Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Glögg evening;=)

Good evening!

Tonight we have been at some friends home to have a little "glögg" party. Glögg is a x-mas drink a bit similar to the german glüewein and you can read more about these drinks here in wikipedia. But we also have alcohol free glögg and I drank that. I like that more than the wine glögg. Tried a new glögg with orange taste, so good;=)

To the glögg we ate ginger bread cookies and saffron buns. Also so good;=)

And today it´s Nemos "4 months birthday" and he tried some banana and liked it. First he was very sceptical but after a while he took the whole banana and tried to stuff it in with the shell and all;=)

We walked to our friends in the really cold weather and it´s not so bad as long as we have warm and protective clothes. But the wind is a bit hard on the chin and cheeks. It felt like being in the alps and that´s weird since we live so far south in Sweden. Very unusual to have such hard winters as we have had the last year and now. Weather climate seem to be changing for sure...

Now time to sleep! Have a good night and sweet dreams everyone;=)

-10 degrees!

Ok, morning is here and ta-daa - it´s today the coldest day in a long time, we have -10 degrees outside...brrr... and a clear blue sky so I guess it will feel like it´s even colder. So when we´re going out we need to take big and warm clothes on!

Now - time for a run on the thread mill;=)

Enjoy the day!

Monday, 29 November 2010

Bumbo chair

We went to the baby store today on the lookout for a little chair to Nemo, who really want to sit nowadays, but he needs help to sit of course and we found a really good thing called Bumbo. It´s perfect for him and he cant fall and hit his head and he also can have his toys at the attachable table. He liked it and I think this will be a hit;=) We got it in blue and here it is from the american web site if you want to read more about it. It looks so weird but it really is good. I remember when Seth was small and I tried to make him not fall by using lots of pillows. He fell and fell and I finally got him a soft helmet to wear to protect his tiny head.

If I had this back then I wouldnt have needed that. 9 years make a lot of difference in development of things, I can see that in so many things for babies from 2001 when Seth was born and then today when going to get things for Nemo. Great that it goes forward;=)

My days

Good evening everyone;=)
Yesterday the advent celebration was nice but due to me having a migraine, I just walked a fast little tour checking things out, so didnt stop to take more than two photos for you. Lots of people out as usual.

Here´s my new candle light holder I got for advent. It has of course stars on it;=)

Today we had planned to go to Copenhagen and the x-mas celebration they have there in Tivoli and at the same time do some x-mas gift shopping, but the weather is so cold here, more than -7 degrees and windy, so it´s no fun to walk for a day in those conditions. So we stayed at home and we hope we can go in 2 weeks instead.

So we have been in our big mall, Väla, today and done some x-mas shopping and when we came there, our piercing studio here in the city had also opened a shop out there. Great, I thought, and exchanged one of my eyebrow piercings with a new shorter one instead of my healing stick. Found a cool one with dices in both ends and it looks really good.

When we were in Las Vegas with NW, I did my arm tattoo there and when I sat doing that a girl came in and pierced her upper ear with a tiny ring. Ever since that I have felt I wanted one just like that so today I felt it was time for my new piercing. But the piercing guy recommended me to do a "rod or stick" the first weeks so it heals better and I followed his advice. A ring can ache more and also make it harder to heal, so now I have a tiny rod for 6-8 weeks. I like it;=)

I also want to say thanks to everyone who helped me with my search for the Rika cardigan with stars on. Thanks to you, I found it at Sara Clausin in Stockholm and they were so kind to send it to me and today I got it! And it was for sure a wonderful cardigan that I will wear every day now;=) Cosy and cool at the same time!

And for those who have followed the blog, might remember I have been on the look out for a cross ring. Today I found a ring almost like that so I got it. It´s from Efva Attling and it´s thick and really nice on. Efva has so wonderful jewelleries so if you havent seen her work, check it out.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Advent sunday

Good morning!

Today it´s the first Advent sunday and it will be open in the city, lights candled, santa´s and other things happening so me and Nemo are heading out a little later. It´s really cold, -5 degrees, and since Helsingborg is a city by the ocean it feels much colder so I need to take lots of clothes on. But it´s sun and that really is needed for the winter darkness.

It´s also today that we are putting up our advent lamps in the windows and our advent lights that we lit one candle every sunday until x-mas. 4 candles in total. So I need to go buy some white candles and put up the lamps.

