Saturday, 31 December 2011

My 2011

Hi all!
Time to close 2011 and look into the new times coming in 2012;=) Here´s my 2011 for you and it has been lots of Imaginaerum this year, hair colour changes and various clothing outfits.













Thursday, 29 December 2011

A grey day in Copenhagen

Hi all and sorry for my abscence, but at the moment my life spins fast and my days are full, but now I have some photos to show you from a grey, rainy day in Copenhagen two days ago.

I had to go to Copenhagen to visit the American embassy for a VISA interview and I had to get up really early (5.50) and even if I had set my alarm, I always am so afraid of over-sleeping, so I couldnt get much sleep in the night. I woke up so many times thinking: WHAT´S THE TIME??? - chech my watch, notice that it still was 3 or 4 or 5 and I could lie down some more time.
But a crappy night it was and when I finally went up in the darkness I got myself some coffee, put on clothes, some make-up for the day that was easy and fast:

- some foundation from Chanel, mineral powder from ID, bronzing on the cheeks from Bodystore, pink rouge on top of that, gold eyeshadow from MAC, eyeliner from Lancome, mascara from MAC and lipgloss from Maybelline.
Here´s my tired face at 6.15 in the morning;=)

Then down to the train station, ordering the biggest coffee they had, some yoghurt with granola and rush on the train. Took 1,5 hour cause we were delayed (as always on the train) but I were in good time before my appointment time at the embassy.
When I came there, they were really nice and welcoming and after 1 hour I was ready and my VISA approved;=) US - here I go again!;=)

If I am in Copenhagen I feel needed to do some strolling around checking the sales and do some errands for the tour that I cant find in my small city so I took the whole day visiting both stocking boutiques, jewellery stores, shoe stores e g and of course I had to eat some sushi. Found a super good sushi place next to the wonderful lingerie store I visited called Anne Sax, who helped me with all the things to wear on stage under my new dresses;=) Great staff and I will for sure go here every time visiting Copenhagen.
The sushi place had brown rice to make it a bit healthier and I ate edamame beans with lemon and salt and 8 pieces of Ebi makis with spicy ingredients. To drink a super good organic ginger-orange drink. Yummie!

After this I strolled and got some nice things for the boys and I also visited my favourite place - the DISNEY store;=) Got Nemo some fun stuff and I´ll show it later for you cause I need to do a video on it, they are soooo cute.

At 6.30 I was home again and the boys got so happy with the small things I had for them and I was happy after a day of danish kindness and with the happy feeling of having gotten my VISA and we are all set for Los Angeles!

Oh, and in COS I tried on some stuff like this cute striped sweater but I only got stuff for the tour so this had to stay in the store.

Nemo got this wonderful body with the angel wings on the back and the words "angel of love" in the front. Really cute!

Now I just came home from a wonderful run so time to hit the shower! Will post some photos later on from my visit at mum´s place yesterday where I took some photos of Signe and Stjärnan for you all.
Enjoy this day and hey, soon its 2012!

Sunday, 25 December 2011

X-mas run

I have celebrated my x-mas day with a nice run in fast paste in the forest and by the ocean. So nice!

It´s +8 degrees here today and I can´t complain about the weather anymore...maybe we´ll be lucky enough and skip winter and get spring already?? Give us Mediterranean weather, yeah!

Oh, and someone asked why I wrote "Tompa" for Tuomas and that is a common swedish nickname for those being named Tomas, which is our way of saying Tuomas.

So now you know (curiosity killed the cat, or?=)

What do you say about me having a nice raffle next week where I give away some of our new merchandise t-shirts??? Would someone like to win that?

Enjoy the day now!

Happy Birthday "Tompa";=)

May you have the BEST of birthdays!!!!

HIP HIP HORRAY from us all;=)

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Day before x-mas

Yesterday evening we celebrated x-mas at my mum´s place and it was as always, relaxed and cosy. Santa came with x-mas gifts, we ate mum´s super good food and enjoyed x-mas. Seth and Nemo liked their gifts and that´s all that counts;=)

X-mas morning

Well good morning to you all!

