Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Thanks so much for the wonderful and curing comments:-) I will be super in the weekend, no worries. I have the best doctor taking care of me here in Joensuu so all will be well:-) And before seeing my doctor I went to meet the boys at the arena and I can tell you that it will be soooo amazing on friday! There are so much I want to tell you but we want it to be secret and a surprise for everyone coming so wont spoil anything. But lets just say it will be something new, something beautiful and suitable for Imaginaerum. My dear ones - the BIG official tour premiere starts friday and it will be pure magic:-) Now - sleep! I need to rest after this long day. Oh, and Hanna - I read you broke your rib but still being brave to come on friday? Wow! Kudos to you, girl;-) thats amazingly strong of you! Just be careful and take it really easy! Sleep well everyone! Sweet dreams:-)

Helsinki and snow

I'm in Helsinki and I must say that flying with a bad cold was really horrible:-( when he started to go down my ears felt like they were gonna explode and now my hearing is bad. Like a lid on my ears. And still one flight to go, oh my! But I hope I'll survive:-)

Drinking tea with honey here in Finnairs lounge and waiting for my next flight. I need to go to tax free first and get some sugar-free salmiakki candy;-) yummie!

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On my way...

Hi all! I am on the train that will take me to Kastrup airport and then to Finland. The only cloud on my sky is that I have gotten a terrible cold and flying with aching sinuses is no fun. But other than that I am so happy to see Joensuu and my dear boys:-)

Now reading new Cover, listening to music and relaxing. A grey day outside as you can see.

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Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Good morning!

I just want to say that I love to fly with Finnair. Always so easy and good service. Like this morning: opened my email and in that there is a nice email with all the flights for tomorrow and back home next week. All fixed and I only had to click check-in and ta-da - I am done;=)

They also have so easy check-in in Finland. I get a sms and all I do is accept and ta-da - checked in;=)

Well, for me, who travels a lot these little things make it all easier, so kiitos Finnair for your great service.

Monday, 27 February 2012

New nails

Just home from Sandra at Posh shop after having my nails fixed and ready for Finland and Russia gigs:-)

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Eurovision songs

Hi all!

I thought I´d play some songs that have gone to the finals in our Swedish Eurovision song contest. Unfortunately I´ll miss the finals due to me singing in Helsinki then.

What do you think? Which one is your favourite?

Loreen - Euphoria:

Ulrik Munther - Soldiers:

Lisa Miskovsky - Why start a fire:

David Lindgren - Shout it out:

Molly Sandén - Why am I crying:

Danny - Amazing:

More photos

Good morning! Here's the rest of the photos I took yesterday;-) Enjoy your Monday!

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Sunday, 26 February 2012


Oh My! Johan just told me that when I wrote that Nemo is ill and "under the water" that wasn't the correct expression...;-) Apparently it should be "under the weather" :-) So now you know what I meant and I got myself a nice laugh over my mistake:-) Sleep well! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


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Oh my God

This is the wonders of life...nature! Today it's perfect photo weather! Hope u like it;-)

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I needed to leave the bugs and go out so now I am out in the beautiful weather;-)

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Winter time is for sure "bugs" time and we all have gotten some different illnesses the last weeks. Now it´s Nemos turn and he´s had a high fever since friday and is under the water;=( I also have a little soar throat that I have cured with different things since friday and it feels a bit better today but still that "itchy" feeling that I hate. Always when having gigs coming up, I stress about being ill and of course it doesnt help that we now have this bug in the family.

But lots of vitamines, healtlhy food, fresh air and resting will help I hope;=)

Sometimes I wish I wasnt a singer, but maybe a bass player instead;=) So I never had to worry about my throat and could play with any illness in the body...hihi! Next life maybe?;=)

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Chocolate balls

Just did a healthier choise of chocolate balls. Yummie!

Now awaiting Eurovision song contest in TV;-)

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Friday, 24 February 2012


Back from the gym and a fantastic, hard exercise;=) Lise had made a really tough friday programme but it was fun and I tried new things, like negative chins.

My body is soooo beaten now but in a good way and I long for monday already. Fitness and training is so fun!

An oldie...

..will be my friday song for you;=)

Sissel Kyrkjebö and Warren G - Prince Igor:

Green morning

Today I start my morning with a green mud mask in my face and a green smoothie for breakfast:-)

Here's what I have in my smoothie: Chocolate flavour triple protein Raspberry yoghurt Low fat milk Fresh blueberries Banana Spirulina Yum yum! Soon my dear boxing routine with Lise! Enjoy your Friday! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Blueberry pie recipe - as I promised

Ok, I promised to give the recipe to you and since the link to this recipe is written in Swedish, I´ll translate it for you:

Blueberry pie

Foto:Frida Wismar
No of portions: 4
1 dl hazel nuts
1 dl pecan nuts (didnt find a good translation so I hope this is the correct english word?)
1 egg
0.5 tablespoon of psyllium husk
2 tablespoons of water
1 teaspoon of honey
1 teaspoon of cocoa fat
1 dl of whipped cream
2 dl fresh blueberries

Do like this:

1. Chop the nuts in a blender to a nice "wheat".
2. Stir down egg, psyllium husk, water and honey
3. Put the dough to bloat for 10 minutes.

4. Butter 4 muffin cups with cocoa fat and divide the dough in the cups.
5. Bake 20 min in 200 degrees and then let them cool off before putting whipped cream on top and garnish with blueberries.


Well, my evening shore is this - studying. Going through old stuff I have studied before to awaken my forgotten mathematics studies;=)

I studied mathematics as an adult in 2003 so some things are forgotten but luckily I remember them quite fast again.

Sleep well now;=)

Health store

Today I visited my health store to get some multi vitamines, spirulina, probiotics, protein powder and my favourite tea - detox tea by pukka. Great stuff and well needed;-)

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Today it feels like spring:-) 8 degrees and blue sky. Nice!

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A little princess!!

Today our crown princess Victoria and prince Daniel got a little daughter - our new little princess:-) So happy for them! Congratulations Victoria and Daniel:-)

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Wednesday, 22 February 2012


The cake was good:-)

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We're trying a new recipe I found today that's without sugar and wheat. Blueberry pies:-) if they are good I'll give you the link to the recipe.

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This weeks bouquet of tulips are colourful - orange and purple. Love that combination:-)

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Hi all!

Back from my PT exercise with Lise and as always, it was fun! I have so much pain in my body everywhere but I can assure you I already see and feel results in the body. I already feel tighter and leaner in some parts and stronger;=)

Hope you´ll have a wonderful day today!

Oh, and yeah  - I almost forgot! Our new single is out next week - click on the ad to order:

Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Sun has set and I am on the train back home. It's been a successful day cause I found 2 new stage outfits and they are wonderful, I think;-) hopefully you will like them too! I got one dress from this place - By Malene Birger:

Window shopping were also fun today and what I did the most:-) here's some photos for you. I hope you have enjoyed my instant blogging today, I will do this during the tour too.

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