Monday, 31 October 2011

Furry friends

Hi all!

Here it´s autumn break for the school kids this week so we decided to go and spend the day at a local zoo where they have just Nordic animals. It was a grey day but we had fun and Nemo walked all day! But tonight he passed out really fast so I guess it took its toll;=)

Here´s some photos and a video of some of the animals. Many of these animals are shy and hiding deep within the leeves or their houses so I couldnt get photos of the bears, the fox or wild cats for instance but some wanted to show themselves and the horses were really in a great running mode today.
The entrance to the bears nest - a nice statue of wood

 The goats...
 ...having fun with the trees
 A very tired, but cute pig that "snored" too;=)
 The horses were totally wild today. Kicking, racing and biting each other...
 ...up and down that hill...

Here´s a video of them running too;=) (my comment in swedish in this is: I love when horses are running)

 If you look closely to the right in the water there´s a seal swimming..


And the wolverine had gotten some nice lunch...

 ...that he ate and he looked mighty happy:)

And then the strangest animal there was....strange, ha? What species is this?;=)

Sunday, 30 October 2011


So, it turned out to be a blueberry pie tonight;=) Yummie! And blueberries are really good for better vision and they are filled with antioxidants so good choice, right?;=)

This weekend I have gotten some orange and purple candles and some fake leaves to celebrate Halloween and that autumn is so beautiful. Love orange/purple together.

From those beautiful things to more boring ones but necessary ones:
Just finished two hours of paper work for my accountant and my head is just so tired so time for some TV.

Sleep well!


I came so far today when I did my long run. I aimed for 2 hours today but I ran for 2,5! Oh my;=) I am proud!

But I guess my legs will be quite tired the coming days...

Just woke up from 40 minutes of sleeping, I guess my body needed it. Hehe!

Now I feel I want to bake something but the fridge is quite empty so I need to get my imagination going;=)

Enjoy the rest of the day!

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Watches back

Tonight its time to turn back our watches to winter time and that gives one more hour of sleep. But still I am soooo tired so now I´ll put my head on the pillow, dream sweet dreams and tomorrow morning my long run is awaiting. Let´s hope the foggy grey weather is gone and there´s some sun instead;=)

Sleep well and sweet dreams to all of you!


....I have a secret....I have seen the whole Storytime video today.....and I loved it;=)


Don´t forget to order the single;=)

Friday, 28 October 2011


Ok, I just need to put a bonus song here today;=)

This song is one that our sound engineer always plays to do a sound check before we do our sound check. It´s so good to play LOUD;=)

It was time... get Nemo his first pair of destroyed jeans yesterday;=)

These are coming from a brand called "I dig denim".

Love fridays;=)

Well hello everyone!

Today it´s friday and it´s always something special with fridays;=) So why not get into the mood with some of my all-time favourite songs by Queen. And Freddie Mercury - what a singer he was. Incredible!


Queen - Who wants to live forever:

Show must go on:

Bohemian Rhapsody:

We are the champions:

Another one bites the dust:

Somebody to love:

Thursday, 27 October 2011


Hi all!

So nice to see that our teaser make you excited. I long to see the whole Storytime video myself and soon I can;=)

Just came back from 11 km of running and even if I fell asleep way to late this night (2 o clock) and felt a bit tired, it was great to get outside and awake the body. Its really grey and foggy here today but it wasnt cold so I enjoyed it. My legs were a bit soar and tired since its just been one day free after my last 10 k´s but nothing that bothered me to much.

How may of you are "runners" or running regularly? Where do you run and how much per week?
Do any of you reading do any other sport or acitivity? If so- what?

Enjoy the day now and smile;=)

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Storytime teaser

Check our teaser for Storytime with a good quality;=)


Hi all;=)

Today me and Nemo are going to my mum to visit and I thought its been a while since I did an outfit photo so today I did;=)

Black top H&M, leopard top D&G, leather pants Prada, hat Day Birger & Michelsen, necklace Antti Asplund and bracelet is borrowed from Seth;=)

Enjoy your afternoon!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Update about the coming raffle

The raffle will soon take place but I am awaiting some nice prices for you to arrive and as soon as they are here, I´ll announce the raffle so you can enter it;=)

If you want to join another contest where you can win our new album and some merchandise click on the Imaginaerum photo to go there!

Monday, 24 October 2011


Good evening!
Today I have been to a really nice girl to put on new nails and she was so nice and good at it. We put nails on with gel and then she painted them so glamourous with glitter and gold. Love it;=) Thanks Sandra at  Posh shop;=)

Tomorrow I need to fix my hair colour since it´s so blond in the roots and I kinda look like I have grey hair:=( Not so nice but Linda will fix it for me and I havent decided if I´ll take off the extensions for some weeks to rest my hair and then put on new fresh ones in the end of november. Will decide tomorrow.

