Tuesday, 31 January 2012

6 months...

...booked with my new Personal trainer - Lise;=)

We start tomorrow at 11!

Sleep well now!


...todays music, which is soft, hot and sexy;=)

Joss Stone- great voice and great music!


Some photos of Miami;=)


Just finished my morning exercise which consisted of 30 swings with my big kettlebell (12 kilos). Then I did crossfit exercises which consisted of doing push-ups, sit-ups on my pilates ball and squats with weights. Did this 30-20-10 which means I first do the 3 exercises 30 times each, then directly 20 each and then 10 each. I use my stop watch and it took me 7.36 min to complete.

Today I have a meeting with a personal trainer, Lise, who I hope can fit me and my needs for transforming my body and get it stronger in the upper body and leaner.

Will let you know after our meeting!

Misc photos from USA no 1

Hi all!
Hope you have slept well and feel rested;=) We are getting more and more into swedish time but still not totally there. Fell asleep at 3 this night so yeah, my body still hasnt figured it all out;=)

Here´s some photos I took in USA. These were taken our first day over in LA when we visited the walk of fame. The guy in the photos with Mimmi and Goofy is just a random guy who took his photo with them;=)
And I found Ingrid Bergmans star;=)

The other photos are from our first day of rehearsals.


Sunday, 29 January 2012

Home sweet home;=)

Hi all!

We came home yesterday after one day of travelling, puih;=(

And tonight we slept 13-15 hours, even Nemo;=) We were sooo dead tired cause havent been much sleep in the boat. And hey, I really do not like boats. This was the last time I go on one;=)

Will be back maybe tomorrow if I feel more like a human being then, but today I am just still a zombie...

Enjoy your sunday!

Monday, 23 January 2012


Hi all! We arrived to wonderful Miami yesterday and wow, the weather is perfect! 28 degrees and sun and my pale Scandinavian face sure need it:-) LA was just wonderful and I need to write about all the things we did when I get back home but THANKS to everyone who came to Gibson, to Key club and our signing session. My heart is just filled with gratitude and love to you all cause without you we couldnt have done our gigs in LA with such joy as we did:-) I dropped some tears standing in Gibson in mother and father and it was pure awe seeing all of you before me. Thanks so much:-) Now time to head off for our Metal cruise which will be great and I already met the Kamelot guys at the airport and they are the nicest ones. Oh, and Nemo enjoys US a lot:-) Enjoy your day! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Sunny days

I love LA! I think we will move here in the winter time from now on:-) checking swedish weather and seeing snow there, then looking out through our window here and the sky is totally cloud free, blue and 19 degrees... No complaints here:-) Yesterday we went shopping in Beverly center and I found the most wonderful shoes I am gonna have on stage. High heels I actually can walk in.. Thanks to YSL, my new favourite shoes:-) Now time to head out in the sun and later on Troy is going to give me hypnosis against my stage fright. I hope it works:-) Enjoy your day now! Soon saturday and Gibson gig! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

# 27 at the Billboard charts:-)

My dear blog readers and all our Nightwish fans: This morning we got the best of news:-) Imaginaerum enters as # 27 here in the US and its just so amazing that all I can say is: Thanks, thanks thanks to all our US fans for giving us this wonderful gift! See some of you in Gibson on saturday and maybe also some of you on friday in our signing session. Enjoy this beautiful day now! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Saturday, 14 January 2012


Ok, sounded really dramatic;=)

But what I mean with my angry headline is that I HATE packing!!!! And even more when I go from winter to a bit warmer weather but still not super hot. All my summer clothes are stuffed in the storage so I dont have anything to bring more than jeans, t-shirts and tops. Well, I guess a small problem since I know LA offers really good shopping;=)

So what I need to get directly is a bathing suit or bikini for the cruise cause I have none of these. If someone knows a great place to get this and preferably cooler stuff, let me know!

Then the packing for Nemo is always a hassle. I dont want to forget those important things I cant get over there but most of the stuff is available when we arrive so if I have f-cked up totally and forgotten diapers (God forbid me;=) I can get it when we arrive.

We fly at noon tomorrow and will arrive in LA in the evening so our mission for Nemo during the flight is to keep him up as much as possible. Hehe! Let´s see how that goes, cause he always loves to sleep in the airplane;=)

Oh - I got my new stage dress for next saturday today and I love it!

