Monday, 30 April 2012


Thank you Prag, you were great! Tomorrow Leipzig:-) Sleep well! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Saturday, 28 April 2012

A perfect day

Today we've had the first perfect day on the whole tour:-) It's been just me, nemo and Johan out in a summer warm Wienna with playing in the big playground, meeting other nice parents and children, eating good ice-cream, walking in the city just seeing lots of people, looking at beautiful buildings as the Dome, the opera house where they showed the opera Don Carlos live on a big screen, eating wiener schnitzel, cosiness in our room and me being there for nemo's goodnight song;-) This was well needed for me at this moment! Now I just long for my dear Seth - but soon;-)

Sleep well everyone and see u in Budapest tomorrow! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Thursday, 26 April 2012


Hi all!

Finally - Milan!!!!

Wow, this is the place I have longed for all tour and you didn't disappoint me yesterday;=) Grazie!!!

Today I´ve done some exercising here in the gym and now are soooo beaten in the body but ready for shopping! I so know what I want and I hope I find it;=)

My dear ones- enjoy this day and enjoy life! To short to waist on smaller thing;=)

Love and hugs!

Monday, 23 April 2012


Hi all,

So, time to write some words about how the tour is going after these first shows:=)

Well, it has been so great seeing so big audiences everywhere and even if every crowd is different you all have made us so happy and energized, which is needed when you do so many gigs and travel so much.

For me the tour has started good but I got the finger injury and also have had a bad flu that Tuomas had and I got it quite fast after starting this leg. I feel better now so thats good;=)

Being on tour always makes you tired and ill here and there and for me, as the singer, I of course feel a bit more stressed when I get a bug or get really tired and exhausted. Being on stage for 1h 45 min singing almost every night is a hard job and if you then have a bad throat or something that affects the voice, it makes it an ever harder job. But when you go out on stage and are feeling ill, just hearing you in the audience scream and sing along makes it much easier so just so you know - keep on screaming and sing - we love it!!

Tonight its Frankfurt and not the biggest crowd, like tomorrow in Zurich, but sometimes the smaller crowds actually are louder than the bigger crowds so we´ll see tonight;=)

Now I´ll rest and eat, I always meditate before a show to relax my mind and fill my energy levels. Then I put on my outfit, start doing make-up and 45 min before the show I start to warm up the voice. I sing all day to keep it open but the real warm up happens 45 min before.

We play at 20.45 most nights but some nights it´s 21 or 21.15 and I like the earlier nights more cause that makes me get more sleep before we need to travel to next place. Tomorrow its about 5,5-6 hours of drive so a bit early wake-up for me. I am that kinda person that needs at least 8 h of sleep to sing well and not be all cranky;=)

And this week we have our off-day in Milan and thats the off day I´ve longed for cause I´ll do some shopping there;=) Fashion mekka;=)

Ok, now you got a little update. Keep on rocking´and see you soon!


We've spent our off day in Germany's oldest city, Trier. Beautiful city and we arrived when they are having lots of pilgrims coming since Jesus robe is shown in the big Dome. I went and saw it yesterday and it was really a nice time in the Dome and being there for this occasion:-) Now to Frankfurt! See u there tonight!

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Friday, 20 April 2012


Here we go!!!

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Sitting in the backstage watching the boys play poker dices:-) A very hard battle!!

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Thursday, 19 April 2012


Finally some sun here in France!! Been to a big toy store and gotten some stuff for Nemo so now he's happy! :-)

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Monday, 16 April 2012

Oh yeah

Since my hand wasn't broken I now dare to use it more even if it hurts and since I only ran 5 km's yesterday I have done gym now. Good warm up for the gig;-)

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Just been to the hospital and excellent news- nothing broken, just a really bad hit! So soon it'll be better again! Jippie!! Now to Brussels! See ya there tonight!! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Sunday, 15 April 2012


Hi all! Well, our tour is going strong and Amsterdam went well and also Dusseldorf;-)

Only thing I have is a broken or dislocated finger. It happened during our gig in Copenhagen but I was so excited so I just felt a bad pain but continued. Then its been worse every day but haven't had any time to visit a hospital but tomorrow morning I'll go. It's really bad since its my right hand so holding the microphone is really hard and I have to use my left one. And I can't write autographs so that's why I haven't done that yesterday after the show. Sorry, but nothing to i do:-( Tomorrow Brussels and I am sure it'll be a blast on stage again! Enjoy your Sunday! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Interview in Magasinet

Today I received a copy in my mail of an interview I did with a Swedish magazine called "Magasinet" and here´s a photo of it. I mainly talk about the tour and the interview focuses a lot on the fact that we all in the band are from the countryside;=) A nice interview, thanks Magasinet for doing it.


