Thursday, 12 July 2012

Just do it!!

There's no excuses! Even if I just got 20 min before going to the airport I do a fast intense work out;-)

I love it!! Now coffee and getting ready to go and leave the kids and then drive to the airport. Tonight - montreux jazz festival;-) - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


  1. You are amazing, Anette! I admire you! ;=)

  2. Have a good time and post your outfit! hah.

  3. hey anette,
    i'm a persian guy and a nightwish lover since 2006,
    this is a music video from my favorite persian music star (shadmehr aghili) that i'm in contact with...

    the video is somehow inspired from incredible later "sleeping sun" music video of your band.
    hope you like it...

  4. Hi Anette!
    I hope you'll enjoy that gig.
    I want to ask you about something. Could you write some post about your workout? What exercises you do, how offen and so on. I also wanna start tabata workout. So I think it could be good inspiration for me (and also for everybody who reads your blog and want start workout too).
    Enjoy your day.
    With much love - Tery :)

  5. Hi Anette!

    I just read that it was Seth´s birthday yesterday. So even if it´s a bit late: Happy Birthday to him! :).

    Good luck for the festival tonight Anette, and please take good care of yourself :).


  6. Woo go Anette! :D haha!
    Hope you have a wonderful time tonight :)

  7. Have Fun at the festival. Good that you are so fanatic with your workout.
    p.s I like your silver sneekers

  8. There is an excuse:it's 40 degrees outside. I want to stay in and hug the a/c! It's a torture...

  9. you're done, Nettie! You can inspire all people! ))

    How often do you drink coffee? you consider it useful? I have read many articles about coffee. someone says that it is necessary to drink, and someone - on the contrary opposed. what do you think?

    1. it's the caffeine PRE-workout. personally i prefer green tea pre-workout as i can't drink coffee anymore. but post-workout is just a treat..all a case of personal choice :)

    2. I've never tried it) is interesting)) I have to try)

  10. awesome! :) i like that you keep healthy have a nice trip and have fun in the festival ^^

  11. Hello Anette !!
    Yep there's no excuse,day has 24 hours so there's time for everything !!
    Good luck for the jazz festival :D
    Today is my Birthday and it has been great,I am waiting for diner time to eat the cake hehe and I got this beautiful turtle so cool ! It's a baby turtle :)
    I hope that you are having a great day like me =) It was good to see hundreds of messages from my friends :) At midnight I got a surprise so I am amazed by all of this =)
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

  12. Hi Anette !

    You did a great and wonderful show in Montreux. I was happy to see you at the end (I was the one who made you sign a banner "swiss french love Nightwish").
    I hope you'll come back in the french Swizerland, we love Nightwish and we have good chocolate ^^

  13. So aa,I have done biggest part of yardworks so something little is still on thought.To my car came oil leak so I had to try to set that - will be seen,did that succeed.Would be good cause job was somewhat and cause I didn´t got sleep for one last night not much at all so to that side was troublesome.I noted possible water leak too but I´m not just sure at that,if is then work shouldn´t be so big.If fault is on that where I think that is.

    Phone starts to feel quite nice so for one that wasn´t just for nothing by purchase.Although battery wouldn´t seen to last so good - well,if starts to look bad then I try with other one then.

    Now still one or couple bread,little tv and then to rest.

    Good nights

  14. Hi Anette !
    Thanks to you and guys for your show at Montreux. It was the 7th time I saw Nightwish and everything it's always wonderful ! Thanks because you always enjoy being on stage and it make me happy and I also enjoy to see you and the guys ! It's me gave to you the hair clip with a pink flower at the end ^^ See you soon at Colmar ! Kisses