Our evening is planned to be a good dinner with candles, red wine, a new beautiful flower on the table, some potato chips and a rented movie. Can it be better?;=)

Hope your evening will be nice too and sleep well! (hopefully no nightmares for me tonight;=)


Why do you chase me, Rutger???;=)

So, for some nights I have been having nightmares again and I am chased and the guy from the movie "The Hitcher" from 1986 - Rutger Hauer - wants to kill me and everyone around in the dream...

Hmmm... am I feeling stressed? ;=) I guess so. Maybe time for a nice massage, some relaxing time?

Enjoy your day and do not watch horror movies! Haha;=)

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Memory lane

Found this in Johans cell phone..

This was when we came to the hospital and Nemo was being born last year in july;=) Cant believe it´s been 15 months. Time flies but I still remember how good I felt during the pregnancy and I remember having so much joy and laughter inside of me. I constantly just laughed and I dont know if it was Nemo who made that or just me being filled with happy hormones;=) But a very good time in my life for sure.

Today I´m chilling and just trying to take it easy. All my running and walking this week have made my body tired so today I fill up with good healthy food and rest.

Hope you enjoy your sunday and are resting too;=)

Saturday moments

Saturday, 22 October 2011

What doesn´t kill you...

...makes you stronger.

A thing I always think when I am out running and my legs start to hurt and my head starts to think: maybe I should stop and walk for a while...

Then I push myself with this little thing in my head and a good thing to do is also to take away the focus on the pain and for instance start to look at the tree tops, the nice sky, people passing, do a count in your head: 1,2,3,4. Or just think: it will feel soooo good when I hit the shower!;=)

And its the same with everything in life. If we try to turn the negative feeling into something positive we will feel stronger and can do anything.

Strength and honour, what a great thing to keep in mind those bad days;=)

Today I needed that for the last minutes of my running since my legs were so tired after all the long runs this week. And to help me even more, some nice people cutting their trees in their garden cheared me on with: HEJA, HEJA when I passed. I thanked them and my feet instantly went faster again;=)


Good morning and a very happy saturday to you all!

And thanks for all the comments and what you like or not like with the new Evanescence album. I need to have some more time before I say what songs I like the most e g so I´ll "be back" with this but I really like Amy´s voice a lot and have done since their very first album. She has a voice that stands out and you know it´s her every single time. 

Yesterday morning I started off by going out for a nice long run where I did some hill training which is good to do now and then. I also did some intervalls and I must say I prefer to just run long and slow, I am not the "fastest" runner but still I think its good to make the body and heart work in another way now and then. I ran for 90 min again and it was a beautiful day so in the afternoon me and Nemo went to a new little playground where he had fun in the sand.

 This is half of the stairs I use for hill exercising. After this it´s one equally long one. Puih!

 A beautiful morning with perfect weather;=)

 Before the stairs - happy and fresh:=)

The little playground we went to

Friday, 21 October 2011

Just bought...

... the new Evanscence album and listening now. Have any of you bought it and if so, do you like it?

Making of Imaginaerum - preview

Check this out, folks;=) Soon....soon the single is out!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Don´t look away

Good morning!

The last days here in Sweden the biggest thing in media has been the murder of a 4 year young little boy who they now think was murdered by another child.

It´s just horrible and one thing that I felt was extra disturbing, was that there were just one adult present in the playground where it all started. The adult even saw this little boy being chased and in trouble but didnt do anything to help or stop the bullying and arguing.

I cant believe that we do not care and react if someone is in danger. What happened to adults responsibilites to show that violence is never ok?

In many schools its exactly like this. The kids are in figths, children are bullied and no teachers or adults are ever present out in the school yard to look what´s going on. This gives the result that children can bully and mock others without consequences and with kids we know that they do not understand consequences, so to sit on someone or push someone to the ground can end up with lethal endings and this week this has been so obvious to me that people really need to stop thinking that "they can manage it themselves" or "I dont want to help cause its their business".

No! We need to help, we need to react, we need to stop violence and stop thinking children can control everyhing themselves cause they cant!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Sun is shining

...and I just came home from a 90 min run in the forest. A bit windy but otherwise super nice autumn weather;=)

Now some coffee before an interview with Metal Hammer UK and then some vocal exercising this afternoon. Tour is coming and I need to practise a lot more now to get my voice ready for the weeks and weeks of singing.

See you all later and enjoy the day!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Good evening all;=)

Hope your day has been good as mine has. A bit stressed at the moment but that´s how it is at times and especially now when our release dates are heading further. People are pulling me from everywhere and some days I get a bit frustrated and wish I could hide under a rock;=)

Here´s some photos from Stockholm and going home from there and also from when I arrived home and took a running trip to get some air. The sky was so beautiful and I had to take some photos for you. Hope you like them!

Oh, and I got this nice thing when I was in Stockholm;=) A nice platinum award from Switzerland;=) Thanks so very very much!!!!

Sleep well now!!