Hi all!
I´m really tired today cause I didn't get back home from Copenhagen until 3 this night...zzzz... so tonight I´ll fall asleep sooo early so I am in shape for Amsterdam and the rest of the tour;=)

BUT what a night yesterday! I had my whole family there and all of my closest friends and it was just an amazing night for me;=) To stand there and know that the ones I love so much and have known me from when I was a little child, knowing "Anette" - not "Nightwish Anette" - is very special. It´s a blessing to have people like that and I hope they all know that I love them and really feel so blessed to have you;=) Thanks so much every single one for coming yesterday to support me and the boys!

One of my loved ones who came yesterday were Linda who kindly fixed my hair so beautifully with red and black extensions in a very nice creation;=) I also added some crazy red lashes and my dress is a dream that I have wanted to have for some months now and its created by a great Swedish designer - Ida Sjöstedt.

Without make-up;=)

Very crazy red lashes on;=)

The dress is a dream but very delicate so I hope it will last for the whole tour;=) 

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Planet hell

Hey! We have put out a video from la rehearsals where we play Planet hell in our official you tube channel today! Check it out;-) - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


Our support act Battlebeast are doing their sound check. If u like screams and pure hard rock you'll like them.

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Hanging with my dear sister in the city of Copenhagen before it's time for soundcheck;-) I hope your ready for tonight, Denmark! Det ska bli så hyggeligt ikvell:-) - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Tack Götet!!

Hi all! On our way to take us back south and to Denmark-Copenhagen;-) Thanks to Sweden and Gothenburg- you were so amazing!! Tack Sverige!!

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Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Time to start our sound check!

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...we´re on our way to Gothenburg! Today Nemo will stay at mothers house while Seth and Johan goes with me;=)

We´ll go by train and I like to sit and read a book so train is a great transportation.

See ya in Gothenburg!

Monday, 9 April 2012

And she...

...survived;=) Linda did a great job!!! First time ever and she worked hard!

Let´s hope she´ll continue working out and start to love it like I do;=)


Hi all!

Well, since I need to pack for the Europe tour this week I would like to ask you, readers, who live in Germany, Hollland, Switzerland, France, Italy and so on - is it spring weather down there? Not sooo cold?

Let me know so I can pack our bags with the right clothes;=)

Thanks - Danke - Merci - Grazie - Dank u!

Just do it

Hi all and a very happy Easter monday!

Yesterday we had family here for dinner so didnt do my run until 18 in the evening. It was a bit chilly for my throat so I got a bit of a cough and today I feel a little bit of it too, but I am sure it will be better soon. The thing is when you run with astma and then add some coldness in the wind, the throat gets a bit of pain and dryness in it. Thats why I do not run when its minus degrees outside.

Today I´m doing my last PT workout with Lise before I go on tour and today we have asked my dear friend Linda if she wants to join and try it out. She has accepted but I dont believe it until I see her by the gym;=) Let´s see!

For me, exercising is just so wonderful and it´s kinda strange in a way that I love it so much since I wasnt a child that loved to do sports. I mean, I did play soccer for some years, I did gymnastics for a while, I tried jiu-jitsu for a while and then I did show and jazz dance for many years. But none of this ever made me "hooked" like running has.

And now after trying more crossfit training with Lise and boxing I feel hooked again;=)

I believe that if we´re gonna commit to exercising at least 3 times a week or more, every week in life, it´s needed to be something we love to do. So if we want our children or someone around us to exercise regularly, we need to help them to find the thing they get "hooked" to.

And today, lets hope we can get Linda hooked too!

Enjoy this day!

Sunday, 8 April 2012


Me and nemo are out walking by the sea and it's windy but lovely;-)

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Today the sun shines again after some really weird weather yesterday morning. It snowed! Like, a lot! Luckily, it didnt stay on the ground but its been a little bit chillier than last week. Typical april´s weather here but still - what the...??

