Thursday, 31 March 2011


Well, some days I do think it would be easier if my blog only were written in swedish. Sometimes my english explanations look to "nice" and if I was gonna write something in my mother tounge it would be easier...;=)

Sleep well!

Busy day

Hi all,

It´s been a busy day filled with meetings, e-mails, a little Nemo who fell and hit his head right into a corner on our living room table and got a nasty blue eyebrow, fixing a broken nail at the nail lady, going to the post office to post important papers, washing clothes to bring to Finland this weekend, phone calls and paper work...

Then talking to the police cause there was a fight outside our house and it´s not the first time it happens and I said to the police that they really need to step it up and start to protect us who live here. For some reason, there are really expensive cars driving so fast here in our street, which is a walking street!, and if someone walks in their way, like a guy did today, they get pissed and start to yell to that person that they should move or they will beat them up and even more harder words. Today the guy who got beaten down, asked them why they drove so fast here and immediately 3 guys in the car jumps out and start to beat him down...

Things like that make me so damn angry! And I have children living here...

It´s not easy for the police either but like I said to the police - put up some speed bumps so they cannot drive so fast here. Let´s hope they soon do that.
Like these are always nice;=)

Now I´ll start to pack some clothes for Finland so see you all tomorrow;=)

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

To Eskoplja;=)


I have forwarded your request to King Foo and our webmaster so I hope they will help you;=)

New music

Today I have bought some new music to listen to:

I got the new Kamelot album (of course!)

and Within Temptation (of course again;=)

I´ll let you know later what I think of them!

Brazilian blowout - the products

Hi there!

Here´s the products I bought to keep my hair look vibrant and for the treatment to last longer.

Schampoo, condition, masque and a serum to put into the damp hair.

To the_Plotters;=)

Please write your email in a private comment so I can ask Sofia to contact you and we´ll see if we can arrange something.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Brazilian blowout - result and review;=)

Good evening everyone!

So this afternoon I went and tried out the Brazilian blowout zero at a salon close to me. I will tell you about what she did and what she told me about the whole discussion that arised among my comments yesterday about this being dangerous.

First of all: here´s what she said about this treatment: the original brazilian blowout DO include a gas called formal dehyde, but not the one they use in Europe now that is called Zero. The reason behind the decision from the European union to not accept the original treatment in Europe is not because it is dangerous for me as a customer. Its because this gas is dangerous to inhale for the hair dresser doing the treatment.

But this new Zero treatment is ok and has no dangerous ingredients. So now you all know which one to use if you´re gonna do it. The thing with the formal dehyde was that with that in the product the hair was straight even if you just dry your hair and use the fingers, but the new one need that you do use a brush when drying it.

Now, let´s continue with the procedure:

When I came there, she washed my hair with special schampoo and conditioner. Then she started to put on the formula all over the hair, dividing the hair in thinner parts.
After that she blow-dried the hair almost dry just using her fingers and then continued to dry the whole hair with a round brush (just like when they blow-dry it normally)

This took quite some time to get every part really dried and with volume.

Then it was time to use the really warm flat iron and flatten the whole hair. Took quite some time again. After all was done, we rinsed it and then she blow-dried it with the round brush again and ta-da! I looked like a million dollars;=)

I didnt take a before-photo today but here´s one from some days ago:

And here´s the result afterwards:

Johan says its amazing and that I look like a polished horse...haha!

And here´s a little video;=)


Cool stuff

Yesterday I went to H&M cause they have club days for us members and offer 10% off on all items and since Nemo now is so tall and need new clothes, I got these ones for him:

Red pants and a cool Rolling stones t-shirt

Jeans, a white shirt and a cool "old mans cap";=)

H&M is really cheap and good so I got it all for 40 euros. Perrrrrfect!

Then after Nemos vaccine shot, we went to the grocery store and there I found a new book I thought seemed interesting. It´s called "I´m with the band" and is the story of a woman who hanged around rock stars in the 1960s and 70s and was their groupie. Her name is Pamela de Barres and I will start reading it as soon as possible. I really like biographies.

Monday, 28 March 2011


Today we have been to the nurse with Nemo to get another vaccine shot. He also got weighed and measured and he is a tall boy!