I start this x-mas day with some nice calm music and I choose some lovely melancholic Finnish today;=)

Jenni Virtanen - Seili

Jenni Virtanen - Missä muruseni on

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Longing... warmer places now when the winter is here and all I do is freeze all the time. Its cold as hell even inside and this morning I took my Iphone, checked the weather in Los Angeles and Miami and OH! Can I go NOW???;=)

Los Angeles in the weekend = 21 degrees (perfect temperature)

Miami = 28 degrees (even better temperature)

I´m longing already;=)

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

X-mas cleaning day

Hi all!

Today we´ve been doing a big cleaning of our place to make it glow and shine for the x-mas days;=)

Took all day but now we´re so happy and can enjoy it and a nice cheese pie is in the oven and to that we´ll eat fresh shrimps. Yummie!

Hope your day has been nice and I wish you a very nice evening;=)

Monday, 19 December 2011

Fake Facebook page - again

Hi all,
Another fake Facebook page claiming to be me has occured but this page has nothing to do with me and as I have said so many times I do not have and will never have my own Facebook page.

So this is the address to the fake page and hopefully it will be taken down very soon.


It´s x-mas week and on saturday it´s x-mas! Time flies and today we are heading to the mall to get x-mas gifts. I have already ordered some from the internet but will get some smaller stuff for the kids today;=)

Our x-mas is gonna be a calm one celebrated at home and I like to take it easy so it suits me just fine. On january 2nd I go to Finland again for some more rehearsals and then january 14th we fly over to LA so its good to relax now before next years touring starts.

What´s your x-mas plans and do you all love x-mas or hate it?

I have actally not liked x-mas so much due to the stress that surrounds it and being a divorced child having to be with just one parent every year and feeling I made the other parent sad when not being there. Therefore, my x-mas celebrations are now much more relaxed and the best way to celebrate it, in my opinion, is in a warm place like Thailand;=)

But this year, due to so much travelling next year, it´ll be a peaceful home x-mas and I like that too:=)

Sunday, 18 December 2011

One of the lost ones is the winner...

...and no one else, ok?;=)

So no one else need to write me their addresses.


Blown away...

Yesterday evening I watched pieces of the Nobel prize concert and I was blown away by this girl - Janelle Monaé! What a voice, what a charisma, her moves are just amazing and the music is perfect!

Today the first thing I did, was to get everything by her from Itunes and boy, I am so gonna enjoy her stuff all day long;=)

And the winner is....

OneOfTheLostOnes said...
Jag vill vinna :)
Dear "One of the lost ones", congratulations!!!!
If you just send me your full name and address in the comments field I´ll send you the bracelet and ring ASAP so you hopefully get it before x-mas eve;=)

And to everyone who participated but didnt win this time, dont be worried cause I will have more raffles very soon;=)
Hugs and thanks to you all!

Friday, 16 December 2011

Stars and butterfly

Hi all and happy friday!

Fridays are so nice, dont you think? I´ve always loved fridays and still do;=)

This morning I went to my dear Linda to dye my hair roots and it was about time cause it´s been growing so fast and the roots were almost 3 cm of blond colour so I kinda looked like I had grey hair in the bottom. But now its fresh again and my x-mas pampering has ended;=)

It´s been a while since I posted outfit photos but today I took a snapshot, so here we go:

My skirt has stars on it and I got it in Zara in Helsinki and its so cool. It´s shorter in the front and longer in the back. My sweater is a cosy cashmere from Zadig & Voltaire and I love their knits. My over the knee socks are actually old and I dont remember from where but I like them. The purple and lime green is fun;=) My lovely butterfly necklace has been there since the day I got it;=)

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Pampering day

Hi all!

Yesterday I had a "pamper myself" day and first I went to Pernilla to get a really nice facial treatment, which was really needed due to me having so dry skin in the wintertime and I normally never go to facials but the last weeks my skin has looked really dull and grey so it was really useful. Pernilla used AHA-acids and lots of moisturizing treatments to get the skin to glow and it sure did afterwards. She also fixed my eyebrows and shaped them in a much nicer shape and coloured them and the lashes so now I look fresher even when I do not wear make-up.

After Pernilla I ran up to Sandra at Posh shop to get my nails fixed. They had really grown the last 4 weeks so it was time. This time I chose a cool pink shade with silver glitter and black leopard pattern to make them cooler;=) I think they got really cool!

Now I have an interview so see you all later! Enjoy the day;=)

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Time for a raffle!;=)

So - let´s have a nice little raffle before x-mas! This time one winner can win this jewellery set from "Lite Kalabalik" consisting of a bracelet and a ring. Really nice things which I also own myself and I love them.

