Friday, 27 August 2010

It´s autumn...

Hi all,

I hope you all are doing really well!

Here in Sweden it´s autumn and it came so fast! From being so hot and almost tropical, the days and nights are now a lot cooler and this morning it was only +10 degrees when I woke up. But the sky is totally blue and the sun is shining so a really beautiful day ahead of us.

We´ll soon join the NW-camp and I am practising the songs back and forth so I´ll know them well for the demo recordings. The songs are really good and also including some new cool elements which I feel will be fun to do in the studio;=)

This morning I watched the boys "new band" with Mr Kovalainen and Mr Virtanen playing with them and I must say the best thing was Jukka playing the keyboards. His "bells" in the Metallica-song was marvellous! Go Jukka;=)

Now, back to the morning coffee but enjoy your day and weekend!


  1. Good morning Anette !

    I'm glad you're doing fine. Here, in Slovenia near sea, it's still hot.
    I can't wait for autumn, even if school is up to come ;-)

    Jukka is talented, haha, as others aswell. ;-)

    Hugs, Taja!

  2. Hej Anette, nice to read you. :)
    It's autumn here as well, but it's not something new where i live, sadly... And it's not even a beautiful weather, it's grey and cold and windy (and rainy, as i could see by my window). A lovely october month!
    And soon you'll join NW camp, wow. Between what Tuomas and you wrote, the new album will be wonderful. :) And thanks for posting the video, i'll have a look at it soon.
    How is the baby? And how are you?



  3. Good Morning Anette.

    It's good to hear some news from you. I'm happy you're fine.
    I watched the video yesterday. And I agree with you. Jukka is so funny.

    Enjoy your friday & have a nice weekend.

  4. Hello Dear Anette! Glad to hear that everything is ok. Here in Croatia is sooooo hot weather..I am going to melt here -.-..I really wish for some rain.
    Can not wait to hear new NW songs =). Thanks for the video.
    How are you Nettie? How's the little baby ?
    Lots of hugs to both of you
    Take care



  5. Good morning Anette!
    It's so wonderful to get an update from you, and to know that all is going well. :D

    Here in Scotland I feel Autumn coming very quickly, it makes me happy as Autumn and Winter are my favourite time of the year. There is something wonderful about the quality of light, and not much beats a walk in the woods on a cool crisp morning!

    I loved watching the video yesterday of the boys and the new 'band', they are so funny, and I agree with you about Jukka - he was awesome!
    Tuomas seemed to be enjoying himself with the bass and the guitar, he was very entertaining!
    It's also been lovely reading the studio diary, and seeing the photos, looking forward to when you will be joining them.

    Take care of yourself, and of course the family! :)
    With love,
    Kath xx

  6. Good morning, Anette!!
    Well, here in Italy is cloudy and a little bit cold, but it's alright! I've been in Stockholm 3 weeks ago and I fell in love with Sweden! In fact in September I'll start university and I'll learn Swedish :)

    I made a new tattoo with the sentence "You receive but what you give" from Amaranth! I hope you can see it very soon!

    Have a nice day!


  7. Good morning!
    It's nice to hear some news from you again. Here in Croatia is still very hot. Actually I'm going swimming today :D My friends and I are enjoying the sea while we still can. There is only one week left before going back to school desks. But I can't wait autum to start. I love those gray windy chilly days. I hope you and your sons are OK.
    And btw I love Jukka's playing style. It's, you know, special xD This video really made my day.



  8. Hi Anette!
    I'm glad to read you're doing fine. :)
    It's also autumn here in the Netherlands... It has been raining and raining and raining for weeks now, and the weather forecast doesn't look that great either... But well, we can't change the weather, so let's hope for a beautiful autumn and winter then.

    And yeah, that video of Myötähäpeä really made me laugh! When I saw it the first time, I was really like: "Omg... Tuomas playing (bass)guitar? JUKKA playing KEYBOARD?!!" But the video is really fun, I watch it over and over again. I especially love Jukka's style of playing keyboard; playing with two fingers and looking very concentrated... Hahaha, great!