Do you have this kinda tradition in your country?

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Love these!

I just love the stockings on this girl I found a couple of days ago. Havent had time to put it in here, but now before I pass out I do it;=)

snow storm

Hi there!
Sorry for my absence but Nemo is in a growth period and have had some bad days and I have been totally tired so didnt have any energy to blog.

Today we have just been sleeping on and off, the lost night sleeps are showed in both of us and I was planning to take a walk now but it started to be a snow storm so we´ll stay inside and watch The Hills and rest all day. Those days are well needed so I will just enjoy it.

Have a wonderful saturday all of you!


So I read the news about Sharon and Robert in Within Temptation expecting their 3rd child and I want to congratulate them and wish them all the best for the pregnancy and the coming child. Children are a blessing and now they soon have been blessed with 3;=)

Thursday, 25 November 2010


Woke up to a very snowy morning again... it seems like it will snow every day now;=)

Started out with listening to a song I have recorded for Niclas (Alyson avenue) as a tribute for a very loved special person in his life. The song is called Angel and we´ll see how we will get it out but I will tell you when I know. A very slow ballad without drums, bass or anything. Just accoustic guitars and keyboards and my voice. It´s all about the lyrics so then that is just enough.

Now I´ll start exercising. Missed out yesterday so feel that I need to do it today. I am very tired and low on energy at the moment, maybe the weather, but exercising always works to get some energy going;=)
Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Silent night

It´s oh so quiet...schhh...schhh.... it´s oh so still...

Well, Björks song is suitable right now, cause both my little children are sleeping so quietly. One with Liverpool sheets around him and the other with Moomin sheets around him. One in his own bed and the other one in our bed. That´s the differences between 9 year old and soon to be 4 months;=)

So now when it´s quiet I will attend to record some melody for a new song I made today when I took a bath in the morning. It´s something about me and getting song ideas, but it happens most of the time in the bathtub. And this morning one more came to me. A song that I hope I can get to sound good enough to maybe be on my album. We´ll see;=)

While I do that, you can enjoy Björk and her great song;=)
Sleep well!

(video borrowed from youtube.com)

Winter white

Woke up to a white Sweden;=) Lovely! And they say the snow and cold are gonna continue on now. So now it´s time to buy winter tires for our pram so I still can take walks outside.

We slept better this night and for that I am thankful. There´s nothing worse than lack of sleep. I loose my energy and I hate that.

And an album update:
Just heard from Emppu that he has recorded his rhytm guitars so now it´s time for Marco to start recording. Great, on we go!

Now: exercising time!
Have a great wednesday;=)

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Hungry day

Hi everyone!

Today I have been so tired all day, feeling like a ghost, because Nemo kept me awake almost all night. He wanted to eat all the time and then today he´s been cranky and hungry too. I guess it´s a growing period at the moment. I got a small nap a while ago and every little minute counts;=)

It´s been a really bad day when it comes to the weather here so we have just been inside. It´s been cold, 1 degree, heavy wind and mixed rain/snow all day. I must say I long to go somewhere warm this winter too, like Thailand last year, but with a small baby it´s to far. So I sit and watch the photos and remember how wonderful it was lying by the ocean in 40 degrees heat;=) If you havent visited Thailand I can surely recommend it! Paradise for sure. We were in Aonang and it was perfect!

Winners Escapist site competition

Carol have announced the winners in the Escapist competition!

Go there now!

And congratulations from me;=)

Monday, 22 November 2010


Ok, some more answers:

Do you ever visit Copenhagen or anywhere else in Denmark, as it's your neighbour-country? If so, where? :b
- Oh yes, I do go to Copenhagen very often. I will go there next week for instance;=) And when I was around 17-20 I took singing lessons in Helsingör and Copenhagen. We also played with Nightwish both in Copenhagen and in Skanderborg festival in the DPP tour.

Have you ever met someone who went straight up to you, and was directly mean to you?
- If you mean since I joined NW? No, I haven´t.

Do you have a Twitter?
- No, I dont. And no facebook, no myspace either.

As a teacher, I am wondering if Nemo is raised with 2 languages, because you speak Swedish, and your bf Finnish?
- We speak swedish both of us, but when he meets Johans parents they speak finnish with him. I dont know if he will talk both languages or not, but if he learns finnish its of course good to have two languages in the future.

