Saturday, 31 December 2011

My 2011

Hi all!
Time to close 2011 and look into the new times coming in 2012;=) Here´s my 2011 for you and it has been lots of Imaginaerum this year, hair colour changes and various clothing outfits.














  1. January is my favourite...very much Scandinavian style! Simple and lots of layers :) Are we going to get any sneaky peeks at your Imaginaerum tour wardrobe before March? Wishes xo

  2. Dear Anette
    My best wishes for 2012!
    I wish this year to be full of love,health and lots of courage,strength and joy for your upcoming tour!!
    NewYear Hugs and Kisses from Athens!

  3. I LOVE the picture in November right above. You and Marco look so crazy.

    I always prefered your dark/black hair. It makes you look more mysterious.

    Thx for the pictures and of course for Imaginaerum. My Album 2011..although Within Temptation´s The Unforgiving is a big rivalry.

    I hope to see you in Leipzig (Ger) on 1st May 2012!

    Have a nice day you and your family

  4. Hello Anette!
    2011 was a very special year for NW, the long awaited Imaginaerium is finally close to its release! :)

    I love how you put photos together for every month of the year, you gave me a good idea for 2012 :D

    I wish you a happy and successful new year!

  5. It's been an amazing year :D especially for Nightwish! Thanks for the collages!

    All the best for 2012, Ryan.

  6. Very nice made.

    I wish you all the best in upcoming year and to you family, too!

    Hugs, Taaja :)

  7. that's cool:)

    beautiful woman in the photos

    Anette S2

  8. Oh, lovely pictures :) Black hair colour suits you very well! :)

    Have a nice evening today!

  9. Det råder ingen tvekan, du var snyggast i Mars!! :)
    Gott nytt år, och Lycka till med stundande världsturnen!

  10. Hello Anette !!
    Wow that's such a great idea to see your whole 2011 !!
    I wish you a very Happy New Year Anette =) I hope you and your loved ones start this year full of energy ! Let's hope that the bad things from 2011 will become better in 2012 :D
    Thanks for making my 2011 better Anette,when i had a bad day your Blog always put a smile on my face =)
    I love all the pics,i still remember them,time flies ... !
    2011 was good and bad,many things happened to the World that were not so good but we can't forget the good ones,but it's impossible to spend a whole year without having good or bad things =)
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

  11. Hi Anette ! 2011 seems to have been a really great year for you, Nightwish and your family and I'm really happy ! You've made a excessively perfect job on THE album (hehe :P) so I want to say to you a big THANK YOU !! You are our sweet angel and you look beautiful on every pics and your fashion style is... WOW ;-D

    I noticed that you look like Jennifer Morrison (House MD, Once Upon a Time...) on one pic of August !!

    What do you think ? ;-P So we're sure now that you are the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming ! Lol (You should watch this series with Johan and your sons, it's amazing !)

    I wish you an even better year of 2012, I'm sure it will be a wonderful year !! I will see you in Lyon (France) :D

    Have a nice evening !!!

    Big hug <3

  12. Dear Anette, thank you for sharing your moments with us this year. We are looking forward to the tour. I hope you come back soon to Brazil.

  13. Hello dear Annie, that your post seems like greeting cards for your fans. Thank you! Everywhere you look beautiful and very charming ....I want to congratulate the arrival of the new 2012 and I wish - especially health, love and harmony between you and Johan, inspiration and creative success in your career, your kids enjoy them greatly. New Year bring you many positive emotions and implementation of your dreams. Be very loved and happy. With kindest feelings Rosica from Bulgaria

  14. Hi Anette, I love your look in January and August, because you look very cool, even if your style is very cool, sorry to use a translator to write but my English is very basic. you're a great singer and I love you, I wish you a happy new year, and many achievements in your life, greetings from El Salvador. Zoi Fuentes your fan.

  15. Hey Anette! This is fantastic! Thanks!

    Thankyou so much for always keeping your blog alive & sharing so much with all of us!!



    Kelly Jane

  16. Hello Anette,

    Happy New Year!

    A little thing: I noticed that each time you guys did promos for the albums, you had your hair dyed to black. It is such a marketing necessity? Hopefully you're not really told it's better, in this case I'do go neon green :)

  17. Hi Anette,

    Thank you for the beautiful collages – it’s a wonderful way to reflect over the months and it brings back a lot of wonderful memories from following your Blog over time. I give thanks for all of the wonderful things that have happened in 2011, and I look forward to embracing 2012 as well.

    Take care and much love to you and your boys,

  18. Happy New Year Dear Anette!

  19. Hi Anette,
    iwish you and your family a nice year 2012.:)


  20. Have a nice New Years Eve Anette, big hugs to your boys.

    Best wishes for 2012, see you in March.


  21. It has been a 2011 full of new experiences and wonders indeed! Also for me too. Among many nice adventures, one of the highlights has been my first trip to Finland. And of course hearing Imaginaerum. I wish you a happy 2012 and all the best. I hope to shake hands with you somewhere during the tour!

  22. Lots of transformations in 2011!
    My fave look (if you allow me to say it) is the one you are with the curly and black hair, you look younger and more beautiful (not that you don't with the other ones, you look beautiful in all of them, you're awesome! ;D )
    Kisses! ;)

  23. Beutiful Nettan :)

    Best wishes to you, and your family!!!