    It's good to hear you will join the camp soon. I'm really looking forward to the new album!

    Have a nice day,

  9. Hi Nettie!

    It's great to hear something about you: )

    "We´ll soon join the NW-camp" Do you mean you're going with your baby?^^

  10. hi anette!
    great to hear from you again! I'm really happy you're gonna join the camp!! have fun and oh the new band is amazing! haha it really made me lol!

  11. Morning Anette! Well, it's probably
    not morning for you anymore but for me it's
    6:30 AM in Ohio. We started school about
    a week ago, and I am now a senior!
    Exciting that it's my last year of school...
    well, until college at least;=)

    Autumn for you already? Here we still
    get 80 degree weather during the day,
    but last night was one of our coldest nights
    when it got down to 50 degrees.
    But I don't think we're in autumn quite yet,
    this weather usually lasts
    well into September for us.

    Girl, you are making me really excited
    for this new album. I have been keeping up
    with the diary, pictures, and videos.
    It looks like they're having a good time!
    I'm sure you can't wait to get started.

    Hope you and the family are well.

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  12. Hi Annette,
    I am pleased again to hear something from you. With us is still summer and very hot and humid. However, it should be the last summer weekend, next week it is cool with us too.
    I have already seen the video yesterday and I like it very well. They seem to have all the fun. Jukka is a great talent, but Tuomas too with the guitar. :-)
    I am looking forward immensely to the new songs.
    I wish you a beautiful day and a nice weekend too.
    Hugs Brigitte

  13. Hi Anette, nice to read you! Here is still summer and very very hot. From you 10 desgree? o___o Brrrrrrrr! The video is really funny. It make me laugh Tuomas and Jukka faces. XD They are very talent! And what about you? How are you? I hope you have a good time! Have a nice day and week end!! Take care! Big hugs

  14. Hi Anette!

    Nice to hear from you again. Glad you are doing fine. Autumn has arrived early in England too, but I'm not complaining as it's my favourite season.

    That video from the boys is so funny and it made me laugh when I saw it yesterday on Facebook. Great to see that they are having fun and I can't wait for the new album.

    By the way, I'm coming to Sweden to visit my brother next week and to work on our music project so I really can't wait because I love your country so much. I'd love to live there too one day.

    Have a great weekend!

    Marie x

  15. Hi Anette!
    Just passed here to weish you a nice weekend!

  16. Moesko: Hi! Yes, I cant leave my baby at home;=) He will join me everywhere from now on. Take care!

  17. Greeting from New Delhi, India and its freaking hot here. 10 degree wow! Wish I was there. That is one hell of a song..

    BTW have you heard the new Iron Maiden song.. I bought it yesterday and its kick ass!

  18. Anette, how long will you stay at the camp?

  19. Hey Anette!
    It's getting rather autumnal here as well although it's more in the weather rather than the leaves changing to golden hues. I don't know... there's something about autumn I really like, and on campus especially it was beautiful last year.
    I saw the video already on Facebook. As a potential keyboardist of a local band, I am loving Jukka's interesting technique! :P :P

    Take care! xxx

  20. Hi Anette!

    It´s nice to hear from you. It´s autumn in Finland too. No more swimming in the sea! It´s much nicer to go to the swimming hall. When you come to Finland? Nice that you are coming to Finland.I wish you a very nice and successful camp and a very nice weekend also!

  21. Auch! I can't even think of the idea that this Summer will someday actually end. Gratefully, I can still enjoy plenty more Summer to come until September (and sometimes even October has hot days) here in Portugal.

    Great to know you'll be soon joining the band to start working.

    Kisses for you and your baby, who shall grow up great and healthy with a mom like you! ;D

  22. Hi Anette! Greetings from Finland. Autumn has come here, too. It feels weird and too cold after hot wheather.

    It's good to knoww that you and your baby are doing well. Have you thought name for your baby?