As before in my raffles, you dont have to write anything more than "I want to win" in the comments field to be a participant. On sunday I´ll pick the winner with as usual;=)



Today it´s LUCIA and we started our morning with coffee in front of the nice Lucia celebrations in TV. A really nice tradition with beautiful music and lights.

Here´s a really nice video for you with lots of Lucia spirit;=) Enjoy this day!

No 3 in Sweden

Imaginaerum is at place no 3 in the charts here in Sweden;=)

Grrrreat news!

Monday, 12 December 2011

Competition time at

Hi all!

If you want to win some nice stuff like a platinum award for DPP in Switzerland, go to  and enter;=)

Good luck to you all!

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Run Forrest

Just came back from a really super nice run where I enjoyed the forest and the ocean and also, on my way home, took a short little break at my best friends place to have a chit-chat, before putting on the shoes again and ran home.

Best, best way to start off a day is this and the bad mood I had this morning, is gone. Girls, if you, like me, suffer from moods due to hormones every month, I can recommend exercising. You dont have to run, a walk is enough, but moving and getting fresh air might help;=)

Now - time for a nice shower and then sunday relaxation with the family. I have this new book I started to read yesterday that is really interesting. It is the biography of Zlatan Ibrahimovic - our big superstar in football. His childhood wasnt easy and still he made it. Another proof of great strength and I long to sit down and continue reading it today.

Todays music

Hi all and hope your sunday has started wonderful;=)

Today I listen to our newest "Idols" winner - Amanda Fondell and her winning song "All this way"

Like her voice a lot!

Enjoy this day;=)

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Studio place

If anyone reading my blog lives here in Helsingborg and has a great place where I can have my studio, please send me a private comment in here and I´ll contact you.

It´s great if its in the center where I live and of course I am gonna do it sound proof so if its in an apartment house the neighbours wont be disturbed.

Thanks in advance!

Friday, 9 December 2011

"Fun" travelling memory;=)

Just sat here looking in my old passport from the last tour and then I saw a stamp from me and Johans trip to Thailand when I was pregnant with Nemo and I just have to tell you a memory that was stressful at the time but now I can laugh about it;=)

Flying to Thailand takes quite some hours, as you know, and when we arrived I was so tired and my pregnancy made me having a nausea all the time and so was the case also at that time, so I guess I looked pale, tired and just not so beautiful..hehe!
When entering Thailand, you need to have your photo taken and show your passport to a security officer and so I did.

We relaxed at our nice hotel all week and then when we were coming back to the airport to fly home, we needed to go to another security officer so they could look in the system at your photo that it´s you and also sign that you leave Thailand.

I go up to the security officer who looks at me - then looks down at the computer - then he looks at me again - and again down at the computer...

I get a bit nervous and wonder what is wrong and finally he says: come here, pointing that I should come and look at his computer behind his desk. So I do and then he points at my photo and then says:


I look at the photo under my name and get all shocked cause in the photo there´s some older lady, maybe around 55-60 years old and looking nothing like me;=)

I answer him:

and starts to laugh out loud cause I just couldnt keep myself. I get like that in situations like this. Laughing out of nervousness...

Luckily, the kind officer understood that someone had made a mistake and let me pass and leave the country.

Now I can laugh and feel that it was a fun moment, but right there, at that dreadful quiet moment, seeing another persons face where my name was stated, I was so stressed.

I hope it wont happen again during my coming travels;=)


Hi all and a very happy friday to you;=)

Here its a storm outside, class 1, so we have to stay inside today;=( But well, I have stuff to do:
- paperwork
- cleaning the place
- vocal exercises
- exercising

And of course, take care of my dear Nemo, who is better but still have a very bad cold.

What´s your plan for this friday and for the weekend?

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Old ones

Good morning all and hope you all slept well;=)

Here, all the three boys are ill and I am the only one still standing and I hope it continues so;=)

Some days ago we found these old photos of me and I thought I´d share them with you. I especially like my "angry and determined" face, shows that I already then was quite stubborn;=)

Enjoy this day!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Force of nature

Hi all!

Today I went out running and the ocean and the sky were so beautiful in its winter mode that I had to take some photos for you.

Enjoy the force of nature in Helsingborg;=)