Have you done a special diet after Nemo´s birth? because on the picture, it looks like you are thiner than ever!
- I dont follow any specific diet, just try to not eat so much sugar and bad carbs. I run on the tread mill and cross trainer 3-4 times a week. I also took long walks the whole pregnancy and still do so that helps.

And finally I would like to know if you have a tip to face winter in Sweden?hehe
- Yeah, the winter isnt fun here;=( use UGG boots to keep the feet warm; a warm and cosy long coat or fur; a nice cup of green tea with milk and honey after being in the cold and if possible - take a sauna now and then;=)

-How do you look at the next NWalbum right now?
- I am exited and just wishing for march to come so I can do my vocals again;=) It´s so fun! And to listen to the whole thing after all the instruments are recorded, mixed and mastered. To see the album cover and hold the album in my hand for the first time. As with DPP I know it will be amazing;=)

-Did you get our card for the birth of Nemo? It's a card from: Wish Upon A Star - Nightwish Belgium. It's with a drawn picture on the front of you and your baby.
And if so, did you like it? :-)
- yes, I have! Thanks so very very much;=) So sweet of you. I am gonna take a photo of all the cards and gifts and put out here, just havent had the time to do so yet.

-Do you have any idea when NW is going to tour again. There is actually a rumour that NW will play on Metal Female Voices Fest in Belgium next year. But that festival is already in october.. It's oké if you can't say anything about it. Then we will have to wait :-)
- No, I don´t know when we´ll start touring since nothing is planned yet. We dont have any gigs booked so that rumour is a false one.

-Are you looking forward to tour again or is it something you look at with mixed feelings (like having to leave your family and home for a while)?
- Yeah, it´s a mixed feeling. I do love to go and play with the boys and meet the fans and see all the different areas of the world. But I really hate leaving my family and friends for so long. I cant even describe how my heart aches when I need to say goodbye and know I will be far far away from them. Luckily there are some things to help us interact, such as Skype, so we can see each other and talk to each other even when I am in Asia or the US.

-I thought you started to study something a few months ago. Is that correct or am I imagining things? If yes, how is that going and do you still have time to focus on it?
- Hmm...I must admit I havent had the time or focus to do it as I should;=( Things just came in between (the pregnancy and birth) and now my time goes to take care of Nemo and Seth. But I will start and do it for sure!

So, yesterady I watched 'The Pianist" and I want to ask you: have you ever been in Oświęcim? I've heard some rumors that in 2008 when NW where in Cracow, you also visit Oświęcim, is it true?
- The guys went there but I didnt.

I know Nightwish came to Switzerland a few times... Unfortunately I never saw Nightwish in live... So, what do you think about Switzerland ? Was it great or nothing special ?
- Oh yes, it has been so special! The gigs have been amazing with the biggest crowds for us in Europe. And I just love that we played in a festival up in the alps so that we could go up and walk there. I must say that Switzerland is so beautiful that I could move there;=)

Can you understand and speak fluent Finnish ? Or do you speak with the guys in "Finnenglish" ?
- No, I dont speak finnish at all, so we speak english all the time.

1. Are you religiuos in any way?
- Yes, I am a christian.

2. What do you think about a relationship between a girl who is e.g. 19 years younger than her boyfriend? In your opinion, does age matter in a relationship?
- I dont think age is important if you love each other, so 19 years between can work just fine.

3. How do you think, is there life after a death?
- I really do hope so. I wish for a paradise where I can meet my loved and lost ones after I am gone from the earth. But since noone knows what happens after we are gone, we just have to wait and see until we are there.

4. Did you hear Tarja solo album? If you did, what do you think about it?
- I have her first solo album and listen to it now and then and I like it. Her own song she wrote are just so beautiful.

5. What is your shoe number? (I know, it's a stupid question, but I'm always curious about it.. :p)
- I have 38 or 39 depending on the shoes. I have quite wide feet so if it´s a very narrow shoe I need a bigger size.

6. How tall are you? (you are lower than Tuomas and higher than Emppu and I was just wondering.. :p)
- I am 1,69 m.

And the last one.. Do you think is it possible to love a person which you never met? Like you just read what this person wrote (e.g. poems, songs etc.) and fell that he or she is just like you, your soulmate.
- I dont know. I have never been that myself so hard to answer, but I am sure that is possible.