  23. Hi Anette!
    Great to read something new from you. Hope baby is ok? When you'll post some photos of the litlle boy? I'm sure everyones are waiting for it!

    I'm glad that you will join for the boys soon. They have so much fun there.
    When Jukka played keys was my favourite part too. He do a big job! ;) And Heikki Kovalainen looks so sweet and nice plays drums!

    In Poland is really bad weather today. It's raining all the day, and the temerature is so low. :( I can't believe that 3 days ago was over +30 degrees. It's so sad... I love summer and hate the change from summer into autumn... But now I can drink a lot of hot tea so it's not so bad. :D

    Much of love for you and the family!
    Kisses from Warsaw!

  24. Hey Anette! Hope you are ok. ^^

    Here in Brazil is SO hot and the pollution seems to have taken away the nature and the dampness. We are in an emergency state (10% of dampness)... The dampness here is like the Sahara desert. It is hard for even breathing. This is happening because companies (they do not care to the enviromment) started (at the begining of the month) burn sugarcane to produce alcohol as a combustive.

    Winter is ending and summer is rising here.

    I hope I will survive this. The human are killing the earth.

    Well, I can not wait for the album. I am checking everyday the Nightwish website and your blog. I am getting crazy.

    Take care and enjoy your day with good music and your family, the most important thing!


    Carpe Diem.

  25. Anette i have other question for you that i've foget before. Are you going at the camp with only the baby or with all your family?

  26. Oh Hi Anette!
    It's so nice to hear something from You now! :)
    How are You and Your little baby after all?
    I hope You're both well!

    Yep autumn is here already in Poland, and the trees are losing their leaves.
    I love autumn!

    The video is so great!
    Please tell me does Jukka play the keys?
    He so good at that!
    Go Jukka! Go!

  27. Hey Anette!

    It's nice to hear from you again! I wrote something here but the site wouldn't accept my password which is strange because I haven't changed it. Anyway I said that it's definitely autumn since I have a cold and so do a few of my friends (and we didn't get it from each other).

    I also like the colors outside and the new fashion collection, for fashion, autumn is my favorite season. Winter is nice too, it's nr 2 :p

    The guys seemed to have a lot of fun! Tuomas on guitar was something to see and Jukka playing keyboard like he was hitting drums with his fingers was priceless!

    Have a nice day!

  28. Hello Anette :)
    I saw the video yesterday and the funniest thing was Tuomas' face expression while playing the bass in the first song. XD
    The weather here in Germany seems like autumn though it isn't that cold yet but rainy. But I like rainy weather.
    Recently I discovered a nice band from Sweden.
    Have you ever heard of them?

    Hope you have a very nice weekend. :)
    Greetings and hugs from Germany

  29. Hi Dear Anette,

    Here in Portugal is still very hot. It´s horrible,and many forests on fire. That´s so sad.
    Can´t wait to autumn to come...
    Have a great and sunshine weekend.

  30. Hi Anette, :)
    Happy to hear from you again. and sounds like everything is ok and you are doing just fine.
    Nothing but a blue sky here as well however much warmer if not still to hot for me.
    Take care, and God bless.

    lots of love,

  31. Hi My dear!!

    I miss you so much! And I'm wainting for your reunion with the band to make the best album ever!

    Kisses and hugs from Brazil!!

  32. Hello Anette :)

    I just came home from 10 lovely days in Sweden.
    I stayed in a little village called Skagersbrunn on a lake called Skagern. Do you know it?
    I've never been to such an amazing country before..I've never seen so much nature but also so great cities like Stockholm and Örebro. Although the weather wasn't the best it was such a great holiday and you can be proud to live in this wonderful country! And you're so lucky to have so many shops with great clothes..I'm so jealous ;)
    All the Swedish people were so friendly and your language sounds so nice, though I don't understand anything :)
    I hoped to meet you, but unfortunately I didn't happen :/
    And you have to know that I'm not writing this because I want to be friendly or something..I just fell in love with Sweden :D

    Lots of love and have fun in the NW-camp ;)

  33. Hi Anette,

    Nice to hear that everything is going great for you and the baby. The video from the guys posted the other day is so funny and it made me laugh when I saw each of them play a different instrument. Wow! they have such talent and I really loved the cover song they did for Metallica's For whom the bell tolls. It's great that you are going to join them in the rehearsals and that your practicing the songs already, wishing you all the best...

