Wednesday, 31 August 2011

My perfect evening snack

Good evening;=)

Sometimes some of you want to know what I eat so here´s what I eat as my late evening snack/meal.
- 1 hard boiled egg
- Two Finn crisp (hard rye bread from Finland)
- Cherry tomatoes

And to drink - green tea.


Muscle help

Red face is the price after some exercising;=)

Just came back from running and afterwards a rewarding shower. Ran 10 k´s today and it felt good;=)

After my runs I always take a cup of coffee since I read in Sofia´s blog that coffee helps against getting muscle ache. So coffee it is!

Enjoy the day now and if you havent been to our Nightwish site - this was stated today. Imaginarium will now instead be called "Imaginaerum".


Now when it´s soon gonna be colder here I really would love to wear these cute ear muffs from UGG Australia;=) So cute!

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Memory lane;=)

Ok, time for a nice memory from the DPP tour;=)

The first video is from Hong Kong. I loved seeing Asia and I have wonderful memories from this tour. The fans were amazing and in Japan I got so special gifts from the fans. I still love the "toe socks" I got;=) So nice!

And the second is from Seattle in Halloweeen 2007. One of the funniest gigs I remember and for that show I wanted to dress out real Halloween style. Got a super beautiful costume to wear and I bought lots of spider web for Jukkas drums (the drum tech werent so happy about this;=), halloween stuff for the stage and before the gig Marco decided to dress out too. But he didnt have any costume so he dropped his pants and were gonna play in his underwear and I sprayed a glitter spray on his legs to give him a nice and shiny look (hihi) and I still remember how wonderful he was - playing with bare legs. Lovely and I must say I adore him so much for doing that. A wonderful and really fun and relaxed gig and something I still cherish as one of the best shows so far;=)
Unfortunately there aren´t any good videos out there with good audio so sorry for the quality but you can see our clothes in this;=)

Monday, 29 August 2011

Peek a boo!

Today me and Nemo went to the playground and Nemo found a new fun thing to play with - a barrel I think its called in english;=)

We played peek-a-boo for a long time but then the rain came and we had to head home;=(

Sleep well now!


Well hi everyone;=)

It went really well in the studio yesterday and it´s always fun to meet Niclas;=)

I can´t say anything about this song at the moment but as soon as I can, I will of course tell you when it will be released and with whom e g.

Someone asked me again about this song that´s stated I have done with the finnish band Entwine (it´s someone who has written it in Wikipedia) but I have never recorded any song with them or for them. So that´s not true and sometimes I wonder who writes these things?

This morning I started my day by running my long distance and today I did my longest so far - 18 km!!! ;=)

Enjoy this monday;=)

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Studio time

Hi all!

I am on my way to the studio at Niclas place to do a small recording of some choruses for a Finnish band;=)

See you later!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Natures work

(Photos borrowed from, photos taken by

Good morning all;=)

This morning I woke up and just heard some really heavy noices. Didnt understand at first what it was, but went up and checked my windows (we live up in the roof tops so I see the ocean and horizon) and well, it was the weirdest looking sky over Denmark. Sooo strange darkness and I understood a really BIG thunderstorm was on its way. It sounded like there were a distant war over there... the noices were constant without any break so I took my Ipod, went to the hallway and closed my eyes into a meditative state.

After a while the boys woke up and even Seth was a bit scared cause one lighting came directly over us and they said it was a really loud boom.

Johan came to me with coffee and I sat there for an hour until it passed. It was a very short but aggressive cell of thunder and of course this was nothing towards the big hurricane Irene that´s passing in US now so I am quite relieved I am here in safety and not on tour in New York at this moment.

Any of you reading who are living in New York or somewhere it´s passed or passing? I sure hope everyone will be ok over there.

With this I must say that nature is for sure an incredible source of power and magnitude. And maybe that´s why so many people find it so interesting with weather. Here in Sweden we are known to always talk about weather;=) Its quite funny but everywhere you go here, weather is constantly talked about. If it´s hot, we say its to hot. If it´s cold - its to cold. And so on...;=)

I found these photos that a guy in my city took this morning when the thunder passed. I must say that I would wish for me being able to sit and watch this sometime cause the lightings look beautiful on the photos. And check the clouds, sooo amazing.