When I look out the window now it looks like it could be around +20 degrees, but of course I know its not;=) So today I long for Los Angeles and the wonderful weather there, the vibe of the city and if I could choose a place to stay every half year during Swedish winter time, it would be LA;=)

But, but... I can look forward to some warmer weather already in the coming European tour and then, of course, in Rhodes in may;=) So its kinda ok to take some snow and colder weather now. No complaints;=) And in some hours, its time for my wonderful long run! Can it be a better sunday??

Enjoy YOUR sunday too;=)

Oh, and today I want to wear this outfit. Love lace and love long skirts;=)

Saturday, 7 April 2012


Out in the city and looking at the Easter feathers everywhere;-)

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Well hi all!

I have been up early since Nemo felt like waking up before dawn today...puih! But we took a nap on the couch for an hour at 9 so I feel a bit better now;=)

Soon a shower but first I sit with my castor oil which I use 2 times a week to make my hair grow faster and it works. My hair grows appr. the double speed and some months even more. Another good thing is that my hair is much stronger and having a shine to it thanks to the oil.
How to use the oil is to take some oil in your hair roots (not to much cause then its hard to get it off) and then I put some also in the hair ends. Let it work for appr. half an hour, then schampoo 2-3 times until you can feel the oil is gone. Use treatment and conditioner and voila! Ready!
This will give you results if you use it regularly for a long period of time, so you cant stop and just do it now and then. Every week, 2-3 times is recommended.

And if you like the t-shirt I wear on top of my white top- you can find the brand here - RAWK.

Enjoy this saturday and enjoy your easter eggs;=)

Thursday, 5 April 2012

New nails

Hi all and happy Easter!

Today I went to Sandra at Posh Shop to make my nails beautiful for the next leg of the tour. Today I said I wanted the colours black and red and then she could do whatever she liked. Here´s the result: she put a little black star on some nails and its cute;=)

Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Out running with Seth. Done some crossfit exercises too;-)

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Well, hello and a very happy wednesday to you all!

Today Lise´s son is ill so I will go to the gym by myself and do a workout she has sent me this morning. Those dreadful "burpees" today again... BUT I must say that they are so efficient and I finally see some shoulders and some muscles in my upper back. I have a really bad pain from our monday workout but hey - NO PAIN, NO GAIN;=)

Yesterday I did a Pocahontas hair-do cause my hair was so dirty and then this is a great way to "hide" it.

This afternoon I´ll go and dye my hair roots darker so finally no more blond hair roots;=)

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Just booked one week of sun in Rhodes in may after the European tour;=)

Johan is going to South America on tour so me, Nemo, my sister, her daughter and my mum are gonna relax in Rhodes one week! We have never been on a sun trip together so I really long for this;=)


This is just so fun...

...and we have laughed so many times on tour listening to this so here you go! I guess most of you already know it but its great;=)


Hi all and a very happy tuesday!

This week I prepare myself for next week when we continue our tour and I am so longing;=) We start in Gothenburg - SWEDEN!!! Oh, I just love it! My own country!!;=) And then Copenhagen, which is also my "home town" since its so close to Helsingborg where we live. And the best part is that these two gigs will be visited by my family members and friends. So, very special evenings;=)

To prepare myself I look at videos from this tour to see which stage outfits I like the most and want to use in Europe. Then I also check if I´m gonna add a new one and so on. There will be many of the same dresses from before since I love to wear dresses;=)

Then I also do more singing to get all the lyrics there. Even if I sing them often its a lot of lyrics to remember;=)

I also have to fix such "shallow" things as getting my nails done, my hair roots dyed and getting new things for the make-up bag like false eye lashes. I use a lot of lashes and they only last for 2-3 shows and then I need new ones.

Then I also need to see to that Nemo´s stuff and clothes are washed and ready for the long tour, since he and Johan are gonna be with us from Amsterdam and onward. Seth will join for Gothenburg and Copenhagen but since he has school he needs to stay in Sweden with his father.

So today I need to go to the dry cleaner to leave some dresses for cleaning and if my mum is home in the afternoon, me and the kids will visit her while Johan is working.

Here´s one of the outfits that I love and this will be going with me in Europe;=)

Sunday, 1 April 2012


Just back from a Sunday run. Started off by running some km's with Seth who did really well today. Then he ran home and I continued and ran a fast run where I held a fast pace of 80% of my max pulse and it felt so good! Now a shower:-) best thing after the cold wind outside. Enjoy your Sunday! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone