Monday, 28 February 2011

Give and give;=)

Hi there!

Today I have been so tired and just slept and felt a bit under the water. Those days are not so often but when they come I let them come and just rest and give the body that so I can be fit for fight the next day again. Luckily it´s my resting day from exercising today so it was ok to relax;=)

Otherwise I have quite some things to do this week before Finland so the week will be a bit stressful.

And Nemo has gotten 4 teeth now and there´s still one more on its way...he is cranky and cries all the time so he has a hard time, poor baby;=( I hope the tooth gets out soon and that there wont be any more for some time after that.

Sleep well and enjoy the evening;=)

Sunday, 27 February 2011


Today I have had a dress on to celebrate the sunday at mums place. Took my rental car and drove there and had coffee and apple pie;=)

Now I´m practising some demo songs since its just one more week until studio recordings. I know the songs really well since I have recorded them once but always good to listen to all the harmonies again.

Me as a baby;=)

Good morning and a happy sunday to you all;=)

Hope your weekend so far has been super nice and that you look forward to next week with full energy.

I found a photo of myself as a tiny baby some days ago when I was throwing away some stuff from my storage and thought I´d share it with you. The dress I wear was made by my mum who is incredibly good at sewing. She also made my wedding dress and it was gorgeous;=)

The photo was a bit folded, that´s why there are some white lines in it. Sorry about that but old things get a bit worn with time. Just like me - this was me 40 years ago! Oh yes, I turn 40 this summer and I must say it feels cool and weird at the same time. When I think about how many things I have done and learned during this life already, I wonder what more there is to come for me. But I love life and I want to live forever so let´s listen to my favourite song from Queen in the shape of Katherine Jenkins that sings it soooo good!

Hugs and love to you all!

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Beautiful painting

We have a girl here in Sweden that is really talented - Carolina Gynning. She makes lots of things and one is that she paints cool and beautiful paintings.

Her lastest painting is for me the most beautiful she has done and I would love to put it in my home;=)

Colorful, bright and angelic...the "madonna" in the bottom of it is so pretty!

Friday, 25 February 2011

Lovely friday

Today I have had a really wonderful friday;=) First woke up and read a really nice email that made me happy, then went and did some errands before my dear mum came and visited. We ate some really nice beef salad, played with Nemo and then I followed her to the bus.

Took a walk in the really windy and cold weather and my feet were so cold when we came in but it still was nice to get some air. It´s gonna be warmer now and everything above 0 degrees is great!

Talked for a long time with my dear sister and we always have deep and nice talks. I wish I could go there tomorrow cause they are having a big b-day party but since we are gonna go to Finland soon we´ll stay at home and visit them on our way home from Finland instead. That´s how it is when the loved ones live far away.

Now some exercising and then TV. Let´s see if I can do some more fun blogging tomorrow with some photos, I feel I have been bad at that this week but it´s been a really quiet and "normal" week without so many new things happening. But soon Finland and then I´ll write and take photos for you the whole 2 weeks in the studio;=) It´ll be great and I long to go there!

Sleep well and enjoy this wonderful friday!

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Leave it

Now the car soon will be in the work shop, Johan will drive it there so that´s a relief;=)

And to make the negativity fade away from this day, me and Nemo will take a long walk in the sun. Everything always works out with some positive thinking;=)

Enjoy the day!

Break in

I am so sad now.... they just called from my garage where I have my car and said someone had broken into it;=(

So now we need to take it to the workshop, rent a car and lots of just so boring things....

Hate when people cant leave others stuff alone!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Me and my new kettlebell, my new pink gloves and pink exercising clothes (yepp, so girly today;=) are now gonna have a nice little "meeting" for an hour of sweat and hard work. Let´s see how I´ll feel tomorrow after my new heavier kettlebell joining the exercise;=)


So, now you can read more detailed interviews with Tuomas, Stobe and Markus about the Imaginarium movie and album.

Click here or on the image;=)

Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Today we got some new sheets for Nemo since we bought him a new bigger blanket yesterday. Found this super nice one with blue frogs on one side and little dots on the other. The brand is called Färg o Form and is a swedish brand.

Super cool and cosy. We´ll get some more of the same pattern. The lamp and the cushion for his eating chair and some of the paper cans. Really love frogs!

Ghost dress

I found this really nice "Ghost" dress from Designers remix collection, the brand I wore a lot on the last tour (the white dress from Paris one of them).

Really like the print and the colour on this one;=)

Sleeping beauty

Good morning!

Yesterday my tiredness after lack of sleep and hard workouts came through and I feel asleep around 19.30 after Nemo had fallen asleep. Slept all evening in the couch, then went in with my clothes on around midning and feel asleep next to Nemo.

At 1.30 Johan woke up in the couch and found me lying all dressed in bed;=) Woke me up and we all sleept until 7 this morning. Sooooo tired people;=)

Now I just ran in my new exercising pants and tee and I really pushed it and I feel good! A new week has started and the eating day is over. When I eat so good food in the weeks and then eat sugar and fat I can feel how "bad" it is for the body. I get tired, get stomach ache and my heart beats extra beats. So sugar and fat are really not so good. So once a week and not to much is for sure enough for me. I normally long for an apple in the evening after all the candy;=)

Enjoy the day now!

Monday, 21 February 2011


Our little princess Busan is home again from the surgery and she is really tired but all is well:=)

New kettlebell

Hi everyone!

Today Busan is a the vet to get sterilised and I do hope she will be ok. And that her screaming and restless behaviour will come to an end. She has gotten birth control pills but they seem to still give her some hormone problems. So now this surgery was the right choice.

We´ll go and buy some new kettlebells and exercising clothes today cause the 8 kg kettlebell isnt enough for some of my exercises. I am do damn strong now;=) haha!

We also have our resting day and eating day but I am not bulging to heavily cause the stomach gets so upset. But some hamburger and sushi is on the menu and some chocolate;=)

See you later;=)

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Oh my!

Ok, so in two weeks we´ll be leaving for Finland to record my vocals for Imaginarium. Fun!

BUT and I say BUT: Just saw the weather report and -26 degrees in Helsinki!!!!

It better be warmer when we go....-26!!!!

Brrrr....luckily there is a great sauna where we live;=)

Sleep well everyone!

Video from London

And here´s a video they shot at the recordings in London.


Photos from London

I just received lots of really nice photos from Tuomas from the London sessions with the recordings of the orchestra and choirs;=)

To read Tuomas diary in Nightwish website click here!