Friday, 26 August 2011


Oh, and forgot to say that I got an email from my dear fan site in Mexico today:

telling me they celebrate their 3rd year anniversary today so HIP HIP HORRAY and thanks so much for all the appreciation you show for me and what I do;=)

Lots of hugs to you all!


Hi there and a very very happy friday to you;=)

Today I have been so comfy walking around in this great dress from Designers remix collection (the same brand as many of my DPP tour dresses) and my great high heel boots from Whyred. Love that this dress look like a skirt and blouse and have an open back.

Enjoy the evening now;=)

Thursday, 25 August 2011


Good morning all;=)

I hope you got a nice sleep! I did and even if I woke up to rain today there were no thunder storms. Many of you have asked me about my fear of thunder so I thought I´ll try and explain my fear.

As I have said already before I have always had a really big phobia for loud noices like fireworks, thunder, balloons bursting, sudden loud noices like a car back-firing e g..

Neither me or my mum actually know when the phobia started but she says I have had it since I was a small baby so I guess either I was born with it or something happened very early. Now when I have two children myself, I can see how fast a little child can be scared for something that we, as adults, do not see as something so "dangerous". Things like a big truck passing really close with a loud noice can be enough to scare a small baby.

But my fear has always been there and it is and has always been a handicap for me in my life. I have never been able to have balloons in my b-day parties, never liked fire works, always been extremely afraid of dark clouds in the sky since it can be a thunder storm on its way.

I have tried every single thing there is to get by this. Therapists, hypnosis, psychics, electro stimulance and lots more. Cause the only thing I have ever wanted was to get rid of this phobia.
It makes my world a tiny bit "smaller" and I think noone wants to live in fear of something.

When I went to school things also got worse with my fear after the kids understood I had this fear. I remember them taking balloons by my ear and burst it, coming home to my house placing these "pull crackers" between the door handle and the wall so that when I opened the cracker burst and made a loud noice. Very funny to do this, I am sure, but it only made my phobia so much worse.

So there it is - my phobia. I wish I had a phobia for spiders or something instead cause that would be easier to cope with. Being afraid of booms are not the easiest thing and doing the job I do is a lot about exposing myself for this, especially in the festivals and travelling to warmer places.
Playing in festivals are a really hard thing for me and that is why I mainly never stay at the festival area more than for just singing. I get there just before gig start and leave immediately afterwards.

So if you sometime see me with my fingers in my ears somewhere, you know why;=)

Enjoy the day now!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Well good day to you all;=)

This morning I woke up with a boom! And a mean literally with a BOOM;=)

At 5 o clock it started thundering and I flew up, totally lost in space, so tired, but trying to grasp my Ipad and put in my earphones, climb over Johan to get out from the bed room and sit in my dark hallway where I feel safe... Johan didnt understand what I did and said: what are you doing? while I climbed over him in a furious speed.

- It´s thundering, dont you hear it? I kinda screamed-whispered with anxiety in my voice, and ran off.

At 5.45 we all were up, thunder storm had passed and the tiredness came over me. Fell asleep for an hour more and at 9 I ran 10 k´s in the grey weather so the morning got to be a good one despite the "loud" awakening;=)

Enjoy the day now!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Duck tale

Today we´ve been out in the park and by the playground. We checked the ducks in the pond and they had a nice time today, swimming around. Nemo wanted to dive in but well, we didnt allow that;=)

Monday, 22 August 2011

90 min..

... of running and I am back home again;=)

I just have to say that I love to run and today it was pure flow in my body all the way.

And I am happy to read so many excited over the earlier release of Imaginarium;=) We all in the band are also so thrilled to have it out this year.

Now - food!

Enjoy the day now!

Imaginarium already in 2011;=)

Good morning all!

On my way out to do a long run but before that - for those who doesnt visit our Nightwish website - Imaginarium will be relased already this year;=)

Exact date and all other info about the coming relase will be told in a few weeks so stay tuned. But this year, people!

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Crazy sunday

After all the white dressed people yesterday I just need to be totally black today;=) Dancing by myself and it´s Absulute Dance on. Still party music even if it´s sunday!