New couch;=)

We bought a couch today and we will get it after dec 15 so perfect timing for x-mas!

We didnt take any of the ones I showed you but one that is quite similar to the first one you saw.

Here it is

So happy to finally having decided on this cause I have had difficulties. Now I´ll sell the one I have had before and then - a new living room;=)

I also found some lamps to the living room I will get later on.
This for above our dining table:

And this for above the new couch:

All the things are from Mio furniture.


Well, hello monday;=)

Another week again. Time flies!

Yesterday evening I cut Seths hair and it was so fun to pick up the scissors again. I havent been cutting any hair since I started in NW so some years now, but I surely miss it. Being a hair dresser is a creative job, just as being a singer and I love to feel the hair in my hands and sculpt the hair with all the little twists and turns our hair have;=)

Seth got so happy to have a cool haircut and he woke up feeling cool this morning going to school to show it off. It´s a good haircut cause he can fix it himself with a little wax in it. That´s how a good haircut should be, simple to fix!

Today we are going out to buy a new couch and we want a big one that are cosy and where we all can sit together as a family for x-mas. One that we have found is this one:

Looks big and I can change the pillows into different colours to change between the different seasons. But we need to sit and try it to see if it cosy or not.

Otherwise we´ll check out IKEA and these white ones that also look cosy but not as big:

Nemo is so full of life and his favourite things to play with right now is this soft chewing book. He sits in his babysitter, watching playhouse disney and eat and play with it. Laughing and talking all the time;=)

Ok, coffee and then the tread mill! Enjoy your monday!

Sunday, 21 November 2010


Good evening;=)

Today it´s been raining here so the day had to be an indoor day and what to do then? Well, me and Seth made some muffins but changed the recipe so it was an experiment;=)

They turned out quite good but I will modify them next time and then I´ll see if its perfect and give you the complete recipe.

Seth decorated them with little djungel figures and chocolate hearts. We divided the paste in two and put white chocolate in one and milk chocolate in the others. Instead of regular sugar I took fruit sugar that are told to be "better" and also took half the wheat amount and changed to graham flour. Cute, aren´t they?;=)

Sleep well!

Jay again

Well, I have forgotten to put out the song Jay in our Idols performed last friday so here it comes! I must say: wow! This is the best song he has done this whole competition and I cant see that he wont win;=)


Sunday answers

Good morning!

Let´s start it with some answers to your questions again;

I do have a question for you. Im planning take my girlfriend on a surprise trip to Sweden and I want to know if Helsingborg is a good place to go. I looked at the pictures you've posted and it looks so beautiful! It seems like a good place for me and girlfriend to visit.
Any info you can give me will be greatly appreciated :D
- Oh I think Helsingborg is a lovely place to go and very romantic too;=) But I would go here in the spring or summer when the trees and flowers are green and colourful, the wind isn´t to hard on you and the people are out strolling the streets. If you come here there are many nice places to visit, here´s the link to our city.

Would you like to sing a cover of a Within Temptation or Epica's song? If yes, which songs would you sing?
- I havent listened to Epica so much so I dont know their songs, but WT has many nice songs. I love What have you done, Stand my ground and Our farewell, so maybe one of those;=)

Do you have some news about "The Heart Asks Pleasure First"? Can the band release it?
- No, there are no planned release of it as I know about, but maybe it can be some bonus song for albums to come. I do believe we have the permission so I am sure it will be released at some point but when and where I do not know.

Now - morning coffee;=) Enjoy your day!

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Tired little ones

Good evening;=)

Sitting here in front of Harry Potter, the first one, that are on TV tonight. My eyes are so tired and I can feel that it was a long night, early morning and lots of fun during the day. Dear Nemo has fallen asleep, Seth are watching TV in his room and I must say it would suit me fine to go to bed now too;=) but I will try and keep my eyes open until 22 before I can say nighty night for today...

So, from me to you: a good night and sleep really tight...

