Saturday, 30 July 2011

Nemo´s first b-day... over and wow, its been so fun to celebrate it. He´s probably wondered why we sang for him and why he got so many gifts wrapped in funny papers;=)

But he loved all of the gifts and I´ll take some photos of some of them for you tomorrow. I cant understand that our little darling already is 1 year old! Crazy how fast time flies...

Happy Birthday dearest Nemo, precious little one!;=)

Friday, 29 July 2011


Well good evening all;=)

Today I´ve done my second day as a judge in the big talent show the city has every year in our festival called "Helsingborgsfestivalen".

It was participants aging from 15 years and up today and it was, like yesterday, really fun to listen and watch everyone who did the best they could up there. I have competed in many talent shows and I know the nervousness and anticipation everyone has before and during the contest. And I also know how hard it is to not win and I have cried so many times afterwards when I´ve been second best.

We have had a hard job these 2 days but we have finally picked 5 from each group who will compete tomorrow in the finals and I really long to see them all again;=)

Here´s the stage they have been standing on. I dont put out any photos with the participants in since I havent asked them for permission and many of them are young children.

Sleep well now!

Flickorna Lundgren

So, the very nice coffee place we visited two days ago is called "Flickorna Lundgren" and is a very popular tourist place in the summertime. It´s a 20 min drive from Helsingborg and I can really recommend this if you come here someday. It´s like sitting in my grandmothers garden all over again and every time I go there I get childhood memories. Sweet memories of summer days where no dark clouds or no worries existed;=)

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Ear plugs

Good evening!

Here in Helsingborgs its the annual big festival going on, it started today and will be on until sunday. So 3 days of music, food, amusements e g, but also, for us living in the city, lots of high music which makes it hard to sleep so tonight I need to plug in those ear plugs so I can fall asleep from the karaoke-singing below. Hehe!

Have been so tired so will publish the photos I promised tomorrow. The judge duty and my morning run made me tired so the evening has been spent in the couch half asleep.

Tomorrow my judging duties continue and for those wondering its a big talent contest they have every year here at the festival. First day is for the smallest children from 5-15 years of age and then tomorrow those older than that. Me and the others in the jury choose 5 from each group and then they will compete in the big FINALS on saturday.

And today there were so many talented and wonderful kids singing and it was really hard to pick those 5 out of the 18 who entered. But lots of fun;=)

Sleep well and I´ll be back tomorrow. Over and out!


Yesterday when going on our trip for some nice sun and cookies and IKEA I took a maxi dress on and over it a nice top with a low open back. I have difficulties walking in heels (I need more practice again;=) after my pregnancy so now I just use ballerinas and sneakers and yesterday I had my leopard ballerinas from Dolce & Gabbana.

Wore new feather ear rings I bought in Topshop this week and my nails are painted with an OPI colour. On my eyes I wore a purple shadow.

I took lots of nice photos from the coffee place but I am a bit of a hurry since I am going to be a judge in a talent show for some days so I´ll put up the photos later tonight;=)

Enjoy the day now!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Purple blue

Good morning!

Didnt go to IKEA yesterday cause we took all afternoon in the mall, so we´re gonna try and go today. But first taking a trip to a nice coffee place by the ocean where they serve lots of home made cakes;=) Yum!

Here´s my make-up and outfit yesterday. Did a turqoise-blue make up and to that an older black tunic-dress with a big brown belt on top.

Two days ago I had a purple make-up, one of my favourite colours. Love it!

enjoy the day now!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011


This morning I felt less tired after a weekend of sorrow and darkness. Took a long morning run and the sun showed itself to me and that was nice after all the rain;=)

Today we´re going to IKEA and a mall to fix some errands. I am gonna get myself a nice lamp to my dinner table I have gotten money from my mum and husband as b-day gift and now its time to go and get it.

Music of today is dear Anathema, enjoy!

Monday, 25 July 2011


Starting off the day by recording a song I have had inside of my head for several months. Micke in Pain has been here helping me and Johan to put in ProTools and showing us how to start recording and it´s fun!!!


Todays song is another song I think has some really important lyrics and its one of my absolute favourite artists and songs.

Sting - Fragile


Soon, at 12 o clock the Nordic contries will have a silent minute for the victims in Norway and I will participate and I hope all you blog readers will do the same.

Light a candle and send your love, respect and hope to the survivors, to the victims families and loved ones who need it at this time.

Sunday, 24 July 2011


....I feel that this song is suitable. I sang this a couple of years ago, before Nightwish, with the choir I was in at that time - Bygdekören. Please light a candle for the victims in Norway tonight.

Here´s the lyrics for you:


It´s not easy - trying to understand
How the world can be so cold - stealing the souls of a man
Cloudy skies rain down on all your dreams
You wrestle with your fear and doubts - sometimes its hard

There´s a better place
Where our father waits
And every tear he`ll wipe away
The darkness will be gone
The weak shall be strong
Hold on to your faith
There will come a day

Wars are raging
Lifes are scattered
Innocence´s is lost
and hopes are shattered
The old are forgotten
Children are forsaken
In this world we´re living in
is there anything sacred?