I really didnt have time to take a photo of my white outfit cause we were so late, but took one with my jacket on. I will take a photo later with the clothes on, I promise;=)

Now - a walk to try and wake up from the partying mode;=) Sun and 22 degrees, yeah!

Enjoy the day!

Saturday, 20 August 2011

White party;=)

Hi there and happy saturday!

Today the sun is up and even if my cold still is there in the back, I feel energized since I went to sleep at 22 yesterday! Soooo good to sleep for many hours when there´s a bug in the body and since we´re invited to my best friends 40th party tonight, I needed to feel better;=)

Dressing code is white party so I needed to dig into my closet and see if I had some white stuff. I have found two alternatives but I think I know which one it´ll be already. Will take photo of it when I am ready to go later tonight. Mum and her husband will be taking care of Nemo here while we are at the party and its the very first time someone will baby-sit him so keep fingers crossed he behaves;=)

But first this day we need to go out and do some errands for tonight so see you all later!
Enjoy the day and let´s dig some music since it´s saturday!

Evanescence new single - What you want;=)

Friday, 19 August 2011


Today I have had one of my favourite outfits on:

A white double-layered "baggy" shirt from Cos, jeans from Dsquared2, necklace from Browne Prince and bracelet Humanity.


It seems like Nemo´s bug has gotten to both me and Johan and now we´re both not feeling super. Typical, since tomorrow evening is the first one since before my pregnancy we´re going to a party. Well, lots of vitamines and tea with honey might help us;=)

It´s always like this when the summer fades away, autumn enters and school starts - all bugs fly around and the autumn colds and flu´s just follow. Nothing to do but take it easy and wait for a better day. Luckily the weather is totally grey here today so its ok to sit inside.

Hope you´ll have a wonderful friday!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

And again - answers;=)

More answers, enjoy!

.x-Jasmine-x. said...

Hello Anette! I hope you are very well, =).

I have a couple of questions:
1. Relating to your exercising, I remember a while ago you mentioned you take whey protein products to help build muscle. I was wondering if you found they helped much and if so what would you recommend (i.e. bars, milkshake powder etc)?

2. Will you do a large amount of acting in the Imaginarium movie, if so how much acting experience do you have?

3. Can you possibly share a yummie recipe with us all sometime soon? It has been a while, ;). (Thank you in advance!)

Have a lovely day,

Hi Jasmine;=)
- At the moment I just take this in the morning and I love to do my smoothies after my running. I use different tastes but I prefer vanilla to mix other things with. I take low fat milk, some berries or banana, a scoup of powder and shake it in my blender. Very yummie!
Protein bars and protein drinks are super when being on tour cause usually I need to eat more often and then those are perfect. Also very good when being out in the city to get a small meal on the run.
- I cant say so much about the movie at this moment, so this question needs to be unanswered and you´ll have to wait until we reveal more about everything.
- I´ll do that when I do something yummie and special again;=)

MontanaPB said...

Hi Anette!
How are you? :) Here are my questions:

1. What are your 10 favourite songs of Nightwish?

2. What songs of Nightwish from the previous albums would you like to perform in future, because you have never sung them before at the concerts?

3. Do you prefer ‘Dark Passion Play’ or ‘Imaginarium’ at the moment? Why?

4. Who are your favourite pop artists?

Thank you so much for your time!
Kisses and hugs from Poland :*

Hi Montana;=)
- Oh, that´s hard to answer cause I really love so many! But here´s some of the ones I love the most;
Ghost love score
Meadows of Heaven
10th man down
Cadence of her last breath
End of all hope
Higher than hope
Creek Marys Blood
For the heart I once had
Forever Yours
Higher than hope
- Well, I actually prefer to sing the new songs that are fitted for me cause its quite hard to "re-do" the ones from before to suit me. But these are songs I all love and think would be fun to try sometime; 10th man down, Deep silent complete, End of all hope, Away, White night fantasy, Forever yours, Feel for you, Sleepwalker, Beauty of the beast, Lagoon.
- I love them both;=)
- Lady Gaga

Jorge said...

Hi! Thank you for allowing us to do some questions. I just have two:

1) How are you? :)

2) Any news about "The Heart Asks Pleasure First"?