    Huggs Zulma

  34. Hey, Anette! Here in Bulgaria is still hot!
    About your joining in NW camp-I'm looking forward it! Will you make some photos of the little honey baby?

    Take care for your health and lot of hugs to the little boy! :* (hug)

  35. Thanks for answering me!: )

    If Jukka's cute little one survived the camp, I'm sure your precious son will also feel great; ) And he also deserves an own lullaby acoustic gig played by Marco; )

    Have fun!^^

  36. Hey Anette!
    Hope you had a wonderful day :=)

    Here in Germany it's getting colder, too. Today was a very rainy and stormy day here... I always get headache when the weather changes very quickly.

    I'm already sooo excited about the new NW-album... I wish you so much fun with recording the songs! :=)

    Have a great evening!
    Hugs & Love
    yours, Kim-Noêmia

  37. Dearest Anette,

    It’s so wonderful to hear from you, and even more wonderful to know that you are well :)
    I am very glad to hear that you will be joining the Summer Camp soon, it’s nice to know that you have recovered and are rested, and I am sure you must be looking forward to joining the guys. I heard the so-called “New Band” as well; it was quite entertaining and most amusing. I am so glad that they are enjoying themselves. Well, I suppose that is all for the time being. Enjoy your coffee and the rest of your beautiful day.

    I pray all remains wonderful with you and your child.

    All my love and best wishes to you.


  38. Hi Anette

    I became very happy today after seeing an up to date post from you. I'm sorry that the cold is returning for you up there but always remember to keep your spirit locked in a tropical dream. I imagine the time being spent with the little one was quite fulfilling and now your focused on rehearsing the songs for the band. Everything is great news coming from you my princess. Wishing you always the best.

    Love ♥ Fernando ♥

  39. Nettan, just one more thing before I leave you

    Here is a video of Anneke perfoming "Jolene" with a very special guest; her little and lovely son Finn :D

    Just something to remind you how cool is to be a baby surrounded by music and a mamma on the road ;)

    kisses and hugs from Brazil ;**

  40. Hello Anette, I'm glad you are doing fine and glad to read something new from you =)

    That sounds like such a nice weather, I wish it was like that here in Miami. During the day is so hot it feels like an oven, the night is hot but not as much. I wished it was Autumn or Winter already, it doesn't get very cold we are lucky if it does, but is better than summer.

    Anyway I'm very excited about the album and can't wait to hear it.

    Take care, bye.

  41. Hii Anette ^^

    So good to hear from you again, I hope all is well with the family =). Here in Holland it's getting colder too, and in the last day huge rain has fallen, causing flooding all over the place, but luckily not where we live ;p.

    I really REALLY cannot wait for the album to be finished and hear what Tuomas' genius mind has come up with now ^^. This is going to be my first Nightwish album release as a fan so I think it's kinda special.

    But, back to reality, today is my last day of work before my week off, finally. And after that I have to start school again...for the first time since end May!

    Anyways, I hope you are all doing well and you'll have a great time practising and eventually recording the songs!

    Lots of love, Lisa <3

  42. Goodmorning Anette x
    enjoy your coffee! I'm glad the weather there is good, here in Belgium is it not so great..

    I'm so looking forward to the new NW album!!
    I know the sounds are going to be awsome!
    have a nice time practising :-)


  43. Great to hear from you Anette! As for the video - was that done under the influence of severe amounts of alcohol? What a racket!!! The bells were definately the best thing about it (actually the only good thing about it) :) Good grief! I bet all the woodland animals ran for cover! Lets hope the new album is better than that! ;)

