukraine - WOW!!! I always love Ukraines songs and artists and once again I am blown away by this! What a voice and her feeling is just amazing. Super duper good and the song is intense;=) 12 points from me to you!

Romania - Catchy song and good singers and I like the pianos in plexi;=) Only minus was the "opera" screaming part...

Georgia - I really like her voice and the song is really good too. I think she does a super job both singing so good and moving around and getting lifted. Very very good;=)

Turkey - I have always loved Turkeys songs in the ESC and this is also good, even if its not the best one from Turkey. But nice with another music style than the rest of the competition;=)

So let´s see if I have any songs that will go on...;=)

Facebook etc...

Good evening;=)

I have written it before but I still get questions about this now and then, so Alisa and everyone else wondering about if me or any in Nightwish has Facebook etc:

No, we don´t if it´s not stated officially in our Nightwish website. For example, I have someone claiming to be me in facebook but it is not me. My space is the same etc... and the same with the Facebook page that has now occured claiming to be Tuomas - it is not his site.

So if you wonder about if it´s us, please check NWs website and the links we have there. Those are the only sites that are approved and official by us.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

ESC first semi final;=)

Good evening,

Sitting watching the first semi final of this years Eurovision song contest and the songs and performances I liked are:

Estonia - Really cool song and gives me a vibe of Anathema which I love to listen to.

Finland - So finnish and I just love it;=)

Greece - OPA! Can I say more than that I just wanna go to Greece and dance now;=)

Iceland - Great voice;=)

Portugal - Such a lovely girl with a wonderful voice and an amazing dress!

Those were my favourites for this evening, let´s see which songs will go to the finals. My country cant vote tonight so I cant do anything about the results...

Enjoy your evening!

Monday, 24 May 2010

Congrats Czech Republic;=) (corrected and fixed, sorry for the wrong spelling;=)

So, I have been following the ice hockey world championships and yesterday I saw the finals between Tzech and Russia and it was a great game and here comes my congrats:

BIG congratulations to Czech repbublic winning the GOLD!!! Hurray;=)

Congratulations to Russia for an honourable SILVER!

And congratulations to my own country, Sweden, for the BRONZE! good job, guys;=)

Friday, 21 May 2010

Cat visit;=)

Hi all and thanks so much for the anniversary greetings;=) Nice to see that so many still are here reading even since I dont write every day. Thanks for that!

This weekend we have a little cat visit at home. My mums little birma cat Signe is living here for 4 days when they are on vacation in Denmark. Our cats are behaving really good towards her and since she usually is alone she is happy having some friends to play with:=) I guess mum needs to get another little birma cat so she can have some company. Being indoor cats, I believe it is more necessary to have a playmate than if they are outdoor cats. So let´s see if mum takes another one;=)

Here you have Busan to the right (our cat) and Signe to the left (mums cat):

And Stjärnan, our beautiful Maine coon;=)

Thursday, 20 May 2010

1 year anniversary;=)

Hi all;=)

Today it is one year since I started this blog;=) Time moves fast and I want to thank you all for being here with me all that time.

Happy birthday, dear blog!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Summer is here...

So, summer is here even if we, down in the south of Sweden, havent had as warm weather yet as the rest of Sweden. But still, it is summer;=)

Since I love being in the nature and I love barbecues, we headed out in the forest yesterday and threw frisbee and ate sausages. Can it be better?;=)

Enjoy your day!

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Pouring down...

Oh my, the weather here today is not the best;=( its just pouring down rain and that means indoor activities. My son is away playing soccer so while he does that I need to go and buy a new vacuum cleaner. Boring when those things break down but with 3 indoor cats I can tell you I clean here every second day so a good cleaner is needed...

Have anyone tried or have a robot vacuum cleaner? I am a bit into getting one of those if it works quite well so if anyone have tried one I would be grateful for tips on it;=)

The weather makes me feel that I need a pair of new rubber boots to use in the boring weather and I have found the perfect, rocky and just me;=)

Enjoy your weekend;=)

Friday, 14 May 2010

In the 80s;=)

Hi all,

Hope your friday is treatening you fine!

Today I want to share some of the music I listened to in my teenage years, that is in the 80s;=) Old but soooo sweet times and all the disco´s I went too;=)

Sandra with Maria Magdalena:

Bryan Adams with Heaven:

Def Lepard with Hysteria:

Michael Cretu with Samuraj:

Monday, 10 May 2010


Good morning all;=)

And thanks so much for all the nice b-day greetings to my mum;=)

Hope your weekend was good, as mine was. My mum´s birthday was celebrated with lots of children and family and we had a very nice time together. My mum got nice gifts and from me, she got a hair cut at a nice salon since she wants a new hair style.

I am going to the hair dresser myself now to cut the split ends. I was gonna colour it but I cant decide what to do at the moment so I will wait some more and then decide.

Enjoy your day and once more; thanks for the greetings to my mum;=)

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Happy birthday mum!

Today it´s my mums birthday;=)

My mum is a fighter and I am so proud of her. Strength and honour, mum;=)

Lots of love!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

More music;=)

Thanks for all your music tips;=) I love it so keep it up!

I will of course do my share for you guys too and give you some more music;=)

First an "old" band that I listened to in the 80s, Treat, that just released a new really good album. Here is a great song - "Skies of Mongolia":

Then a total different style, an Idols guy I guess you have heard about alreaady, Adam Lambert. Love this song - "What do you want from me":

And then Ben Moody from the early Evanescence have started up the band We are the fallen and I must say I dont like the first single, Burn me alive, cause it just sounds like they try and copy Amy Lee to much, but the second single, "Without you" are so so much better;=)

And then a great song from Slipknot - Snuff. So soft and beautiful;=)

Now enjoy your day and fill it with music;=)

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

New music I like;=)

Hi all,

At the moment I am in the "listening to music-mood" and every single day I put on itunes and just enjoy. A new song they play a lot here in Sweden now is a great one. Melodic rock which I just love;=)

The band is called Broken Door and the song is Angel - Enjoy!