Sunday, 29 May 2011

Like pillows...

...for my feet! That´s how my new Nike running shoes felt like when trying them for my 5 k today;=) I love them and they are just amazing!

I could had been running longer cause they are for sure, like pillows or clouds for my feet. So if you want new good running shoes and need extra stability, I can for sure recommend these!

Happy mothers day to me!!

Today it´s Mothers day in Sweden so a very happy beloved Mothers day to me!!

hip hip horray!!!

And of course to my dear mum too;=)

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Borrow some...

A tip when it comes to dressing relaxed is to borrow some sweater or t-shirt from your husband or boyfriend. Today I am wearing Johans cosy sweater and to that a pair of boyfriend style jeans from Acne. We´re going to the forest and the playground so jeans are the best thing to wear. And well, I know my sport socks doesnt look so nice but I need socks today cause I will be wearing my new running shoes;=)

I painted my nails in a cool green colour from H&M yesterday and to match it, I wear one green earring in my left ear.

Morning disco;=)

Well, me and Nemo are having a morning disco here;=) Lady Gaga is our favourite and now we´re shaking it to her latest album which I just love!!!

Friday, 27 May 2011

Now - super movie on TV

Oh, I am so happy now! They are showing one of my all-time absolute favourite movies on TV:


The lead song "What a feeling" performed by Irene Cara was a song I have been competing with in talent shows and I get so fun memories in my head now of me, trying to "dance around" very Flashdance-like in a talent show called Stena star way back;=) Oh my! There´s even a video of it lying around somewhere to show Seth and Nemo one day.

Here´s some videos from the music from the movie. The whole soundtrack is just amazing!

New gear

I went out and got myself sweatbands, new running socks and a new pair of shoes, so I can use two pairs and vary. Got a cool pair of Nike and they are sooo comfortable! I´ll try them tomorrow:=)

It´s been a totally boring rainy day here. Just no fun weather at all and it´s been like this for a whole weak now. And even if I always love spring and summer I have one thing that make me long for autumn already and that is thunder storms.

If I havent told you, I am incredibly terrified and phobic for thunder, big bangs, balloons, gun shots etc and this is a fear that really makes my life much less easy to live. I have tried every therapy there is, hypnose, humbugs and whatever and NOTHING has ever helped.

I have one big wish in my life that would make me feel like the happiest person there is and that is to get rid of my phobia. I might go and try some sort of therapy this summer again, even if I feel I´m forever doomed to have this fear, but I hope someone out there can help me and I´ll search to find him/her;=)

I need....

- 10 buckets
- a headband
- wristbands

Anything of the above need to be purchased today!! My sweating when I run is just incredible and even if that is a great thing it´s quite hard to run with totally wet eyes and face;=)

Let´s see if I get another pair of running shoes too. I read my bible - Runners world- and they say two pair of shoes are perfect when running 5 times a week as I do now. So let´s see if I get a pair today. I want green or fuchsia coloured. Love colour!

Back to bed

Nemo woke up already at 5 we went back to bed at 7 and woke up 15 min ago. Always so nice to go back to sleep;=)

Since some of you are so eager to ask about Seth I can say that he is a school kid so that´s where he is in the days and every second week he lives with his father.

Now some food, enjoy the day!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

If I were in New York....

... I would so go to this exhibition! If you live there - do not miss it!


Johan in Ukraine - Nemo asleep... what do I do then?? ;=)

Eat some spoons of ice cream and what do I love the most???

Ben & Jerrys!

My favourites are: Coconutterly fair and Cookie dough...

It´s great to exercise a lot cause then it´s ok to have some treats now and then. Life need to be a pleasure and not just PAIN. Hihi!

Sleep well!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Todays photos;=)

Me and Nemo have been in the forest all afternoon and we stopped at a small playground that lies in the middle of the forest. Nemo loves to sit playing with the sand and today he also took a ride in the swing and that was fun;=)
Nice sceneries surround the playground;=)

Cosy and comfy clothes for us both. Quite windy today so we needed warmer clothes on us today.

A small "house" the kids can crawl in to if they want and when they are older, climb up on;=)
There were more small children and their mum´s there too and it was fun cause two of them were musicians just like me, so some kinda bohéme parenting time today;=) Fun!

When we came home I ate a super nice meal consisting of mozzarella light cheese, parma ham, melon, cherry tomatoes and lettuce. Yum!!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

At the end of the rainbow

Just came out from the shower and it was raining and sunshine at the same time. I looked out through my kitchen window and ta-da: There it was!

The lovely rainbow;=)

Sleep well!

Where´s da-da?

Johan has gone up north to Peter to practise before their little tour in Russia this week (if the volcano doesnt stop their flights tomorrow?) and of course Nemo wonder where he is. He started this morning with saying: Da-da-da

So he misses him already;=)

Now time for my morning 5 k run!!

Enjoy the day;=)

Monday, 23 May 2011


Yesterday when I was out walking I felt like adding a little bit of colour and rock;=)

Bike leggings fro Åhlens, sweater from Acne, old belt I dont remember from where;=)


Well good evening!

Today me and Nemo have been out all afternoon walking in the forest but also taking a break, sitting in the green grass playing with his toys. Not super weather but quite ok;=)

When we passed a big tree I heard something and there he was:

a tiny cute little squirrel!

But he played with me and ran up high so I almost couldnt take any photo;=( But here he is the cute one:

In the forest it was so green and smelled wonderful! All the birds sang for us and the ducks were swimming or sleeping around the pond;=)

Nemo playing around so happily, he loves to be in the forest!

And so do I! There is nothing more peaceful or fulfilling for me than being in the forest. I can be totally stressed, depressed, sad, tired e g: when I get to the forest I immediately feel joy and happiness in my soul. For me - the forest is where I feel the closest to God and our nature. I could live in the forest forever;=)

I shot a video for you so you can hear the birds sing, the trees blowing in the wind and just feel how the nature gives energy. Enjoy and sleep well!!


Pasta recipe

So, some of you ask me now and then about how I keep myself healthy and one thing is that I try to eat more whole weat, lots of vegetables and less fat and sugar.

Yesterday I made the original pasta Carbonara for Seth but for me, I did a little bit healthier pasta carbonara and I thought I´d share the recipe for anyone who is interested;=)

Here we go :

Boil whole weat spaghetti ( I used Spagettini)

Chop red or yellow onion, carrots and broccoli
Fry in some oil together with green peas and add lean turkey bacon and fry until the pasta is ready.

Stir together 2 eggs, appr. 1,5 dl of less fat cream (6-15% of fat), salt and black pepper.

Rinse off the water from the pasta and put back into the pan and add the vegetable/turkey and the egg-cream.


Sunday walk

Good morning,

Yesterday I took a nice walk with Nemo. The weather was quite ok - 20° but cloudy and very windy. In the evening we had a thunderstorm so I guess that was why the weather was a bit boring.

But the walk was nice and here´s some photos for you

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Morning yum

Good morning and happy sunday!

Starting the sunday with a healthy and yummie smoothie in our new blender.

I used:
Appr. 1 dl of whey protein vanilla flavour
1 banana
6 frozen strawberries
Appr. 2 dl of fat free milk

Yummie and a perfect start to this sunday!

Saturday, 21 May 2011

From the behind

Well, one pair of "old" jeans I picked up from my storage yesterday is one of my favourite pair - True religion, bought in our first american tour;=)

Love the pockets and the dark colour. They are also flare so perfect to have with ballerina shoes. Comfy and cosy look for taking a stroll with Seth and Nemo to the playground in the afternoon.

Enjoy the day and hope you also have some sun shining on you!