  44. Hey Anette

    I'm glad to hear good news from you :D I hope that you and the baby are well. and I can't wait for the new Nightwish album.. I'm so sure it'll be GREAT!! I can't wait for the new songs ^.^ now I actually have only one NW album.. Dark Passio Play but I heard other songs.. like Nemo and so.. But Tarja is not good to me XD

    But I don't understanda one thing.. the "new band".. some new members or what?? can you write about it more?? please :)

    One more thing. my friend wants to you to know that you're so beautiful to him and he also wants a lot of happiness to you, your kids and your boyfriend. he sends lots of kisses ^^

    Kisses and hugs from me and my friends from Croatia! <3 (:

  45. Hi dear Anette,

    I have read in NW Official Website that you are going in two weeks to the guys in the camp.
    You will take your little son surely with you? You are certainly very interesting to see how it will be.

    I wish you a nice weekend.
    Hugs and love Brigitte

  46. Hi Anette!
    So glad to hear that you will be joining the boys at camp soon....very exciting!
    Autumn is beginning slowly here in Maine, as are my allergies. The nights are a little cooler but the days have been very warm still, unusual. I'm looking forward to cooler days...
    The video was awesome! Jukka was great on the keyboards!! They all rocked! Heikki has another career waiting for him, hope he does well this weekend!
    Have a great day!! Hope the family is doing well!
    Take care!!


  47. Hello Anette,
    my comment will not be related to your post in any way but I feel I must write it to you.
    I discovered Nightwish in summer 2007, just a couple of months after you had been announced as the new singer. I immediately fell in love with Tarja´s voice and during all the years I was a proud Tarja-holic, bashing you and your voice, Dark Passion Play and the whole band for their "wrong" decisions. I couldn´t accept the things like they were and it made me really sad and depressed for a long time.
    Last October I met Tarja´s husband and manager, talked to him and discovered he was exactly the type of person Tuomas described in Master Passion Greed. I began to perceive this song, BBB and the open letter in a whole new perspective and a couple of weeks ago eventually sat down with DPP cd in my computer and listened to all the songs. For the first time since it had been released. And guess what?
    I´ve found out I really love the songs. That I love your voice (long live to Cubase 5 and Melody Line xD -just kidding- ). That I´ve lost three years during which I could have enjoyed the beautiful music you create with Nightwish...
    My great wish now is that every Nightwish fan will realise that the band and Tarja as a solo artist are two kickass projects and they will stop fighting for who´s the best. You all are awesome.
    I wish you all the best in your life, musical career, recordings of new NW album and hopefully I´ll be able to see you during next tour with Nightwish. Keep up the good work, Anette!

  48. That horrible weather is in Czech too :-( normally I'd like it but not now in august-it have to be sunny :-)
    but I can't wait for the classical autumn...U know- falling leafs,all of the beautiful orange and yellow colours- it'll be so romantic :-)
    have a nice day Nettie,
    yours Enigma

  49. Hello my dear Anette =D
    I am very happy that the things are perfect!
    In Portugal the autumn starts in 22 of September,i guess :)
    And also next month the school starts next month,its a little bit boring because i will have a lot of new friends in my class and 8ºgrade its hard :S
    But before school starts i am going on vacations with one of my best friends :))
    The weather here is always hot =D
    I saw the video of the guys playing and it was hilarious watching Jukka playing keybords xD
    Jukka is like a super-man,he can do everything Lol...And i hope you join Nightwish soon =)
    This album will be amazing xD I hope you come to Portugal,please *.*
    Kisses and Hugs from shining Portugal!

  50. Loved that video! Especially Jukka playing the keyboard!!! ;)

  51. Hi dear Anette,

    so glad to hear that you are doing well, rehearsing the new songs and soon joining the camp!
    This morning I went to visit a friend of my mum and her 4 days old baby girl at the maternity...the baby has only 2,5 kg and she's the tiniest and cutest creature I've ever seen!
    I had to think about your baby, who is for sure doing very well and who must have grown a lot in a month of time...sending him lots of kisses!
    Yeah, here in Romania looks like autumn is coming too .....this weekend the weather has become much cooler and only +15 degrees, comparing to last weeks +30 is really cold! I hope there will still be some really warm summer days.....cause I don't want summer to end so quickly!

