Thursday, 31 May 2012


So, my Personal trainer Lise has left me;=( She got another job and had to leave. Damn!

But I have been good and exercised hard by myself so no worries;=) Tuesday I ran 5 k´s and now I just finished a hard tabata work out consisting of tabata sessions of 45 seconds with 15 sec of rest and 8 different exercises. This was done 3 times and a total of 8 min x 3. Sooo tired but I love these hard intervall workouts;=)

Now to continue with the PT issue I´m gonna meet Lise´s follower Rafael in the coming days and see if we´ll click. He´s done kick boxing so I am really excited to see if he can teach me that?;=)

Enjoy the day now!


  1. What's a pity! But i'm sure that you will find new PT soon =)
    I wish i were your PT and lived in Sweden...))))
    Have a good day, dear Anette!

  2. Sorry to hear Lise has moved on Anette, but Kick Boxing is a fantastic exercise - and good to hear you're still training in between.
    Will be interested to hear how the new training goes.
    Best wishes
    Deleece x

  3. Too bad for Lise. I think you together worked very well, even you were friends, right.
    Hopefully with Rafael to go well and achieve good results.
    I wish you luck.

  4. in 2 days you will play in Warsaw with Nightwish. When are you going to leave and arrive to Poland? Why don't you have rehersals?

  5. Hi Anette

    How are you ? Me I'm so happy because I'm in love <3 !!

    Enjoy your day too dear



  6. Oh, No!!!! That with Lise has been a great workout from the beginning! I know it is the best feeling when you find the "right" person.
    Good luck with Rafael! Hopefully he is a good guy too;=)


  7. I hope things go well with you and your new PT. ;-)
    Enjoy your day Nettie.

  8. OOOOH That sucks but it's for a good cause, good luck for her! :)

    I think you gonna love kick boxing, to tell you the truth I'm a lazy person and the only thing that i did enjoy was kick boxing ( I did a different kind that is called ' Muay Thai ' ) i did for months and months .. I had to stop because i have a knee problem and I can't kick anymore haha :( If you have someone that can teach you Muay Thai you really should try because it's something amazing .. especially for the legs AND abs haha

    You have inspired me today, went for a run.. the first time ever that i ran around the city, BUT was weird because people here look at you like you steal something, but at least i tried! :)

    Have a nice day sweetheart
    Wish you and your fam the best

    Greetings from Brazil.

  9. Hi Anette!

    I`m sorry for you to hear that you don´t have your personal trainer anymore. But I wish you the best luck for your training with the new one :). Enjoy the rest of your day/evening too :).

    Oh, and by the way... your new hair colour really suits you very well :).


  10. Oh yeah I would looove to learn Kick Boxing, it seems very cool and badass !! ;P

  11. Hi Annet,

    Keep up the good work ;)
    I do sports too. 1 of 2 times a week I go to the gym and with a group and teacher we do Body Combat ( Les Mills ). It's very fun!

  12. You should definitely try kickboxing! It's great exorcise and is fun. ^_^ It's also great for self defense. No one wants to buy a nice new purse only to have it stolen three days later. I remember you saying (in a Nightmail maybe?) that you liked Japan a lot because you felt safe walking around alone there. You should feel safe walking alone anywhere honey. Try kickboxing, it might help you feel more empowered. Trust me, anyone who has two kids is a tough cookie. ^_^

  13. Oh, so sorry about Lisa :( But at least you'll try somthing new with this new guy :)
    Today I'm going try aquaaerobic for the first time, exciting :)

  14. Dear Anette,
    I'm sure you've recieved lots of comments similar to this one, but I just need to write it down. It's a very dark and painfull time of my life and the music you're creating with Nightwish is my only escape. Thank you very much for being so magic and special. Everytime I listen to you singing Higher Than Hope, Song Of Myself or Rest Calm I feel the real power of music. Nightwish is my cure and the light in the darkness. Your music means everything to me right now and it's keeping me alive. I wish you to be always happy, healthy and loved. May your every dream come true. I'm not good at writing such things, but I just wanted to say THANK YOU.
    Take care,