Take care! =D

Hi Jorge:=)
- I am really fine, thank you;=) Hope you too!
- No, sorry;=(

kisena4ek said...

Hi dear Anette! I'm Kate from Russia :) How are you? Here are some question for you :
1) Do you like Russia and a concert in Moscow?
When you get back?
2)Do you like cook and what's your favorite food?
3)Do you watch cartoons with Nemo and what is your favorite?
Thanks you and sorry for my bad english =* Love you and NW !(=^_^=)

Hi Kate;=)
- Yes, I do;=) I dont know, its the management taking care of the shows and bookings.
- Yes, I do. I really love sushi;=)
- We watch mostly Playhouse Disney and there I really like Chuggington and Mickeys clubhouse
Lola said...

Well, hello there, Anette! And god morgon :)
This is Lola. And I'm gonna ask you about do you know any russian districts being located out there in Helsingborg or other Swedish cities like therу are lots of russian districts in Germany all over there. I am dreaming since i was 15 about moving there so I would love to hear some feadback from a native swedish girl O:)

With love and best wishes,

Hi Lola;=)
- No, I don´t. I am so sorry, maybe if you search for it in the internet?

Rockprincess said...

Hi Anette!
I would like to ask you at what age did you first know that you wanted to be a singer. What artist/group/person first infuenced you. If Nightwish ended tommorow, what would you do next? Lots of love xxx

Hi Rockprincess;=)
- I knew when I was just some years old. I was very determined about that;=)
- I listened a lot to a swedish singer called Carola and Whitney Houston.
- I would probably do music like now, but also do a "normal" job and I dream of becoming a midwife so I would study to be that.

Isa-Nightwish said...

Hi Anette
how are you?

you can always send you questions? thank you

If yes i'ts my questions:

1) your solo album is still in draft?

2)why you've made ​​burne? (simple question of haidresser)
an 3) Have you finished your voice of future Save Nightwish album?

thanks for your futures answers


Isa from France

Hi Isa;=)
- Yes, I have my demo and working on more songs and we´ll see if I can release the album after our Imaginarium tour.
- I dont understand this question? What is burne? Can you explain more?
- Yes, the album is all ready;=)


For the first time in a long time I have gotten to sleep all night without waking up every now and then;=) I really dont like my insomnia and now for a while its been really terrible. But tonight - a good nights sleep. But I am still tired so some more nights like that and I´ll be all rested.

Found a really nice outfit at Topshop I would love to have. Love the black and white in the fake fur;=)

Enjoy the day now!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Hi and happy wednesday;=)

So, today I have been to my dear Linda at Idas Hårdesign and we have made a great transformation on me with a big help from Rapunzel and their fabulous extensions I ordered. I have used other extensions before but this is by far the best and its hair from a swedish donour and that makes it melt into my own hair better. I cant even see that there´s extensions and thats something I wished for;=)


And after:

We put in 50 nail extensions and that was perfect.

To add some fun, I put in a clip-on feather which isnt permanent. But fun to add when feeling like it;=)

I love my new hair!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Answers to more questions

Before going to sleep I just answered a few, enjoy:

NeferKa said...

Hey Anette! Thanks for doing this! I always miss it and never get in a question in time. We'll see what happens this time. :)

1) I know you're a Within Temptation fan. What did you think of "The Unforgiving"?

2) If you could duet on any album with any singer or band, who would that be?

3) Are there any old Nightwish songs you hope to perform this time around? (I beg for Ghost Love Score at all US concerts this time ;) ).

4) What is your most memorable fan experience?

I know it's a few questions, but if you do get to them, thank you!!

<3 Lauren

Hi Lauren;=)
- I like it, it´s a bit different from the other albums but I think its good to try new things. I especially love Faster since it´s so catchy. I also love how Sharon now uses her belting voice much more. Gives a rockier sound;=)
- I would love to sing with Sting;=)
- There will be some new and some of the ones we did in DPP, but I dont want to spoil what songs before the tour starts.
- I have many but I do remember one where a girl threw herself on the concrete before my feet and just cried. It was quite in the beginning and I felt a bit "awkward" about it, but it was still of course really nice that she got so happy over seeing me. But I was worried about her lying there.

