Thursday, 30 June 2011

Little late...

Good evening! I tried to post this early this morning but Blogger had some issues so this has to come now, late and before I go to sleep;=( Hope your day has been good though, as mine has;=)
Sleep well!

Good morning;=)

Just finished my running but this week has been a struggle to get through the runs. Dont know why, maybe just one of those "bad" weeks when the body is tired. Will rest for tomorrow and then see if it feels easier again. I hate when I have to struggle to run;=(

Please, don´t forget to vote for my dresses!
Click on the photos, then write the letters that is stated in the little empty box and "rösta". You can only vote for the same dress one time from the same computer or phone, but can vote from different computers and phones, so please vote;=) Thanks!

Mina designade klänning på NELLY.COM

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Tiny precious pool

Hi all,

Today I went and bought a tiny cute colourful pool for Nemo to bath in when visiting my mums place. She has a nice garden so we went there today, filled the pool with water and Nemo sat there playing and having fun;=)

It´s been so warm today so now I feel I need lots and lots of water to cool me off.
Wednesdays here means TV time cause they are showing my favourite series "One born every minute" and then directly after I watch "Celebrity rehab with Dr Drew".

A great evening to you all and sleep well;=)

Nai nai, ga ga...

Good morning all;=)

Hope you slept well. I sleep really good every night but it´s been quite warm lately and of course that bugs me a bit. But nothing to do and I wont complain cause when its winter I say it to cold, so it´s just fine that its warm now;=)

Nemo "talks" a lot and he has his own language at the moment. When he wakes up he stands up in his bed and holds long discussions with himself. Dont know what he talks about but he says: na na, ba ba, gaow, gaow, nja nja...hehe!

Guess he says:
- Yo! Wake up! You lazy bastards! I am hungry! I want food! Hello! Wake up now!!!

Or something...;=)
Enjoy the day now!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Baked and ready;=)

So, we had a wonderful time at the pool today and Nemo loved it! He sat there in the tiny childrens pool, totally wet all over and just laughed and were so happy:=) No fear of water there, for sure!

Now we´re heading to bed soon and since my hair was looking quite horrible after a day in a bun up on the head and lots of sun protecting spray in it (need to be careful with the red colour;=) I just made a braid to keep it in place for the night and then tomorrow after my run I´ll rinse it through. Braids are great to have over night and when I had extensions in my hair I did a braid every single night (puih!) to keep it look good. Luckily my own hair without any extensions is much easier to do a braid in..;=)

Sleep well now!

To the pool!

Today we´re heading to the pool for the first time this summer;=) Last year I was 8 months pregnant with Nemo and it was the best place to be, lying in the cool water with the belly. This summer no belly, but a tiny precious baby with a cool swimsuit from Hummel to protect him from the sun. He loves to bath in the bath tub and I am sure he´ll be totally exited to be in a real childrens pool;=)

Enjoy your day!

Monday, 27 June 2011


So, we did my hair red today and it´s really nice;=) Love to have some colour now, it was sooo boring before as you can see:



Crazy red?

Well good morning everyone! And what a beautiful morning it is here - sunshine and blue sky;=) Love it!!

I am going to Amal, my hairdresser in 2 hours to cut and colour my hair. It looks so boring now so I am thinking of doing it as crazy red as she can. Like Kat von D, Hayley Williams, Rihanna... the list goes on.

But Amal is always protective with my hair so it might be hard to get her to do as bright as this but I´ll get it as red as she can;=)

I´ll show it off later, of course! Enjoy this day now and if you havent already - please VOTE for my dresses. Thanks;=)
Mina designade klänning på NELLY.COM

Mina designade klänning på NELLY.COM

Sunday, 26 June 2011

One more;=)

So, I felt I wanted to do one more dress and this time a more casual autumn dress since the dress will be produced for autumn;=)

So if you like it, please vote for it:=) Here´s how you vote:
Just click on the dress below and you´ll be re-directed to the voting. It´s written in swedish but what you do is:
click on the number of stars you want to give my dress, then write the letters that are stated next to the empty square and then click "Rösta här"

Mina designade klänning på NELLY.COM

Copenhagen goth/rock stores

Oki doki, so here´s some photos from our trip to Copenhagen again. As I told you, we walked some new streets this time and luckily found some nice goth/rock stores where I got some stuff for the next tour.