76 cm and 9.66 kilos;=)

Good boy!

He also crawls really fast nowadays and have started to stand against things and today he also walked some steps while standing towards the table. He walked round it and he was so happy!

Ok, time to read for Seth. Enjoy your evening;=)

Brazilian blowout

Good morning!

I am so tired of my dry and frizzy hair at the moment. Dont know if its because of me having nursed Nemo for 8 months or what, but it´s like a trolls hair at the moment. So I have booked an appointment tomorrow to try a new thing called "Brazilian blowout" that will make the hair frizz-free, easy to style and smooth. Perfect!

I´ll tell you about the result afterwards;=)

Sunday, 27 March 2011


Thought I´d give an update on my rib situation since there´s been some of you asking how I´m doing. Thanks for asking;=)

Well, it still hurts and I do need to take pain killers. Cant do some things and lying on the side is still to painful, even if I try every night since my left side is my favourite sleeping side...

I am up, I am walking, I can go out for shorter walks but the pain gets to me after doing that. Still, its much better and I have learned that broken ribs can take a long time to really heal and that it might be hard to do some things for a long time.

I have felt more pain now after my bad cold since the sneezing and coughing "pulled" it up again so that was a bit bad timing, but I do feel that singing next week will work really good with some pain killers and I am so happy to finally go over to the studio and Tuomas and do some magic!

So I´m stronger and I am happy things are moving in the right direction again;=)

Summer time;=)

Tonight we changed our watches to summer time so we got one hour less to sleep, but the good thing is that we get lighter evenings and of course - soon spring and then summer!

Sun is shining and it´ll be a nice walk outside after our lunch today!

Enjoy your sunday;=)

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Todays pick

Today I have picked an outfit from the same online shop and this one is especially for those who have missed my "todays picks" in US dollars;=)

These are all picked from a great site that ships all over the world - and they have lots of nice clothes - both more expensive designer things to cheaper things.

Enjoy your saturday evening;=)

1. Maxi skirt from Dolan
2. Ring from CG Skye
3. Black chiffon bow top from Blue life
4. Side cross necklace from Jennifer Zeuner
5. Back pack from Alexander Wang
6. Suede jacket from Haute Hippie

Friday, 25 March 2011


So, the whole family has gotten a really bad spring cold. As you know, Nemo and his grandmother got it first, then me, Seth and now Johan. So we are all not feeling super but it´s better it comes now in march and not in the summer;=)

Today, we have been to the police to get new passports for me and also a passport for little Nemo. He looked so funny on the photo! Getting a little baby to smile or look in the camera is quite hard;=)

Went for a short walk to get some air and bought some new tulips, some new clothes for Nemo again cause he is growing out of everything again. They had some sale so I both got some sale stuff and some regular pricing things. I´ll take photos of it later.

But the best buy today was a new vacuum cleaner!!! I have been longing to get a new one so I can clean better and now I can so I´ll soon start vacuuming the place and try it out. Got a bag-less one so we´ll see if that is good or not. Johan had one like that before and liked it so I trust him.

I have a little "pirate" kinda outfit today: Black jacket from Nakkna, top from Hunky dory, vintage belt, black old leggings H&M, necklace Silverbiten and skull necklace is a gift from a dear friend.

Time to vacuum!! Enjoy the evening;=)

Waffle day

Good morning!

Since it´s the big waffle day we started our day with some nice waffels. Mine are made with spelt to make them more healthy and served with them is cottage cheese that are mixed with grated apple, honey and cinnamon.

Here´s the recipe for the waffels:

You need:

  • 2,5 dl spelt
  • 1,25 teaspoon baking powder
  • 3 dl milk
  • 0,6 dl oil
  • 2 eggs

Do like this:

Mix together spelt and baking powder, add the oil and milk. Separate the egg whites and yolks and put the yolks into the paste. Whip the egg whites to a hard foam and mix down to the paste.

Let the paste rest for some minutes and then bake the waffles;=)


Thursday, 24 March 2011

Marcos studio diary;=)

Marco has written a really nice studio diary, to read it - CLICK HERE!!!

