Friday, 31 December 2010

Last day of the year 2010

Last day of 2010 is here and we are having a relaxing new years eve here at home. Tonight we´ll just be eating a nice dinner and enjoy the end of 2010 and the new beginning of 2011;=)

I have put on some make-up and a little hair-do to make me look a bit more like party, even if I am in the relaxing mood. I am watching Sound of music on TV and I love that musical. Later on we´re gonna put on some nice movie and wait for the clock to be 12 and then we´ll open a little bottle of bubbles and enjoy the fireworks from our window. Wish each other a happy new year and together thank for the miracle we got in 2010 - NEMO;=)

I want to wish all of you, dear blog readers, the best Happy new Year there is and I know next year will be exciting for me and I hope you have the same feeling inside. 2011 will be a super year with lots of exciting things for me to do and I so look forward to what is lying ahead for me.

Lots of kisses to you all!

Thursday, 30 December 2010

I´m addicted... a new game I have in my Ipad, called Fruit Ninja. It´s very rare that I do get hooked to a game but this is so addictive that I think I need to have it in my Iphone for coming travels and tours;=)

If you have an Iphone or Ipad, try it;=) It´s fun!

To the "Londoners" out there;=)

So, we are heading to London in february and this time with little Nemo. Since I dont know any good places to grab a coffee with a baby, find good nursing rooms in the city, where to find Burberry and other nice childrens clothes etc, I ask those of you living in London or around it to give me your best tips;=)

Also, if you have any good cab company that can be pre-ordered with a baby seat to take Nemo safely to the hotel etc, that is appreciated.

So, any kinda good tips for our trip is really appreciated;=) Hit me!

More treats;=)

Today I give you some more photos from the NW camp session with Timo Isoaho. Enjoy;=)

Studio diary

So, if you havent seen it, there is a new studio report in the Nightwish homepage.

Click here to go there and read it;=)

Home after...

...a very nice dinner at our friends place;=) Got so nice food and a lot of laughter as always when being with them. A great evening;=)

I promised to show Nemos clothes from Burberry so that´s what I´ll do before going to bed and hey - it´s his 5 months day today! Time moves soooo fast!

Found a great winter jacket with a fake fur that can be taken off and I love the green colour. I have his overall I got when he was newborn but he doesnt seem to like it so I think that will be sold and now he´ll use this instead. He wore this tonight and he looked so cute. It´s a bit big cause I bought a much bigger jacket so he can grow in it.

Got a pair of matching gloves that are really warm and cosy

And as you know - I love the British flag and this sweater is just awesome. Nemo will have this in London in february;=)

Now I need to sleep, I am so tired but I hope you all will have a nice sleep;=)

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Photos from yesterday

So, here are the photos from yesterday:

Woke up at 05.00 after appr. 3 h of sleep... sooo tired but after some coffee (3 cups;=), concealer and rouge I looked a little bit fresher;=)

Had painted my nails red the day before

A fast tooth brush and away to the train that left 6.12 towards Copenhagen airport:

Outfit were white sweater, necklace and fake leather leggings from H&M, belt Gucci.

Sat on the train reading a new book from Marian Keys and listened to my Iphone.

When I arrived to the airport and had went through the security, I bought myself my favourite Danish fashion magazine - Costume.

Went through the stores and found some nice things for Nemo that I decided to buy when coming back to the airport in the afternoon.
I flew with Finnair and I love to fly with them. They are always so nice and service minded and I feel safe flying with them;=)

Arrived in Helsinki and went to Hilton hotel that are just beside the airport and met a guy who wants to produce my album;=) Sat down and talked about music, visions and listened to some new songs I have made after the demo was finalized. Decided how to go ahead now and then after appr. 2 hours I went back and checked in to my home flight. The plane was delayed so I strolled in the stores and bought a nice thing for Nemo in the Moomin shop

A little baby book for him to read;=)

I also bought some finnish sausages and mustard to Johan. He is finnish and love these sausages and mustard;=)

Sat down in the Finnair lounge for a while and ate some meatballs and relaxed before we finally, 40 minutes to late, got up in the air.

When I arrived back in Copenhagen I got into a children clothes store and got some really nice clothes for Nemo. I just love Burberry so I had to get some things there;=) A jacket and some nice knitted things. I´ll show you a bit later;=)

That was my day and I am so happy that it all went well and I came home safely! Nemo was so happy and he has been so close to me all night to see that I am still there;=) Now I wont go away for a long time so he can relax.

Ok, time for my morning exercise but I´ll post Nemos new things later. Enjoy the day!

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

I´m home...

...again after my long day travelling. I went up at 5 and came home around 19 and Nemo was very anxious to see me so he just fell asleep and I am sure I will very soon too...

But I´ll show you some photos tomorrow;=) My meeting went well and it had to do with my coming solo album and I am really looking forward soon telling you more about that!!