Lots of hugs and take care until we meet when we are in the city of Angels - Los Angeles

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Here but not here

Hi all! First day I feel its going in the right direction even if I still have a slight fever and cant eat. But as long as I am better on saturday for the flights to LA I'll be happy. Nemo is well now so thats really good:-) Oh yeah, I always take the flu shot every single year but always get a bit ill from it still. And my loved one who were in the hospital came home yesterday:-) Enjoy your day now! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

And one by one we fall..,

My year hasnt started well with Nemo really ill, my close one really ill and then now I'm ill. Talk about shitty first weeks! Enjoy your day:-) - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Monday, 9 January 2012

Vielen dank Deutschland;=)

 Lots of thanks and love for these wonderful news!!!! Danke, danke;=)

NIGHTWISH are proud to announce, that "Imaginaerum" has reached gold status in Germany, with more than 100.000 sold units.

Bandleader Tuomas Holopainen comments: "Germany never fails us! Only 5 weeks since the release and "Imaginaerum“ goes gold! Magical, wondrous, imaginative and grateful times we`re living. Huge thanks to all the fans and the fellowship of Nuclear Blast!"

Another gold level was reached in Greece, while the record already made triple platinum in their homecountry Finland.

But there are even more news to announce from Germany: also their former records "Once" has reched a triple gold level, and "Dark Passion Play" reached platinum!

Todays music

Madonna - Promise to try:

Sunday, 8 January 2012


...I want to send a very very special person who is in the hospital, being really ill, all my love - my comforting hugs - my embracing hand on your forehead taking away all the pain and your fears and a comforting whisper in your ear "you will be ok soon again"....

Jag älskar dig, krya på dig, jag finns hos dig!

Sleep well!


Hi all and happy sunday to you;=)

I took a long and nice run today in the beautiful weather today. 5 degrees and perfect running conditions. Ran 10 k´s and I stopped in the forest on the highest spot to take some photos for you.

Then late afternoon, me and Seth went to the video store to rent some sunday movies and when we passed this tree I couldnt stop watching the beautiful light and shadows together with the sky. I really love trees;=)
The movies we rented are "Planet of the apes", "Trespass" and "Captain America". We´re gonna watch Captain America with Seth after Nemo´s gone to sleep and then later on, me and Johan are gonna watch Trespass.

Enjoy your evening and sleep well!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Poor baby

Hi all! I came back home yesterday evening and it's always so nice to be home again:-) My poor little Nemo got ill up in Stockholm with a really bad stomach flu and all we do is clean him up, wash clothes, sheets and towels:-( he got ill thursday and still not well at all, poor baby. But I hope he soon will feel better and be all happy again.

When I flew home yesterday I got myself a new book from a new Swedish author called Amanda Hellberg. It got me totally addicted and all I have done since then is read and read and now I'm almost done. It's a story about murder and ghosts from the past and so exciting!

Friday, 6 January 2012

Cathedral walls - video

The video of my collaboration with Swallow the sun is out and here is the link to check it out:-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6W5ScOEv2c&feature=youtube_gdata_player

Rehearsal photos

Ok, some more photos from the rehearsals for you:-) Jukka playing around with the new little backstage drumset :-) we got this at Musamaailma.

Kimmu is concentrated:-)

Tuomas in a photo session:

Jukka behind his real drum set:


Emppu and Troy:



And Nemo got this cute swimming toy from our mastering engineer Mika and his girlfriend:-) cute!!!


Hi all! Yesterday we had our last rehearsal and one who came and met us is our dear mastering engineer, Mika Jussila. He has put up a nice photo of me and him in his facebook page and if you wanna check it out, here's the link: http://www.facebook.com/mikamastering

Make up lesson with Marja

Hi all and good morning! I am up and are meating my make-up girl, Marja, at 9 to get my make-up products and hair stuff for my US trip. Marja wont join so we have had a day where she showed me how to make my make-up base for stage to look good and last. There are so many things to know about how to put on everything to get the correct light in the face and emphasize different parts of the face. A really good lesson and if you want to go to Marja and fix your hair or make-up she has a really cute salon in Helsinki called Marilyn. Phone number:+358 405856151 Here's some photos from our day together:

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Tuesday photos

So, here comes some more photos from yesterday;-) Beautiful view over the harbour:-)

From the rehearsals:

We have a new crew member who helps us with our monitor and in-ear sounds : meet Akso:-)

Antti, our guitar tech and also my helper on stage:

Tuomas, Tero (who is back on tour with us) and Marko:



And last, some make-up I wore this day, dark eyes;-)

More photos tonight or tomorrow cause now I need to leave for our dress rehearsals. Enjoy your day now!