Diego Muniz said...

Hello dear!

I know you've already answered some questions, hope u can still answer mine.

1- How do you think you will deal with fans during the next tour, once you'll have little nemo with you there ( and for "dealing" I mean taking pictures, autographs, ete,)?

2- Would you mind uploading the other songs you sent to Tuomas on a demo ( I assume I ain't the only one who is anxious to listen to them,haha) =]

3- Do you think there will be old songs from nightwish (old era) that u still haven't sung during the next tour?

4- Do you think your voice sound better now then it used to sound when you still hadn't been on a long tour( for ex.: when you listen to a live song, like 7 days, from 2007 and then you listen to it from 2009, you voice sounds different)?

5- will there be any orchestra on the kick off show?

Sorry if I asked too much, but I've always wanted to ask these for you.

My best regards, and Happy b-day for Nemo, even though it's too late.

Kisses from Rj- Brazil!

Hi RJ;=)
- Well, he wont be there in the spotlight with me, he´ll be with Johan. Taking photos will of course be ok with me, but I prefer to not have my children in them.
- We´ll see, but its not like Ever dream where me and my friends did it in a new version. Those songs are with the instrumental tracks Tuomas sent me so it´s not the same: But maybe;=)
- There might be, you´ll have to wait and see;=)
- I think it changed a lot and of course it got stronger of all the singing I wasnt used to when I started. Also, after the south American tour and our long break, I decided to not have such high demands on myself as I did the first rounds and then I relaxed and enjoyed the ride. And the voice is better without nervousness and stressing it so it naturally sounded better then. I hope this time, I´ll be able to be relaxed, enjoy all of the gigs and hopefully not be so much ill as I was in the last tour.
- No.

Daniel Guarienti said...

Hi Anette! Thanks for this chance =D

1. If you could go to Hogwarts, wich house would you like to get in and why?
2. Do you have any favorite movie director?
3. If you were a writer, what kind of book would you write?
4. We all know that you and the guys are gonna be on the Imaginarium movie, but if you were invited to be on a tv show, like acting on a drama show, would you accept the invitation?

Thank you so much for your time and answears =)

Hi Daniel;=)
- I think Gryffindor cause I am a good behaving little magician;=)
- I like David Lynch and Tim Burton
- A dark and horrible story.
- I might consider it if its something I think would suit me. I would love to be a host for childrens TV or maybe a part in Glee;=)
MOH said...

1. You are singer and something else too but when you was young,did you had some other specific profession what you possibly going to be do later or would like to do.

2. A moment of looking that ship looks like a moving paradise where one of your gigs will be but have you been on Caribbean before,on DPP tour or otherwise.

3. What is your favourite drink,do you like possibly some juice.

Ok,thanks and good night

Hi MOH:=)
- I wanted to be a teacher or a nurse.
- No, I have never been there so it was really easy to say yes to that cruise.
- I actually like water in all its forms and also light lemonade.

Alex said...

Hello, Anette!!!
Thank you very much for taking the time to give us the opportunity to ask you questions!!!
Taking this opportunity, I again want to thank you, our dear Anette, and all the guys from Nightwish: Tuomas, Marco, Emppu, Jukka - for your wonderful and magical music, that gives me so much kind and positive emotions!!! You are all wonderful and kind people who give warmth and love to many other people around the World!!! When I listen to your music, I always want to become better, want do something good. Once again, thank you very much for everything you do for us!!!
And now I would like to ask a few questions:
1. I know that besides singing you like to run and you keen on a fashion. What hobbies do you have else?
2. As I said all songs of Nightwish is filled kind and positive emotions, but what a greater force motivates Tuomas write such music and lyrics? I think it should be a strong feeling, like love, or longing, or something like that… And what do you think about it as the friend of Tuomas and member of the group? And could you tell us a little about how Tuomas writes the music and lyrics?
3. I have heard that besides Swedish and English languages, you else know a few languages. What languages do you else know? Did you study Finnish language? And can you give some advice how to learn so many languages?
4. If you feel bad on the soul (I apologize for my words, and I sincerely wish that you will be always in a good mood and that everything was fine), what helps you feel better?
I wholeheartedly wish you, dear Anette, your family and all the guys from Nightwish happiness, a lot of love and all the best!!!
From Russia with love, Alexander or just Alex!!!
PS: I apologize for the any mistakes in my comments, I do not know English very well, and I hope you can understand my questions.