And hey - next time I will take the pump with me...puih! It was really horrible and painful without it. So I dont care what security thinks next time, cause it will go with me wherever I go;=)

Sleep well now and see you all tomorrow!

Monday, 27 December 2010

Early early morning...

....tomorrow. I am flying over to dear Finland for a quick meeting and I have just put my clothes and make-up ready so I can take one cup of coffee, fix my hair and basic make-up and rush off. I am a bit worried since I am leaving Nemo at home and will be away for the day but of course home before late evening. Still, I am breast-feeding him and I am a bit worried over not being able to pump during the day. Was gonna take my breast pump but I think the security will be thinking: what is this? And I dont feel like standing there explaining what it is;=) So I hope I´ll manage without it.

Sleep well and I´ll tell you more about my day tomorrow;=)

A little treat...

So dearest Timo Isoaho has been so kind to send me some more of the photos he took of me and Tuomas in the band camp in september and of course I´ll share some with you now and then. Tonight you get two of them to enjoy;=)

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Silent days and nights

This x-mas weekend has been a very relaxed and peaceful one. I enjoy that the whole family are together. I just took a nice long shower after a nice exercising session and are now sitting enjoying this movie:

It´s been snowing all day and I must say it´s quite boring with all the snowing. I love to be outdoors but it´s really not fun when the snow flies around and the pram is hard to push, so we stay inside. But let´s hope tomorrow will bring some nicer and not so snowy weather. And then tuesday, I am gonna fly away for the day and I am nervous of leaving my little one for the day. Mother separation anxiety;=) It´s always hard the first time...

Enjoy the evening and I hope you also have a nice evening ahead of you;=)

Todays song

Today I discovered a new amazing singer, Katherine Jenkins, and she has done a cover of one of my favourite songs - Bring me to life with Evanescence;=) I bought her album and it´s really good!


Saturday, 25 December 2010

X-mas day;=)

So, yesterday we were at my mums house to celebrate x-mas and it was really calm and nice;=) Santa came and both Nemo and Seth loved to see him. Both kids got lots of gifts and Seth said he loved everything he got so that makes us happy.

Some of the things Seth got:
Xbox Kinect and two games:

A family game called Headbanz

A book:

Things with Liverpool on it, such as a t-shirt and a note book;=)

He got some nice clothes too and then a cool shooter called Nerf Blaster;=)

Nemo got some things too and some of them were these:

Moomin plate and cuttlery:

A stroller toy:

A fun musical and learning toy from Fisher Price:

A Brio car:

And some rattles and clothes and books;=) So both kids have lots of fun things to play with today. X-mas has been wonderful and I hope all of you too had a wonderful evening yesterday and a restful continuing x-mas holiday.

Happy Birthday dear Tuomas;=)

Today we send our hugs and love to our dear Maestro Tuomas who celebrates his birthday!

Friday, 24 December 2010

X-mas morning

So, all the x-mas gifts are placed around the tree and I am heading out to fix the last minute things so a bit stressed but happy;=)

We´re heading to my mums in some hours and we need to make some things before that so I´ll be back later!

Thursday, 23 December 2010


I´m waiting for Johan to come home from his work so we can wrap x-mas gifts and enjoy this "little x-mas eve". After tonight he has a longer vacation and it´s gonna be so wonderful to be the whole family for some weeks;=)

I´ve done some x-mas candy today and one was really easy but yummie! Here´s the recipe:

Melt dark chocolate (at least 70%) and butter in a pan
Pour down corn flakes (I used flakes from whole weat)

Click the paste in smaller piles on a plate or form with some baking paper under neath and put in the refrigerator for some hours. Eat!
Sooo easy but sooo good;)


Day before the day...

Good morning!

It´s the day before the day and me and Nemo have been up for quite some time. I am quite tired as you can see;=)

Nemo´s lying on our floor playing with his toys and I am drinking my coffee in the cosy and dark morning;=) We have the lights lit and the fake fire and now it´s warm and nice here. Outside it´s white, dark and cold and it feels just like a x-mas should;=)

Today it´s the day for wrapping up the x-mas gifts for the kids and doing those last shores before x-mas eve. I need to go and get some more gifts - to mum, her husband and for Johan. So let´s hope I find something good for them in the afternoon. But first some exercising and breakfast.

Enjoy this day before the day now and I hope your x-mas stress is long gone!

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

X-mas tree

So, we decorated our x-mas tree this afternoon and now it feels like x-mas is here for real;=) The smell of our x-mas ham is in the house and it tastes super good. Nemo really like the x-mas tree and the x-mas mouse and Santa we have sitting watching the tree. They are there to protect all the x-mas gifts we will put there tomorrow.

And now all the four candles have been lit too;=)

Sleep well now!