Friday, 30 September 2011


So, someone has a big celebration here in the city tonight and they have been firing fireworks the last 20 minutes. Even if it looks lovely, I kinda think its a waist of money;=)

But here´s Fireworks with Kate Perry to celebrate its time to sleep;=) hehe!

See you all tomorrow!

Love can be...

... a new pair of colourful wonderfully comfortable runner shoes;=)

Got myself these new ones and this weekend I´ll run in them for the first time and I long for it! The brand is Mizuno.

Pure love;=)

Heading out

Hi all and happy friday! Here its 20 degrees, sun and a lovely day so we´re heading out to the city. Today I´ll snuggle with a tiny baby since we´re gonna meet our dear friends who got a son 1,5 week agon;=) So if I am struck by "baby-fever" later on, you know why;=)

I curled my hair today and added my feather I got from Rapunzel. Love it!

Enjoy the afternoon!

Thursday, 29 September 2011



Yesterday when I took my long walk I took some photos for you. It´s autumn here now and I love the clouds and the sceneries nature shows me;=)

More Canada

Happy thursday!
Hope you all slept good:=) I dreamt so weird dreams and when I woke up my last dream was that I had gotten some illness which made me so swollen in my face that I couldnt almost talk...hehe! Not so fun but luckily just a dream...;=)

Here´s some more photos from Canada for you!

Tuomas posing;=)

Me posing;=)

 There were lots of mosquitos in the evening at the photo shoot and guess who they bit most? Me of course!! So this is my crumpy face;=)

 Here we´re sitting checking the promo photos in the evening after the long day;=)

Views from a street called Rue Saint Katherine, a shopping street I walked up and down to get some gifts for the people at home;=)

This shop is a store filled with just x-mas things. Felt a bit weird to check those things already now;=)
In the weekend there were lots of tourists coming from the cruise ships and there were lots of acitivities for them, like going with a horse and wagon

A fun store I passed with lots of costumes. Unfortunately it was closed;=(

There was a big wedding in the church in the weekend and I checked the nice cars, the brides maids and also took a photo of the couple getting wed,=)

In the old city there was a street called "Rue de artistes" where the artists sold their paintings.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011


On my way out for a nice long walk after having done a telephone interview.

Today I have curled my hair, inspired after last weeks movie shoots;=)

More photos from Canada

Good morning and a very happy wednesday to you all;=)

Some more photos from Canada - this time from when we drove around in Montreal and shot new promo photos.

 Outside the movie studio before jumping in to the van to go and take photos all day
 Tuomas and Ville, the photographer
 Marco, Timo Isoaho (reporter) and Ville Lipiainen

 Jukka and Ville Lipiainen
 Ville and Tuomas
And a short video;=)

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Canada photos

Hi all!

Time for some more photos again;=) Enjoy!
 Marco enjoying a coffee;=)
 Me after a long day of movie shoots, heading to get some sushi;=)

 A nice skyscrape in the late evening
 This church is an exact replica of the real Notre Dame church

 Ville Juurikkala, our photographer in action taking photos for our album booklet
 Some of the things behind the scenes in the movie studio
 The waiting area for VIPs and actors, next to one of the studios
 This light was important to keep and eye on! When it was turned red noone could enter the movie shoot since that meant they shot a scene.
 And this sign were on the door into the studio and as you can see it was important to NOT enter when the light was lit;=)
 A dark shot of Tuomas sitting by the monitors, checking a shoot;=)
 Emppu relaxing between the shoots (nice dark make-up, right?=)
 Timo Isoaho - finnish reporter from Finland who are doing some bigger articles about the movie and album followed us the whole week
 Behind the scenes, lots of people who have different things to do.
 Some of the crew behind the scenes

 More equipment behind the scenes
A dark shot of Emppu sitting relaxing between our takes