Hi Alex;=)
- I dont have so many more hobbies than exercising at the moment. I havent got any time.
- These questions are not for me to answer, but for Tuomas. He is the only one who knows the answers to them.
- I have studied french and german. I also understand Danish and Norwegian.
I think just study the languages and also watch TV or read books in the language can help.
- Music, exercising and nature helps me


Today I got a really nice package from Rapunzel of Sweden which is a company that sells hair extensions. You´ll soon see what I got from them;=)

I´m back...

So sorry for my abscence but I have had my 3-day migraine and when that occur I cant do so much more than take it easy. But now I feel better and today I did my first run since the migraine started and I didnt get back the headache, luckily;=)

I will answer more questions as soon as I can again;=)

Enjoy the evening!

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Answers again

Here we go;

Carmen said...

Hello Anette, thanks for doing this session, well here goes my questions:

1. How are you doing :P? How's the family :P?
2. Do you keep your voice in "shape" even tho you 're not currently perfoming? If you do, what do you do to keep it in shape.
3. Who's the funniest person in the nightwish band
4. Who's the "hardest" person in the nightwish band
5. Have you thought about what to wear in the L.A. show? or in the Imaginarium photoshoot? :P

Hi Carmen;=)
- We are all doing fine, thanks for asking;=)
- Yeah, I try to exercise it and practise songs some days per week. Now when the tour gets closer I will also start doing more vocal exercises to really get the voice strong and ready.
- That´s really hard to answer cause they all have funny sides;=) But the most day to day-funny is for sure Emppu, who always have some fun things he does on stage;=)
- I am not sure what you mean by the "hardest" person? So I cant answer this, sorry.
- I havent thought about LA yet but I have just started to think about the photo shoot.
mar saez jimenez said...

Hi Anette!
these are my questions:
1.-going to be like the new album by nightwish?
2.-which is the movies that you like tim burton?

Hi Mar Saez;=)
- Well, we all in the band love the album, but I dont know if you fans will;=) But I hope so and I think the album is a great ride.
- I really like Alice in Wonderland, Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow and Charlie and the chocolate factory
Bruno said...

Good evening dear Nettie :D

We're sorry to spam your comment box with this kind of issues, but we already sent emails to various departments from and none of them answered.

We are C.N.F.C. (Croatian Nightwish Fan Club). We, as a forum, exist 4 years already and are the biggest and most active, up to date Nightwish forum in Croatia, so our question is - can you help us to be in "links" on

Your help would be more than appreciated from all of us.

Regards, C.N.F.C.
(Administrator: Bruno)

our website

Kisses & hugs from Croatia :D

Hi Bruno;=)
- All I can do is send an email to the webmaster and management and then they have to take the decision. Sorry that noone has answered you before.

Laura said...

Hej Anette.
First of all I wanna ask you if you feel good and when you will come to Hamburg to make your new tattoo? ;=)

And here are the other ones:

1. What have you done when the girls bullied you in your school-time ?

2. How is Nemo, Seth and Johan ? Is Nemo already on his feet ? :=)

3. Will you show us videos of hair-do's in the future ?

4. Do you know a nice gift for the 18. birthday of my friend ?

5. Which job did you have before Nightwish?

6.What are you doing when you're in a bad bad mood? Do you sometimes feel that life has no sense ? I am asking because I am in a real bad mood and I am desperate cause I don't know if I will handle my school. I am so bad in maths.. and it will be a very hard last year for me with lots of time filled with hoping and learning..
Do you have any advice for me to calm down ?
What are you doing when you feel bad?

7. Which subjects had been your favourites in school?

8. What's your favourite food?

9. Do you have an advice to motivate myself for doing more sports ?

10. I would love to see another videos of your cat or your swedish lullabys. Do you think you will post such videos in the future ?

