Saturday, 8 January 2011

Friday photos;=)

Good morning everyone!

I didnt blog yesterday since I wanted it to be Hannas day totally so I´ll put out my friday photos today instead;=)

My friday was a nice one. Exercised in the morning. Ran and it was one of those days when the body feels ok and I like those days. The day before the body was soooo against my workout. So different every day.

After both me and Johan had exercised we all went to the city and got Nemo some new bodies since he is just growing so fast in the length.
Like someone commented, maybe a basketball player in the future. Or a rock singer cause he has a great rock scream already;=)

Bought one body suit and two bodies from a favourite brand called Petit Bateau.

Loved the circus theme and the stars on one of them.

After being outside for some hours we got home and our cosy friday started with a nice bath for Nemo and me, then some nice beef for dinner, a small little "semla" for me and a big one for Seth, Let´s dance on TV and a nice evening in front of the candles.

I love that below our apartment, they have opened a Yankee candle store. I am already a regular buyer there and this candle is the one I love at the moment - Christmas cupkake;=)

Had some cosy friday clothes on: jeans from Acne, shirt from Filippa K, necklace from Brown Prince.


  1. go here please anette!

  2. I did a map search for Yankee Candle, and the first one it took me to was the one in your town! Haha. So, the apartments I saw were quite cute, maybe they were yours. :P
    Very nice neighborhood there. Everyone I know says I should go live in Sweden. I see more and more what they mean as I read your blog. :)

    Oh, and by the way, the song yesterday was just so beautiful. I nearly cried, and I don't cry often. ;)


  3. Hi Anette !
    It's so cute, because when I was a baby and a child, I wore a lot of bodies and clothes from "Petit Bateau". It's a really famous brand in France. They make great bodies and advertising : . I'm happy to see that this brand is famous in the world !

  4. hello anette!good post!i am glad that you are happy with your children or with your family!i love you so much!can you go in this link- -please...

  5. Little future rocker ha?? great!! If he will be, he'll be great like his mum! :D

    I like your outfit, it's awesome ;)

    Have a nice weekend!

  6. Hi Anette,
    I love the outfits for cute. How lucky are you to have Yankee Candle downstairs!! I love their candles...Right now I am burning Mistletoe which is evergreen scent. Makes the house smell like the woods. Christmas cupcake is one I wanted to try. I need to stock up soon!
    Your outfit is awesome...Looks so comfy.
    Have a great day!!

    Take care,

  7. Hey Anette! :D

    How are you today?

    Oh, the Nemo's clothes are so lovely! Really. I am sure he is a happy baby!
    He might be so big now. >.<

    Hum, candles are really amazing... They are so bautiful and sometimes aromatic.

    Oh, I must say... You look beautiful, Anette. Really!

    Well, I hope everyone is ok around there!

    See you, my dear idol.

    Carpe Diem.


  8. Nice clothes :)
    I also like candle light, it make you fell really comfortable :)

  9. Your outfit is really nice and those for Nemo are cute.Good job!

  10. Hi Anette! :)
    Nice friday you had! Mine was very relaxed also, yesterday it was very rainy and cloudy here, and so it is today, so we stay at home all cosy.
    So Nemo is already training to be a rock singer maybe? That would be great! Imagine him singing with Marco in future NW songs with his mum :D
    By the way, very cool and nice candles! And of course, you look great in those photos ^^

    Have a nice saturday, big hugs

  11. cool!i think nemo will be best in bests in future!he will be rock singer!i am so happy that you have so nice day with your family!it is best thing for me!i have question when you will have next concert?!and where?

  12. Hello Anette !!
    Im glad to hear that you had a good day :D
    My days have been a bit hard,school starts,a lot of work !! But i have to work a lot to go to 9ºgrade :)) I saw NW's 2011 calendar !!
    Yesterday it was a bit sun and cloud,today the same...Cold and rain sometimes :S
    Great pics,that clothes will fit perfectly on Nemo :D And nice candles by the way :)
    You look BEAUTIFUL in the pics,you look always beautiful :)
    Nemo has a rock singer,it will be great xD But when he grows up,he will discover his talent ;)
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

  13. Hi Anette. :)

    Thanks for sharing the photos. You look absolutely beautiful. :) And the clothes for Nemo are sooo cute! I especially love the first little outfit. :)

    Best wishes,


  14. Hi Anette, I love your outfit, especially the jeans! It seems you had a nice Friday, =).

    I'm a big fan of candles but unfortunately my mum won't let me light them, =(. She gets worried I will knock them over and burn the house down! I may be slightly clumsy but I am not that bad!

    Very cute clothes for Nemo, the little rock star!

    Have a lovely evening, take care!

  15. Hi Anette, nice to read again! I've just passed here only for a little greet. This evening i will spend it in front the tv to watch Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. It's very nice and funny movie. How are you spending the evening?

    Have a nice evening and take care!

    Big hugs

  16. I hope Nemo become a singer! Imagine him singing Nemo, huh? "Nemo my name forevermore..." xD

    Nice blog, Anette! I'm a fan of the band and I'll always come back here to see what you're doing...


  17. Nice clothes for Nemo! I like your look. One question: semla is a swedish cake?

  18. Hejju Anette :)
    it's a deep night here, already 5 in the morning ;) Before going to sleep I want to post something for you to share my thoughts :)

    The bodies for Nemo are cute :)I can't wait to have my own baby to take the same care and buy clothes and do all these things..Eehhhh

    You look lovely as always on the pictures) And candles...I lit one myself to support you tonight and will go to sleep in this relaxing and home cosy atmosphere.

    Checked out Acne for the same jeans but haven't found them. Really nice store just like our russian store called "Western".

    Well, time to wish you good night, got natt or better to say good morning.

    Sleep really well :)


    Always nice to read your blog everyday. It's like a habit atm :) Even if it's not updated I click the bookmark and watch it again :)

  19. Hi dear Anette!I love Nemo's clothes, really are beautiful and a question, the semla is a typical dessert from Swedish? looks delicious!! ( I want one too) :D

    Have a nice day/night!!

  20. Anette,

    Like the onsies! Very adorable! :D
    Yankee Candle rocks! It always smells so good in there! *sighs happily*
    Hope you have a wonderful evening! ^_^

    Take care,

  21. You look wonderful anette!!! :)
    I just listened to Eva, and it reminded me of when I first heard you with Nightwish, I can't wait for the new cd! :)

  22. Lola: Hi! They have the jeans on sale at the moment. Click on this link to go there:

    Take care!

  23. Good evening!
    Tack for the link and the attention Anette :) On my way to fix things with ordering a pair :)