Early saturday

Yesterday Nemo didnt sleep almost anything in the day, so he fell asleep early. Thought he´d sleep really well this night but no, constantly waking up to eat and wanted to go up already at 5... got him to lie there for a while longer but then we felt we could go up cause he was all "talky and happy" mode;=)

So an early saturday and even if I am very tired, there´s a nice feeling sitting here in the early morning before the day starts. It´s still quite dark outside and a little bit of snow are lying on the ground. It almost felt like christmas yesterday when the snow fell down on us. I cant believe it´s soon another christmas and a new year again? Time for sure passes so fast! And again time for x-mas gift shopping.

I found some wonderful clothes for kids at http://www.stellamccartneykids.net/En/
I would love for Seth to wear this!

And for Nemo I like this. Black is the thing!

And a cashmere blend, soft and warm.

This is super! A body for every weekday;=)

Friday, 19 November 2010

Our dear Marco - a chef?;=)

Hi all!

Well, there are things I didnt know about our dear Marco but I do know now what I will ask of him for the next tour - get him to cook me some good and decent food;=)

This is in finnish but enjoy!

(video borrowed from youtube.com)

To you all from the Phone blogg team;=)

So, I was a bit early in telling you about the phoneblogg so just to make sure there wont be any misunderstandings against me, here are some comments from the team behind the phoneblogg site. Hope you get answers to your questions from this, otherwise please send them an email.

Thank you Poochie for your post about Anette Olzon Central. You are now linked on our website. Unfortunately, we are just uploading the ip-lookup on www.phoneblogg.com so please use one of our subdomains: http//uk.phoneblogg.com or http.//se.phoneblogg.com to review the site.

This will fixed in no time though, so please bear with us! You will see!
  • Yotapong, sorry if you misunderstod the service. There will hopefully be no change whatsovever of how any of the stars will publish video´s, bloggs, etc. Phoneblogg service is about WHEN it happens, INSTANTLY to your cellphones and UNIQUE/EXCLUSIVE information. Be the first to know!
  • To be able to sign up, you first have to sign in and create an account PhoneBlogg. Then you need to subscribe.
  • To subscribe you need to add an verification code. (Sorry, Océane if there is a mockup here. We wil fix that.)
  • When you have subscribed you will receive an SMS to confirm the subscription. Included is an link that will confirm if your mobilephone supports this service.
  • When you login, you can can define how many bloggs a day, a week and a month you can subscribe to. To be able to receive what is sent from any of the bloggers you subscribe to at a cost of a cup of latte a month. This is affordable, isn´t it?
  • You must agree that it is quite cool to follow backstage, in the studio and see how it really is from Anette? We sure think so!!!
  • Anette and every other one who will be on PhoneBlogg will of course support and service their fans as before! This is just an instant service to give you a better service as before! Unfortunately, it costs money to send and maintain the system why it has some costs along with it. Which Anette luckily has nothing to do with. Out of PhoneBlogg´s perspective, we just want to provide a great service from acts we love! :-)
  • Any other technical or functional aspects you think can be improved? Please mail us at admin@phoneblogg.com

To be very honest, Anette, she is a woman that takes action!!! She is a week to early to reveal this! No pressreleases, nothing has gone out yet, so please bear with us and inform us if you want anything changed!

This is gonna be awesome!!!

Take care!! PhoneBlogg Team

It´s snowing!!

Woke up to a morning with snowing outside. Not very big snowflakes, but still;=) And it´s just 0,5 degrees out so today we need the warmer jacket on.

I found some photos from last year, do you remember? We had snow here and it has been so many years since we had that much snow before so it was quite amazing. Normally here in the south of Sweden we dont get that much snow but it seems the weather climate is changing here and therefore we will have snow more and more.

Since I have lived here in the south of Sweden all my life I have never been skiing downhill but did it for the first time in 2000 and then I have done it some more but i am really bad at it. But I think it´s such fun and wish I could learn it better and better. But this year we wont go to the north for skiing. Maybe next year when Nemo are bigger.

Do you all know how to ski??

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Memory lane

Sitting here looking through my photos and I feel I want to share some with you. I must say being pregnant with Nemo was a wonderful journey and to see the photos of me, I remember how I was "glowing" from within thanks to him, even these last photos when I was full of liquid. Still feeling light and happy. The first two photos are from the delivery room;=)

And now I am glowing when he is here, all the time. Gives me such joy every day;=)

Sleep well everyone!