11. Would you be happy if you would get a personal gift from me if I would send it to you?

I hope I didnt ask too much.. I am sorry
thank you for the question round, its very kind of you ! You don't have to answer if sth. is too private ! Thanks !


Hi Laura;=)
- I dont know when I will go and do the tattoo. I was going in june but due to EHEC I couldnt and now I am not sure if I have the time for it. But we´ll see on tour if I can do it then;=)
- I tried to adjust how I was to be accepted, since I thought there was something wrong with me. But the more I tried to change for them, the more insecure I got and the whole thing just got worse. Now I know it had nothing to do with me, that it wasnt me who had problems, but them. That their insecurity and fears turned towards another person and in this case it was me. I think I was an easy target since I am a sensitive and kind person who wanted everyone to like me. It´s better to know that you are ok just as you are and if they dont like you, then thats their problem. Be true to yourself and stand up for yourself, but dont use violence cause that mainly feeds the problem.
- They are all doing just fine. Nemo has been walking quite some time now and he is a very forward-going little guy so he learns fast. Lots of energy all the time;=)
- I might do that.
- I guess it´s a girl? I think make-up if she likes that or some jewellery.
- I´ve had quite a few. but mainly; waitress, sales person, consultant, secretary, project assistant and hair dresser.
- I´m sorry that you feel like this;=( But I think everyone has these kinda periods in life where things just feel overwhelming and to hard to handle. I have had them many times and still do and I am 40 now so I guess they will come and go until the end. But what I do? I think I try and talk to someone close about it, ventilate my fears and worries and get another persons thoughts, which usually can make me calmer about it all. Many times I feel my worries are exaggerated and when I start talking about it I feel more at ease. I also always try to decide how to solve the problem and after taking "charge" of it, I feel better.
- English and swedish
- I love sushi;=) And traditional swedish food like meatballs.
- Doing sports can do wonder for you and if you have those "harder" days it´s a great way to feel much happier afterwards.
- I actually dont have any cats nowadays, we have sold Busan since she had difficulties to adjust after we got Nemo. A lullaby video is possible though, I´ll see when I can do one;=)
- Well, I think gifts are nice but you dont have to send me one. If we ever meet at some gig, its nicer to get it then so I can say thanks in person;=)
Laura said...

Oh, my dear, I forgot to ask if you're engaged right now ? I read that several times..
and will you look forward to marry someday ?

Sleep well & thx again for your engagement !

Laura ;=)

Hi again;=)
- Yes, I am engaged and someday we´ll marry I am sure;=)

Friday, 12 August 2011

Good feeling

I just love listening to laid back music and this is a perfect friday evening song for you;=)

His name is Bonnie Prince Billy and here´s the song "Cursed sleep"

Sleep well!

Todays song

Well good morning and happy friday to you all;=)

Today the sun finally has come out here again and even if was just 12 degrees when I went running this morning, it was nice to get some sun in my face and a clear blue sky over the blue and beautiful ocean;=) Nice! So today we´ll head off to the playground and do some "digging" in the sand.

Want to share todays song and this time it´s a song from our swedish Eurovision contest and this is a song I like with a girl with a great voice. She sure has a good belting voice;=)

Enjoy - Linda Pritchard with "Alive":

Thursday, 11 August 2011


Hi all and thanks so much for your kind wishes for Nemo to feel better. Really warmed my heart to see all of you caring so;=)

He is feeling much better now but it took him some days, He had 40 degrees of fever on sunday and nothing helped to decrease it. I called the hospital to ask for advice and they said that small children can cope with really high temperatures, so it´s ok to have even over 40 degrees for 4 days before there is any need to check on them.

Still, as a mother, seeing that little one totally "gone" and hot like a sauna made me quite nervous and I am really relieved he now finally feel better. Yesterday he passed out already at 17 and slept all night so he was so tired after all the nights with lack of sleep.

But now he´s ok again;=)

I have been out running my 10 km this morning in pouring rain. Quite frozen now so I am drinking hot chai tea to warm me up before I need to go out in the rain again and do some grocery shopping. Summer is for sure over here and the temperature is going towards autumn. This summer has been a really short one and I am sure the winter will be long;=(

So - enjoy your day now and I´ll try and answer some more questions later on today!