Thursday, 30 September 2010

Autumn photos

Yesterday I took a long walk as I always do and I took some photos in the lovely weather for you.


Tuesday, 28 September 2010


Yesterday I had a journalist here for some hours doing a longer interview. It was nice and the result will hopefully be nice. I will let you know when it´ll be out for you to read in some months from now.

I have bought the new Linkin Park album and its a bit different from the last album so I need to listen some more before I can say if I like it as much or less. But the first song is good - Burning in the skies. Here you can listen to it:

(video borrowed from

Now its time for a long walk in the sunny, but cold weather. Its only 8 degrees today so I need to buckle up both me and my baby...brrr;=)
Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Fixing days

The fixing days in my home is continuing. We have painted over the black and striped wall in the living room and now the walls are all white again. The colourful days are over and now its time for softer colours.
Since it´s autumn I feel like doing some changes and the easiest ways to do that are to exchange the pillows, the lamps and smaller things. Bought new lamps from IKEA for the windows in the living room. Pillows from Artwood and Day.

Here´s the window and my living room in the early morning. Love candles now when its darker outside;=)

We also painted a home-built desk for my older son where he can sit and do his homework. We used stuff from when we changed the kitchen and it worked really well. To sit on, we bought him this chair.

I always try and re-do things and for the baby we also built a closet of our old TV-closet. Mum made the curtains for it and now it´s perfect for his clothes. Here it is open and then I just slid the curtains to close it.

The bear on top is a gift from fans:=)

Got this cute dog from a girl in Finland and she sits in my baby´s window now;=)

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Back home again and a diary;=)

Hi all!

Yesterday evening we finally came back home and as you know, home is always best;=) I loved being away but sleeping in my own bed is for sure the very, very best!

If you havent seen the NW site, I have written the last camp diary there. Click here to go there and read it;=)

The week in Finland was so nice and I am really thrilled over the demo and the album. So fun to sing it and as usual a great time with Tuomas and Tero in the recording studio.

Taking the baby and working there worked really well. Johan just called me when it was time to feed him and I went over and then back to the studio. Since we recorded 3 songs a day we only worked around 5 hours per day which was enough.

This week we are gonna do some painting in our living room, I´ll take nice long walks in the autumn weather, meet friends and start planning the little ones baptising which shall be done in appr 1,5 month.;=)

I hope your day will be wonderful!

Friday, 10 September 2010

Sweden united

So, today the secret project against mocking has been revealed in the swedish magazine Aftonbladet. They are also the first ones to publish the song. The article is in swedish but the song in english so click here to go to the site.

Attn: the song was only streamable yesterday and then the actual release is Oct 11.

Evening views

Good morning!

Took some beautiful evening photos yesterday evening here and wanted to share them with you;=)

Tuesday, 7 September 2010


Yesterday evening we finally entered the NW camp which nowadays only includes Tuomas, Tero and the three of us. This week we´ll do the vocal recordings of the demo and today we have taken it easy. I have just practised the songs by myself, resting after the long trip and now this evening everyone is sitting here chilling. Playing games, surfing the net and watching TV. Easy and relaxed;=)

Tomorrow morning we start with the first song and it has lots of lyrics so let´s see if I get it together nicely;=)

Enjoy your evening and good night from the woods!