    Victoria ;)

  24. Hi Anette,
    thank you so much for these beautiful photos.
    The year 2011 has gone by so fast and it's a lot happening.
    The year 2011 has gone by so fast and it's a lot happening.
    I wish you and your family all the best. For the upcoming year to be full of joy, happiness, new friendships, that you want to be healthy and that you will have plenty of reasons to wear a smile on your faces:)
    Hugs Bridget

  25. I forgot to say in my last post that in all these pictures you are truly beautiful!

    & thats inside too! xx

  26. 2011 definitely was an awesome year, but I believe 2012 might just be better.
    Have the best new year!

    from Tallinn

  27. I loved reading your blog through out this year and seeing all the photos you have posted. You always seem to have interesting things to talk about and you have a great sense of fashion. I enjoy reading about your journeys with Nightwish as well. Happy New Year Anette.....I hope that 2012 brings you, your family, and Nightwish all the happiness and success you deserve. God Bless!! :-)

  28. Do you ever wear the same thing twice? LOL Just kidding. You look good in every hair variation in these. I like you red and dark! You have such young skin that dark is not harsh on you at all. You look 25 you know!

    A cat nap in the ghost town of my heart...

    See you in 21 days! You don't have a sensitivity to metals do you? Can you wear any metal you choose in a piece of fashion jewelery? Or do things break you out?

    Happy New Year and thank you for a the year in your blog. I look forward to your posts every day. I love clothes and shoes and make up! This is a very cool thing!

    I would like to sincerely thank you and the rest of the band and management for making the effort to give the US fans and epic Nightwish show. I feel very lucky to see the kick off of this tour. I am very greatful for the time and effort (like your trip to copenhagen and losing a night of sleep) everyone involved spends to come nearly 6K miles to give us what I feel is a great gift and honor. I would love to see Imaginaerum go viral in the US. After all the shows in the DPP tour and this Tour Kick off I'd love to see the album sales reward everyone who brings us Nightwish. I hope you got a flu shot, even though you hate needles, just the nurse in me wanting you to stay well. Put a little yummy smelling hand sanitizer (try 'I like Boys') from Bath and Body Works (I'm sure u will shop) in your purse or pocket and use it often in the meet'n'greets. Just smile and flash your blue eyes and don't shake people's hands OK? LOL

    I'm rambling! tired after so many babies this week!

  29. Hi dear!!

    Is so great to think in all these memories, moments, and outfits hehe , I mean really was and is something amazing and really makes me happy all that you share with us.

    Happy new year! all my best wishes for you and your family in this 2012!!


  30. This is really fun to look at because, even though it's your 2011, it's ours as well. You shared it with us, and I'm just remembering all the things that happened in my life around the time of these photos... All the posts and the anticipation for the album too! ;D

    Happy New Year, Anette! :)

  31. Nice collection. :) Because beauty comes from inside you are beautiful in all styles, but from the above outfits I especially like the redhead ones. :)
    Thanks for all you kindness towards us during this year and I wish you and all of your loved ones a very Happy New Year! :)

  32. Happy New Year! Best wishes from Russia to you, all your friends and family! Lots of love, happiness, sun and all best things in this new 2012 year! Best regards! Have a great weekend!

  33. Hi Nettie,

    I wish you, your family and of course the whole NW a wonderful new year. May the tour be nice and without stress for you all.
    Unfortunately I won't be able to see NW live next year because while you are in Germany I will be writing some very important tests in school. So concerts have to wait. But I really hope for the next tour. Maybe someone will put up some videos of concerts in youtube, so I will watch that and follow the blog of course.

    Btw I like your way of clothing. Since I follow this blog it inspired me for some outfits. So thanks for that.
    And I really like the red hair colour. But the black is very nice, too. :D I just changed my hair colour to red, so that's maybe why I like the red that much. :D
    You are so beautiful, no matter what hair colour or clothes. And you really don't look like being 40. You are one of the happy persons who always look 10 years younger than they are. :D

    Big hugs and all the best wishes for 2012 from Germany,


  34. Wow what a full and amazing 2011! Happy New year to you and your family, I hope its everything you want and more. Best wishes from New Zealand :))

  35. Anette Happy New Year for you and your beautiful family....God bless best wishes for you and your family....I Love You....:*

  36. Thank you for these beautiful photos.
    my best wishes for the New Year.
    imaginaerum love!
    kisses to you and all your family

  37. Hi Anette! Although I've been reading your blog posts for months, I've never written a comment before but... Oh well, it's time to start =)
    I love your style, you're so spontaneous and original, all the pictures are great! (but the top right corner in November... What the heck were you and Marco doing?! XD)
    I hope you had a great time on New year's eve, and I wish you a wonderful 2012!

  38. Anette,
    your look is always amazing. You don't proves the old that you have, you looks younger.

    Thanks for all the pics! Beautuful!

    Big hugs

  39. Hello Anette,

    Very nice collage (it reminds me how red hair colour suits you so well XD, a fine portait of a stylish and gorgeous lady :)

    I hope 2012 will be as rich and adventureful as 2011 (if not even more), I do wish I will see you when NW are in France, even if it's still unsure for now :/

    Good evening!


  40. Hi Anette!
    You are always beautiful! I adore your smile! Thank you so much for the collages.
    Anyway I wish you all the best in 2012 :) I'm sure that it will be a great year for us all, cause we'll see you again live.
    Lots of kisses to you all ♥

  41. Hi Anette!!!
    Thank you so much for the collages. You are so sweet :-)

  42. Dear Anette,
    Oh my God, you are as crazy as I am:-D I don´t know what else to do with my hair too. :)
    But long black hair without a fringe becomes you more :-)
    Nice evening, Wolfia.

  43. Wow, thanks, this is amazing. I don't know but I think my favorite is august... Or november. Whatever, you're always lovely.
    Wish you and your family a fantastic 2012, hope to see you with Nightwish in my country! haha
    Have a good week. ;)