Thursday, 28 October 2010

Dark hair

Ok, we decided to do everything dark brown and keep the purple/blue stripe on the right side. And for those who have asked - Yes, I am growing it out to be long;=)

Here are the result:


  1. Hello Nettan =) How are you??
    I love the new color! It looks great on you =)
    You look soooo adorable on the third picture

    Wish you a nice evening


    Ena :*

  2. it suits you well :)
    I like it more then blond style :)

  3. Hej Anette
    Wow, your new haircut is lovely (as well as your smile). I like the purple bits, it really look great, and it mix nicely with the dark hair. Really lovely! <3



    Love from France


  5. Good Evening =)

    The result is awesome! You look so lovely with dark hair. I love it!

    Enjoy the rest of the day!

  6. Good evening Anette,

    Thank you so much for the pictures, I truly appreciate it. Well, what can I say? You look so beautiful, and as much as I believe you displayed all of the hair colors I’ve seen you with wonderfully, I am so happy that you have decided to return to black. It’s very Nightwish, and it compliments you wonderfully. So, is this the color you think you’ll do for the promotional shots for the album? Or is that too far ahead to decide just yet? Well, anyway, the style looks wonderful and I love the streak that you had added, it adds a lot of taste and uniqueness. If you should get a chance to, I would love to see a shot where you are facing us so we can see it from the front.

    Enjoy the rest of your evening and stay warm, dear.

    With much love and warm wishes,

  7. just perfect! I love the purple detail and once more dark hair is fantastic on you....

  8. how cool! i want hair like that!!! you look so amazing!!
    thank you for the photos!

    Tilly <3 xx

  9. Dark hair looks so great :) Just lovely!

  10. Hey,Nette!!Very good!!!You are beautiful!!!

  11. Hey =)

    Dark hair fits you so well :)And with the purple/blue stripe, it's awesome =p


  12. Hey Nettie! Good evening!

    Nice purple stripe! I liked it! And you look younger too!
    I guess dark hair suits you best, although you were very beautiful with the blond look too! And I also love the redhead Nettie!

    Blond hair makes me look younger, that's what people tell me (blond is my natural color just like you ;=D) but I really prefer the dark locks because it's easier to take care of, don't you think?

    Hugs and Kisses


  13. Have a Good Day :)

    It´s amazing !!!

    U looks so cute...

    I loved it in the DPP tour

    Ur dark hair looks really nice.

    Thanks for your choose

    Hugs from México.

  14. WOW, ANETTE, IT'S AWESOME! I really like it! :D

    Have a great day!! :)

    And blogers PLEASE follow my blog bout Nightwish and Anette:

    thanks :)

  15. You look stunning Anette! Love the colouring!


  16. dark brown is the right choice at the moment because it is kinda compromize between the black and the blonde;=)

    Congrats and hugs!!!!

  17. Hi Anette, your look is so beautiful! Thanks for posting the pics! Yes, your hair are growing up. I really like your style. :D

    Have a nice evening!

    Big hugs

  18. Hej and good evening Anette :)
    The result is looking great. It suits you and you look younger with dark hair. ;)
    Hope you have a very nice evening.

    Greetings and hugs from Germany

  19. Hi Anette !

    So happy to have some photos of your new hair cut and colour !!
    The violet reminds me of your hair cut that you had in the beginning of Nightwish ! Really cool =)
    But i really prefer you with your own blond hair =)

    Wish you a good evening !!

    Lots of hugs =)

  20. wow, the new color is wonderful ;=)
    thats the best !! and I think it makes you younger.. with blond you seem very young, but with a darker color more ;=)

    such a long hair.. I wanna grow mine ut too.. but I feel they dont do.. ;=(
    and since I colour my hair.. I dont have my volume hair anymore.. theyre going out..


  21. Yes, I like your dark hair! This colour is much better to you! :)

    Kisses, Agnes

  22. Hey Anette,
    you look so pretty on the third photo <3
    I love you new hair colour. It fits you very well :-)
    For tomorrow I wish you all the best at the kidney x-ray.
    have a nice evening - hugs Brigtte

  23. Hej Anette!
    Wow on the last picture you look totally alike with the look you had in Nightwish having that dark hair and purple stripe on the right side. Looks so nice for me to see again on you ;)
    Inga (Russia)

  24. Heyyy, that's nice! I'm going to change my hair too, but being a Libra I always think a lot before acting. I've had bright golden hair, though my natural colour is blond-brown, and now I have half of the hair in blond-brown and half in bright gold. And it looks really nice! But my hairdresser said she's ready to do some experiment with the colour, and it's such a pity about natural colour - it grows so slow... Don't know what to do!! =P

  25. OMG o_0

    you look very very good Anette <3
    I love when you have black hair! Really
    Fits you gooooooooooood !

  26. Your new hair is awsome! So much better than blond :)

    Best wishes!

  27. ahahhaaa I have a de ja vu! your hair are almost the same as they were in 2007 when you were introduced to the fans and the world :)

    looks very nice and, indeed, fresh. Are you planning to leave the dark color since now, or smth can make you change your decision again and try another color?))

    Big hugs,

  28. Woaaaah, it's just like when you had it in the beginning, when you joined Nightwish! With the dark colour and the purple streaks on the front side, just a different length. Looks absolutely fabulous, and I love how it makes your eyes stand out!
    Lovely lovely lovely! Thanks so much for sharing the pics with us!

  29. Awww looks great Anette !
    I think you look better with dark hair...
    btw the third picture looks sooo adorable.
    I love your smile. =)

    Hope you enjoy your day !

  30. Wow! You look absolutly amazing, girl! I'd like to have a hair like yours.
    Enjoy the day!

  31. Dear Anette,
    You look AMAZING!

  32. You look so beautiful with dark hair :)

  33. I love it! Suits you so well!!!

  34. Hello Anette, result, really!!! You´re my inspiration, I think about similar hair-style...
    Have a nice evening!!!

  35. It's awesome ! I really like it, more as blond hair :)

    Have a good night ! :)

  36. I thought I preferred how you looked with blonde, but i LOVE the way this is done! :D

  37. oh, wow Anette it looks very nice!
    I like it a lot, especially with the purple thing on it and I'm also happy that you will let it grow loooong. I just love long hair!

    Kisses & hugs to you and the kids!


  38. I like the color and even more I like the length! Can't wait to see it grow even longer. xD And it looks very headbangable, hahaha! =D

  39. Hihi.. Now you have a hair that matchs your blog =D!

    It's amazing, Anette! You really look a lot better with dark hair =D!

  40. Looks great! :) It's like coming back to 2007, to that hair... and maybe to those funny tights?! :D

    Have a nice evening, sweetheart ♥

  41. Good evening, gorgeous!

    I think every hair style fits you well, but I especially like your dark hair!

    That hair reminds me of the beginning of DPP tour somehow ;))

    With love,

  42. Hiii Anette

    This haircut looks awesome,
    I really love the dark with the purple combi!

    I have to go to the hairdresser soon also, want to have my hair another colour, but Im still not sure what colour I shall take
    Do you have any advice for me which colour I should take?

    Hope you and Nemo (and ofc the other 2 there) are okaj ;)



  43. Hi Anette,

    Your hair looks very lovely but your smile is above all, beautiful...


  44. I like it a lot! It reminds me of how you looked when you joined NW :) the final touch is to be long =)
    Anyway, you can rock any hairstyle ^^

    Have a good evening *

  45. Good evening. :)

    Wow, it looks so good. I love the purple stripe. :D
    Are you straightening/curling your hair? Or does it just look like it wants to? (:


  46. AHHHH! I LOVE it!!! You said three things
    that made me happy:

    1. Dark hair
    2. Purple/blue streak
    3. Long hair

    My hair is about the same length as
    yours, but mine's all black.
    I love it, but like I said: I'll probably
    get tired of it soon and put in a
    purple or red streak. I just don't like
    having my hair the same for too long;
    I like to change it and mix it up before I get bored...but I'll wait awhile,
    since I just coloured it, haha.

    I love your hair dark and long,
    and purple's one of my favorite colours!
    It's kinda reminding me of when you
    first started touring with NW and your
    hair looked like that, I loved it.
    It's so beautiful and you look gorgeous!

    Hope you have a good night;=)

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  47. I like it, you look very pretty. What I don't get is why it looks kind of dry, when I usually dye my hair dark it tends to look healthier. I really like the purple by the way.

  48. OH! AWESOME!!! :D
    I really like it! ^^

    I have purple streaks in my hair too.
    Since I have 16 years I use purple colour in my head. Now I have 22.

    These photos are from your visit to Argentina. I remember that you liked my hair. heheh :)

    Hugs from Buenos Aires!!


  49. Hi Anette, Well your hair looks lovely!! It really shows the lovely healthy colour of your skin and brings out your eyes and smile very nice indeed!! You look all mysterious with dark hair ;) ;) ;)

    Have a great evening


  50. That's SO pretty Anette! I love it!! You look great with blonde hair, but I honestly have to say I love you with dark hair. The blue adds something extra and fun ;).

    I still think red would be hot too.

    <3 Lauren

  51. Hello Anette !!!
    Beautiful !! OMG what a lovely hair !!
    I loved the pics soooo much !!
    <3<3<3<3 Gorgeous !! :D
    I love it !! Show more pics ;)
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

  52. Much more better than blonde, Anette. Good choice :-)

  53. WOOOWW!!! awesome!!!

    good night!


  54. Hi Anette^O^ You're wonderful with dark hair!
    Love your gothic style ; D

  55. It´s a nice change. :-) Better than blond, sure!

  56. OMG... I love your new style!! <3 =D

  57. Anette, I cannot describe how amazing your new hair is. ♥ It looks so much better dark. (You look great with blond, don't get me wrong). But I'm so happy that you're growing out your hair again and having it dark, basically how it used to be a while back. The purple/blue stripe on the side looks really awesome too. I'm pretty sure I could go on ranting all day about how much I love it. ;)

    My hair is blonde/short/choppy, like yours was. I've been wishing for the longest time that I can dye my hair really dark and get some purple in it, since purple and black are my favorite colors. But my parents won't let me do it. ;( One day I'll do that though, but it won't look nearly as great as yours. :)

    I hope things continue to go well for you. ♥

    Best wishes as always,


  58. You're so beautiful with black hair. Now you're even more beautiful than when you were blond, although you are always so beautiful. Can’t wait for the new shows to see you on the stage. You are even more beautiful in person then on the pictures.
    Love you.

  59. Wohaa it's very nice. I especially love the purple/blue bits, and if you ever get bored of purple you can do red or pink, etc... These colours never look as good with blonde hair, so darker hair is better for experimenting with "fun" colours :-)

  60. Good morning Anette:)
    Hmmm...what no black???? where's the black???? I was expecting it to be...but it seems to be not:)
    Long as in waist length dark brown is my love for you anyway. Very well done, very well done indeed:))
    Weird dreams = Hugs = maybe not worry about...
    they happen:)

    take care,God bless
    lots of love,

  61. Hey Anette, i know that it's too late but i'm in front of my pc and i'm still not asleep.

    Good night dear and sweet dreams!

    See you tomorrow!

    Big hugs

  62. BELLIZIMA!!!

    Alberto Piñon (monterrey, mexico)

  63. I agree that the dark hair makes you look younger ;) But as usual, you look extremely adorable!

    Perhaps when you get a little bored with the dark hair you'll try red again? No matter what colour, you pull them all off really well!

    Love & positive energy to you and your family! <3

  64. I absolutely love it Anette, you look gorgeous!

    I think I definitely prefer dark brown to black as the black is a little harsh against your skin tone and blue eyes but dark brown looks amazing! The purple bit is also really cute, =).

    Thank you for sharing the pictures with us - is your hair naturally that straight?

    Take care and enjoy your weekend!

  65. That looks kind of like my hair! Except mine now has regrowth at the top and my streak is blonde because i've been too lazy/poor to put anything else in. Looks really cool on you!

  66. Yeah!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE black hair!! Great choice Anette!! :D

  67. You look soo good Nettan!!!

    Love the third picture, you look so cute!!


    hugs and love♥

    Clau ♠

  68. love it! i wonder will it last till your next tour or will it bore you :)

  69. Hey Anette!
    How are you?!

    The dark hair looks great and the purple stripe is so cool! And I love the idea that your hair is going to be longer again ;=)

    The videos are beautiful, I take long walks often, too, I just need that.
    I think I need to do more sports and I asked my dad if we can get a crosstrainer and maybe in December we'll buy one :=)

    Well, about your outfits... I love nearly all of them! You are so pretty and I think you an wear anything... But the outfits in "gothic-look" are the one I love most... With corsage and skirt and boots... I love that, t looks great on you!

    Have a very nice day,
    hugs & love,

  70. Hi!!
    Ohhhh? I'm happy, you're so cute!! <3
    *waiting for new album*

  71. WOW, finally! :) I've been waiting for this, that hair suits you so much!
    You look so beautiful ♥

  72. You've inspired me Anette. I've been wanting to try purple, but I'm a nurse and Im charge nurse on tiop of that. I didn;t think the patients would take me as seriously. But no one is affected by my skull socks or my Nightwish laniard. I play Nightwish for the babies, Meadows of Heaven never ceases to amaze me. I have a video camera in ny work stash these days so I can get that on video. I have a nearly 100% success rate of the crying stopping within the first 10 -15 seconds of the track.

    Anyway, you look awesome. I'll go babble @ mu puppy. I have nightshift delerium. LOL

  73. Hej Anette

    I'm probably just repeating the comments above but I gotta say that your hair looks so cool! I want to have same kind of look too..

  74. Hey Anette!

    It looks better than blond. It looks great. I like it. Have a nice weeckend

  75. Hi Anette!
    Wow, you look really beautiful! :) I absolutely LOVE the purple streak in your hair! :)

    Lots of love,

  76. Hi Anette

    really nice notice of a hairdresser also ^ ^!

    Isa from france

  77. I loved the new look! You look much better with dark hair...
    How are the things now? Your voice? Your baby?

    Hope to see good news... bye!
    Have a lovely week, Monalisa. :-)

  78. oh, i love it!! back to the Amaranth days!!! (yay)... oh, can't believe it's been 3 years *tear, tear*...
    take care, Anette <3

  79. Hi Anette

    me too I change hair color I have blonde locks dark brown with highlights!


  80. Hello Anette!

    It's nice to see your dark hair again. It fits you better than the blonde. :)

  81. I really like it like that! Totally awesome and beautiful! :D