Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Finally summer!!!

And we're on the beach;-) Love it!!!

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  1. Lucky you:) I will see the beach and the sea only in the end of august,maybe, everything can changed. How good to live near the sea or ocean:)

  2. In Germany it´s the first warm day since weeks, too.

    Unfortunatelly I don´t have a beach near my home ^^

    Enjoy the sun

  3. Looks lovely Anette! Have fun!


  4. Hi, dear Anette! ;=) It's so so nice to read you again!!!
    Yeah...summer is on its top now... In the Cimea the weather is extremely hot...to tell the truth i'm already fed up with it, +40 degrees and hot wind....oh!!!
    Are you on the beach in Helsinbourgh? Beautiful sky and your legs ;=)
    Have a wonderful day, sweetie, and enjoy summer ;=)

  5. Hello Anette :)
    Summer is finally here too but I don't live near the sea, so no beach for me. I think we'll reach about 30 C tomorrow. Enjoy the evening!

    Greetings and lots of hugs from Germany

  6. Sounds like you're having lots of fun Anette. :)

  7. Oh yeah, here in France too! After 3-4 rainy months, we finally a nice sun and it's warm :)

    Enjoy your summer now :p

  8. Hi Nettie

    So lucky !!! Me today I was in Paris with my lover !! So cute <3
    ( a fan of you too ^^ )

    Love good evening


  9. Guess who was on the beach today to? Yup, it was me! I'm realy burned but I'm still happy I wasn't in my backyard!(It was 43 there so way to hot!) I hope for you that you didn't burn like me because I used factor 50 but my back is burned as something very very red. Wel I hope you had a very nice day!

    Kusjes uit het zonnigge Nederland(= Kisses from the sunny Netherlands!)

  10. hi Anette! enjoy while summer lasts :)

  11. Have fun in the sun! Lidocaine aloe vera gel will help you sleep with that sun burn on your back!


    PS Meadows of Heaven strikes again! I was helping the girls in post partum draw their newborn metabolic panels. Babies just love that song. As soon as you start the first verse they get wide eyed and just calm down. It's magic. I hadn't played it at work in a long time. I had forgotten just what amazing affect it has!

  12. That's awesome, have so much fun and rest, i wish you a good day, hugs.

  13. surviving a heat wave in Michigan, enjoy your summer, Anette :)

  14. Hello Anette,

    nice photos...I hope you can enjoy many days on the beach and have much fun.
    Here in Hungary we have 22 degrees and it rains all day and it's really dark :( want to see the sun again!

    Enjoy the day, Andi

  15. Hi Anette!

    Well, here in germany the weather is not that good, at least in Bavaria. It rained very long today and still there is no sunshine. But it´s great to see that you can enjoy good weather :). So have fun and please take always good care of yourself :).


  16. Hello, Anette=)
    I very glad to you=) Enjoy this moment=)

    With Love,


  17. That's great :D
    In Poland we have good weather too ;))

  18. Sounds like fun!I hope you're have a wonderful time

  19. Have a fun summer, dear Anette! In Ukraine we have +35 degrees :)


  20. Well...car would be ready to coming weekends trip but at the driver itself I really can´t say same.I reserved hotelroom little while ago but I didn´t knowhow to expect situation like this.I didn´t slept not much on last night,I think if starts to feel shaking on night,everything isn´t really on place.

    I should leave on saturday but when works would be too,on the other hand at them doesn´t really want to come nothing either,for one right now.So maybe is just better to leave that gets by little time to different place...

    I don´t know why you have posted just this much on last days,if you want to spent your time more some other way then on that nothing then but starts to feel that you aren´t really interested or then on thing is something else.On the other hand,that...isn´t my thing how you post or when.

    I know that life isn´t easy but why many things must feel to do little like forcely.Although,this wouldn´t be necessary to do.

    Well,I don´t know how thing continues so spent nice evening,where you are...then.

  21. Hello Anette !
    Finally you have some good weather. Here is also very hot about 30º degrees everyday =)
    But we can always go to the beach,have a walk,picnic or something like that ! And also going to the pool :3
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal