Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Tuska festival

Hi all,

This weekend its time for Helsinkis big metal festival, TUSKA again and I wish I could be there. But since I am so late in the pregnancy I dont want to risk anything and have to stay at home this time. But for those of you living close by I can recommend it.

Marco and Tarot are gonna play in the main stage on friday and I know it will be something special.

Also my dear Pain are playing the same day and also they have some special things for you;=)

So if you go, enjoy and take lots of photos so I can see the action even not being there;=)

Monday, 28 June 2010


Hi all,

I so hope you, as me, have a wonderful summer with lots of sun and swimming;=) I have been lying by the pool all day and now I have so beautiful freckles in the face, just like my favourite girl, Pippi Longstocking;=)

My son were in the pool all day and he was so tired when we got home and when we said we will lie by the pool tomorrow too, he said: AGAIN?? He he...;=)

Kids of today.... when I grew up I lived in the lake all summer and my father had to drag me up in the evenings since I refused to go up. My lips had turned blue and I were shaking from cold but no way I wanted to get up;=) I still love to be in the water if its hot enough;=)

I wish you all a nice evening!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Pool day...

Finally, the summer seems to be here for real. I have longed and longed to lie by the pool and today was finally the premiere day:=) It was great to "air" the baby belly and we have been lying in the sun all day.

Now I am, as every day, sitting by the TV watching FIFA world championship;=)

Enjoy your day!

Happy birthday dear Emppu - our guitar hero;=)

Today its Emppus birthday!

Hip hip horray from me and my family to you;=)

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Jukkas baby:=)

So, I havent said anything about Jukka having a baby too but now when she is out and the news are public I want to congratulate Jukka and his wife to the new little one;=) And the day after my birthday, it will be a great little girlie there;=)

Two new babies in the NW family and its so fun! Now I long for my little one even more;=)

I also want to thank for all the b-day greetings, so sweet of you! I went to Copenhagen for a little b-day holiday and when coming home the inbox of the blog was full...very very nice to come home too;=) Thanks!!

Enjoy your day now!

Monday, 21 June 2010

Happy birthday to me;=)

Good morning!

Today I get to be 39 years and wow, time flies;=)

I also want to congratulate my big brother who also have his birthday today!

And of course a happy birthday to everyone else in the world who celebrates his or her birthday today like me and my brother;=)

Hip Hip Horray!!!

Enjoy your day everyone!

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Wedding day;=)

(photos borrowed from
So now our beautiful Crown princess Victoria has gotten her Daniel and from now on, he is Prince Daniel;=)

The wedding ceremony was so touching and I cried as always in weddings. Especially when Daniel cried some tears after the rings were put on. Touching and they really seem to love each other so much;=)

My evening continues watching the celebration with the dinner etc and today its a day full of love;=)

Friday, 18 June 2010

Royal wedding;=)

Good evening,=)

Sitting watching TV cause tomorrow our crown princess Victoria and her Daniel are getting married and our TV and Sweden are only full of the wedding and its different dinners and concerts. Tonight they are just about to start a big concert for the couple and rumours say that Roxette will perform;=) Great that they are back again!

Here´s a photo of Victoria and Daniel on the red carpet tonight.

(photo borrowed from
Tomorrow the wedding is at 15.30 and if you want, you can see and follow the wedding shows from this site:

Enjoy your evening!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Schools out!

Today it was time for my son to do the last day in school for this semester. Now it´s 10 weeks of summer break and the kids were so happy singing and just running home to be free;=)

I loved summer breaks when I was a kid and just to feel that I could sleep as long as I wanted, swim every day, play with my friends and just be, that was the high-light of the whole year.

So let´s celebrate the kids and their school break with some Alice Cooper and the Muppets;=) Enjoy!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Address again...

After questions about an address to send me stuff, here we go again;

Anette Olzon
Kyrkogatan 31
411 08 Göteborg

When you are a cat...

there are days that aren´t going so very good;=)

- sitting in the window at 5 in the morning, tail hits mums favourite flower vase -bom! Hits the floor and ends in many pieces. Sorry;=(

- Lying on top of the armchair, sleep so deep - bom! Falls down to the floor by accident... autch! No fun awakening there...;=(

Today it´s hard to be my cat Stjärnan, I guess sunday the 13th for her means "unlucky day";=) To make her feel better and all of us, here´s some music - Kari Rueslåtten with When lillies bloom on winter days. Enjoy!!

Saturday, 12 June 2010

A new game

Hi all,

Hope your week have been nice;=) Here it´s just been raining and raining and it feels like this summer will be a grey one;=( So what to do? Well, buying a new PS3 game were one thing;=)

And it is a great game - Sonic & Sega all stars racing

Great game and a lot like Mario cart which we already love. Yesterday evening we all played and we had lots of fun! So I can recommend this for all of you;=)

Monday, 7 June 2010


Hi all,

Hope you all are doing just fine;=)

Just wanted to say to those who have sent me packages and letters that I will get all of them in the coming days, so they are on their way to my home now;=)

Enjoy your evening!

Friday, 4 June 2010

Peter "Pain" 40 years!

Oh, I so forgot yesterday to put in a post to celebrate Peter Tägtgren in Pains 40th birthday, but here we go!

Peter, just home from a long tour with Hypocrisy in the States, got 40 years of young age yesterday and I want to send him all my happy b-day wishes and hope he had a really super nice day;=)

I have worked with Peter and also been on tour with him and he is such a nice and professional person. Working with him in the studio was a thrill and he is fast and really knows what he is doing. I also loved the way he mixed my voice. Tack kära Peter!

To celebrate Peter, let´s listen to some of his music:
Follow me;=)

Shut your mouth;=)

End of the line;=)

On and on;=)

Just hate me;=)

And one of my absolute favourites - Bye/Die:

Hypocrisy - Eraser;=)

Hypocrisy - Scrutinized;=)

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Finally some sun!

Here in Sweden its been so warm and summery weather in every area except where I live for a long time. We have had rain and rain and grey and rain...and cold;=(

But today I woke up and the sun is just shining so nicely from a blue sky;=) finally!! Summer might be late but hopefully "she" is here now;=)

Since I get some questions now and then, here are some answers to them:

About the project with Fredrik and Martijn (Within temptation) its going forward and I have recorded one song that is with Martijn for mixing at the moment and I look forward to hear it soon. The project album is also discussed with record labels at the moment and as soon as we know more I promise to tell you who more will be involved etc.

To those who ask about Nightwish, the plans are as I have told before: Tuomas demo is finished and ready. In july-september we go and rehearse the songs together and do a final demo. Then the recordings start and my part will be recorded early next spring. So everything is going just according to the plans and its exciting times ahead;=)

The anti-mocking song I recorded together with the swedish metal elite last autumn is mastered and ready and will as the plan is now, be released as a single in august.

On a more personal level: me and the baby is doing just fine. The baby is growing according to the curve and lying with the buttom down at the moment. My belly is not super big but it has grown quite fast the last weeks. We are awaiting our newest member in the summer and its exciting to be a mum again;=)

Now, coffee time! Enjoy your day everyone!