There´s a better place
Where our father waits
And every tear he`ll wipe away
The darkness will be gone
The weak shall be strong
Hold on to your faith
There will come a day

The sun will bring out
down these golden streets
and the voices of earth
with the angels will sing

Every knee will bow
Sin will have no place
in the glory of his amazing grace

Every knee will bow
Sin will have no place
in the glory of his amazing grace
There will come a day
There will come a day...


I must say this weekend has been a sad one. Norway disaster and then Amy Winehouse.

There´s not much I want to write about at this moment cause I am sad in my soul.

Saturday, 23 July 2011


I weep with Norway in this horrible day after the events yesterday where 91 persons died, most of them children and young people.

It´s just so horrible that I dont have words for how I feel but I send my condolances to the victims families, the survivors and all of Norway.

We really need to reach out to each other instead of hating...

Friday, 22 July 2011


Just came back after running 10 k in a slight rain which made it feel even better to run;=)

I am so proud of myself that I run 10 k and still feel I could run longer. When I was younger I always skipped class every single time we had to run and hated running. But somewhere inside me I always dreamed of running as easily as those runners I saw in the forest. With a slight happy smile on their faces, a light step when they passed me and with a determination to run longer and longer, day by day...

Now I feel I am one of them, finally. And I am so happy I have started to run outside instead of on the tread mill cause its so fun and I never feel the thing I can do on the tread mill, that is: oh, 5 k´s to go...4 k´s to go...and so on.

Running outside is so much more giving and today I passed two happy drinking men in a tunnel who cheered me on with their: faster, faster!
And I also passed two lady friends of mine who stood by the coffee shop and they both cheered me by saying: Wow, you go girl! You look super!
Both times I said hi and gave them the V-sign;=)

VICTORY! I am getting stronger;=)

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Well -surprise!!!

So, the song I have uploaded is now up in my Myspace BUT it´s not another of my own solo songs I share this time... It´s my demo of Ever dream I sent to Tuomas in nov 2005;=)

Enjoy and sleep well!!


... I will put up a new song in my official My space;=)

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Open backs and cuts

I just love tops and dresses with open back or some details in the back. Here´s some autumn favourites from Alexander Wang - a jersey top, a tank top and a beautiful dress, all with different beautiful backs. You find them all in

Outdoor day;=)

Well hi all and a lovely afternoon to you;=)

Hope the sun is shining on you, as it is on us here in the south of Sweden! We´ve been out all day, getting all the sun and nice air we could since the rest of the week promises rain again. But today it´s been blue sky with some fluffy white clouds and appr. 20 degrees.

We started off by taking a nice coffee in the harbour. I have had my colourful summer pants on today;=)

Then we went to the playground where Nemo had fun in the sand for a while. Then he fell asleep in the pram while we walked a long walk into the forest. When he woke up we stopped by the nice waffel factory where we took an ice cream and shared;=)

Then down to the beach again, into the grocery store to buy some fresh shrimps, aioli and bread to toast for us to eat tonight. I love shrimps and aioli (aioli = mayonnaise, oil and garlic).

Soon I´ll go to the bathroom and put some hot red colour into my hair cause it´s faded and I want it RED;=)

Monday, 18 July 2011

Movie time

Hi all and good evening to you;=)

Today I started my day being really tired after a little bit of restless sleep. Saw a movie last night -The next three days - which gave me some sad feelings inside and that made me wake up several times. I really have problems with watching movies where children get hurt somehow and this movie had that in it. But it was a great movie so I still recommend it to you;=)

Been running in the gym this morning and it went well despite the tiredness and I ran 8 k today.
Soon time for a nice movie again and let´s hope I can sleep better tonight;=)

Sleep well now!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Last chance to vote for my dresses!

Ok, time for the very last plead for you who havent done it to vote for my two dresses I have in´s competition;=) Last day tomorrow so PLEASE vote!!!!

Second winner!

And the second winner is:

lonleywolf said...

I love nightwish and I want to have something of them for they have done for me with their music.
Thanks Anette.
Thanks Tuomas.
Thanks Jukka.
Thanks Emmpu.

Good luck everyone !

CONGRATULATIONS lonely wolf;=)

You win the blue bracelet and the two signed cards;=) Please write me your mail address in a comment and I´ll send you the price ASAP;=)

THANKS to everyone who has participated and stay tuned in the future for more contests;=) Maybe it´s your turn next time?;=)

Winner no 1!

Ok, now the contest is over and I have randomly picked 2 winners through

The first winner is:
mariacullenxxx said...

hi annette!
great about the contest :)
cant wait for new nw album, please come to ireland on your next tour we all love you so much!
love from dublin,


You win the white bracelet and the two signed cards. Please write your mail address in a comment to me and I´ll send you the price ASAP;=)

Harry Potter - the grand finale!

Wow, just came back from the cinema after me and Seth watched the long anticipated last Harry Potter movie;=)

And what to say??? It was AMAZING!!!! 5+/5 from me!!

I will need to reed the last book now, which I bought long ago but didnt read. Now I need to read it;=)

I could easily go and watch the last one again... fantastic, amazing, exciting, magnificent, wonderful, tremendous...

Thanks for these 10 years of Harry Potter, I have loved every single movie!

Cute marching band;=)

There was a cute marching band walking in Tivoli at 15 in the afternoon and I had to shoot two videos of them for you;=)


video video

More photos!