L A memories;=)

Sitting here thinking about L.A - the city of angels;=)

The first time I was there was when we were flying there to record Amaranth and Bye Bye Beautiful with director Antti Jokinen.

It was 10 wonderful days over there and I have so many memories and there will always be something special with LA after that and I really am so excited and happy that we are gonna start our next tour over there!

When we arrived to LA almost none of us got our luggage. Panic!!

It was so weird how they could loose so many peoples luggage, but sure they did. We got some dollars to compensate but for me and Marco, who had to wait for almost a week for our luggage, that wasnt enough. No underwear, no clothes, no name it. I had to go and buy Tinkerbell underwear at Disneyland to have some clean ones and I felt like I was 10 again;=)

Well, later on I went to Melrose avenue and got some new clothes so luckily, it worked out. I found clothes for the videos to wear too;=)
Bought all the clothes I had on in both videos except the shoes at Melrose and I still love them!

We lived at the cosiest hotel I have stayed at and I hope I´ll get to stay there again - Grafton hotel on Sunset Boulevard. The rooms are just so cosy and the atmosphere in the hotel is something special. The beautiful black and white photos above the bed, the soft and cosy bed, all the candy they had placed in the room (I ate so much chocolate they had to refill it all the time;=).

And to just walk outside and jump in the pool anytime and then end it all with a nice drink by the pool....Nice!

It was also the perfect spot cause we were near House of Blues, Roxy and all the nice bars and restaurants that lies there.

We went to different places in the evenings and one night we watched Within Temptation and Lacuna Coil and it was really good. I said hello to Sharon afterwards and that was our first meeting.

I long to go to L.A. again and next time, I´ll see to it that I can get a tattoo there. Maybe an angel since it is the city of angels;=) I´ll contact Kat von D and see if she has time for me.

Protecting angel

I have a new necklace that I ordered from a site called who sells protective and healing jewellery. I love angels and this one is handmade and has a rose calcite stone in it.

Here´s what wikipedia says about calcite

I love it and think it´s so cute;=)

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


We´ve been out in the sun with a new, very nice friend;=) We talked and talked and had the best of times. Will do it again soon!

Today I have my new cool silver top and my accessories are a silver ring with a big crystal coloured stone and a necklace that is a bulls head.

The weather has been so nice today again - +12 degrees and sun!!!


Good morning!

I have just waved goodbye to Johan who´s flying to Stockholm to record videos with Pain the whole day. Exciting;=)

Took some photos for you early this morning, enjoy:

New things for Nemo - a spring jacket, a new cap and a little wooden car to play with;=)

Got a new silver statue I fell in love with;=)

My beautiful tulips are from my best friend and now they are looking so pretty and colourful on our table.

I am wearing an amazing silver top from H&M that look like a real designer piece but to a much better price;=)

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Pretty nails;=)

So I got my nails done today and I am really pleased with them;=) Took gel since I like that better than acrylic ones. And a french manicure. Took 1 hour to do and she was really good;=)

New Tarot video;=)

Marco and the nice guys in Tarot have made a new video and here you can enjoy it:


I am so tired of my nails that just break and look short and boring so I´ll go and get some fake nails. I had really cool and nice long ones for the whole DPP tour but now I´ve just been home so didnt see any reason to have it. BUT I am so tired of nail paint that tears (is this the correct spelling???) after one day and I dont have time to sit and paint them every second evening so it´s better to go and get some fixed ones;=)

I think I´ll choose french manicure this time, it looks nice and fresh!

Spring feelings;=)

Already yesterday the weather started to feel really really warm and spring like. It was +10 degrees and when we went out (yeah, I took a short walk;=) to the grocery store the wind was really warm and nice. And today it´s gonna be a peak with +12 degrees so guess if we are gonna be outside all afternoon?? Jepp! We will stroll the city, take a walk to the beach and have a coffee and tea at our favourite coffee place. Can the day be better than that??

And tomorrow Johan and Pain are going to Stockholm to record 2 videos for the upcoming album so he´ll be away all day. From what I have heard about the videos and the script I am sure it will be really good videos. And one of the songs is my favourite of the new album so I´m really looking forward to see the video when it´s done.