Two of the stores have online shops so that´s good;=)

The first one we looked in to was "The black sheep" which is located in "Norregade", a side street from the big shopping street "Ströget". The store had 2 floors full of really cool clothing and shoes that were just amazing;=) love their shoes especially!!

Check out their online store for more info!

Then the second one is called Black No 1 and also has an online shop. They are situated in "Studiestraede", a street with a lot of Second hand stores among other things. This store has all black clothes, as you can tell from the name, and I loved the store. They also have those "rock pants" some of you like which I have worn on stage in Copenhagen and the US. I bought a vest in the same brand and it´s so nice;=)

The last one is a very colourful place called "True colours" (very suitable name;=) which lies in the same spot as "Black no 1", actually next door to each other;=) But they have much more vibrant clothes with skulls, flowers and lots of cool Dr Martens shoes. I got myself a nice dress with skulls and flowers on it to wear next summer on tour;=)

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Vote for my dress;=)

So, I am joining a competition at where I have designed my own dress and now I want you all to help me and vote for my dress;=)

Just click on the dress below and you´ll be re-directed to the voting. It´s written in swedish but what you do is:
click on the number of stars you want to give my dress, then write the letters that are stated next to the empty square and then click "Rösta här". Thanks for your help;=)

Mina designade klänning på NELLY.COM

Friday, 24 June 2011


Yesterday I had on my Cross t-shirt that I love. Got it a while ago from Urban Outfitters. To it I wore jeans from Stella McCartney;=)

Happy Birthday dearest Emppu!

Today it´s Emppu´s birthday, send him all of your b-day greetings here;=)

Hip hip horray!!!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Yesterday evening

Had a new top on me yesterday from Acne that I got in Copenhagen. It´s from Acne and has a nice "knot" in the back. So soft knit and I really love it;=)
The skirt is an old one from Dsquared2.

Enjoy the day!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Since I came home so late and wasnt at home to celebrate yesterday my mum and her husband was just here giving me their gift and also the most beautiful flowers from my sister with family and wow, I am so happy:=)

THANKS so much!!! Love you;=)

Oh, what a wonderful gift I got yesterday;=)

I got the most precious gift in my e-mail yesterday when I arrived home from Copenhagen! An electronic birthday book from fans and I must say it was the best gift ever and I want to thank you ALL with all of my heart for this and your efforts to make it so beautiful;=) I feel so blessed and thankful for getting this and I hope I can meet you all in the next tour and hug you;=)

LOTS and LOTS of thanks, hugs and love to you all!!!

Here´s the book in 3 collages so you can see it;=)

Hotel Nimb

Good day everyone!

Hope the sun is shining on you as it does on me;=)
I promised some photos of our hotel in Copenhagen and here we go.

The hotel is called Hotel Nimb and my photos surely dont do it justice cause it is for sure one of the most beautiful hotels I have stayed in. Great service and the bar and restaurant is just amazing! Didnt take photos everywhere but our room. Forgot the bathroom but it had both a big shower room and a big bathtub where Nemo took a nice evening bath and I took one later on too;=)
The heavenly bed;=)

Relaxing my tired legs;=)

The room had Bang & Olufsen stereo and TV and we got an Ipad with us when we checked in and it had some great soft music in it which set the mood on relaxation.
Great B&O dock station for Ipad and Ipod. Want one;=)

They had fixed us a nice baby crib for Nemo and when we went out and bought Nemo a nice Build-a-bear and I came back to leave it in the room, the receptionist said he could deliver it. That´s service and I think this guy was one of the nicest receptionist I have met at a hotel.
Nemos baby crib with nice sheets

The hotel is situated in Tivoli so if you stay in Nimb it´s free to walk into Tivoli and they have an own entrance to get in there. Very nice;=)

When we were there it was a cloudy and rainy day so we skipped Tivoli but we will go and bring Seth and take all the rides later in the summer for sure!

Rainy and cloudy when we came there on monday;=(
A little bit better weather later on, luckily!

A nice sofa, a fire place, really beautiful furniture everywhere in the hotel.

In the evening we sat in the bar which has a nice big fireplace, big chrystal lamps and beautiful sofas. Had ourselves a really good beer called Royal brown ale. Can recommend that one;=)

Really good beer if you like ale and darker beer