Sunday, 24 May 2009

RISK and packing

Good evening everyone;=)

I have been playing a game called RISK tonight. I don´t know if you have played it but it´s so fun. The only bad thing is that it takes a couple of hours... I didn´t win today but I will get my revenge soon;=)

Then it was time to bath my two cats. They don´t like it but they are gonna live at a cat hotel for this week so I want them to smell good. I love my cats and I always miss them when on tour or vacation but I know they have a good time at the hotel;=) I am gonna get another cat this summer. This time I am thinking of a sort that´s called Maine Coon. They get so big but they are very good with kids etc and I like their look;=) Here is a photo of a kitten so you know what I talk about. But I want a red one or black;=)

Now it´s time for some packing and paying the monthly bills so that´s done before I leave tomorrow. Boring things but necessary...
Sleep well and hugs!

(Photos borrowed from S*Vilda Villan's and


  1. Hei Anette,

    I wish you a nice week :)

    love you lots

  2. Hey Anette!
    have a great time on holidays!
    I love playing RISK but your right it does take a long time.
    I dont have the patience :D
    Just wondering what you think about your own HEP HEP army!
    We could send you one of the t shirts we had made :D

  3. Have a nice trip, Anette! Hope you will have lots and lots of fun and rest :) (and good luck with your revenge! :D)

    take care! xoxo

  4. maine coon!
    i love this one!!
    I have a siamese and i didn't like it before i had it...but now i must say...they are so sweet!!!!!!
    I would like to buy a maine coon too!!

  5. Ohhh, sweetie cat <3
    If I remember right, one of my uncles have three Maine Coon cats :) I have seen them (two of them, third is newest) only years ago, but they were sooo lovely :)

  6. jaja....I love cads too...I have three
    I will call the next cat anette =)
    have a nice holydais
    hep hep army loves you!!haha
    lot of kisses

  7. Aww it's a very cute cat!
    Enjoy your holiday xx

  8. Hi sweetie,

    Aww, that cat looks so cute =).
    Have a safe trip and be sure you take everything with you. Usually I always end up missing something at home he he. Ah! And don't forget to put some sun cream ^^.
    You're the best =D.

    Hugs & Kisses

  9. I've played risk, it is fun! Aww those kitties are so pretty! They definetly get big though! :) I'm a huge animal lover myself. I actually volunteer at a local no-kill shelter. I have 4 cats myself. All of them are rescues. One is a siamese mix, one is a tabby mix, one is a tortoise shell calico. The latest addition is a black one who was found at an Exxon plant. I am also rescuing a long haired dachshund puppy this week. :)

    Lynda G.

  10. Oh, also I am packing right now too, but for a different reason. I'm moving this week. lol It's such a pain. I'd rather be in your shoes, packing for vacation. lol Have a nice trip and get lots of rest. You definitely earned it! :)

  11. hii! I'm from Spain and I love nightwish :) Your cat seems scared in the photo, but it's very cute. Sorry for my english. I do my best. Kisses from Spain

  12. Hey Anette, yes i know Risik. I've played with it so many ago and yes it's a very long game. Oh yours cats are so cute! I love animals! I have a dog called Sissy (like a pricess) and she is a little devil. Thank you for posting the pics of you cats! Good night dear Anette and enjoy you holiday! Big hugs

  13. Awh, *pats cat*

    My cat just sits down all day getting as fat as it possible can. Bless it.

    I fail at Risk :=( . Packing is always fun, especially the 'jumping on the suitcase to get the stupid thing to shut' part ;)

    Best wishes, Ryan

  14. Hey Anette,have a nice week =)
    I love you..greetings from Rio de Janeiro(Brazil)...

    Oh I'd like to say that I loved Ghost Love Score's last chorus in your voice,Christ,it's awesome.Congratulations!!! Kisses

  15. Hi, Anette!
    The cat looks so cute! :D

    Me and all your fans from Curitiba - Brazil would like to know if you still keep any gifts from the brazilian audience, especially the flag that we threw on the stage for you!

    I love you, Anette! You are my favourite singer!
    With love,

    Larissa (Lily).

  16. hi anette
    i'm from brazil, i like your work, and a nightwish work, congratulatios! sorry my terrible english, have a nice week!

  17. Hi, Nettan!

    Your cat is very cute! I have 2 cats too, they are all in my life!

    Kisses from Brazil! ^^

  18. Anette, I love you so so much. Your cat is kind of cute *__*, as well as yourself. You are such a beautiful person, in the inside too. Having you on Nightwish is a great satisfaction for us!!
    Kisses from Brazil =)

  19. Ehehe Anette I Love RISK!! It's the best game ever! Me and my friend spend hours playing :) good to know you like it too :)

  20. Cats are the best!
    I got maine coon at home, she is so soft, but only problem is after winter she loose hair and house is full of cat's hair, i also got two more cats european shorthair.

