Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Full days

Hi all! My days here in Helsinki are full of things to do but wanted to check in and say that there soon will be a rehearsing diary from me in our NW site. Today is the last rehearsing day and tomorrow Imaginaerum is out finally and I fly home tomorrow with my copy in my hand and its just wonderful to have it out finally. Tonight at midnight we do a signing session here in Helsinki at Anttila by Kamppi if you want to come by and meet us all:-) Enjoy the day and let me know after you receive your CD what you thought about it. Will be nice to know:-)

Thursday, 24 November 2011

1st day done

Good evening! Lying in the hotel room ready to sleep after the first rehearsal day:) We started the day with a walk in pouring rain and some heavy wind when Helsinki showed its worst side this morning. After some walk we entered the photo store, shook of the rain drops, tried to make our hair lie quite ok before we al took photos for some Visas we need next year. Marco was a great "helper", doing fun gestures during everyones shoots and it helped to heat us up and get us ready for the cab ride to our rehearsing place:-) Entering the place gave me nice memories cause this is the same place as where I met the guys for the very first time in 2006. Today I didnt have to be as nervous as back then:-) We played between appr. 11 and 16 and it felt really good to be back together again. Also nice to try the songs "live" and see how they worked out. Some really nice vibes coming out of the speakers and tomorrow we start again in the mornng. Fun times! Sleep well now!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Off I go!

Hi all,

Packed and ready and will leave very soon to Helsinki for rehearsals, promo and signing session. Lots to do so will be a full week but that´s how it is when I am over there;=)

The boys have rehearsed alone for 2 days and then on monday we are getting Troy to join us. We love our dear Troy and then it feels like the "family" are all there.

I bought some new hair accessories yesterday and this is so beautiful - a golden hair comb from H&M.

Enjoy this day and soon I´ll say: Hyvä Suomi!;=)

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Mail, packages and more...

Hi all!

My management have moved to smaller office and therefore you can no longer send me mail or packages or stuff. Sorry for that but maybe in the future all of us in the band can have a fan club who takes care of these things but at the moment, we can´t.

Same same

Just checked one of my favourite bloggers, Sofi Fahrman, and saw that she has gotten the same fake fur jacket as I did a couple of days ago;=) Its so warm and cosy and its from H&M.

Like a candy shop

Yesterday I went to Sandra at Posh shop again to fix my nails. This time I wanted something a little bit more rocky and dark for our signing session next week in Helsinki and I started looking through all the nice little try-outs Sandra has made. Its like a candy shop and they are alls so beautiful;=)

After some thinking I decided to go for a design with black lightnings on top and some small golden glitter below. I didnt want to long nails so Sandra used my own nails except for 2 where she just used some gel to make them longer.

I really like them and Sandra is super good at what she does;=)

Monday, 21 November 2011

Breaking dawn

Hi all and a very happy monday to you;=)

Yesterday me and Seth went to see the new Twilight movie - Breaking dawn.

I have read all the books and loved them but the movies havent impressed me at all so I mainly went to see this new one since Seth wanted to see it. And yeah, it wasnt so much for me, no.
They could have made the movie into one and shortened it drastically and skipped all the loving/kissing boring stuff the first hour. But if I were a teenage girl I would had loved it, of course;=)

So the movie was okeish for me, but I prefer the books. Have any of you seen it and what did you think?

Enjoy this day now!

Friday, 18 November 2011

Imaginaerum samples

What a friday gift for you;=)

You can now listen to short samples of the album here:


Or go to our Nightwish site - click here!


Thursday, 17 November 2011

I´m still here, but...

...lots of things going on so I am a bit lazy with the blog this week, sorry;=( But next week its rehearsal time in Finland and practising time for me before going, stuff to fix and most important just resting with the family since I wont see them for a week.

But I promise to be back later in the weekend for you all;=)

Enjoy the week now and take care of each other!

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Sunday music;=)

Hi all and a happy fathers day for all the fathers out there! (its fathers day here in Sweden today)

Here´s some new music I just bought in Itunes and it´s a great album;=)

Florence and the Machine - enjoy!