    I loved the boys video, they are having a lot of fun :)) and Jukka with the keyboard is the best!

    Take care!
    Lots of kisses and hugs,

  52. @ Daniela:

    Your comment just made me realise the exact meaning (i think) of Master Passion Greed. I had never even looked at it that way before, but it finally all makes sense now. I have to say I agree with your opinion about said manager. I met him last year too at a concert, and he is not a very nice man, the vibe he gives off feels all wrong and he reminds me much too much of a person from my past. A bad person.

    Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that im happy you changed your opinion. I am a diehard Tarja-holic too, but I am also a diehard Nightwish-holic! The two are indeed two different, fantastic things. And it's wrong to bash on Anette because she's their singer now.
    She's a great person and a great bandmember as well, she brought something new into Nightwish that I have really come to love.

    So hereby to all Anette haters:
    Honestly, get over it!

    Love, Lisa <3

    ((sorry for this incredibly off topic post, just had to say what I felt about this))

  53. Hi my Nettie

    How are you?

    this my french website of you


  54. Hej Anette!

    I know exactly what you are talking about. All of a sudden it came so cold! I live in Western Finland and like a month ago it was hot and I could wear a skirt back then and then it suddenly came so much cooler. I can tell you that I can't wear skirts anymore..

    It's now almost 13 degrees in my balcony, it's cloudy and grey. So apparently autumn really came now.

    I hope you and the baby feel fine! Have a nice NW camp!

  55. Daniela: I agree with you about Master Passion Greed. I actually didn't met Tarjas manager but I heard something about him.

    This is my blog about Anette and it's new.. I made it today so please if you can, follow me.. Thank you..

  56. Hi Anette!

    It's good to hear from you again. :)

    I wish it was Autumn here. It's still Summer and it's so miserably hot outside where I live. :( And I can't wait to hear the new NW songs! I know the album will be amazing. ;)

    Oh and I made this "Anette Olzon Tribute" video. I uploaded it on youtube because I wanted everyone to know that you're my idol. :) It's just a bunch of pictures of you that I found, but I hope you like it. Here's the link:

    Anyways, I hope you and the baby are doing really good, and that you'll be able to join NW camp soon. :)

    With love,

  57. Hey Anette, lovely to hear from you again, and see you that you are doing just fine! =D.

    Here in the UK it is also feeling very much like autumn; although the sun is shining and the weather is beautiful it's been pretty damn cold the past few days!

    Thank you for sharing the video; Jukka's 'bells' made me laugh... very entertaining, XD. I can't wait to hear news from you once you have joined the NW camp!

    Take care, hugs.

  58. Hi Anette!!

    Here in Costa Rica is very cold, well, for us very cold is like 15-17 degrees and the sky are very gray and rains a lot all the day. We are entering in the strong part of the winter, so rains so much. :-S

    I want ear you sing again, I´ve read the post of the guys about the new album and seems like that will be a wonderful master piece, and I am sure that it will be!! Like always!!! :-)

    And I also saw the video of the guys, was totally weird saw Tuomas with the guitar and Jukka in the keyboards, but they do a really nice work!!!

    I hope that you and all your family are just fine!!! Have a good week!!! Take care and good luck!!!


  59. Hi Anette! Greetings from Finland, Tampere! Hope Nightwish will do some gigs here next year. I have been Nightwish fan since the start (1998, almost) but never been any gigs...I think it's time to correct that.
    My sister had a baby also in midsummer and I know how tough the first months are. So I wish to you much love, strength and happiness. And for Nightwish I wish more success than ever with the new album! :) God bless!

  60. Hi Anette. It's great to hear from you again. And seeing the guys in that video put a smile on my face (but during the first minute, all I could think was: oh-my-God hehehe). Anyway, here in Spain it's still hot but autumn approaches very fast too. I hope you all are ok.

    Take care, big hugs ;)