    Greets from Croatia

  21. Washing your cats? Wow - my cats would not allow it. And Maine Coone cats are indeed very pretty but they need a lot of combing.

    RISK is a great game and if you like this sort of games you should really try CATAN. Takes hours as well but it is a lot of fun.

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  23. Awww!!! Your cat is soooooadorable!!!
    I adore cats!
    Have a good time on vacation! You are my favourite singer!

    Kisses from sunny Croatia♥♪

  24. Awwww, cute kitten ;) I didn't know you had two cats. What is their names?

    I know Risk, I have this game at home. It's true it takes hours but it's so much fun, especially when two people have the same continent to win :)

  25. Adorable little cat, how is beautiful?

    Can't wait to see a photo of your cats!


    I know Risk but I never played at that game.



  26. I heard of that game , but I never played it.
    Big hug to you and the guys!
    Love 4 ever

  27. A home without a cat (or two) is no home at all ;=). I have 2 cats who are my 'babies'. Today I am a little sad as this day last year one of my cats died and I still miss him so much :'=( Now I have a beautiful kitten who makes me laugh.

    Risk sounds a good game. Maybe you should get Tuomas and the boys to play this instead of 'drunken uno' ;=D.

    love and light

  28. I love Risk! What a fun game. There are many possible strategies to use, and not every one will work as well against every other one. I'm sure you'll get your revenge soon. ;-)

    I notice Nikki suggests the guys play this instead of "drunken uno"... I daresay each round would take a long time! Maybe a person could have a drink each time they conquered a region, though. *has never played a drinking game before, so has no idea what's best*

    Very cute cat pic! Good luck in your quest for another kitty. :-)

  29. Maine Coon is such a good choice, they're really cute, there was one in the shelter here. Don't have a cat myself (only 2 little dogs, chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, have a rodent rescue, if you ever seek a hamster.. ;) but I am the "catsitter" in my neighbourhood :) It would be great if you upload a picture if you have a kitten. Enjoy your vacation!

  30. Hello Anette!

    oooh, you have cats!
    I have a dog.I love animals!
    best wishes,and very beautyful Holidays!!!

    Sorry for my bad English...

    all the best,

  31. Hej!
    Ohh, she is very cute, love! ^^
    I've never heard about cat hotels before... it's a very good thing and a little bit funny. :)

    take care


  32. Hi from France, just found your blog, I'll come back often. A quick comment on this entry : I don't like Risk but I love cats. I have 5 and it's fun, they always find something to do to make you laugh ! Have a nice holidays !

  33. Hey !
    I googled about risk and found out they have released a new version of that . It takes less time to complete and fast paced in comparison to the old version :D

  34. Ha en grymt trevlig resa! RISK är ett super kul spel, synd bara att det var längesedan man spelade... (Och min engelska är för dålig för att jag ska kunna skriva på engelska men hoppas svenska duger ;) )

    Kramar ifrån Nessi!

  35. Hi Anette,

    Your kitten are very nice, I would love to have one, are Norwegian Forest Cats right? I have perssian and siamese ;) By the way have a nice touring time :)

    hugs from Alma in Mexico City

  36. Anette! Hello, Have a safe trip and enjoy your vacation. How did it come about that Ghost Love Score and the Escapist were added to the set? Brilliant additions IMO. I have always loved GLS! The love the way you rock the endings of the songs Tarja previously sang. Nemo and GLS sound so cool the way you have worked the last parts!

  37. Heya Annette ,i was checking through ur older blogs and came across this one...he is best friend has a pure black Maine coon named Zoey..he is beautiful and "big",lol and any time his claws touch'll be like "ouch" cuz his nails are extremely sharp, yesterday i was watching a show called "cats 101" on the animal planet channel...and they had this beautiful cat on there called a Siberian..these cats are lager than the Main coons...and very gorgeous...i wouldnt mind getting one or two of then as my next cat after my 3 cats go (which right now theyre 10 yrs they have another 8 - 10 yrs on them still as long as they stay healthy)and i have another cat her name is Tya (pronounced Thai' a) ,which she resides at my moms house w/ her brother ( Morgan)and they are right now 13 1/2 yrs; Morgan is a Lilac Point, and Tya is a Dark Seal Point Siamese yet they are both true brother and sister off the same sister bought Morgan and I bought Tya..after my sister moved and then i did few yrs later we decided to keep them at my moms house so they can stay they dont get heartbroken from the separation...and they are still inseprable to this day =)

    have a good wknd,or try to =)
    "huggs" -Tracy