What the water gave me;

Only if for a night:


Saturday, 12 November 2011

Oh my...

...woke up and my body is aching from my kettlebell exercising yesterday;=)

If you havent tried kettlebells yet, I recommend it. Its really fun and you use muscles everywhere. Like I can feel this morning;=)

Here´s a good video with exercises and dont think about her big kettlebell, start off with an 8 kilo one and then increase when you get stronger.

Enjoy this day!

Happy B-day!

Happy birthday my dear Johan;=)

Enjoy your day in Örebro (with Pain) and see you tomorrow in Stockholm!


Friday, 11 November 2011

If there´s a will...

...there´s always a way...

Since Johan is away on tour I cant go running in the forest so what to do? Well, this morning I did a nice kettlebell exercise.

Then at 19.30, when Nemo had fallen asleep, I did a really fast running exercise on the tread mill. I dont run so long distance on the tread mill but instead I just go full speed and get my heart rate and pulse up in a high exercising mode.

If I feel good now? Oh yes!

So there´s always a possibility to exercise even if it´s not the same as usual. But better to do something than nothing;=)

Enjoy your evening and sleep well!


...from our photo gallery in nightwish.com. To see all of them click here!
And Tuomas wrote a new update too - click here to read it!

About Storytime

Here is a new video clip where Tuomas talks about our new single Storytime. Enjoy;=)

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Cleaning lady

I got this urge in my body today to do a BIG cleaning at home;=) Polished all the windows, cleaned the kitchen totally and just did the big cleaning. Nemo was helping me of course...;=)

So now I am happy, relieved and can take a seat in front of the TV and enjoy the finals of swedish "Survivor" (here called Robinson)

Sleep well!


Today there´s no tired eyes cause outside the sky is blue and the sun is shining! Welcome back, dear sun! I have missed you;=)

After me and Nemo have eaten lunch we´ll take a loooong walk in the forest, to the playground and enjoying the day. Cant wait!

Hope your day is filled with sun too!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

My dear ones...

...sitting here in the darkness (Nemo is sleeping)...

I just wanted to give you this little video before I will go to bed and watch "House", as a thank you for all your support, love and nice comments about Storytime;=) You all rock!

Sleep well;=)

And of course...

...today our Storytime video was released;=)
Hope you´ll like it!

Swallow the sun co-lab

Hi all!
I have told you some time ago about me recording a song with a finnish band and today I can finally tell you that the band was Swallow the sun and I sing on one of their songs in their album which is coming out next year. Read more below or check their website for more details;=)


Click to zoom
We are proud to announce details of our fifth full length album, titled EMERALD FOREST AND THE BLACKBIRD. It will feature 10 tracks of the trademark Swallow the Sun sound of gloom, beauty and despair, and the track list is as follows:
4. CATHEDRAL WALLS (feat. Anette Olzon)
9. APRIL 14th
"I found myself listening to an old Finnish lullaby called 'Sininen Uni' over and over again, and suddenly images started pouring into my mind of a dad reading a tale to his dying child, trying to explain where the child is going that night, the tale of Emerald Forest and the Blackbird," says Juha Raivio, the main songwriter.
"Finally this image lead me into a long journey through this night and got me trapped in the limbo between the dusk and the dawn. The place where you face your demons and angels, meet the souls of the ones you loved and lost. Will we walk the night forever, or let the night forgive us and let us say a last goodbye? These are songs from the limbo, notes of sorrow, hate, love, darkness and light. The tale of Emerald Forest and the Blackbird."
We are extremely honoured to have Anette Olzon of NIGHTWISH featuring on vocals on CATHEDRAL WALLS. Her recognizable voice gives the song the depth and the angelic character it demands.
"When I got to listen to the rough demo of 'Cathedral Walls' I fell in love with the song immediately and I was so honoured to be asked to sing on this song. The melody and lyrics are truly beautiful.", comments Olzon.
In addition, Aleah Stanbridge of TREES OF ETERNITY - whose ethereal voice is familiar from our previous works - is also featured on two tracks.
The album was recorded during September and October 2011 by the legendary Mikko Karmila (Nightwish, Amorphis and Children of Bodom, to name a few) at Drumforest Studios in Viitasaari and Sonic Pump 2 in Helsinki, and by Hannu Honkonen at Noisework Studios in Helsinki.
For when it comes to mixing, we are more than excited to work with another legend in the Finnish metal scene, Hiili Hiilesmaa. Hiili is known for his work with HIM, Apocalyptica, Amorphis and Moonspell, etc. We are convinced that his vision, insight and experience will bring our sound to a new level.
The album will be mastered by Mika Jussila (Nightwish, Amorphis, Sentenced, etc.) at Finnvox Studios. The artwork is once again made by Rami Mursula, whose imagery sets the perfect mood for the album.
EMERALD FOREST AND THE BLACKBIRD will be released February 1, 2012 by Spinefarm Records. Follow us on Facebook and our web page for pre-ordering information.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Interview day

Hi all!

Today is a day filled with doing e-mail interviews and also phone interviews. In between I need to go to mum´s place to leave some stuff for Nemo cause she´s gonna have him sleeping over on sunday when I am flying to Stockholm for some education a week. Johan is leaving tomorrow for a swedish tour with Pain so it´s puzzling things together as always with two travelling parents;=)

Will post todays outfit for you when I have time later today, but took one of yesterdays relaxed outfit. Warm, cosy as it shall be in the autumn;=)

Enjoy the day and hey - tomorrow it´s the video release;=)

Monday, 7 November 2011


Hi all!
Finally, after two days with no working internet or a single TV channel, our "dear" TV company fixed the problem that started early yesterday. I´ve been quite pissed but well, now its working again;=)

So see you tomorrow cause its time to sleep now!

Sleep well and thanks to you all for your lovely comments about Storytime, it warms my heart;=)

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Dearest friend visit

This morning started off by getting a visit by my my dearest friend - Niklas from Alyson avenue, my dear old band mate and best friend. Its really nice to have such a good friend and we have such memories from many many years back playing together and having fun. We had coffee and talked a lot about music, band memories, how the business is and all those stuff I sometimes want to get ventilated with a "fellow" musician and my best friend. Niklas and me have always supported each other and I can tell him things and know he´ll keep them safe.

Like when I was the new "secret singer" in NW for many months - Niklas kept that secret and helped me with all those demos I sent to the guys. He also have been there supporting me when I have needed someone to pep-talk me when the times in life havent been so easy.

For me, a friend like this is something really special and there´s nothing in the world as important than having someone who knows me so well and never judge me or say I am crazy (even when I am;=) and with whom I can cry and laugh and lean towards.

In the afternoon me and the kids went outside to enjoy the beautiful day. 13 degrees again and sun and what can I say more than that its wonderful to have such weather!
And I guess the nature also loves it cause we found lots of spring flowers! Weird but nice;=)

I had some striped pants on today from Isabel Marant.

Sun was wonderful and the sea perfect;=)

Today its also the day to give a special thought to those who are no longer with us and I want to light my candle tonight for some special persons and animals I really still miss in my life:
Svea, Sanda, Ivan, Irene, Gremlins and Kulan

With these dear ones in my mind I wish you all a good nights sleep. Remember to give love to the ones you love and appreciate those loving you and caring for you.
Sleep well!

Friday, 4 November 2011

Video from German listening session

Hey, check out the you tube video from Nuclear Blast listening session and hear what some journalists say about Imaginaerum;=)


Well, happy friday to you all!

I feel better but still a lot of pain in the teeth and down in the jaw so if it doesnt get better by monday I will call my dentist cause maybe some infection or something.

But anyhow, the rest of the body are much better and today I´ve been out doing my 10 k´s in the beautiful morning. It´s incredible that its november and still 10 degrees here! Last year we had lots of snow and freezing cold so it´s weird. But I do not complain, I do not want snow so keep the warmth here for all of the winter, please dear weather Gods;=)

Today we´re going to get Seth a new cell phone cause he has a really old one and its time to get a new modern one. He wants an Iphone so we´ll go and fix that today. He´s so excited;=)

Enjoy the day now!

Thursday, 3 November 2011


I dont know if it has something to do with me fixing those big holes at the dentist yesterday, but I have felt ill ever since I came home yesterday;=( Really boring but all I can do is take it easy and hope its better tomorrow.

See you all tomorrow when I hope I feel good again;=)

Sleep well!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


On our way to fix some things. The boys are going to get some new PS3 games and I am heading to get some girlie stuff;=)

I got some new make-up stuff from Chanel. A new light foundation which is very sheer and not so covering, a golden eyeliner and an orange lip stick. Love them all and to match it I wear orange stockings and a black dress. Autumn colours are the nicest!

Oh, and my hair feels super nice from using that oil once already. Thicker, more glowing and fresh. The oil is called "castor oil" if you want to try it out yourself. 3 times a week is recommended.


Hi all!

Thanks for your support for my dentist appointment;=) Very well needed!

I slept kinda good but had some bad dreams so I guess the nervousness was there, but I went up at 7 and took some coffee and a protein shake. Didnt put on any make-up in case of crying...you never know;=)

Then walked there, sat down and got my little "cocktail" to calm me down. It felt good and I lost a lot of my anxiety so when I sat down in the chair I didnt feel stressed at all. She put some needles with anaestesia since one of the holes were really deep down.
Then I put my headphones on with music. I chose Black Lab to calm me down even more;=)
She had to drill a little bit with the normal drill before we started using the new laser method which is easier for people like me, who have fear of the dentist.

The hole was really big and deep so it took some time but no pain at all before she came to the very deepest part where it stinged a bit down into the jaw bone. But that was all for that one.

Then we took some more needles since I have the thing that all anaestesias dont last long in my body and I already felt everything again. So more needles and then we started hole no 2. Then the laser started to be weird. it hurt like hell when she used it and it was something with the thing not putting out enough water before the laser went on, so it ended with her having to drill with the normal drills and then it hurt and I tensed cause I just hate the drill;=(

Luckily, it was just a small hole so she did it so fast and then I was done.

When I came home I needed to take some pain killers cause I have a lot of pain and I also had to sleep due to the drugs, but otherwise I feel so happy that I made it!

Now I just have one more horrible thing to do before I am done:
Pull my tooth that we call "the wisdom tooth" and due to my fear I will get sent to the hospital to do it while sleeping. Thank God! But still, I do not long for that one.

But for now - I am done!!!

Someone asked me to start taking those mirror photos again so took one of my tired face this morning. And hey, I took off my extensions yesterday to let the hair rest for a while. Now I´m using an oil told to make the hair grow 4 cm/month instead of 1cm/month so lets see if it works;=)

Enjoy the day and sorry for my long post

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Hi all!

Tonight I have sent Johan and Seth to watch the new Tintin movie. I hope they will have fun!

Have any of you seen it already and if so - was it good?

While they are gone I have done some work. Tonight some email interviews and IDs for some radio stations. If you dont know what an ID is: a short little "trailer" where I present myself, our singles name, the name of the radio station and some greeting like Merry X-mas for instance. Did 10 of those and I always laugh cause my mouth always get into some mode where it cant say the most easy things. Dont know why but it happens every single time! But I made it and they are done and I can relax again;=)

Tomorrow morning I have the worst thing ever I need to go and do;=( One other big fear in my life: the dentist! She need to drill two big holes and that is my worst nightmare. So they always have to give me some calming stuff beforehand and then lots of needles with numbing medicine so I wont feel a thing. On top of this I need to have music in my ears so I dont hear that dreadful drilling sound...yak!

So my night will be nervous and I will not relax until this horrible thing is done... having babies is one thing, but the dentist...NO!

But I will be strong and do it and afterwards I will be proud of myself;=)

Keep all your fingers crossed and send me strength for this one. I need it!

Sleep really well now!